The Benefits of a Prenatal Fitness Classes

Pregnant women are encouraged to exercise during their pregnancies, and prenatal fitness classes are great places to do just that.  These classes are set up and designed with the pregnant body in mind. Many women who do want to exercise are unsure of what exercises to do and which ones are safe. A prenatal fitness class takes all of that worry away. 

Structure of Prenatal Fitness

As the name of the class states, a prenatal fitness class is designed for pregnant women to get a good workout. Each exercise that is done in a session is safe for a pregnancy. Only moves that are indicated are allowed, and each session is structured to make sure that no one is at risk for any injury. 


There are numerous benefits to a prenatal fitness class. Some of the benefits are physical and others are mental. By going to a prenatal class, pregnant women can get out of the house and interact with other moms-to-be. Friendships can be made and advice and ideas can be exchanged. 

Stronger Muscles

A prenatal fitness class will benefit both the mother and the baby. By exercising, the body will be healthy and that will be passed to the fetus. The most basic benefit from a fitness class is improved muscle strength. When muscles are stronger, the body is more prepared for labor. Stronger muscles, especially in the lower half of the body, will help when it comes time to push. These stronger muscles have been said to make the pushing process go faster. Strong back muscles will reduce or prevent back pain which many pregnant women are prone to have. 

Healthy Weight

Exercising will also help to keep the weight gain in the healthy range. By keeping weight gain under control, the risk of many pregnancy related complications will be reduced. One of the common complications is urinary incontinence. This is due to pelvic floor dysfunction and weakness. Exercises will help to strengthen these areas and keep them working properly.

Improved Health

Another benefit of prenatal fitness classes is improved circulation. This improved circulation has many benefits. Leg cramps can be reduced, sleep patterns can be improved, constipation issues can be eliminated and moods and overall happiness can be increased. 

By attending a prenatal fitness class, the body will be on a routine and will be used to working out. This will carry over to the postpartum phase after the baby has arrived.  With the body already being conditioned and adjusted to working out, the weight that was gained during the pregnancy may come off much faster due to not having to start a brand new exercise routine. The body is already used to working out.

Attending a prenatal fitness class has many benefits for a pregnant woman. As everyone is different, the types of benefits each woman gets will vary, but everyone will benefit from exercising. The benefits will be both mental and physical, and a pregnant woman cannot go wrong with attending a prenatal fitness class.


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