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Default Sugar Busters Wekly Support Board 7/2-7/8

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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We have 2 birthdays to celebrate in JULY:

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Good Monday Morning Everyone

Just a quickie to bring in the new week. Have to get out and walk before it gets too late and too hot!

It's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!!! Here's my contribution! I think it's really a good one!


The person you are to become, is always watching the person you are right now. The image you have of yourself tomorrow, depends on the actions you watch yourself take today. The confidence with which you live next month, will be based on the integrity of your actions this week.

You can hide and conceal things from just about anyone, but the person you are to become is always watching. And that person's opinion of you will play a major role in your life.

Will you be proud tomorrow of what you did today? Will your future self find strength in your present actions and attitudes? Will you learn from your mistakes and from your successes? The you of tomorrow is watching, waiting, hoping and depending upon the you of today.

Live each moment like someone is watching. Because someone is watching, someone who can make you or break you. Live so that the person you become in the future can look back with gratitude and admiration at the person you are right now.

Ralph S. Marston, Jr.

I'll be back on later this morning to reply to the posts from Sunday.

Have a wonderful week!

194/12?/129 (haven't jumped on the scale yet)
SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Morning all.

How was the weekend? I can't ever seem to read the posts on the weekend and now I need to catch up. We got alot done on the deck and my hubby feels very good now and doing much better. We went swimming for the 1st time in our lake this weekend. We moved in last august and had never been swimming, it was rather funny because we don't have a ladder on our pontoon yet. You should've seen me trying to get in. Takes alot of arm strength and don't have that much, so my hubby helped pull me in. Needless to say I'm going to buy a ladder today. Caught some big bass friday night and my son went and bought some lures out of his allowance money. So now he's my big fisherman.

Well didn't do much working out last week. It was soo hot and humid that I didn't want to go workout and take Cristina with me. Still lost weight though, so doing something right I guess. Cristina (my 1 year old) is getting to be such a ham. She's my dancer and she tells stories like you wouldn't believe. I'll have to post my pics of my family. She's got very big blue eyes and white hair. My son and her look soo much alike it's not funny.

Well need to get back to work. Will catch up on the posts.

Frog- Congrats on your size 8. I'm trying to get back to that size. I've been stuck in 10/11 for a couple years now. Even when I get to 140lbs I can't get that small. Since I had my kids I think my hips got bigger. I'm 5' 6.5 tall and 140 is the lowest I prefer to be or I look to thin. I'm happy with a 10 small 11.
15 lbs to go and I'm there.
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Default Good Morning!

Well it's been a busy week-end here with a house full, which I really do enjoy. Had my mom, 2 of my daughter's (except for my baby, Jodi) & all the grandsons, plus my sister & her family here yesterday. Really enjoyed the day. We had bought B-B-Q tickets but I had prepared a pasta & salmon cold salad ahead for myself, so I wasn't tempted. It's been hard to eat anyway, with the toothache I've had all week.

Weight has been fluctuating 148-149 for most of the week, even up to 150 one morning. I'm a little concerned about this week because I will have little or no control over what I eat while we're at camp. They serve a set menu & from what I remember, most of it will not be OP. I'll just do the best I can while I'm there & bust it when I get back.

We're leaving about 1:30 this evening, so I'd best get a move on. I'm waiting for the dentist's office to open & I'm praying I can get in to see him early this am to see what's causing all this pain. I'm afraid that it is spreading to more of the jaw. Well, I'm sure you all most be totally fed up with my complaining about it by now, so I'll say good bye. I will miss all of you, wheather you miss me or not
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I cast the first vote this week!! I've never done that!

