The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

In recent years, deep tissue massage techniques have taken over the traditional Swedish massage in popularity and for good reason. Unlike other massages, a deep tissue massage is performed only on the affected areas and aim to release toxins in your body, making the massage therapeutic. These massage techniques involve slow stroking on the contracted areas of your body, reaching one layer below the body muscles, and applying pressure on the connective tissue. Hence, a deep tissue massage not only relaxes your body, it also begins a healing process that’s beneficial to you.

Release Muscle Tension

For those of you who suffer from strained muscle tension, muscle cramps and other chronic muscle pain, you can find lasting relief with deep tissue massage techniques. Since this massage involves appropriate pressure being applied solely on the affected areas, it triggers circulation in the area that loosens up the muscles, providing instant relief. This is especially beneficial to athletes who often suffer from muscle injuries.

Increased Blood Circulation

Deep tissue massage techniques involve intensive application of pressure on your body and the therapist often uses her elbows, knuckles, forearms and hands to apply the right amount of pressure to touch the deeper muscle tissues. This action triggers circulation of blood and oxygen in your body, thereby, releasing toxins trapped underneath. Increased blood and oxygen circulation in the body promotes healing. Do not forget to drink lots of water, as it helps flush out the toxins released in the process.

Increased Body Motion

If you are suffering from muscle stiffness or arthritis, deep tissue massage techniques can be beneficial in unlocking the strained muscles. The slow stroking of the affected muscle area and the frequent pressure with or against the muscle fibers helps loosen up the tissues, providing enhanced movement. This is a boon for athletes who usually end up overusing their body muscles.

Improved Body Posture

Deep tissue massaging techniques help in unseating the deeply held patterns of the muscles in your body. If done correctly, the massage manages to elongate muscle tissues and therefore, helps realign the body to a correct posture. This leads to an improved body posture. If of late, your sitting posture resembles a hunched back, then deep tissue massage can help you correct it.

Improve Emotional Health

Massages are known to be relaxing and a trip to a spa always gives you a high. Deep tissue massage techniques go a step higher by reaching a layer deeper during the massage process. A trained therapist in deep tissue massage can “unlock” the tension in the muscle tissues, fibers and tendons by sharing positive energy with you through their touch.

The deep tissue massage techniques are also known to help patients suffering from chronic muscles issues like fibromyalgia and tendonitis. This technique is preferred by sportspeople as well, due to its healing properties.

Deep tissue massage techniques might prove slightly uncomfortable to some people due to the pressure applied. Soreness in the areas the massage has been applied to is not unheard of. Yet, if the deep tissue massage techniques have been applied correctly, the soreness will disappear in couple of days, leaving you a much healthier individual.


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