How to Choose the Right Weights for Your Workouts

Choosing the right weights for your workout is important to build strength and avoid injuries. When you choose weights, you need to  consider the different exercises you’ll be doing with which muscles. You’ll need different weight limits for your legs and arms. Depending on your goals, fitness resources and fitness ability, finding the right weights can be a pretty simple thing to do. With the right weights and good form, you can be well on your way to getting the fitness results you’ve always wanted.

Define Your Goals

Form is one of the most essential things to getting the fitness results you want, but good form won’t get you anywhere if you aren’t using the right weights. To know which weights to use, you need to define your goals. Do you want to add bulk? Do you want to tone up in a more subtle way? Or, are you looking for maximum fat burn? Once you know exactly what you want to do, you can choose your weights accordingly.

Free Weights

Free weights encompass a lot of different machines and uses. Look on the side of the gym with the long row of bar bells and free weight machines, and you’ll see all the options. If you’re not familiar with the free weights, speak with a trainer or the owner of your gym to make sure you’re in a physical condition to use them.


There is likely a whole row of dumbbells of various weights. Dumbbells can be used for upper body strengthening with a variety of different moves. When working your upper body, you need to be careful not to use a weight that’s too heavy, as you can easily cause yourself injury. You should be able to get the reps out with good form with muscle exhaustion toward the end.

Leg Weights

Leg muscles are much larger than arm and upper body muscles, so you can lift more with your legs. It’s still important to use good form to avoid injury, which can also happen in your lower back. Some of the best weight exercises for your legs involve the leg press. If you have knee problems, start with a much lighter weight until your joints become stronger.

Fly Weights

These are weights used on the fly machine. This machine and exercises are designed to build pectoral muscles and work the shoulders. This is a great exercise for multiple muscle groups. Because of the style of the machine, you need to take into account the weight of the bar before adding weights to it.

Resistance Weights

Most gyms and fitness centers have a huge contraption with weights on both sides and handles on long resistance cables. This is a great machine to use where you can set the weights, and get a whole body workout all in one. Since you’re doing a number of muscle groups at once, you’ll need to test a couple different weights out before you get started. A trainer can help you with this if you’ve never used this machine before.

Choosing the right weights can be easy when you have set goals and the knowledge to achieve those goals using the correct weights. When first starting weight training, test lighter weights before over-straining your muscle to avoid injury.


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