The Pritikin Diet is a high carb, low fat, and low sodium diet. It was developed in the 1950’s, but it hasn’t been on the forefront of diets for quite some time now. Pritikin has revamped their plan and appears to be more up to date and in line with today’s more popular method of eating. Gone are the menus of cauliflower medlies and canned fruit cocktail. Yes, this used to be an old school diet with typical diet food of the 20th century. The current plan leans towards calorie density formulas and Mediterranean menus, minus the liberal amounts of olive oil and nuts that the Mediterranean Diet – and many medical studies, approves of. The basis of the meal plan is whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish – and very light on added oils, dairy fat, poultry and beef.

Success stories include patients who were able to rid themselves of angina (chest) pain, escape bypass surgery, reverse diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease, drop insulin and c-reactive protein levels, and more. Spa guests and testimonials are provided by actor Jeff Garlin, singer Bobby McFerrin, and Woodstock icon Wavy Gravy – plus a multitude of doctors and other health professionals.

Pritikin food is divided into categories Go, Caution and Stop. You can have plenty of Go foods, such as:

  • 5 servings of unrefined complex carbohydrates per day.
  • 5 servings of vegetables – keep it colorful.
  • 4 servings of fruit – A serving is about 60 calories worth of fruit.
  • 2 calcium rich servings – keep the dairy non-fat.
  • 1 serving of animal protein daily – vegetarians should choose beans or tofu.

Exercise is also prescribed – At least 30-90 minutes daily cardio to be done 6 days a week – 7 days a week if you’re diabetic. Strength training is recommended as a full body workout 2-3 times a week. Yoga and stretching are recommended on non strength training days, for flexibility as well as stress relief.

You can diet at home, or at the amazing Pritikin Spa in South Beach, Florida. For something in the middle, you can order Pritikin on the Go and have frozen dinners delivered to your home on a weekly basis. Menus for the meal delivery include orange saffron soup, roasted bison, jerk chicken, mexican vegetable soup and desserts like mango compote and jewel of fruit pie.

Cooking on your own consists of easy to make meals. Meals are started out with fillers, such as soups and salads, which can be made in advance and in larger quantities. Vegetables and fish can be whipped up pretty quickly. Recipes are included in the book, which is helpful for most people that don’t know how to cook flavorful food that is low in fat and sodium – the two best flavor conductors! Imagination is needed to keep a tasty and varied menu.

Online support is available for about $1 a day, and meal delivery is available at about $35 a day. The spa is available for about $5000 per week.

You can read more about Pritikin at .

The Pritikin Edge: 10 Essential Ingredients for a Long and Delicious Life, released September 2008, is available at Amazon.


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  • Bosley

    I hope that you are not affiliated with the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa at the Yacht Club at Turnberry Isle in Fort Lauderdale. My wife and I enjoyed the Pritikin Center years ago when they had one in Texas. The program is fantastic and really works. So she wanted to get back on track and heard about Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa at the Yacht Club at Turnberry Isle in Fort Lauderdale. Yes, it has the basics of before and added many pampering qualities but now it has added another type of enviroment too. It has become the meat market for baby boomer married women who want to get back in shape but end up being put in uncomfortable situtations by other male guest who were there for not only for the program but to score with the ladies, married or not. Adding the night life atmosphere pressure to party and to attend these non-heatlth related evening events is absolutely unnessary but an attempt to give the wrong type of work hard during the day and play at night setting that can cause infidelity. Seems that the weatlhy men have found this to be the place to come and score. It became an expensive meat market for executive men to say they are off exercising but spent more time trying to lay the ladies that are there attempting to get their health and life back on track. There are no real fat people there, but mostly a little out of shape married ladies who are vunerable and the wolves … and some couples. If the people at Pritikin really cared about your health of their clients and not the money, which the founder did, they would not be coed and would be like many YMCAs have done with seperate areas for men and women. Oh yes, you say, but they are all grownups. Well, more of today’s infidelity starts in the work place. There would be more except at the end of worktime, most people escape to go home; NOT at Pritikin. After working all day next to someone, then you are sent out to eat with that person, to a movie or to a nightclub. Not once, not twice, but every night. Get the picture. She said that it was like being pimped out to the single men there. You just couldn’t get away from them. If they want coed, it needs to be couples. As I said the Pritikin program works but it was never like this before and please do not send your love one there alone. It’s like throwing the shep to the wolves with no place to escape.