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Nance - Choc. syrup is by Sweet 'n Low. I think Estes has one two. A little goes a long way. It's thinner than reg. syrup. Winn Dixie has the best selection of "diet" foods here. Can get something in SavACenter and Albertson's.

Adams - Sugar Busters! has their oun sourdough bread, so I guess it's OK, but probably in moderation! There seem to be pros and cons when people talk about it.

Kim - Get your drift, just keep it in your own back yard. Listen, I sleep alone, I can eat what I want!!!! My philosophy on cleaning.....clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy! I'm delirious!!!!!!!!!!

Bob - Maybe your wagon needs a side kick in the same boat as you. Ill be Gabby Hayes. And if you say Gabby who, I'll have to remind you the sidekick is armed. Right now I pack a loaf of SB! French bread as a bat!

Take care
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Talking Still alive and totally kicking ***!

Hello beautiful ladies!

Ralynne, swimming in the lake sounds like an awful lot of fun. Youíre so lucky! Of course here in Hawaii we do have some awesome oceans...haha!

Mary, I hope the pain gets better. The weight can be frustrating but at least you are in the 140s where I wish I were! (Soon!)

SolShine, thanks again for the thoughtful emails. I used to be one to get up as late as possible too, and since Sugar Busters, Iíve found I have more energy and am actually AWAKE before Iím at my desk! It makes a big difference in my day to have a little time in the mornings. Usually Iím up at 5:30 and off to the gym, or have time to make some breakfast and get online. USUALLY.

Oh, and what I meant to say in the last discussion, is that NO WAY are you JUST beautiful on the INSIDE! You are so pretty and Vince is the lucky one not just you! Despite what the media would have us believe, beauty does not ONLY come in a size 4 to 6. (bah!)

During one of my and Martinís endless discussions on weight and sexual attractiveness, I hit a stunning conclusion. Who decides what is beautiful in this country? Clothes designers. Designers have a really tough time because women come in so many different shapes and sizes. And itís easier to design something for a clothes hanger than a REAL woman. So they prefer very thin women to model their creations. So basically we are letting a whole bunch of gay men decide whatís attractive and whatís not!

Thanks for your motivational one-liners. ďThe minute you quit is the moment you fail.Ē reminds me of this line from a song that somehow strikes me as motivational, ďWhere it ends will usually depend on where you stop.Ē

Lara, it is so nice to hear from you and to hear that you are doing so well. Iím glad you are happy with your weight now. You have come so far, you are smart to take a breather and get used to your new body. This begins a whole new and challenging journey for you!

Deb, so happy (and somewhat relieved) that you are now at your all-time low! You have worked so hard that nobody deserves this success more than you do. I KNEW the scale would start cooperating! Wow. To go from 284 pounds to 127....thatís not just an accomplishment, thatís a miracle. Iím so proud of you!

Nancy, been upping your fiber recently I see?

Frogster, I had to go back and hunt for your post Ďcause I really want to answer it. Although Iím a little late.

I have been in a little bit of a funk lately. I have wondered if the big slowdown in my weight loss has left me feeling a little, hmmm... shall I say, unexcited? I know that my running and yoga will allow me to see some more positive changes in my body. I also know that eventually I will have to stop losing, can't keep disappearing!
I know you know this already, but you have lost a significant amount of weight both altogether and recently. I donít see how you can in any way call this a ďbigĒ slowdown. You have been doing this long enough to know that the weight NEVER comes off in a straight line, but in fits and starts. To be honest, I was feeling a bit breathless when you were blowing me away with those 4 pound a week losses, since were about the same weight when I first started hanging around here. I know, that makes me sound like a jealous b*tch, but what Iím really trying to say is, from another personís perspective, your accomplishments are awesome.

