The Chocolate Diet

The Chocolate Diet is both a book and a diet created by author Sally Ann Voak. This diet is said to help followers lose several pounds over a two-week period while including chocolate in their daily eating plans.

The Premise:

The idea behind The Chocolate Diet is that avoiding it altogether is too difficult for those who are either addicted to it or experience regular cravings. Deprivation may lead dieters to give up on their diets prematurely or even to binge. As both of these acts are undesirable, The Chocolate Diet seeks to redirect this energy into including chocolate as part of an overall healthy diet.

The Diet:

The Chocolate Diet separates chocolate addicts and cravers into several different categories. At the most serious end of the scale are those who binge on chocolate, eating it only in secret. Next in line are those who eat it when what they’re really craving is affection. There are also the people who use chocolate as comfort food, eating it when they are under significant stress or very tired. According to the creator of the diet, most chocolate addicts are comfort eaters.

Among the less serious addicts are those who only eat too much chocolate on the weekends, on holidays or when they have reason to celebrate. Then there are the sugar addicts. These people are said to consume mostly carbohydrates and eat chocolate to get a boost of energy. Of course, there are also the hormonal chocolate cravers, who crave chocolate during certain periods of their menstrual cycles, such as when they are dealing with premenstrual syndrome.

People who follow The Chocolate Diet are supposed to stop eating chocolate for an entire week in the hopes of reigning in their cravings. After that week, they are allowed to consume it each day. The details of the diet plan vary, depending on the category in which the dieter fits. However, all categories are supposed to follow a low-calorie diet that consists of lots of vegetables, skim milk and herbal tea instead of coffee. Additionally, individuals on this diet are supposed to consume nutritional supplements.

Exercise is part of The Chocolate Diet, though the activity requirements vary, depending on the category in which the dieter fits. For example, the bingers and the hormonal eaters are supposed to engage in brisk walking every day and then do a more relaxing exercise, such as yoga, about twice weekly. Those who overindulge on the weekends and holidays, however, are advised to commit to a sport. They are supposed to exercise frequently, particularly on the weekends.

What to Get Excited Over:

The best part of this diet is the daily chocolate allowance. Those who love chocolate and crave it often will love that this plan doesn’t require the deprivation typical of other diets. Also, quality chocolate provides the body with antioxidants, promoting overall health. This diet also includes lots of health-protective vegetables and regular exercise.

Things to Consider:

The daily calorie counts may be a bit low for those who are on the move a lot. Also, many people will feel hungry quite often on this diet, making it harder for them to stick with it. The diet may not provide enough detail about planning meals for some people. Additionally, the goal, which is losing 7 lbs. in two weeks, isn’t in line with healthy weight loss, and most people will find it difficult to achieve.


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