Portion Control And Your Mental State: Thinking Skinny

If you want to lose weight, you need to think about portion control and your mental state. If you think skinny, you are more likely to become skinny. Sounds too easy? It really isn’t. It is just a way to get your mind focused, and your mentality set on making the right decisions that will help you lose weight.  What decisions can help you the most?

Learning Portion Control

Portion control is not just about the calories you eat; it is about the quantity you eat. You may be able to eat some of the high calorie foods you love and still lose weight. For instance, if you love mashed potatoes made with butter, you don’t have to eliminate it completely from your diet. What you need to do is limit the amount of it that you do eat.

If you lower the amount of all the foods you eat, you are teaching yourself portion control. Some people say a perfect size portion of any type of food is one that is about the size of your fist.

Getting Help from Portion Controlled Foods

If you find it hard to limit the amount of some foods you love such as cookies and chips, you should consider buying some of the packaged portion control foods. These can be found throughout most grocery stores in single packages and boxes. They are all ready measured by calorie portions, and the amount is clearly written on the packages for you. This helps if you are actually totaling the number of calories you consume in one day. It also helps those of us with limited will power. Just remember, you must stop at one package of any of these portion control foods.

Eating from a Portion Controlled Plate

Many people have also found that it is easy to control their portions if they change the plates they use when eating. If you are used to eating off of large plates, you may be eating bigger portions that you realize. Skip the large plates and try eating off of smaller plates.

The amount of food you eat will look bigger on the smaller plates, and thus you can convince your mind that you are actually eating more food (or the same amount as before).

Choosing Foods from the Food Pyramid

Using portion control is a great way to limit the amount of junk foods that we eat. Yet, we still need to be adding healthy foods to our diet as well. To understand what healthy foods your body requires, begin learning more about the food pyramid. The food pyramid was established by the United States Department of Agriculture as a means to help Americans learn better eating habits. It includes the amount of fats, oil & sweets, dairy, protein, vegetables, fruits, and breads/grains that one should eat in a day to stay healthy and strong

Think Skinny!

As you are teaching your mind about portion control, you should continue giving yourself positive feedback. This can include telling yourself that you are skinny or on your way to becoming skinny. This is a better method than berating yourself for your faults and telling yourself that you are overweight, or worse, fat. Negative talk just keeps the mind from focusing on the task at hand, and may become the reason you fail.


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