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Old 07-08-2001, 08:17 PM   #121  
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Hi again.
Been boring day. Watch WNBA Comets get beaten. Wanted that to happen. They need to step down & let another team rule for a while like L.A. Sparks.

Hubby popping corn. Don't want that either. Made a wicked good lentil soup today just throwing stuff in. Lentils, gr peppers, onion, apple cider vinegar, zucchini, garlic, crushed red peppers,
salt, pepper & legal stewed tomatoes. YUM! I like tummy filling feeling. Son cleaned room yesterday and my caught up laundry became behind again. Imagine that. Almost caught up again.

Wanna hear something humerous? I'm overrun currently by fruitFLIES!! Any ideas to get rid of the little buggers? I've put away all fruit & veggies & food that's out. Keep sink clean. A/C a little cooler.

NANCY-looks like we were on together last time. I like scrapbooks like that so I must be sick too.

sef-Sounds like you got a bead on joy too. Sounds like joy making towels, watching good murder mysteries (Perot is my favorite), getting surprise bargains and eating pita pizzas.
As to the hills the local gov might get the same idea as Va Beach and put up a manufactured hill. A while ago (over 20yrs) they started putting trash and building a big mound. When it was high enough they stopped and covered it with soil and planted grass and made a manmade park around it. They call it Mt. Trashmore. It's a real fun place to visit with skate parks, play grounds, conservatory and plenty of field to fly kites. The local runners do their races and the city does fireworks every year. They started pumping out natural gas and selling in after a few years too. Their currently working on their 2nd. Sounds like you had a very rewarding career. We travel through the Poconos every year on way to Newark NY (smack in the middle between Rochester & Syracuse) & I think they are too beautiful too. I have only one vivid memory. We were on trip before children and it was night and no bathrooms for way too many miles. I get dh to pull over so I can sneak a pee in the brush (this was 2 a.m.) and while my hiney is hanging out he then casually says "You know there are bears around here" Needless to say I finished up quick. BTW, Lucinda Wms is not real popular. I think the only popular song was "Can't let go" went something like "you won't take me back when I come around, say I'm sorry but you put me down, I've got a big chain around my neck and I'm going down like a train wreck. Well it's over I know but I can't let go." She has some real powerful words when she says "I feel like I've been shot and didn't fall down". No big deal if you don't recognize her.

Frog-thanks for the support. Yes I think sabotauge is probably it. I planned to bring a bottle of Two Shilling Red from Williamsburg Winery (sb legal) in honor of BOB's visit to Williamsburg, in case she gets real persistent. Will not give in though. Training for a marathon! Awesome.

The fabulous Ms. Bob-Thanks for the movie update. The Pledge and Wedding Planner sound good. I agree about Unbreakable.
Aren't you smart to pick several in case one was a stinker.

Sparkle-I'm sure frog can do better but I'll add my little bit. While I was training for my little minimarathon I bought and loved my Camel back. That's like a backpack with a water bladder and a tube so you can drink sips and have handsfree. That was for outdoors. For gym I just started drinking h20 about an hour before and kept taking small drinks while running. Then downed 20 oz right after my workout. If I worked out more than 2 hours I did 2 20 oz bottles. When I did too much you'd see me pause the treadmill and trot to the potty. Hope that helps.

Thanks again for all of your support. DH is even putting down efforts to change. I know he'll come around though. I'm patient cuz dear guy has been through sooooo many programs before. At least this one doesn't cost as much. I don't think it would be as easy to be strong without all of you. I'm so grateful.
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One last though Sparkle. That Camelbak came in handy when I was out running one day and a bunch of young & cute Marines ran by. One drop dead gorgeous guy stopped and asked for a sip. Who was I not to oblige??? Lifted this old girls spirits for sure.
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Default I am smoking up this board today!

Don't mean to be a hog! I just keep finding myself here at the desk today.

Hubby is cooking herb encrusted chicken on the grill, I did the brown rice and salads. Can I just say that I amended the menu after seeing my results on Fitday?

SEF - I used to be an "activity therapist!" My first degree was in therapeutic recreation! I knew there was a very common bond with you! That must be it! We love to play! My work was mainly in behavioral medicine (psychiatry and chemical dependency). I also g ot quite involved in special populations with Georgia Special Olympics. Happy Memories

SPARKLE - Hey girl! Glad to see your post. BTW the pic was very glam! To answer your question: I only drink water for hydration, but know that I need to discover some alternate solutions. I may try VERY diluted orange juice for the carbs. When I ran WDW 2000 I lived on Gatorade and the like. A total these days. There is a condition known as "hyponatrimia" that I have read a lot about lately. I am certainly a candidate for it with my hot, humid running conditions and hydration needs this time of year. I have emailed you a few articles from Runner's World. I was not able to quickly find the article I was looking for, will keep searching in my paper version of the mag. One or both of the articles that I sent you will have info regarding other sources for hydration.

TIP 1. I tend to drink lots of water. I usually drink more than 1/2 gallon each day of the week (that's the 8 8oz minimum). I take a 1/2 gallon water jug with me to work every day and constantly have a water cup with me. I don't leave home without a water bottle.