I think too that this group of "friends" that I have discussed in the past can be too much to take at times. And when I finally fight back I end up feeling bad about myself. What's a girl to do? I've decided to continue to focus on my running (and DH of course - goes without saying) and Yoga. I am hoping the yoga will help me be more calm and less impacted by the "small stuff." It all has to do with my insecurities about not feeling accepted and liked. I have to get over the feeling that I am the 4th grader picked last for kick-ball.
Frankly, from all the stories you told, you REALLY need some new friends (ick). But I understand what you are saying because I have a really hard time with female friends. Most of them have moved to the mainland, but there was this one chick I was really close to. Everything was great so long as I allowed her to take advantage of me, running her to the store all the time, buying her drinks and buying stuff for her that she never paid me back for, but I thought she was really cool and I couldnít see that she was just using me. Well, the minute that I started standing up for myself she got pissy and dumped me like a hot potato, and now we both work downtown but we donít speak to each other. But I decided to let it go rather than try to patch things up with somebody who obviously doesnít know how to be a friend, and things are better that way. Still, it seems very sad to lose a best friend over five dollars (which is what I made her pay me back after getting fed up with being used).

Iím definitely going to be in North Carolina on the 28th of July, Saturday. We need to talk because I would love to meet up with you. I hope your 4th of July party is fun! I donít really have plans yet, which bums me out a little.


I am basically doing this for him so he dosn't have to take care of an over weight diabetic wife that might be blind or what ever!!!!!! can't he just get it????
I just hope he dosn't blame me if he fails at this weight thing! i have enough to worry about!!! Do you think the "hottie" mom should wear a leather skirt to the concert! I better be gone before hubby gets home that day!!!! LOL NOOOOOO way !!! thats how i feel sometimes i don't want him to see what i have on because it "bums" him out as he would say cuz i look soooooo good. would u consider that a compliment?
Rhonda, I just cringed when I read that. You are such an inspiration to me losing all that weight, and yes I bet you do look HOT in a leather skirt!!! Your hubby has real issues about himself, and Iím sure he misses his ďeating buddyĒ too. Itís great to have company in the ďcomfort zone.Ē But frankly, I donít think heís the ONLY one with a problem! You donít seem to realize what a jewel you are. Arenít you losing weight for yourself as well? Arenít you glad you feel and look awesome?

Kymn, you are such a darling, I wish you were here in Hawaii so that we could paint the town red! Iím not anything like I used to be but I used to be a real party animal...consumed a lot of alcohol which is a disaster not just because of the calories, but because it lowers my inhibitions. It doesnít seem like a big deal to stuff myself with Jack in the Box food after staying out until 5 am. I really find it hard to believe two things, 1) I used to drink so much and 2) I hardly drink at ALL now.

To answer your question, I donít exactly have a boyfriend right now by any definition, I was talking about a guy that I was going out with here in Hawaii earlier, but Iím not putting any money on that turning out right now. I have a good friend Iím going to visit in Washington DC in just a few weeks! (Weak in the knees.) You will hear me talking about my roommate, Martin, who is not my boyfriend. (We do everything together and never have sex so we might as well be married!)

About those pesky roaches, living in Hawaii, almost everyone has bugs. Itís really hard to get rid of them because the weather is warm and humid all year round. When I lived in the suburbs (in a house) not only were there roaches 2 inches long, there were also huge cane spiders, ants, and worst of all, MICE. My housemate would poison the mice, so I would find them dead and full of maggots, in the oddest places. There were also tree rats big as cats but I never saw one in the house. Between that and the screaming neighbors, I just had to move out.

Today makes four days of keeping the kitchen absolutely immaculate, spraying every day, and we are going through the very traumatic stage of finding dead roaches all over the counters and floors. But that is a very good sign. Once I put my mind to something, I get pretty much obsessed with accomplishing it, and it looks like Iím winning the war!

Thanks for inquiring about my whereabouts. I have been posting here since March, and used to keep up and post every day, but since I run my own weight loss support forum , Weight Workshop, and have lots of other stuff going on, I made the decision to only post on weekends, or whenever I have a minute to catch up, like now. So donít worry!

