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Default HOWDY!!

Afternoon out to SUPER WALMART!!! Years ago, Albertsons carried a SALMON BURGER made by VITA which I absolutely loved.
Of course, they quit carrying them with no explanation.....I FOUND THEM TODAY.....I'm so excited....they are soooooo good...KAREN...this must be an omen I'm anxious to get my thyroid tested now that I'm not smoking...(I've been told that you don't get a true reading when you smoke....that it will always say the thyroid is fine) I just bought alot of salmon filets at Albertsons for $2.99 lb....what a deal....and they are in the I have my salmon burgers...

DEB We have that new store associated with TJ's too..haven't been yet, but received a coupon in the mail the other day.
I haven't made my coffee stuff yet, but will let you know.
Enjoy your day with Eli....take some pictures of Ann when she gets there...where is that picture of Eli all dressed up?

[b]SOL]/b\ I'm not trying to talk you out of using Xenical, but if you're following a low fat diet already, it doesn't do any good..BELIEVE <ME....I tried it...not one ORANGE PUDDLE IN THE POT!! !!
You will be able to tell a little change in consistancy, but that's pretty much it...BUT BY ALL MEANS....TRY IT It could have just been me...let me know...when are you starting them?

SEFI love old TV...wish they were all still on..

THUNDER AND LIGHTENING Better get off here...I'll check in later...

FROGGIE hope you're feeling better...ENJOY your race...

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Default I'm Back!

I went to church camp with my 3 grandsons this past week. I was the camp nurse. I use to do that for a long time, then when Thurman was laid off back in 1996, I couldn't take the time off to do it anymore. This was my first year back. I really enjoyed it. It's a missions camp for girls & boys. Two separate camps, but held at the same grounds. My youngest GS got sick Tuesday & we ended up sending him home cause he wouldn't quit vomiting. Had
high fever & ended up to be Streph troat. The other 2 stayed & were fine.

I went not feeling my best, had been having what seemed to be tooth ache,(as some of you know) but the strangest toothache I've ever had. Went to the dentist before I left & the x-rays showed that my teeth & gums are fine. Had trouble eating all week, sensitive to cold & heat, unable to bite into anything.
Went straight to the dr's office on my way home Fri & by then I'd been in pain for almost 2 weeks. He decided it is Trigeminal Neuralgia, inflammation of the facial nerve, which goes into the gums & jaw, causing the pain. No known cause, and not a good thing to have. Put me on a medication that is causing drowiness & upset stomach, so I didn't go to work today. However, the pain seems to finally be a little better. Just my
head is not on straight. :LOL: I can't seem to stay awake for very long & have a horrible headache.

Weight seems to be holding, even though the eating didn't seem to go very well. Seems like I may have gained one lb. A friend of mine & I did get out & walk at 6am each morning. It was good to have a walking partner. Ate what was served. Most were items, but I was feeling so bad that I did not get to prepare as I had hoped. Did the best I could under the situation.

Will try to catch up with the reading later. Got to go take another nap. See ya!
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Hi Girls...I'm back. I did a post yesterday, but it looks like it got lost in cyberspace. Thanks for all the concerns and prayers for my son. He is doing good, happy to be home. What a long 3 days it has been! His surgery went well, and he'll get a fiberglass cast next week.

Glad that you are back posting again! Thought you were MIA!

Did you get the braids done? Where are the before and after pictures????

Just think where you will be with your weight loss by THIS Christmas! The jello your GD made sounded good. My daughter made red and blue rice cripspy treats. I saw the Boston Pops live one year for the 4th, it was really a treat! Felt very patriotic. I guess the full moon theory pulled though since that is when my son's injury occured! Did you work in geriatrics and head trauma at the same time or at different periods? That must have been challenging. I'm a medical Assistant, but haven't had the desire to get a nursing degree. Loads of responsibility. I know that it's really the nurses who do most the work!!!

