How to Prevent Weight Gain after Heartbreak

One of the many concerns that women face when dealing with heartbreak is weight gain. A lot of women find themselves without the energy or want to do anything, or wanting to eat comfort foods to make them feel better. All too often, as they’re recovering from their broken hearts, they put on some unwanted weight. Don’t fret, though. There are several ways you can work to prevent any weight gain while your heart recovers.

Eating Right

Indulging in food is one of the most common ways used to combat a broken heart. While there’s nothing wrong with having snacks or a hearty meal, it’s important you consider what it is you’re eating. Many foods – such as junk foods – are eaten for comfort, but they don’t actually have any real benefit to them. In fact, some ingredients – such as artificial sugar, which destroys vitamin B in the body – are just downright counter-productive.

So, if you want to eat in order to take your mind off of your heartache, why not choose something that is not only healthy for your body, but for your mind, as well? Find some foods that contain essential vitamins and natural mood-lifting nutrients. You can even try to make peace with your heart by having small pieces of chocolate, since dark chocolate in small doses can be good for both physical and mental heart health.

Keeping Active

It’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes heart break leaves you wanting to lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling. Depression robs us of our energy and our willpower, leaving us with an intense desire to just lounge around; this can lead to weight gain.

To avoid this, take baby steps. Remind yourself the best way to keep your mind off your unhappiness is to keep busy. If you have to, bargain with yourself. Say that you’ll get two hours of rest if you go for an hour walk or a bike ride. Try not to dwell on the bad things in life and instead focus any new free time on things that you’ve been meaning to get around to, but haven’t had the chance, like organizing your closet or building something.

Having a friend or a family member accompany you during your busy time can be helpful. If there’s no one to go with you or you don’t feel like being around people, you can also try listening to music. Make sure it’s a happy, upbeat song. Many people find that listening to uplifting music makes it easier for them to do more without feeling so drained.

Motivating Yourself

When your heart is broken, it is often difficult to care about much and that includes all of the effort and care that you’ve put into your physical well-being until this point. Make it a point not to let yourself forget that you and your health still matter and that back-sliding is not a real fix to your problems.

The best way to do this is to take a good look at yourself. If you need or want to, why not try putting on one of your favorite outfits or buying a new one? Look at yourself and think of all the effort you’ve made for a healthier lifestyle. Think of all of the benefits it has. Think of how far you’ve come in your life and how much further you can and will go.

Overall, dealing with heartbreak on its own isn’t easy. Dealing with the consequences – such as weight gain – that heartbreak can have on top of that is even more difficult. But, it is possible to deal with these things and though it may not seem like it’s worth it, there will come a day when you are starting to feel better, and you will be grateful you took care of yourself.


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