Fly, I didnít mean to scare you when I said Sugar Busters was ďpure **** for 2 weeksĒ at the start. (Hides face) So please allow me to explain. I had given up refined sugar in January, which was a huge change because I had been back up to 5 or more servings of sugar per day. So I eased into it. But I was still eating large quantities of white bread and other junks. When I started Sugar Busters in March, my body was ďdetoxingĒ despite giving up refined sugar for 2 months already. Then I started back in at the gym at the same time, after being very slack for several months. Every time I would run, I would get dizzy and nauseated. Here is a quick ďpopĒ unscientific explanation. I think when you eat sugar (and refined carbs, which can be even worse in large quantities) your body becomes inefficient at processing blood sugar from whole foods because it always has a large supply of ďpredigestedĒ food. So you feel like you ďneedĒ sugar for energy, and thus you become addicted. Well, thatís what happened to me, so I felt weak and dizzy for a few weeks and had cravings for sugar.

After that, especially cause I started working out and quit smoking too, I had more energy than I ever had in my life. It was almost unnatural. I would get up before 6 and go to bed at 11 or 12 and not feel tired all day long. I rollerbladed 81 miles and ran for 9 hours during the month of April. I would put on my skates and blade at 1 in the morning.

I donít feel quite that energetic now (a lot of it has to do with attitude) but now that Iíve hit the gym 8 days in a row Iím starting to get it back.

Fat Cat, love your enthusiasm! I spent quite a bit of time reading labels too, even make up a spreadsheet with the sugar content of common so-called ďhealthyĒ foods! I ate so many Boca burgers I throw up at the sight of them.

Sef, Isnít this way of eating exciting? Preparing lots of fresh veggies ahead of time is really the way to go. I have discovered vegetables I didnít know existed!

Krista, If I havenít already welcomed you to the board, itís GREAT to have you here!

(Chris takes deep breath. Whew! Started off this post with a lot of steam!)

Susan, great youíre getting a handle on the emotional eating. This is the fanatic in me coming out again, but I believe that a lot of my emotional eating was really chemical in nature. I was overfed sugar from when I was a baby and didnít know any better. My bodyís chemistry was ALWAYS out of balance from too much sugar, and I naturally craved more sugar, which made me feel even worse about myself. Then I would eat more to ease the pain, and even more of my life would slip away. I feel like I was left with huge ďholesĒ in the fabric of my life, which were filled with food instead of all the activities I could do and people I could meet if I werenít eating all the time. So I ate MORE, to the point where I barely left the house except to get groceries, and I was only 22! (Sigh). Talk about a vicious cycle!!!

So my recovery has been twofold: 1) Filling my life with other pleasures and activities besides food and 2) Keeping my blood sugar level so that I donít crave MORE sugar. And for ME, that doesnít mean I donít ever eat even ONE molecule of sugar! It means using common sense so that I donít screw myself up.

Kim, so nice to hear from you. Arenít fresh fruits wonderful in the summer? Even thought they are very expensive here I have been enjoying them in moderation. About flossing: it might seem obvious that one should do it every day, but I was one of those who could never get into the habit. Just didnít seem important. Then my teeth became extremely sensitive to cold, and one day I looked in the mirror and my gums were WAY lower then they were supposed to be! I was in shock. I didnít know what to do about it, and asked Martin. Heís like, DUUUHHH, FLOSS! So I have been flossing every day like new religion, and have had no problems with sensitivity since.

Today we got off a whole HOUR early, which gave me the chance to go to the gym and still get home at a decent hour, which is why Iím posting today! Time is so precious. Iím so happy to be able to catch up with all you chickees, I always feel so encouraged!

I have a very important victory to report. I had skipped my workouts almost every day in the middle of June, but I started going to the gym every day last week because I was majorly depressed about something and working out was the only way that I could cope with the situation. Which was a massive improvement over the way I used to cope, which was eating my brains out.

Well, once I got back into the groove I decided to keep going every day, and today makes EIGHT days in a row that I have done my runs! For those of you who have been following, I run 3 miles on the treadmill (unless I cop out), and since March, my goal has been to run those 3 miles in less than 30 minutes. I was always close, but I could never quite do it, because something would always come up, like my bike accident.

Well, I donít know what I was thinking, but Sunday morning, I just DID IT! 3 MILES IN 29:38!!!! I seriously wished for death for the last third of a mile, but I didnít give up.

Yesterday I did only 2 miles, and today I broke 30 minutes again (!!!!) although not as good a time, at 29:45.