Loved your picture. You are so beautiful! That color of lavendar really looks pretty on you!

Who is in the movie "Cookies' Fortune?" I just rented "Brother where art thou" and we will watch it tonight. Sorry to hear about your frustrations with your weight loss. I would eliminate starchy carbs, and just stick to fruits/veggies/proteins, etc. If you do have some WW cereal or toast, do it with breakfast and just eat protein and veggies at lunch and dinner. Be sure you drink your 8 glasses of water. Make a check list for yourself and make sure you're getting everything in, otherwise yoiuo'd be surprised what you have or had not had. Are you keeping a journal? I wouldn't take the Xenical. It just causes you to have icky dookie. It's really only beneficial for people who eat high fat and want to "flush" it out, and that's not the type of WOE you're doing anyhow. No "PILL" is going to change things, unless it is of course, your thyroid. Sometimes eating right, exercising, and drinking all the required water is what it takes. Can you honestly say that every single day you do that? Most of us have room for improvement.
Except Debbie!

Is this "Spewer" person a neighbor??? If I were you, I would keep your husband locked indoors at all times! She sounds like she'd try raping him, or anyone else, if the opportunity presented itself. I wonder if her husband is aware of the things she says. What a loser! I wouldn't be afraid to say something to her to let her know you don't appreciate her unwelcomed comments. Sounds to me like she is DESPERATE for attention!

Hope that your surgery goes well? Are you having it orthoscopically done???? Are you nervous?

Blueberries sound YUMMY. I love any type of crisp, cobbler, Betty, pan-dowdy, any way you can sum it up! Sparkle posted a recipe for blueberry muffins I think in Junes recipe board.

Well, I need to help the son....Will check back in later!
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Default Happy Saturday evening

Hi guys. Saturday night & I have nothing to do but sit with family. Dripping from 30 min swim. Feel so good. Ok, today I cheated a bit. Let me have it Deb. Was going to just eat the inside part of the fajita because it looked like the sugar in the fajita mix was SB legal. But then I wound up popping 2 small tortillias down too. I was weak. You know the funny thing was that it tasted sweeter than I remember and not all that good. Won't happen again. I like to enjoy my food. Printed a lot of receipes from your receipe board and am going to try them out.

Bob-movie fest without Popcorn. You are one tough lady! Have fun.

Deb-Found nothing on a shopping trip? Must be all those clothes hung off you. So glad to see you back to 127. It was kind of sad to see the last 128.5 post.

Sol-Big hug. You are such an inspiration. Anyone who can keep going against such odds is my hero!!!!!! I agree that dh is a keeper. Tell me what you find for a reunion dress. I'm faced with that next month with my dh 20th. I'm at a loss. I tend to be too fancy for parties these days. So any suggestions girls? I'm praying hard that you find the success we have.

Frog-hope the camping goes well. Hold down the hanky panky in the tent. Or don't do anything I wouldn't. Thanks for the Yoga poses-I'll try them out.

Catlover-you are a woman on a mission. You'll be successful I know. Don't forget that variety.

sef-Slidell, La. I just keep thinking of Lucinda Williams. Know her? The country music singer who sounds a little like she swallowed gravel (in a good way though) A line from a song is "gonna go to Slidell to look for my joy". Any joy down there? Hope you get relief from the heat soon but not in the hurricane way. We're getting close to that time. I don't think you all need a whole lot of rain right?

AR-Smoothie? Glad you asked. Simple: blender, 1 c plain non or low fat yogurt, 1-2 cups ice, 1 cup fruit, 1-2 tsp nutrasweet if needed, and I like 2 tbsp wheat germ for extra protein. blend and drink. Happy sipping. I personally love blueberries and strawberries mixed.

melf-glad you finally know the answer to the tooth dilema. Hopefully your tum and head with feel better soon. You've been through so much.

Nancy-son in surgery? I only had to deal with that once and I hated it. I'm so glad it's in the past & now into recovery. How would you put that in the scrapbook?