I used to rationalize staying in bed and hitting the snooze alarm until I had JUST enough time to get dressed and make it to work - putting my make up on in the car on the way. Meister told me that was lying to myself and adding unnecessary stress to my life by doing that. So, after a very long adjustment period I now get up in plenty of time to get ready, watch a little news and enjoy a quick, but un-hurried breakfast - now that I try to fix my lunches in the evenings I have even more time. Today we were out of eggs, though --- YIKES!! I'm going to have to head downstairs to the deli so I have some protein with my oatmeal today. (Now I save my sleeping in for the week-ends - and I am definitely less stressed. )

I don't know if I told y'all but I had a stye that got infected and went to the Dr. on Friday because my glands on the left side of my face were swollen with my eye. I had bad headaches and no energy on Saturday and slept all day. Sunday was pretty much the same. (We did get a very cool scale at Target after hitting all the "obvious" stores: Bed Bath & Beyond, Lechters, Sears, etc.) Today, I'm feeling better, but still have the swollen eye - it's going to have to get better quickly so I won't look goofy for my h.s. reunion in a couple of weeks. What a pain!

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Friends that know Vince and me very well can't imagine us with any one else and say we are, "SO married!" - we compliment each other well with our personalities. SPARKLE - Yep, it's that gut reaction that you can't really hide on your face that I pick up on sometimes, and, I have had that same reaction at times, so I completely understand. Yes, there's a double-standard there too. It's perfectly acceptable to see some 350 lb. dude with a waif of a girlfriend. It's those that aren't just initial gut reaction that hurt the most - and it's most awkward when Vince picks up on it, too. (We know how obvious it has to be for a man to pick up on it, don't we?) I hadn't thought about it being jealousy (pretty self-centered of me). I do know women who have husbands who harp on them about what they eat and how much they weigh and how they look. I guess that makes it hard to keep the love alive. When I met Vince I had just gotten a bad haircut - the ONLY TIME in my whole life I had ever cried over a hair cut. I just knew I'd never meet a man, much less date one, until my hair grew out. Enter Vince - my buddy, my pal, my goofy partner in crime. I had even gained 20 lbs. from when we first met when we started dating. It's definitely what's on the inside that keeps him around!

RHOO - Hey, it's a start!! You're right to not overwhelm him with too much at first. Adjusting a little at a time certainly makes it more palatable and "doable." You know your husband and what he needs to help him help himself. Maybe he'll surprise you and really get into this and then you can tell him since he's gotten so good at managing those numbers now he can take over the budget. I'm sure your kids love having a "hot mom" who will take them to concerts!

Vince has to work the July 4th festivities at the park and will be there until very late. I'm trying to decide whether I want to go or not. I hate being tired at work and if I go I know that I won't get to bed early enough to get good rest. I may pass up the fireworks and just leave early - or rent some good "chick flicks" and stay home curled up on the couch while he's out working.

Off to the deli to see what I can get that's not tooo bad......

Here are a few motivational one-liners:
- Losers let it happen, winners make it happen.
- Life's greatest adventure is in doing one's very best.
- Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
- Never sacrifice a principle for a temporary gain.
- Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong attitude. (Thomas Jefferson.)
- Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.
- Only those risking to go far will ever know how far they can go.
- Only a mediocre person is always at his best.
- Pride, intense pride, that's what it all comes down to.
- Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.
- People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they themselves discovered than by those which have come from others.
- People who feel good about themselves produce good results.
- Take the best team and the worst team. Line them up and you would find very little physical difference. You would find an emotional difference. The winning team has a dedication--they won't accept defeat.
- The road to success is always under construction.
- The minute you quit is the moment you fail.
- There is always room at the top.
- The swimmer who says, "It can't be done" is passed by the swimmer who is doing it.
- The will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win.
- The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.
- The future belongs to those who prepare for it.
- The height of your success is determined by the depth of your belief.
- The harder your work, the luckier you get.
- The hardest thing about climbing the ladder of success is getting through the crowd at the bottom.
- The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond into the impossible.
- Trust your hopes, not your fears.
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Face the direction you want to go. I am convinced that a
clear dream, and moving in the right direction, are far
more important than any set of goals or any amount of
"will-power" or effort. Each and every day, take a step
in the direction you want to go. When you find yourself
off the path, stop and turn around. Simply know where
you want to go, keep your eyes focused on the dream, and
keep walking. It works!

Philip Humbert

I have just lost the post I was working on for the last 20 minutes, dagnabet!

Try again...