From sneakily watching others on the treadmill, Iíve decided that 6.0 miles an hour is a pretty hot pace to keep up for 3 miles! Okay, starting to get really obnoxious now. But Iím just so happy because I have been working on this goal since March!

Right now Iím just dying to break through to the 140s but the weight of course is fluctuating after I dropped a few pounds quickly. Got 151.5 yesterday, 152.5 today. Ugh. But soon!!!!!

Well, tomorrow is a holiday. I would like to do a beach thing, maybe even throw together a BBQ with my parents and Cherise. But I donít know. Iím trying not to be mopey because what I would really like to do is go to the fair on the Army base with somebody who would hold my hand, and watch the fireworks later. But if Ďdruthers were solid gold toilet seats I would surely be rich!!!! My new thang is to be content with the life I have, which is an excellent one, instead of focusing on all the things I donít have right now.

Over the weekend I went out on a boat for the first time in my life. Amazing for a chick who lives in Hawaii! It was fun, although I was slightly queasy. If you would like to see purty pics, please visit this thread (the links are in the first post only)

Okay, itís after eight oclock so I guess Iíd better quit already. Martin and I are both overly tired and have been fighting, so I think Iíll make nice nice and go watch some boxing with the boy.




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Default Happy Rainy WIW!!!

That rumbling you may hear is not coming from my stomach but from the storm clouds over head. It looks like some people are going to be mighty disappointed around here . . . it's a dark, stormy day!!! I love it, perfect to read in. But I'm sure there are lots of holiday picnics being tossed to Plan B.

Happy to report that I'm still at 169. Have to confess that once I saw that number on the scale last week, I was afraid to get back on worried that the needle would start the old back and forth thing and I'd have to report that I was back in the 170's. Big sigh of relief!!! Anyways, I think that gives me a HALF POUND off this week. I will take it!!!!! For sure!!!!!

Just having breakfast (yogurt, puffed kashi with sliced strawberries and blueberries) and am thinking about crawling back under the covers with a good book. Have any of you read Elizabeth Berg? I really like her. This one is called What We Keep. Check her out.

Had a riotous good time on the chat last night. You all crack me up!!! I was sitting at home all by myself. If somebody was standing outside the window and heard me laughing at my computer monitor, they'd be ready to ship me off to parts unknown. Hope VIV behaved after I left. Come on SUSAN & SHIRLEY, you can tell me!!!!

Have a great day today. I'll check in later since we aren't planning to go anywhere!
Take care.
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Default Happy fourth!!!

Hi everybody. I was up at 8:00 a.m. and I just couldn't resist one second longer. Ready......drumroll......177! Amazing, unbelievable, fantastic, etc. etc. I am stunned. After I picked myself up off the bathroom floor I did my happy dance. Unbelievable I could eat all that food and still lose weight.

I tried out fitday. I love it. Way better than WEBMD which is a real pain to update. I'm converted. Thanks to all who recommended. I'm feeling more serene this a.m. but I did dream that the doc removed my kidney, pancreas, gall bladder and was going for another when I awoke. OMG. When I woke up my kidney was hurting. Must've been the trigger. I didn't drink as much h20 yesterday as I should've I guess. Can't wait for the Holiday. Although rain is forecasted. Maybe no fireworks
I'm having a great day anyway.

Quilter Kym-did I tell you I used to quilt? Back in my 20's before kids. No prob about the laughter. You know you're hooked on exercise when you look forward to doing it.

BOB- I'm so embarrased. Must've been one of my brain farts. Thanks for taking it so well. You are so funny. Don't give up and stay with us.

Sparkle-Did you know I was in Hawaii once? My dad was Air Force and we moved to Okinawa when I went into high school. But on the way we stayed a couple of days in Waikiki (msp?). One of my favorite memories was this great outdoor theater where we could watch movies under the stars. And the beach was so fantastic. You cracked me up about the Martin and marriage comment. 3 miles in 29min. Wow you were smoking. Did you look for the flames under your feet?

Well, love you all. Gotta go get breakfast together for family.
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Hope the scales are kind to everyone!

Here's a link to the WEIGH IN BOARD if you'd like to post your WIW information:
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morning yall!

just sitting here waiting for some rain. Its been thundering and the skies are gray but no rain. My yard really needs it.

