How to Lose Weight with Green Tea Extract

Where does green tea extract fit into your overall weight loss program? Research shows that green tea extract is useful for burning fat and boosting your metabolism. This is good news if you are looking for natural and healthy ways to reach your weight loss goals.

Research on Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been the focus of study in human beings, lab experiments and in animals. People-focused studies confirm the effectiveness of green tea extract in weight loss efforts. In one study, integrating green tea into a weight loss and maintenance program resulted in desirable outcomes in overweight individuals. Researchers believe that catechins in green tea work to burn fat in the body.

While these findings are helpful for dieters, green tea also delivers numerous other health benefits and has been used throughout history by a variety of cultures and traditions to heal a wide array of ailments. The antioxidants in green tea help to reduce cell damage that occurs in cancer. They also help to prevent premature aging. Green tea lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

Green tea has also been used as a diuretic, as an astringent for wound healing, and in regulating body temperature and blood sugar levels. Improved digestion is another benefit associated with green tea.

Taking Green Tea Extract to Lose Weight

Green tea extract is available in health food stores and is useful if you do not like the taste of green tea. The liquid extract is made from both leaf buds and the leaves themselves. For weight loss purposes, you can take between 200 and 750 mg of green tea extract daily for maximum effect.

Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea itself is an all-around healthy drink. One way to integrate green tea into your diet regimen is to drink it in place of other beverages. You need about three cups of green tea daily to experience increased metabolism and fat burning. Identify other beverages that you consume every day and replace them with green tea.

For example, if you are a coffee drinker, consider replacing your morning cup(s) of coffee with green tea. You will be stimulated by the caffeine in green tea and receive the additional fat burning and health benefits not associated with coffee. Other drinks to replace with green tea include sugar-filled sodas and juices, which tend to deliver extra calories and little nutrition.

The Caffeine in Green Tea

One word of caution about drinking green tea is that it contains caffeine. Excessive drinking of caffeinated drinks can cause dehydration, dizziness, nausea and insomnia. In this case, you will want to drink more water and possibly choose decaffeinated green tea. Additionally, if you are taking medication, supplements or other herbs, you will want to check with your physician before adding large amounts of green tea or its extract to your diet.

Green tea and green tea extract are a highly studied and generally safe and effective way to increase your metabolism. When you incorporate green tea into your daily diet, you not only burn more fat, you benefit from a wide range of health benefits that you do not get from drinking other common beverages such as coffee and sodas.


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