I hope that Nance has kept you a little up-to-date on my whereabouts. I am currently on my 2nd of 3 deadlines for Fiscal/Payroll year end and for almost the whole time I haven't been able to connect to the internet! In addition, we now have 19" screens at work in order to see the new software, but it also allows everyone behind me to see what I'm doing too, no more internet check-ins from work

What this time away from you has provided me is a good experience of trying to keep in line with our way of eating independently from the group and because I'm trying to learn how to maintenance this process has been really tough. I went to the Dr. last Wednesday. He told me a year and a half ago I weighed 198, and in February when I started SB, I weighed 184. Wednesday I weighed 155.5 on his scale and 155 that morning on mine! Two weeks ago I decided to realign my goal to 155 because I'm happy at where I am. I fit in most size 10's and that's more than I ever thought was possible. Any how, trying to maintence has been an eye opening experience. My brain shut down and I started allowing a little sugar each day back into my life Needless to say, I weighed in at 157 yesterday morning I knew I was in trouble and had even spoken with a co-worker about having trouble learning how to maintenance. I ate 100% on-plan yesterday, except for drinking enough water, and set some new goals. The one I still seem to be flaky about is exercise. I don't have the motivation to get off my rump. All I did this morning was use my abslider (2 minutes of ab work is not going to cut it). It's so hot 110, I won't be exercising outside in the evenings and working out in the am outdoors would have to happen while it's still dark because DH goes to work at 5am. Now that I've written that I see I'm still full of excuses. My goals are:
1. Stay OP until I get the 2 lbs back off and can stay at 155 for several weeks.
2. Exercising 3 times a week.
3. Write down a prayer and say it morning/at meals/evening.

For those of you on a maintenance plan, any advice is welcome. I don't want to yo-yo up and down.

My best to all of you, hope to talk with you soon.

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Okay, so I am half-dressed and I hear it starting to pour down rain So I sit here, half-dressed and getting a post done before it stops raining.

Jumped on the scale-HAPPY HAPPY! NEW ALL TIME LOW of 128!! Okay, now this is the lowest I have ever been that I can remember-a half pound more down and it will be a weight I won't ever remember being, but if I had to guess, it would be somewhere in Jr. High, gosh, maybe Elementary School!!!!! Do I sound a wee bit excited???

Not sure what our plans are for the day. Kids are home, Eli's at work. May take them over to my Mom's apt so they can go in the pool if they want. We don't have a pool (one of the few on the block that don't), and Mom works in the office on Mondays, so it's convenient (she doesn't live there, parent's just own the building).

We started the new JULY RECIPE BOARD and I already posted the recipe for the PB MUFFINS if you haven't seen it yet-they are delicious!!!!! At least I think they are!

FROG, I think you are headed in the right direction. Don't sweat the small stuff as it is said. Keep focused on this WOE and your exercise-and of course on DH. WOW, DH did yoga? If Eli even attempted it, I do believe we'd end up in the ER! Kudos to him, and to you too. More quality time together!

LAMAP, glad to hear you were able to find the agave nectar somewhere else besides SUNSPALSH - we live and learn, don't we? That's a fair price for it. Did you buy anything else interesting? Let me know what you bake and how you like the agave

RHROO, tell hubby GOOD LUCK! And, good luck to you as well. I'm sure you'll be a great mentor for him!!!!

Okay, I'm back now! Rains were few and fleeting, so I was able to get out there. Just walked the 4.5 miles, no jogging today.

On with the posting......

RALY, sounds like you had a great weekend! My Grandparents just gave my Uncle their cottage in upstate NY on Lake Ontario and your mentioning of the lake where you are reminded me of fond memories of going swimming in the lake, fishing and just sitting on the boulders that surround the lake to break the wave and reflecting on life-I sure do miss it there!

MELF, you definitely sound like you had a full house over the weekend. I love being around family, and luckily, we all get along!!! Hope all goes well at the dentist. Let us know what he says! Hope your mouth feels better. I'm sure you'll do your best at camp-just try to prepare as best you can

SOL, thanks for all of those great ONE LINERS! I enjoyed reading them. Hope the eye clears up and quick!!!! Have a great stress-free day!!!