Well gang no loss this week. 190/175/135 but Im not complaining. Have avoided the TM and weights for about a week. Just no motivation. However I did play 16 holes of golf (had to quit after 16th hole due to lightning).

Deb - I made the p-nut butter muffins but had to substitue wheat germ for bran as I didnt have bran. Didnt add all the sugar as the pnut butter had sugar in it. Couldve used more sugar though as they didnt taste all that sweet.

My mini goal for end of July is 170.

I will check in later and respond to more posts.

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Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!!!

It's a gloomy day here on this 4th of July. We're suppose to have a tropical wave come through sometime today.

Woke up to NOT wanting to go walk today, thought of oodles of excuses NOT to go, but found an excuse to go for each one. Like, it was dark and gloomy with the threat of rain, but then thought, I have a mini-umbrella, so it if rains, I'll be okay. There's no sun at all out there, which means it will be cooler. It's a holiday, so not many cars on the roads-well, I went, and of course, as usual, I was glad I got out. No record times, no fast walks, just got out and did it!

Sorry I was late for chat last night. We had Eli's son, daughter and her BF over for dinner and I excused myself (sorta) to come on the computer-had a hard time getting on in the first place-my computer seems to get worse daily. Sorry I didn't stay too long, I felt bad leaving them all in the other room, and then hearing them ready to leave while I was on the computer. Thanks to all of you who showed up-it was a nice showing!!!

BOB, we have missed you! I can't imagine our board without you, so I'm glad you got a handle on the situation. You know, the more you are on the board, the better you will do-you've done it in the past, you can do it again, and for good now. You know you can call on me at any time if you want/need to!!!

QUILTER, CONGRATS! A half pound and a solid 169 for the week is awesome! Would you believe, I liked the sneakers so much, and they were such a good steal when I saw them again a few weeks after I bought the new pair, that I bought 2 more pairs of the same shoes! I just hate having to break them in, I always get blisters, but it's for a good cause I guess. Glad to hear things are "moving" right along with the fruits you put into your daily intake. I'm loving the berries that are in season. Remember, try to see if your store has the TAYLOR'S GOLD pears-yummy! Yes, Eli came to be the official witness on the scale today. Then I had him pull up on my fat while I stood on the scale so it would show 120-I know, I'm a sick pupp! I'll be happy if I meet my cushion goal by Vegas/40th! I'm shooting for 127 for the EOM, if I can just keep a hold of today's weight until then (or lower of course), I'll be happy!!!

SEF, okay, maybe BOB knows Gabby Hayes, but I sure don't! Who the heck is that???

SPARKLE, thanks for the nice words. You know, I don't think of me as going down from 284 to what I am today since that was 17 years ago and many diets and a surgery have occured in between that time. I view myself from 194, since I started SB - BUT, when you mentioned it, it made me think that 17 years ago I weight more than 2 of what I weigh now! It's such a scary thought! Even to think that about
8 1/2 years ago I was 244lbs, another 100 pounds bigger than I am today. You do have a roach problem! We have them here, but nothing at all like you do-and gosh, not that big-I go nuts when I see a tiny one, it just gives me the willies just thinking about them. And, yuck to those mice and rats, I'd probably move if that would happen to me too! I have a CIL (cousin in law) who's from Guam, and she tells stories of snakes in the toilets! Congrats on being back at the gym, 8 days is a lot, don't over due it like you did before, too much is just as bad as too little I think. Congrats on getting below the 30 minute mark on the TM-that's wonderful-you must of really been focused! Any idea what the name of the boat means, or how to pronounce it? You looked to toned in that picture!!!

FLY, I can tell from your post a CONGRATULATIONS are in order, please share how much you lost this week I love hearing the numbers! From the looks of it, you've lost 8lbs your first week??? If so, that turly is amazing!!!! Glad you are enjoying FITDAY. You can always make your journal public should you want to share it with others for feedback, just in case you didn't know that feature was available.

