How to Make a Curry Face Mask

There are hundreds of different types of face masks currently on the market, but did you know that when prepared and applied properly, curry leaves can be used to create a face mask that will moisturize your face and aid in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles? Here’s how to select curry leaves and prepare them to make the best face mask you’ve ever used. Try it out today!

Find the Right Kind of Curry Leaves

When some people hear the word “curry,” they think of the traditionally yellow sauce that often accompanies Indian or Middle Eastern dishes. Curry leaves are the actual leaves of the curry leaf plant, which is native to India and Sri Lanka. When making a curry face mask, it is important that you choose the right kind of curry leaves in order to achieve optimal results.

Make sure the curry leaves are as fresh as possible. While dried curry leaves may still provide some health benefits when consumed, they will be void of any possible beauty treatment. You may be able to find fresh curry leaves at some speciality or Indian grocery stores, but more than likely, you will need to purchase them online. If you do purchase your leaves online, start with just a small order to determine the quality of the leaves. If they appear to be fresh and healthy, you can always buy more, but you don’t want to be saddled with large amounts of curry leaves if they are not of the quality you are looking for.

Prepare the Curry Face Mask

To make the curry face mask, start by grinding the fresh curry leaves finely. This can be done either by hand, or by placing the curry leaves into a food processor and grinding. Combine two tablespoons of the ground curry with a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil or smashed avocado, and mix in the essential oil of your choice. The olive oil or avocado in the face mask acts as a barrier to water, keeping all of the moisture locked into your skin. Make sure to thoroughly combine all ingredients before use in order to achieve optimal results.

Apply the Curry Face Mask

Before applying the curry face mask, test it to be sure that it will not cause an allergic reaction. Place a small amount of the mixture on the skin on the inside of your elbow for around ten minutes. After the time has passed, wash the mask off, and examine the skin. If there are any red bumps or a rash, you may have an allergy to the curry, and the mask should be discarded. If the area is free from redness or bumps, you can begin to apply it to your face. Before you put the mask on, be sure to remove any makeup and wash your face carefully with gentle soap and hot water. Hot water will open your pores, and allow more of the nutrients from the face mask to sink into your skin. After your face has been washed, use a small facial brush or your hand to apply the mask. Keep it on your face for around ten minutes, then carefully remove with a washcloth and warm, soapy water.


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