LDBLOND, gosh, your motivational thought was wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing such a great quote! Well, congratulations for making goal. It's good to know you found a place you feel comfortable at. Yes, maintaining is hard, maybe just as hard or harder than actually losing the weight. BUT, do remember, your body will fluctuate up and down and the scales will show it. That's why I want to get to 5lbs less than my goal, as a cushion so that when these fluctuations happen, not matter what they are due to, I won't go balistic! Just as you have found the place you are comfortable at, you will also find how to best maintain your goal weight. If you can find an exercise you like doing, that's going to be really what keeps you to be able to keep your goal weight where you want it. BTW, what did the Dr. say about your weight loss????

Okay, I guess it's time to go eat breakfast. I had a PB MUFFIN before I went for my walk - yummy! There's 3 left!!!!

Have a wonderful day and a great week!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Default Quick question

Hi everyone.
Good Monday morning to all!
Just a quick note-didn't have time to read posts. Gotta dash back to retrieve those Summer school kiddies.
I'll tell you all later how my very first weekend on SB went.
Question--would I be allowed to make a smoothie out of no fat plain yogurt and blueberries & ice & equal?
I just love Smoothies in the summer and that will help with the ice cream urge.
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Good Morning!!!! Had a great time in San Diego at the Scrap Book Convention. Didn't spend too much money....but boy I could have. All sorts of neat stuff. Those of you who scrap, know what an addiction it can be!!!

Rhroo-I think your husband is probably seeing you get all the attention, and he's not getting enough attention from you. Help him along, he's probably going through mid-life crisis and knows that he doesn't look his best. Men lose weight fast, so maybe his attitude will be different when he sees some pounds come off!

Quilter-As far as the "fart" story goes.....I was up at the front desk walking by when a new patient was checking in...that's where the incident occured. All I could say was "excuse me" and then run to my office with embarassment!(sp?)

Sef-I totally relate to the HOME DEPOT stories.....I am there practically every weekend. There always seems to be something that needs to be fixed, or a project we want to do! DH just relanscaped part of our front yard and put in "malibu" lights to spotlight are Queen Palm trees. Looks great. Now since the weather is SO DARN HOT, we are focusing our attention inside!

Amser-Where are you going on vacation??? Loved your GIF...where did you find that??

Solshine-You are such a neat person! I loved what you wrote to Rhroo. You have such a great relationship with your man, and unfortunately, people are going to be jealous. So many friends I have are not in wonderful marriages, and I hate to even talk about mine in front of them sometimes because Dan and I are so happy together. People are funny....I've had people ask me if I'm pregnant before, which I think is so rude. I would never ask someone that unless they had a basketball in front of them and can safely say "when's the baby due?". You are the BOMB!!! I see you are VERY close towards heading below 200! I will be doing the happy dance for you real soon!!!

Frog-{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I know exactly how you feel. I can sometimes feel very insecure around my friends. I read a great book I would like to recommend to you called "You can heal your life" by Louise Hay. She has so many postive affirmations, and really helps you see things for what they are. Are these "friends" that you spent time with childhood friends of your hubby's? They sound like people I would make an effort to start seeing less and less of....if they don't make you feel good being around them, then don't socialize with them. Gradually fade out of their lives. You work I assume, and what little precious "free" time we have to spend with our family and friends should be good times. People that constantly make you feel inferior, usually have low self-esteems themselves and that's why they act the way they do. By the way I was "hip" to all the terminology used, and "no" I do not have a forest in the car!!!

Melf-You will be missed!!!! When are you coming back to us???

Gotta run, will write the other half of you gals this evening!!!!
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What a yummy breakfast I had today! Like I mentioned before, I had a PB MUFFIN before I left on my wallk. I had 6 ounces of FF yogurt that I mixed in less than 1 ounce of pureed mango into it with a touch of Stevia-sooo yummy!!! Then I had a egg beaters omelete with the 75% reduced fat cheese. Last, I had my milkshake! Who in their right mind can say you don't eat well on this WOE!

FLY, you can definitely do that for a milkshake, and it would be great boost of calcium for your body as well. I have 1-2 "shakes" a day, and though I haven't added in any yogurt as of yet, I have thought about it!