CATLOVER, I think either bran is fine to use, really. No, I don't think these are intended to be sweet muffins, but you can definitely add more sweetener if you want. My Mother liked them, but said the same thing, not sweet enough. One thing I have learned with this WOE, when you stick with it 100% over a long period of time, what I would consider to be sweet, someone who has sweets, say, like SF Candy, would find it has no sweetness whatsoever. With everyone having different taste factors, it's good to know we can adjust things to be in our liking. What I would say is if you don't care too much for them, but now that you have made them-put a tad of SF Jelly on them for a bit of sweetness Good luck on your mini goal for the EOM!!!!

Okay gals, I'm off to find something for breakfast. I'll check in with you all later.

Please remember, TOMORROW IS RECIPE DAY so if you have any good SB LEGAL RECIPES you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them tomorrow on the new JULY 2001 RECIPE BOARD!

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

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Default Happy 4th of JULY!!!!!

Good Morning....and I do mean good!!! The Nancemeister is down, not one, but 2 pounds!!!!! All thanks to Debbie kicking my butt in the right direction!!!

Quilter-Yes...I'm convinced now that we've had past lives didn't need to apologize for anything, you just can't hear my sarcasism in my post. I think if I mention something "new age" people will think of me as some hippy chick. Yeah, I've had my "solor return" chart done. I fully believe people get nutty 2-3 days before the full moon, I'm hip and with it. After all I live in CALIFORNIA!!!

BOB-Guess I didn't have the right strength brew o'java that morning when that thought that "she" was a "he".LOL Glad to see you post. I was so depressed without you!! Now I know if I don't see you post, that the volume of the buzzin' need to get "kicked up a notch" as Emeril would say. I thought you didn't love us anymore, that you found some new friends on a WW chat or something!! Glad you are back on track. Debs got me back on track. I needed my butt kicked and then put back on the wagon. I was about 2 miles behind incase you forgot to look in your rearview mirror!

Fly-You are one cool chick! Go fly, Go FLy, Go Fly!!!!! Please share your secrets with us!!!

ldblond-I KNOW you will be looking at the board now that you have a DAY OFF.....How is Michael doing? What did the Doc have to say? What Ped Doc are you taking him to??? Did you know we see kids at our office ALL THE TIME, hence "FAMILY PRACTICE"....hint, hint....Are you and Mr. J going to Costco to load up on healthy food now that you are at goal??? Have you made anything yet with the agave nectar?

Well, I haven't had my coffee yet, and BOB knows how I can be without it. I want to be a movie marathoner today too. We actually had some rain in the DESERT last night. Highly unregular!
I am planning on napping, scrappin', eatin', swimmin', and BBQ'n.
Check in with my posse later!

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Hey Everyone :

I've missed everyone but have just been so so busy that I haven't found the time to post.

My son has been playing tournament baseball and that just consumes our lives. We go to work and then to the ballpark until 10 and 11 at night. He won the first tournament which was 2 weeks long and is playing in a much tougher one this week. They won last night but have to play a team tomorrow that has players on it as big as Michael Jordan! (Keep in mind these are 12 year olds and my son is a small 12 at 4ft. 8 in.)

We leave for the beach as soon as this tournament is over and will be gone for 10 days. I can't wait!

Well I haven't been OP for weeks now but took my own advice on Monday and "Began Again". Last night at the ballpark the chicken fingers and fries were calling my name but I was good and didn't have any. One word of advice...if you go off plan you DO have those starving moments when you are trying to get the junk back out of your system. I was starving really really starving last night as I sat there in the stands. But it reminded me of why we need to stay really never want to feel that way again.

I weight 137 which is below my goal weight but eating wrong did bring back my migraines and feeling of always being tired. Another lesson learned. So I picked this week...the toughest of them start back and be OP. So far so good. Tonight will be the toughest test because we are going to a party. The only good thing about it is it is a shrimp boil and not a barbecue...

I missed all of you. And will try to be more faithful. When you go off the board it is usually a sign that you are not OP...It is hard to report in when you know you are not keeping true to the plan.
I imagine that is why others have not been on here lately!