TIP 2. When I am running I pack a sports bottle and I refuel when/where I can. During the last marathon training I made stops at the country club, where I bootleg water from the fountain at the tennis court (I am not a member), I use their bathroom and have purchased sports drinks from the machine. Since there is not a gate in and out, I don't feel like I am trespassing.

TIP 3. I have already begin to talk to friends with children, who live on/near my running routes, if they will be part of the "marathon training team" from DH and I. The task, I suppy the water bottles and training schedule, they can place the bottles near their driveway or mailbox at a certain time for us. They can even ride along for a stretch on their bikes. In return we will bring a gift from WDW and possibly make them a t-shirt that has something like "Marathon Training Team" on it. Not a bad deal.

TIP 4. Pack a buck or two into your shorts for a fluid stop at a convenient store.

TIP 5. This one is simple. Look at your urine!! The lighter in color the better. If you are consistently and properly hydrated, your urine will be very light yellow to clear in color.

I hope this helps you and anyone else needing to hydrate before/during/after exercise. See you all on the boards tomorrow.

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Hi everyone!

I just got my new e-mail address so I can get back on-line and catch up on the posts.

We have been having really strong thunderstorms here and it's very hot!!!

I'll get back on later.

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Frog, thanks so much for the advice. I knew I could count on you gals! I need to figure out how to handle this because with my running experience, I shouldn't be having a problem.

I fail to see the nutritional difference between orange juice and Gatorade, but I suppose I'm having more of a moral problem with it. I may use half Gatorade, half water ONLY during my runs.

Today, btw, I did a 22 1/4 mile bike ride with my FIRST significant hill! My friend and I rode all the way to Hanauma Bay and back. I didn't eat much last night and forgot to eat this morning, so by noon or so, when we started, I was fainting from hunger and couldn't keep up with her. (Which of course pissed me off.) So I stopped at a supermarket and tried to think what would be the best way to recover, and ended up with a bottle of Gatorade and a Balance bar. That worked pretty well although they both tasted too sweet.

Then at lunch I did have the slight impulse, "Well, I blew it, besides I'm getting so much exercise, why not treat myself?" BUT I overcame the feeling and had a strictly "legal" meal, chicken breast stuffed with wild rice and macadamia nuts, brown rice, and some sort of frozen looking vegetables. And a fruit salad (oh I forgot about the watermelon chunks.) I even left food on my plate!

I'm going to indulge myself in a little cattiness here, but there is a point at the end if you stick it out.

My friend, with whom I went biking, is following the "carbohydrates addicts" diet since May. For those unfamiliar with this new fad, you are supposed to eat ONLY certain proteins and veggies, with one "reward meal" per day, where you can eat whatever you want in one hour. She seems to be slowly losing weight on this diet so I guess it's working for her.

But, and this is very typical of her eating, we stop for lunch and she immediately heads for the snack shop to get a big bowl of shave ice (ice with syrup) and ice cream. Then we went to Zippys (where I ordered the meal above) and she ordered a fish plate with white rice, a large glass of orange juice, a salad with a sweet bread roll, a glass of diet soda, and a large piece of custard pie. So basically she had three sweet things in the one meal, plus two starches. I was of course inwardly *****ing the whole time, and stopped the conversation and stared with open shock when she drained the OJ in one swallow!

Like I said, if it's working for her, that's cool, and I do tend to be a bit fanatical about the sugar thing. But it just doesn't seem productive to cut out carbs for the rest of the day and squeeze as much junks as possible into the one meal.

So the belated point is, even though I sometimes have things with sugar in certain circumstances, like this morning, I do feel that I am constantly sticking to the principles of Sugar Busters in my eating, whereas to strictly follow a diet and then go nutzoid on the loopholes totally defeats the purpose.

I think I may have time to post later, but we are going to Costco now.


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Old 07-09-2001, 12:39 AM   #126  
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Hey everyone! My weekly post maybe biweekly?? Been trying to get in here and post all week, but something comes up sorry!! I haven't even been lurking and felt soooooo guilty. I wanted to reply to some people and now i forget who!!!!! The kids are total computer HOGS! The only good thing is they are on in the A.M and i can do my tape!
I think my last post was after the 4th. Anyway hubby survived the week counting points and cutting back the milk! He is totally switched over to whole wheat! yeah I went to Trader Joes and got some bread (he has been having pitas.) We went for a 2 mile walk together in the sprinkling rain we wanted to go longer but the 5 yr old was along you know how that goes! I just wanted to get him moving a bit on the week ends. Then we went to the SCALE!! i gave him the option of waiting another week or weighing he wanted to weigh. He was down 7.5 lbs the little bugger! I told him he would lose 10 but he said "see i didn't lose 10" I said close enough! he was smiling and admitted he was not to hungry and even with the holiday and church meal today he did fine. I hope he keeps it up. We did our shopping yesterday and he wanted carrots (i know) celery and radishes. He said he would eat those at night when he gets a snack attack! he will too! I will keep u informed. I can't beleive what a good mood he was in today! I is not just a woman thing! Know if his wife would get her butt in gear!! My TOM came another week early what is up with that (hubby was not to pleased either!) I am up a bit but have slipped alot too!!!!!!! I am going back to day one on Sugarbusters.
I have to share what my sis inlaw said. She started the Atkins and had to go off because she missed fresh fruits during the summer. Well she gained back the 11 lbs she lost-took her 7 weeks and gained it back in 3 hmmmmmm. I put the Sugarbuster bug in her ear!!!! Then she proceeded to tell me that her mother (hubbys mom too) asked her if i was taking drugs to lose weight-like what i said? she said Speed!!! PLEASE she is old and thinks i am to thin and hopes i don't lose more! she dosn't want me to get sick! I wish she would find a better topic to talk about!!!! I am getting very mad at her!!! what will she do when I AM 10 lbs thinner? Now i just want to do it to spite her!!!!! Anyway enough blabbing!!!