Night all, have fun. Love, Bfly
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Hi everyone

Just a quickie to let you know that I haven't forgotten you all. I have had an extra busy week, what with working more, and going to the cottage, that I just didn't have time to post. I was also feeling a little ticked off as I have been taking in on average 1500 calories these last two weeks but the weight just doesn't want to move. Still haven't got back to pre-holiday weight.

I have Michel Montignac's book Recipes and Menus and have been looking at that again to get some ideas. I started off with all good intentions but something always seems to get in the way of keeping 100% op. To-day for instance I took my 8 year old gd (it was her birthday yesterday) out shopping. That was fine but after shopping I picked up her brother and took them both to McD's for lunch. It was too late to go home first to prepare myself something to eat before going to McD's so when I got there I was starving. There is absolutely nothing there that is anyway legal so I ended up having the fish sandwich and a diet coke. I would have removed the bread but it was stuck to the contents and would have been too gross to remove it. Anyway tonite I am back op - had a delicious pan fried trout with asparagus and green beans followed by fresh strawberries. I have a couple of recipes from Montignac's book that I will probably try tomorrow. One is a Spicy Lasagna (meatless) and the other which I may make for lunch is Stuffed Zucchinis - if I still feel ambitious tomorrow. I have some sewing to do which I hope to get on with to-nite. We have an old trailer which my dd uses once a year for camping. We have it parked on our cottage lot and we were up there a couple of days ago getting it cleaned and ready to use. The curtains in the trailer had been attacked by mice so I have to make new ones. I've got them half done so hopefully will get them finished this weekend.

Deb - Congrats for getting down to 127 this week. I will get back to you on your e-mail soon.

Solshine - Why do you have to be so hungry when you are having a FBS done? We only have patients fast from 12 mn when they are having the blood sugar done in the am. Are you told to fast longer than that? Sorry to hear of your frustrations. I know it can be very hard when you are doing everything right and the weight still doesn't move. I really feel for you.

Amser - Hope you have a very good vacation.

Catlover - Good luck with your exercise program. Glad to see you so motivated.

Melf - Welcome back. Sorry to hear you are still having problems with your mouth but at least you now know what is causing the pain. Hope it gets better soon. It was good that you had someone to go walking with while you were away. I am sure that one pound will be off in no time. Hope your grandson is better. Too bad that he missed the camp.

Sef - I too love to get out old photographs. When I was a kid we had a big box of old photos and we always enjoyed looking through them.

BOB - How were the movies last night?

Nancemeister - Glad to hear your son's surgery went well.

Fillise - Good luck with your surgery.

Frog - Enjoy your camp-out.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Four hours and counting................

I hope all of you have a great week coming up. I will miss reading the posts while I am gone Try not to do amy MARATHON posting, so I might be able to catch up when I return next Friday Wishing all of you good luck on WIW this coming week. I weighed this morning. Scale said 123. I wanted to put that in a post so I can refer back to it when I come home and weigh myself 1st thing I should be heading onto bed. Before I know it we will be caravaning down the highway. See you ladies soon...............

DEB - I will be calling!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope the majority will rule in my favor. I am sure we can at least meet. I have a picture that I am bringing to let you borrow. Maybe you can scan it, and then mail it back to me???!!!!!!!! See ya in the A.M.
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Exclamation Sunday Morning Thunder!!

I have just emerged from the tent to yummy coffee, the board, and now thunder. Gotta be fast as I can!

We watched the race last night, and fell asleep in the middle of it. We woke up with about 15 laps to go. I was not a Dale Earnhart fan, and I thought his death was so sad. I was thrilled to see his son win at the race track that took his life. It was such an emotional finish!

Then we headed out to the tent at 11:30 ish. I couldn't sleep so I read my book. Been trying to finish this thing for a while "I Know this Much is True" by Wally Lamb. Just about the time that I was beginning to drift off it started to lightly rain. So we jumped up and put the fly on. We were able to get it on really fast too. Great practice! Then it stopped, but later it poured. We were snug and dry and fell asleep to the sound of rain on the tent.

