TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises: TRX Body Weight Row

The TRX Suspension system is a very flexible piece of exercise equipment. There are a large number of exercises that can be performed with this system. One is called the body weight row. In this exercise, your own body provides the resistance that provides the workout.

How-to Basics

Setting up for this exercise requires a fairly high attachment point for the TRX Suspension trainer. To perform the body weight row, you will grab the two toggle handles, lean back extending your arms and draw your hands back to your chest. You’ll then lower yourself by extending your arms again. You will do this 10 times per set and perform 10 sets, to begin with (use a lower amount of reps and sets if you need to). Once you’ve gotten to where 10 sets of 10 doesn’t provide you with enough of a workout, you’ll need to intensify the workout by adding more reps and sets. You can also tie an exercise band around your waist and attach it to the floor or a door behind you for added resistance.

Targeted Muscles

This is mostly an upper back exercise, with your deltoids and latissimus dorsi receiving the most workout. Additionally, your biceps will receive a good workout. Your upper abdominals will perform some work during this exercise, but not much.

Injury Prevention

This is an exercise for someone who has already been doing some weight and resistance training, not a beginner. Prior to starting the workout, you should warm up your arms and shoulders and then perform a full stretching routine. Once you’ve finished the workout, you’ll need to have a cool down session along with another session of stretching to maintain the elasticity of your muscles.

Coupled with a thoughtfully designed full workout program, the TRX Suspension system will help you develop the body you want and maintain it.




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