Sparkle- i don't think watermelon is blowing it!!!! WOOO hoo on the excersie and the gym!!!! Keep it up!!

Sef- I love ww pita pizza!!!!!! MMMMMM I find the pitas near the deli here. I wonder why some stuff is easy to find some places and harder others. I can't find a low yogurt here the lowest is 10g the one with aspertaime. hmmmm!!!!! keep up the great work!

VA- I have really enjoyed walking with my hubby these last two weeks. I can't wait till we get a longer walk in! Something about two people having the same goal of being healthy !! keep it up!!!!

Deb- HOW LOW CAN U GO?!!!!!!!! LOL congrats girl!!! Have fun with Amseraphim!!!

Frog- congrats on the bargins!!!! two sizes smaller woooo hooo!!!

Rosalie- Have fun at the cottage!!!! Don't give up keep at this! you can do it!!!!! Sometimes we stall. Maybe try what Deb did shake up the calories higher some day and lower others??? who knows what is up with the human body!!!!

Nance- YOU where the one i wanted to reply to!!!! So Sorry about you son! that sucks to put it bluntly. My son broke his wrist one summer Not as bad as your sons break, but it was a pain in the butt!!! he had to wear a diaper around his cast with a bag over it at the beach that year!!!!!!!! LOL he loved that NOT!!! Hope you don't lose your mind. Good luck!!!!!

Amseraphim- Enjoy your vacation!!!! don't worry about the numbers!!!! Hope you and Deb have an awsome visit!!

Melf-HIII!!!!!!! Glad your tooth or mouth feels better what ever it was!!!! My kids go to church camp every year-actually the one i went to as a child!! Last summer i went and worked in the kitchen! talk about a flash back huh??? It is sooooo good for the kids to get out in the fresh air with "semi- normal" kids! I can't wait for them to go this year!!! Glad u got in excersise when u where there. You can't always control what you have to eat but i am sure u did fine!!!

Gotta goooooooooooo keep it up everyone!!! Deb i ican't wait to join you in the 120's =well maybe close but this week I AM GOING TO ROCK!!!! i will be weighing on Sun. with hubby sooooo bear with me!!!!!!! bye !

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Thought I would check in before heading for bed and a good book. Finish the day thinking of all of you. Succeeded in getting my projects ready for stitiching and did a few other things that needed doing. So am ready to call it a day.

Bob - Thanks for letting me know salmon at Super Wal*Mart, I will look next time I'm there. And for the preparation tip.

Butterfly - Did you watch Poirot tonight on A&E? "Murder in Mespotamia". It was a made for TV movie, Hastings a little grayer, Poirot a little plumper. I enjoyed it! Yes we make our own joy! When my ds and family returned to states in 1995 they
were transferred to VA Beach. Seems I remember Mt. Trashmore, we drove around it. Yes, we had lots of bears around Milford. When I was in Labor for ds, one came into town and climbed a tree behind the Tom Quick Inn. While I was counting labor
pains we went down to see the excitement! I told you my home town was small!!! Doesn't take much to stir up excitement! Thanx for info on Lucinda. I can feel for your dh, I've been thru so many programs too. Sometimes I think why do I think this one will work?

Froggie - Knew there had to be a bond somehwere we hit it off so well. We also had psychiatry for the head truma. One psychiatrist was particularly helpful with a violent patient we had. The only place or person she would cooperate was in my room with me. So I often had to learn from other therapies so I could encourage her, between some of her attacks on me, to go to other therapies. I think I still bear her fingernail marks!!

Rhroo - Hooray for dh! And for you helping him! Did you sil enjoy being the bearer of mil's words. Were they her opinion too? Maybe a little green eyed there! You're sticking she didn't!

I know when I read that someone else can buy something I can't I am jealous. I have looked for sfww pitas in all the stores here w/o success, and then one day there they were, right in front of the store for all to see. I hope they keep them in stock!
It was 2 for price of one sale! $1.29. I am going to try my own tortillas as I can't find them here. But I prefer pitas.

Okay, maybe I'll go to BoxerJam and do the cross word puzzle before hitting the hay!

Take care all, sef

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It's a NEW WEEK and time for the NEW WEEKLY BOARD TO START!!!

Here's the link to the NEW BOARD!

See you all on there!!!
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