S Factor Workouts for Weight Loss

The S Factor is a popular pole dancing and striptease regime designed for women looking for a different and fun type of workout.  The workout helps participants lose weight by combining ballet, yoga and striptease to enhance physical fitness and create a lean, fit body. It is also designed to improve confidence in women.

What is S factor?

S Factor is a striptease and pole dancing workout used as an alternative to normal exercise programs. The S Factor workout is the creation of Sheila Kelley, an actress, author, filmmaker and dancer. After learning to pole dance and striptease for an acting role, she realized the positive effects it had on her body. 


Kelley, a classically trained dancer, then decided to combine exotic dancing with her knowledge of ballet, yoga, pilates and exercise to create an extremely effective workout for women. All these disciplines are combined to form a workout that burns calories and builds muscle while boosting women’s confidence. Kelley’s idea was to create a workout that not only made women physical fit, but enabled them to be confident and comfortable with their sexuality. The program is a full-body workout. S Factor drastically increases upper-body strength, but also tones muscles in the lower half of the body. This creates a long and lean body.

Introduction Classes

S Factor offers a wide variety of classes ranging for women to choose from. Introductory 1- to 2-hour classes are available. Participants are taught basic information on dance and fitness and learn the first steps of the S Factor workout.  No athletic ability or previous experience is needed.

All classes are taught in intimate settings. The studio is dimly lit and free of mirrors and windows. This allows participants to feel comfortable and enables them to focus entirely on the workout at hand.

Single Classes

Single classes focusing on dance, pole, and fitness workouts can be taken. Classes increase in difficulty and experience levels, from 1 to 4. Single classes can be mixed and matched to create a personalized workout which supplements your fitness needs.

Eight Week Series

The most popular class is the 8-week series which guides participants through all the disciplines of the S Factor with once-a-week 2-hour classes. Each class is dedicated to one aspect of the workout including dance, striptease and pole work.


S Factor classes are located at studios across the country. Current states where S Factor classes are available include New York, California, Illinois and Texas. 


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