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Default Happy 4th of July

to all my new america friends hope you have a great holiday.Sorry for those of you who are stuck in the rain here in Calgary it is a beautiful day.I am going to take my son to the beach yeah!!!!!!My hubby's B-day party went well last night had lots of fun and laughter.So I weighed in at 178 this am was hoping for more of a loss but as you pointed out Deb and thank you for doing so that I lost 8 lbs in one week so body did need to adjust I am just happy that it hasnt gone up and has stabilezed now this week we shall kick som a$$
BOB welcome back I have missed your posts and your positive attitude helped to motivate me this am thanks.
Sparkle it was so nice to hear from you too I would love to come to Hawaii again soooooo beautiful and I am a true sun worshiper.I too used to party my face off but not so much anymore (stop laughing you guys I really dont )Just in the summer it seems to pick up a little thats all.You know doing the patio thing.Perhaps next time hubby and I go to australia we will stop over and see ya Congrats on the 3 miles under 30 min wow just the thought of that poops me out lol
Quilter good for you staying under the 170's I cant wait until I can say that it is nerve racking to get on scale and not be sure that you will mantain the weight loss....big whew for you keep up the good work I'm on your tail so to speak again I say WOW you go girl doesnt it feel awsome..that is what I lost my first week and looks like I have maintained it but I havent lost anymore yet...but I will keep up the good work
Deb..what is this fit day all about?It has prolly been mentioned but it wasnt soaking into my brain cells

well all going to go and get ready for the beach have great day
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Happy 4th everybody!!!

Kids have finished painting project for now. My computer area at the top of the stairs will be another project. They painted up the stairs to it. It is not a large area but has a lot in it between bookcases that are loaded, computer desk, printer stand,
sewing table, craft table! Amazing what you can fit in one small space! But it will get done I'm sure.

We were talking while they were painting, (basically I'm sidewalk superintendent. Last Christmas I weighted 298 now am at 259. I don't think it really shows, but my ds, bless him, says it does that he was just noticing it the other day. Yeah sure! Make the old lady feel good! But as I've said in other posts, I notice it in my clothes.

DS is BBQ'n today and asked if what he planned to do was okay for me, otherwise he would fix something that was okay. He likes to go to store on Saturday mornings and has now been sugar conscious on my behalf. GD made red, white and blue jello and was sure to make it sf for me. So I am a lucky person!!!!

Sparkle - It is an exciting way to eat as I am finding new things all the time. All I find that you can make old favorites the legal way, so I really don't feel deprived. I love the pics. The Kai scenery is beautiful. I have a pic of a HI sunset. For some reason I love sunsets. Do you have any pics of sunsets?

I also like rainbows, I never saw as many rainbows as I did in Honolulu. Another place I saw a lot was in Canberra,Oz. I saw my first double rainbow there. My dd lived in Kona and we have a friend who lives in Makawao. I hope I get to visit HI again! In spite of the cane spiders. I can take bugs, snakes, mice but HATE spiders. They make me hyper-ventilate!!!

See, what I did is sent the kids to exotic places and then went to visit them. When they both returned to the mainland I still visited them. So i have been lucky enough to see things I couldn't have afforded to otherwise. After transportation, the next biggest expense is lodging and food. So far me lodging was free and I helped with food.

Quilter - Can't hear your rumbling, too busy listening to ours! Glad you got that 1/2# off. I'm happy, too, just chipping away bit by bit. Maybe my scale will start to move again, it went down 1#. I had begaun to think it was permanently stuck!

Would we tell on each other?!? Don't you think the party broke up after you left? Our lips are sealed!

Butterfly - That drumroll was followed by a clash of symbols here!

Deb - See, I told you you were YOUNG!!!!!!! Gabby Hayes was a western star. He was always the comic relief, who rode shotgun on the stagecoach or was the buddy of the hero. He made movies with a lot of old cowboy stars, notably Roy DO know who he was don't you?!? "Happy Trails" and all that!

Nance - Down, down, down! Isn't it nice? You mentioned full moon to Quilter. I worked with geriatrics and head trauma patients for 20 yrs. Whatever you hear about the full moon affecting people is all true!!!!! It brings out our weirdness for sure!

Beach - It's true we build our lives around our kids. My dd was on swim team, if we weren't going to practices we were going to meets. Meals were planned accordingly. Enjoy the next 10 days, we will be rooting for you to stay OP as much as possible.