NANCE, was fun "chatting" with you this morning-I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!!!

BOB, in yesterdays paper, saw an ad for Vegas, 5 days for $405. Will look into this a bit more and let you know what I find out!

Okay, NOWit's shower time!


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Nancemeister- Well as far as your embarrassment at work, that would've been awful. My husband will do that in public and then turn around and act like I did it. How embarassing!!!!

Frog- My ex-husband had old friends that were just no good and they didn't like me at all. Apparently, I took him away from them and he didn't come around anymore. That caused problems in our marriage because he would blame me instead of seeing how childish his friends were. We haven't been together for over 3 years and he doesn't hang out with them now, but he blamed me for the time we were together. Doesn't make sense. I agree though that if the old friends aren't positive to be around then I wouldn't be around them. It's amazing how certain people can bring the worst out in another. Luckily I remarried where my husband and his friends are pretty good people. Can't say that for all the family members, but we don't converse with alot of them.

Deb- I snacked this weekend here and there and it didn't hurt the scale. I was sooo busy that I didn't even really pay attention to lunches. I ate a bolgna sandwich and had some cottage cheese. I love cheese so that was my snack later. Are pickles okay to eat? There my favorite with cheese.

Have swimming lessons tonight with the kids. See how that goes. Hopefully well.
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Default good morning

wow I missed a couple of days on the board and there is so much to read you girls are great how you continue to motivate each other day after day.I had a great long weekend (for all you americans it was canada day long weekend) I stayed controlled with my food all weekend but alas not so with the booze.You'd think at 31 I wouldnt still be a party girl lol but I am just social butterfly cant help it
I have no idea where I am at weight wise after this weekend cause my dh still hasnt given me back my scale (thinking of buying another one and hiding it from him lol)I told that wed was weigh in day on the board so he promised I would get it back then.
Quilter...thanks on the compliment about my name I like it too but my last name....yikes lol also my neck and shoulders have been hurting sooo bad since I did that yoga do you know why??I am serious I feel like I have an awful case of whiplash and I can barely turn my head I was singing at church and I thought I was going to start crying right on stage.Now I am scared to do yoga again but I have heard from others that it is awsome.I figured perhaps I just had really bad posture and having to hold those poses killed me I dont any advice would be helpful thanks.And yes I do find skinny people do tend to try and get us to fall I just think its cause there jelous of our dicipline.
RHoo.....yes I did feel sick falling of the sb wagon so to speak but that could merly be from the booze funny how that can happen lol.Good luck with your husband I cant really relate cause mine does not have a jelous bone in his body which I am gratefull for cause I talk to everyone and if he was the jelous type then wow we prolly wouldnt even be together.But instead of making more work for yourself why not get him on the same program as you?Be less work for you and you know it works right.Just a thought.You've done so well on Sb your story inspires me to stick with it as do alot of the stories on here.
amseraphim.....what does that stand for??Have a great time int eh keys you strut that size bod g/f
Sparkle....eeash sorry to hear about the bugs I cant imagine sharing my house with cockroaches gives me the willy's just thinking about it here in calgary its too darn cold for most of those little pests to survive one good thing about it
I love hearing all your stories you sound like so much fun..perhaps one day we will meet and stir up some trouble together do you have a current b/f right now..I guess I should go read your bio huh lol anyhow keep on keeping on I am on your tail weight wise hoping to break into the 160 somethings by the end of this month are so sweet.I was just reading what you wrote ronda and both of your stories just touched my heart.I feel so blessed to have found such a nice bunch of ladies here.
Deb....Have you really never ever cheated on SB I mean never?????How did you do that?wow you are one diciplined lady.Where you always over weight or was it from having kids I know most ladies here know your story but perhaps you could fill me in a bit thanks
Well the sun is shining and my g/f is coming over to suntan while my son is in the pool.SO I best go and get beautiful for the day Will try to stay away from the drinky poo's today its just so darn hard in the summmer
bye all have a great day
ps I worked out 4 times last week and my goal is to make 5 this week wish me luck
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Default I'm baaaaack

Hi everyone!
Motivation 1st. I was impressed by all the great works. I have to say my most inspirational works was all the posts last week. It had to be to get me to try again. Some examples: Sol "you gotta want it more than you want to be where you are now", sef "what do you have to lose except pounds, by giving it a try", all you with huge weight losses in a short period of time.

