How Effective Is the Chocolate Diet for Weight Loss?

The Chocolate Diet is said to be the diet for people who have an addiction to chocolate. Chocolate comes from the seed of a Cocoa tree. Cocoa contains alkaloids theobromine and phenethylamine. Both of the alkaloids have effects on the body. One attributed effect of chocolate is that it makes a person feel happy; a reason for a lot of people to binge or overindulge in it.

The Rationale

The Chocolate Diet allows a person to give into her sweet tooth by ingesting minimal amounts of it. The premise here is that when people are told to strictly avoid eating chocolates while on a diet, they feel an urge to go against that rule.

The Chocolate Diet allows a person to eat chocolates as part of her diet. The main objective of the diet is to teach the dieter how to control her cravings. Chocolates only become a threat when a person doesn’t know how to stop, as with other types of food. This diet also advises how to eat right and exercise to stay slim and fit.

Controlling Chocolate Cravings

The first thing a person needs to do is to determine which kind of chocolate lover she is. Does she secretly eat it? Does she eat it at times when she’s experiencing stress or depression? Does she eat it when she’s nursing a broken heart or when she’s missing someone? Does she eat it to celebrate special occasions? Does she eat it to boost energy levels? Does she eat it only at a certain times of the month?

Initially, the Chocolate Diet starts with a week without chocolates. This will control the person’s craving for chocolate. After a week of abstinence from chocolates, the dieter will be provided with a daily chocolate allowance. A dieter is also given recommendations as to what foods she can eat, while still following a strict calorie intake. Another thing a dieter needs to do is get plenty of exercise.

Is It Effective?

The Chocolate Diet and its perceived effects are still questionable. It all boils down to genetics and how fast or slow the metabolism is of the dieter. It really should involve a person’s full conviction and commitment to make the diet work. Discipline is the key!


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