You are right about the woe affects your eating habits. I used to be able to go back for seconds, now I am just too full, I also don't seem to sweeten things as much. I do still like my evening snack. I guess I can live with that vice.

Adams - Australia is one of my fav places. DS says if he ever wins the lottery he is going back there to live. My gd considers it home as she went to school there. They lived in Canberra for 5 yrs. I was lucky enough to be able to visit them. I also have a pen pal
I was able to meet who lives in Chitteway Bay, near Gosford. It is such a beautiful country. Of course, there are HUGE spiders there too!

Well, we got a spritz of rain, nothing that will dampen the festivities! Hope you all have a safe July 4th!
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O H M Y G A W D !!!!!

It's been a GODFATHER MARATHON and I'm "lovin" it!

I haven't done one darn thing all day....still sitting here at the computer WITH MY JAMMIES on!

Glad everyone is having a great day off...The rain hasn't arrived here yet..It's been at Deb's already, and it's making it's way over here, but they've already said it will be slow moving...supposed to get here around much for the big BBQ....I'm fixing chicken, so I can go ahead and get that done...

I'm not looking for pity what Ive done, I've done on my own and now I have to pay the piper! I will need a few *** kickings along the way...SEF I always will need someone riding shotgun...AND YES.....I definately know who GABBY HAYES was...Deb does too, but she just doesn't want anyone to know she's that old! ain't that right EILEEN!!!!

Well, I'm off to get the chicken started...everyone enjoy the fireworks....


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An apology...........

to anyone who was in chat last night when I "abruptly" left. This was my first time using this chat room and I had to IM Deb because I couldn't figure out how to get into the room. Deb sent me the link and once I was in, I somehow accidently disconnected myself and found myself on the outside looking in! I couldn't get back in again and I hope I didn't offend anybody who thought I might just have left without a word.

Hope everybody has a wonderful 4th of July! Two miles away from Deb and I'm still waiting for that tropical wave!
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Hey Everyone!

The black clouds are rolling in quickly down here, so it looks as if it will be a soggy 4th, unless we are REALLY lucky! Just got home from Alberstons-don't care for that store unless it's for lots of sale items-they are so expensive otherwise.

Didn't do a tootin thing today-just like BOB, though I did get out of my jammies and go to the store, my big outting!

NANCE, CONGRATS! See, you CAN do it if you put your mind into it! 2lbs is great! Keep up the good work!

BEACH, glad to see you posting on the board again, and thanks for the chat this morning - remember, take a picture you'll post on your trip-you can decide if it's in a bathing suit or not, but definintely has to be in front of the water!!!

AR, CONGRATS on staying the same - just as important as a loss some times, esp after a big loss in a short period of time-it will move down soon-and if it doesn't, just take into account it may be due to something like hormones-patience is one of the main keys to success on this WOE! Trust me, it comes from experience! Sounds like you had a nice time at hubby's bday! FITDAY.COM is a great site that lets you journal your foods and keep track of your exercise, nutrients, etc. Do check it out, many of the board members use it and love it!

SEF, I am sure that it shows on you, your loss-it's a big loss and where we are critical of ourselves and don't see it in ourselves, others see progress. I didn't notice losses on me til I was on SB and lost probably about 40lbs, or so. Every day I looked in the mirror and didn't see what others did-trust me, your son is not saying that just to be nice, he's being honest DESPITE what Ms Page aka BOB says, I didn't know who Gabby Hayes was - she just doesn't like the fact that I'm a LOT YOUNGER THAN SHE IS!!!!! But yes, I do know Roy Rogers!

BOB, sorry, I'm not an eldercocker like you, haven't a clue who Gaby Hayes was - date yourself baby, not me!!!! No rain here, yet, but it's looking ugly - you aren't getting what we are, it's coming down from the Everglades, it seems.

FATCAT, that happens to all of us at some point or another. Sometimes you have to log out and then log back in. It's a pain, but what can we expect for free! The clouds are a comin'!

Okay, I'm outta here for now!


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For all you x-stitchers. Here's a link for free patterns you can download onto your pc.
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