How Much Fiber Is in a Banana, Blueberries, More

Thanks to the plethora of fiber additive advertisements that you see daily, there is no doubt that you know that fiber is important in your diet. However, there are benefits beyond keeping you regular. Studies have shown that people who consume the daily recommended amount of fiber slash their risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease by about 12% each. Thankfully, you can ditch the powders and pills and get your fiber by noshing on some of these 6 tasty fruits instead.

1. Raspberries

These little red antioxidant powerhouses provide an excellent source of vitamins, tannins (the antioxidants that give wine its “healthy” credibility), and just 1 cup yields 8 grams of fiber for only 60 calories. Raspberries provide half of your daily Vitamin C, replenish potassium, and are even a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, if you can believe that!

2. Blackberries

Though blackberries have 7 grams of fiber in 1 cup as compared to the amazing 8 grams in raspberries, they pack in tons of antioxidants–even more than raspberries. They contain so many antioxidants, they are considered the best source of antioxidants by many nutrition experts, containing many of the same vitamin and mineral elements as raspberries. They, too, have only 60 calories per cup!

3. Pears

Pears rank in at about 15% of the daily requirement for fiber, providing 5-6 grams per fruit, depending on the size. There are a number of varieties of pears with tons of vitamin C and copper for additional help in the colon health department. Pears are often referred to as a hypoallergenic fruit–that’s right!  Allergic reactions to pears are extremely uncommon!

4. Blueberries

With nearly 4 grams of fiber in just 1 cup, you get the added bonus of tons of phytochemicals, or antioxidants that grab onto free-radicals in your body and do some serious cell repair. These little antioxidant powerhouses contain ellegic acid–a compound that blocks cancer formation. All that for only 85 calories!

5. Apples

All fiber rich fruits are good for your heart, and apples are no different, with 3.3 grams of fiber, most of which is in the skin. The skin also holds the pesticides that are used in growing, so go with organic apples if you can. Apples have been widely touted as being one of the best high fiber fruits.

6. Bananas

Few foods are more convenient than a banana. You need no utensils to eat them, they have their own packaging, and don’t require cleaning like most fruits. With about 3 grams of fiber, at 11% of your RDA, you will protect your tummy from acid production, and will increase the probiotic bacteria in your intestine. All of these things translate to a lessened risk of colon cancer!

Getting enough fiber is important in keeping you regular, but also for your overall, long-term intestinal health, since fiber binds to free radicals and cancer-forming cells in the colon. Throw some berries on your cereal and grab a pear or banana later in the day, and you are doing some great things for your body!


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