The Best Fit: Flattering Clothes for Taller Women

In order to get that perfect fit, taller women must pay special attention to the styles and cuts of clothing that are most flattering to their physique. There are many great designs that are especially flattering for taller women and here are some of the criteria you should use when deciding on new pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Tall women, as defined by the fashion industry, are any women over 5’8″ tall. If you fit into this category, you may need to purchase special tall-sized clothing to get a good fit.

Best Cuts for Taller Women

If you are a taller woman, then finding clothing that makes your body look proportional has probably always been difficult. It is important to find clothing that accentuates your longer legs and torso without throwing off your body’s balance. Choosing skirts that fall right at the knee or just below the knee is one good way to do this.

Additionally, taller women should wear shirts and blouses that fall down over the pants waist to form the illusion of a well proportioned figure. Taller women should stay away from any pants that are tapered in the legs. These type of pants tend to lengthen the legs and draw attention to the size of the hips and thighs. A type of pants that work especially well on taller women is low rise pants, which make the legs look shorter and more balanced.

Tall women should look for any tops with belts, bows, collars and seam lines when shopping. All these elements on a shirt can be very effective in drawing the eye away from torso length and effectively shortening or narrowing the length of the torso, something that is important for a balanced look on tall women.

Prints for Taller Woman

Beyond just the cut of your clothing, another way to balance an outfit for a tall woman is through colors and patterns in your clothing. Adding a print over your shoulders or around the neck can be quite affective in making these areas look wider, something that will help with the overall look of balance in your style.

Taller women are also warned about incorporating too much color into their outfits, as it can be a little overwhelming for the eye. Try to mix more than one color into an outfit. For example, instead of wearing the same color of skirt, shoes and nylons, wear a natural nylon color to break your legs up a little bit.

Taller women may find problems purchasing many of the fashions off the rack that they like. There are many companies that do cater to taller women with special tall sizes and cuts, however, in some cases, it may be particularly beneficial to have certain clothing specially tailored to your body. This way you can ensure that the clothes will fit your body well and look great.


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