Went to Sear's yesterday, they hare having a great sale. Bought a pair of pants to replace a pair I bought there before Easter than are now too big. I bought 2 sizes smaller than the too big pair are. However, they are on the snug side, but with a few moer weeks of running they will be just fine! I also got a cute little red denim jacket for $8.00! I tell yall I love a bargain!

Went to friend's house yesterday for a little sun by her pool. It was such a beautiful day here.

DEB - I got your email and will respond a little later today, after the thunder. I will look at plane fairs again and will see what a mid-week one will cost. I think the book drive is great! When does it end? 127!!! you are the deal Lucille!! Do you just stand on the scale and grin from ear to ear? Like this: Could you answer a question regarding why Special K is legal?

CATLOVER - I will post the low GI cheesecake, the lemon blueberry one, and this zuchinni pie stuff.


RIB - have a great vacation!

BOB - Salmon YUMMMMM! I love the stuff! How are you preparing it?

MELF - Summer camp sounds like fun! Sorry to hear about your TRI-G problem. Hope you're feeling better soon!

NANCE - Thank heavens Spewer does not live across the street, just around the corner. Her BF lives across the street and they are nothing alike!

Gotta GO!!!!

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Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I got up and was out of the house around 7:15am for my walk, did 15 jogs, no great times.

Happy to report a NEW LOW!!!! The scale was smiling on me with 126 this morning!!! I know I will be waking up from this wonderful dream soon, so I'm going to take it and smile while I can. TOM is due in 3 or so days and I know the scale goes up during that time.

Just hung up the phone with AMSER!! She should be down in my area in about 1 1/2 hours and we're going to meet. Have to run to the store and get some film!!!

BOB, glad you found those salmon burgers, I've bought them in the past as well. Home Goods is pretty nice, was surprised at the selection and the great prices. Found an end table there from LANE for $150 dollars which I thought was a pretty fare price. Lots of stuff on sale too, cheap! Eli's camera was caput, so he could only take a instant Polaroid picture, will try to find someone with a scanner to copy it-it's not the greatest. Come for a visit and he'll be happy to model the red pants for you!!!

MELF, glad to have you back-being at camp must have been fun. My kids go/went to the same camp I went to, the same owners and the same cook is still there - I tell them that he's using the same grease too!!! Sorry to hear about your mouth. What do they say the future will hold for you in regards to it? Hope it won't cause you more uncomfort and that they can give you something that will make you be able to live comfortably with it. Are they SURE this is what you have??

NANCE, oh, there is LOTS of room for improvement with me-LOTS!!!!

FLY, hey, this is a learning experience and I think the fajitas made you realize that eating them just wasn't as good as you'd thought they'd be, so next time, they probably won't be an issue Could of been worse, you could of confessed to cake!!

ROSALIE, glad to see your post on the board. Hopefully, the scales will move soon and you'll get out of your funk. I know it can get discouraging, but don't let that happen, you'll do it, I know you CAN! Glad to see you saying you are back OP McD's-how about their salads? I have not a clue what else is good on their menus, I don't take the kids to FF places, so I'm not up to what they have.

FROG, congrats on another great bargin-you make me proud in so many ways!!! Eli's book drive hasn't even started, but it usually ends sometime in Oct so the books can be distributed before the holidays roll around. Not sure about the Special K question, since I don't eat it-what are the ingredients? I can look next time I hit the grocery store. Yes, I stand on the scale, hop off, get back on and hop off, get on again to make sure, get off and , thank God, get back on, call Eli for confirmation, get off-finally, do something else before I repeat the entire process!! Def. look into the fares!!!!

Okay gals, I MUST run for my meeting-I'll fill you in later today or tomorrow!!!