First weekend a success. Although yesterday I was a royal bxxxx. I put it down to PMS because if I mentioned new way of eating they would find somehow to put sugar into me. I know my family. Things I noticed. Oatmeal doesn't stick to the ribs like a good shot of protein does. Kept calories about 1,300 both days. Gonna up them today cuz somewhere I read that if you vary the number it tricks your metabolism into not resetting. Now that I know I can do that yogurt smoothie. Here I go. I treated myself yesterday to home grown tomatos. Awesome. I didn't even mind watching my family eat that sweet corn. Was seriously hungry this a.m. ate 6 oz of leftover steak cold while I was reading all the posts

Deb-Thank u thank u thank u about the smoothie. You saved me from feeling sorry for myself after I read all the "sugar free" labels in my grocery store and all of them had maldextrose & polydextrose in them. I believe those are no-no's. Where do you find all those inspirations? I think 128 is a fabulous number. I was in elementary school last time too. Where is the cottage in N.Y.? My dh family has one on "Blind Sodus Bay" near Fairhaven. We love going to Oswego every time we visit for the fish sandwiches. Lake Ontario is awesome.

Raylynn-Lake swimming is definitely fun. Sounds like plenty of exercise with all that deck work last week.

Melf-have fun @ camp. Update us on the Dentist report. I'm seriously thinking of making him bike. He backed into a car on Saturday and I heard while I was reading posts $600. It can't be any worse.

Sol-A stye? ouch. Liked your "will to win" message and your oh so great advice on husbands. I'm going to do same.

Idblond-hope you're taking time for you. Over soon?

Amser-Size 8. Lost some weight on WW after 2nd born. Found a size 8 skirt. Was sure it was mismarked cuz it was the only size 8 since well, we won't go there.

Chris-thanks for the clue-pure he_ _ for 2 week huh? If I lose it will be worth it. We'll see Wednesday.

Rhoo-You already got all the advice I could think up. sounds like we married about the same time. Me-Oct 84. My husband is 230 and miserable. I at least know what to possibly expect when I start losing.

Quilter Kim-I like Flybaby. Oh to be 169 again.

Golfin gal (catlover)-I've been around the block with UTI's. Especially with a short urethra. Best advice I got. Pee after sex.
Also, keep water up. Good thing about golfing (besides the fun) is you have to keep the water up. I'm jealous. Don't get to golf much. Maybe I'll treat myself at 20 lbs.

AR-sounds like you have one for me. Thanks. Sorry about the headache. Today is a new day. Thank God.

frog-thanks for the translation. Nothing like a good run to get rid of those negative blues.

Fillese- 59 lbs. I'm in awe.

Nance- with all the posts I've been reading. Time that huge inhale in the car well. (Sorry couldn't resist)

Well gals & guys (sorry Bob) my butt is numb. Must spend fun with kids now that the house is pretty. Got caught up on laundry on Sunday. Why do I have a big pile on Monday!!!!! Laundry bunnies??????

Gonna go run. You all have inspired me. It's nice and cool so it should be "highly enjoyable" almost like s_x.
Love Flybaby
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Default Motivational thought for the day


Here's a story a friend of mine once told me,in her own words:
One day my young daughter was late coming home from school.I was both annoyed and worried.When she came through the door,I demanded in my upset tone that she explain why she was late.
She said,Mommy,I was walking home with Julie,and halfway home,julie dropped her doll and it broke into lots of little pieces.
Oh honey I replied you were late because you helped Julie pick up the pieces of her doll to put them back together.
In her young and innocent voice,my daughter said No Mommy.I didnt know how to fix the doll.I just stayed to help Julie cry

I know I am new to the board,but the repoire you all have is one in the story.You are there for each other and just wanted to let you all know that even though you dont always know how to "fix" the problems you are doing what so many people forget and that is to just be there.
thank you for letting me become a part of this group
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