How the Emotional Freedom Technique Fits in With Diets

Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) is worth exploring if you struggle with food cravings and are not sure how to get rid of them. EFT is a simple and painless technique that may assist you in your weight loss efforts.

About Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is a therapy that blends acupuncture meridian points with principles of applied kinesiology and Thought Field Therapy. It was created by Gary Craig to help people eliminate the pain resulting from emotional, mental and physical issues.

EFT is not talk therapy. It does not involve medication. It is a simple technique of tapping on specific points on your body while reciting a sentence created by you for the purpose of clearing out negative energy associated with specific issues. Emotional Freedom Technique has been used to treat anxiety, phobia, depression, PTSD, food cravings and more.

Emotional Freedom Technique and Food Craving Research

Food cravings have undergone extensive study in connection with obesity. One study specifically explored the effects of Emotional Freedom Technique on 96 individuals who were overweight or obese. This single-blind, randomized clinical trial looked closely at whether or not EFT decreased food cravings in these individuals. The study concluded that Emotional Freedom Technique can affect food cravings, reducing the cravings immediately after EFT. It was also found that participants were able to maintain reduced cravings over time after participating in the EFT study.

Integrating Emotion Freedom Technique into Your Diet

Emotional Freedom Technique is a method that you can learn on your own or practice with the assistance of an EFT practitioner. When you learn the basics of EFT, you are shown the meridian points on various locations throughout your body. The top of your head, numerous points on your face, torso and hands are specific locations where you are taught to tap using two fingers.

Each practitioner may have a different way of carrying out the technique. However, the premise is the same. You construct a sentence that is related to your mental, physical or emotional struggle and you repeat that statement while you tap seven times or more on each of these spots, in a particular sequence.

For example, in relation to your diet, you may be finding that you tend to crave foods when you are frustrated or stressed out. You might construct a sentence that says, “Even though I am frustrated and stressed out, I deeply and truly accept myself as I am.” You repeat this sentence while following the sequence of tapping motions. You know that the technique is working for you when you no longer reach for food to ease your frustration.


Emotion Freedom Technique is a way to remove the negative charge associated with eating patterns that frustrate you. It appears to be effective for some people. It is a simple technique that you can learn and do on your own. As part of a weight loss and exercise program, it appears to be a good way for some people to reduce their cravings.


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