Remember, the new board starts tomorrow!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

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Thunderstorm over! Now just a nice rain!

Gotta tell y'all that I registered at and boy was I in for a shocker! I ate way too much fat and carbs and not enough protien yesterday! I have loaned my book to a friend, so I need someone to answer a QUESTION for me. What percentages should we be eating of protien, carbs, fat, etc?

DEB Have a great meeting with AMSER. Congrats on being the "low life" that you are! DEB! DEB! DEB! I priced the airfare at Orbitz. I thought the prices were competative, but still more than I can swing. Will keep checking. I really want to come to LV, but I think I will have to stay in the PARTAY room vs. "Dookie Howser's Poot Palace!" Who started that FARTAY room stuff? Was that BOB? I don't remember where I saw that Special-K was legal, I think it was at the SB site's board. I may post the question over there and see what type of response I get. I'll let you know what I find out.


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Good Morning Girls!

Guess everyone is still sleeping, not too many post this a.m.
I've been busy cleaning house and starting to get cabin fever taking care of my patient! He's doing better each day, thank goodness!

I plan on doing my scrap page titled "4th of July 2001" and will put the pictures from the hospital in it. Am I a sick Mom or what. Gotta have memories of all the fun things you go through raising kids!

Sleeping out in the tent during rain sounded WONDERFUL!!! I love rain. I always tell Dan the Man that when we get ready to retire, I want to move to Oregon or Washington, so I can have the EXTREME opposite of what we have here....Sunshine 365 days a year, excuse me, 364...we did have some thunder yesterday and it rained for about a minute!

Watched "Brother, where art thou" last night and thought of you.
I also rented an oldie "Turner and Hooch" with Tom Hanks for me and the son to watch since it couch potato time for him! Have you seen Billie Elliot? I wanted to watch that, but they were all rented! Do you have a Trader Joes by you???? I know Debs doesn't. They have a great salmon burger there.

Hope you have a fun time meeting Ann! You best get some pictures and get them posted A.S.A.P.! Are you going out of lunch or coffee at Starbucks

Well, time to cook the son some grub! Will check in later!
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Thumbs down Good Sunday!

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd drop a line. Couple of things to vent? about. First, my dear friend has told me I'm going to drink a Corona with her on Monday. This really upset me that she would even put that out there because she was the same person who encouraged me to try this SB plan! She gave up on it earlier this week because she didn't like the restrictiveness. I told here it was plenty of options but she's not into label reading. I guess you'll have to be ready. Anyway I told her jokingly that good friends don't do that and that I would not be having one with her. I know I couldn't stop at one once I started. So I will post the postive results tommorrow because I know I will not give in. It just saddened me that she would push that.

My dh went for a run with me yesterday. I was so happy bec he has resisted all efforts to exercise and now he's done it two days in a row. He got up at 8 a.m. and went but I can't run that early in the a.m. I'm really proud of him. I made whole wheat pancakes this a.m. and had one small one (4"). I have to admit that was an acquired taste. Nobody liked them. I had 1 tsp of all fruit on top so plenty sweet enough. I froze the rest. No one went back for seconds.

Frog-Nothing better than rain on the tent when you're warm & toasty inside. Hope you enjoyed and weren't flooded.

Rosalie-I envy your ability to whip out some curtains. I admire my mom's ability to do that too. I get too nervous. I bet they are lovely. The panfriend trout sounds good. If you get a chance put in that receipe for meatless spicy lasagna. Sounds perfect for me & vegitarian son.

Deb-126!!!!! I'm so happy for you. I love seeing the jogs in your walking posts. You go girl!

Well, dh just fussed because I was MIA so back to family. If you have any ideas regarding dear friend & Coronas let me know.

Oh, almost forgot the other thing. That fitday is great but I'm wondering if their fat calculations might be a bit high?

