The Park Avenue Diet: 7 Great Snacks

The Park Avenue Diet, created by Dr. Jana Klauer, is a six-week diet plan that emphasizes more than just an eating plan. This diet includes advice on beauty, fashion, fitness and etiquette. The diet follows a fairly restrictive low calorie plan, with approximately 1,250 to 1,350 calories allowed a day. A typical day includes three meals and one snack. The Park Avenue Diet suggests snacks that are readily available and easy to prepare. Below are several snack suggestions for those following the Park Avenue Diet.

1. Baby Carrots

Those afternoon snack cravings always seem to hit with such vengeance. Baby carrots are an excellent option for a snack; a great snack would be 10 baby carrots with a tablespoon of tapenade.

2. Light Caprese Salad

Feel decadent by snacking on a small caprese salad. Simply make a small salad plate with a slice or two of tomato, fresh slices of basil and a small slice of mozzarella. For an added bonus, find freshly made mozzarella at your grocery store, local deli or even some Italian restaurants. This will add immense flavor to your snack.

3. Pureed Raspberries

When you are having a food craving, is it typically for something sweet?  If so, then pureed raspberries are an ideal snack choice for you while on the Park Avenue Diet. This tart snack is thick, smooth and indulgent. Half a cup of pureed raspberries has less than 50 calories and provides nearly 4 g of fiber.

4. Olives

Sometimes, you crave a snack that includes a salty taste. By having several olives, possibly mixed with capers, you will enjoy the salty taste, but also the benefits of olives’ heart healthy omega fats. Be careful though, large olives can pack up to 30 calories per olive.

5. Slice of Turkey

If you are craving a bit of protein, then the Park Avenue Diet suggests a piece of turkey wrapped around a carrot stick or piece of celery.  This is a low calorie, low carbohydrate snack that packs protein along with vitamins and minerals.

6. Apple

A red delicious apple is a snack that offers a crunch, a bit of sweetness and vital nutrients. In just a few slices of apple, you will get antioxidants, fiber and heart healthy flavonoids. 

7. Low Fat Cheeses

Creator of the Park Avenue Diet, Dr. Klauer, recommends low fat cheeses as a snack because these items provide you with high amounts of protein with a fairly low number of calories.  Klauer feels that mixing protein with any snack will help curb cravings.

In addition to these snack options, Dr. Klauer recommends drinking a full 8 oz of water with every meal, including snacks. Additionally, the Park Avenue Diet recommends consuming a cup of green tea along with any snack.


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