Using a Partner To Help Increase Flexibility

Using a partner to help increase flexibility, a step that many have taken to reach their physical goals, offers a simple, fun and easy way to make stretching provide better end results. When the human body only reaches, bends or twists so far, another one should step in to push the other along. Simple, well known stretches become more intense, thorough and beneficial when a partner assists in the process, ultimately increasing flexibility.

The Power of Two

The myotatic reflex kicks in when the body has reached the stretching limit; muscles generally extend to one point, and then bounce back, much like a rubber band. Stretching muscle fibers to their maximum extension limit allows new collagen in connective tissue to align, ultimately resulting in a longer extension point over time. Through this process, you become more flexible. The process could become painful and boring, so setting a new limit goes out the window for many.

Adding a partner to stretching exercises will give a whole new meaning to the idea of increasing flexibility. A partner plays the role of a supporting person, but also as a piece of equipment that enhances a stretch by pushing you beyond your maximum reach point, and then holding that spot, literally. The process becomes much easier with the power of two, rather than struggling as a soloist in the corner of your home or gym. Using a partner to help increase flexibility offers a smart, fun and beneficial way to reach new distances.

Flexibility could add inches to a golf swing, speed to a tennis serve or take seconds off of a mile run. The power of a stretching partner will change those possibilities to realities. Try stretches like toe touches while a partner adds pressure on the lower back, or guided back bends for a longer stretching distance. Ultimately, the partner will allow for a longer stretch while locking in a position that you would normally shy away from because of a little discomfort. Positive encouragement and added pressure help when greatly when trying to reach a flexbility goal.


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