The Thermogenic Weight Loss Diet

The Thermogenic Weight Loss Diet was created by Cathi Graham and is based on her own weight loss journey. Graham weighed 326 pounds when she began researching thermogenic foods and formulated the Thermogenic Weight Loss Diet. Graham lost 186 pounds by following this plan and has kept it off for over 2 decades.

The Premise

Essentially, the Thermogenic Weight Loss Plan recommends a reduction in carbohydrate intake with an increase in thermogenic foods. Thermogenic foods cause a rise in metabolism and energy and a reduction in appetite. Increases in thermogenic foods combined with the reduction in carbohydrates create the perfect atmosphere for increased weight loss.

Two options are provided. There is the “Carbo Cleanout Plan” that is recommended if you are willing to severely limit your carbohydrate intake. There is also the “Glycemic Plan” that is recommended if you would like to include low glycemic carbs (carbs that have little impact on your blood sugar levels) in moderation. In both plans, a small dessert is allowed daily, yet alcohol is removed entirely for the first several weeks. Digestive health is emphasized as well, so digestive enzyme supplements are encouraged.

The Diet

The Thermogenic Weight Loss plan requires consumption of three meals and three snacks per day. Eating these smaller meals more often also assists in increasing metabolism. Each meal should include a lean protein, a low glycemic carbohydrate and a thermogenic food. Snacks should include low glycemic foods and/or a thermogenic food.

For example:

Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 grapefruit, cup of green tea

Snack: Nuts

Lunch: Mixed baby greens, tuna fish, sunflower seeds

Snack: Celery, garlic hummus

Dinner: Grilled salmon, steamed vegetables, mixed greens with vinaigrette

Snack: Plain low fat Greek yogurt, blueberries

What to Get Excited Over

With all of the small meals and snacks, you definitely won’t be hungry. There are a number of low glycemic foods that are nearly unlimited, such as lean proteins, eggs, nuts, seafood, cheese, and seeds. Some fruits and vegetables are included as are some grains like brown rice and quinoa. The thermogenic foods that are highly encouraged are: chili, garlic, celery, apple cider vinegar, mustard, cinnamon, ginger, parsley, salmon, turmeric, green tea, and tuna. All of these flavorful options keep this diet varied and exciting.

Things To Consider

It is worth mentioning that this plan was not created by a medical or dietetic professional, so you should be careful when applying these principles if you do not consult a physician. The Thermogenic Weight Loss Plan also encourages exercise as part of the weekly routine. Thirty to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise 5-6 days per week is recommended. Twenty minutes of resistance exercises 3-4 times per week is also suggested.

The Verdict

The Thermogenic Weight Loss Plan has many benefits. It emphasizes low glycemic foods and lean meats, addresses emotional eating, encourages exercise, and includes a wide variety of foods and several plan options. Many people have seen dramatic changes in their bodies and their health by adhering to this plan. Most importantly, this plan encourages portion control, a variety of nutrients and regular exercise–all of which are essential for long term weight loss success.


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