Love, fly
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Default Me again

FLY - Do ya suppose that your friend is a little unhappy with herself for not hanging in there and perhaps she is a little jealous and is attempting to sabotagge your efforts? I remember in Oprah's book years ago they addressed that topic. And how the most well-meaning people will undermine your attempts to be successful! Go and let her drink that Corona and indulge in a club soda or simple red wine. You sound like you can handle this! Stay strong, you have a great attitiude! It's great that your DH exercised with you too!

NANCE - glad to hear that your son is ok. Crummy way to spend part of his summer.

just finished yoga with DH. Time to do some housework. Later!

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Good afternoon all! Wanted to check Board before I start a new project. Finished a towel last night, want to get colors out for two more as yet to be determined designs. Then I want to get material and colors ready to make LA map.

Last night I watched Midsommer Murders on A&E, another English mystery series, I'm a sucker for them

I literally stumbled on some sfww pitas. I never seen them in stores around here before and as I walked into WD, there was a display of them. Buy one get on free. They are very good. Yesterday I used one to make a pizza, really enjoyed it.

Deb - What a great thing with the books for kids. Reading is a gift that can transport you to anywhere in time or space. Elmo Lincoln is a little before my time, but I know who he was. I have a bunch of trivia in my head that doesn't mean a thing, yet I can bring it up anytime. Ask me to go to the store w/o a list and I'll forget what I went for!!

Bob - We have Albertson's here I'll have to look for salmon burgers as I really like salmon.

Melf - Welcome back! Glad Dr. found problem, now problem is to treat it! Be careful how you chew and touch your face. Yeah, I know you're a nurse. Sorry about that!

Nance - Glad son is doing okay. Thank goodness for fiberglass, they are so much more comfortable that the old plaster casts. I know our clients always were glad when they could have one.

You're right the nurses and aides do all the work. I was a Recreation Therapy Director. I worked for 20 yrs w/ geriatrics and then the facility was bought by a group that specialized in head trauma patients and I worked with them the next 10 yrs. It was very rewarding career. People used to ask me if it was depressing and I have to say no. Age is a progression of life and its outcome. It was harder w/ the head traumas as they are
usually younger patients, most are between 18-35 and male statistically. I would look at some young patient and think that could be my son or daughter. It was a very good facility and the experience was marvelous, I learned so much. It was total rehab and one therapy was carried over into the next. Recreation encompasses them all, it's not just fun and games. You work w/ speech, coordination of physical and mental senses, vision, etc. I really miss not being able to do it anymore! We even learned some of the nursing tasks as they applied to a patient. If something untoward occured you had to cope until nursing came. But by no means did we assume we could nurse, we just did minimal stop gap hold on to the calvary arrives!
OOPS! Off my soap box!

Butterfly - I like country music but cannot think who Lucinda Williams is. Ot the line to that song. JOY! Are you kidding?!? Ever hear of Mardi Gras, a funeral, Christmas, St. Paddy's Day, etc. They all call for a parade!! Seriously, joy comes from within
ourselves, sometimes hard to find but it lurks in the human breast just waiting for a chance to emerge! There are many things to do here. Free music in the park, reprotoire companies, art shows, etc. Yet I still miss my Pocono Mountains! Not even
a hill here! The closest thing here is a high spot on the interstate over the lake, for boats to be able to go under. They call it the high rise!

Rosalie - Curtains sound familiar. DIL found material that goes perfectly with the new paint job and slip covers she's ordering. So she is going to make curtains too! I used to sew a lot,made clothes, curtains, slip covers, doll clothes and patio furniture
covers. Because of my back problems my dh even cut four blocks that could be put uner the legs of the dining room table so I wouldn't have to lean over. Pretty neat.

I wish my family had labeled all the pics! On my side of the family there is no one older to help identify. Photos from my dh's family my ds is working on and there are a lot of old timers left to help out. That family lives well into their nineties! I'd like to get as many as possible identified for my gd.

Froggie - My ds is a big race fan. My dh and I were too. I grew up in it sort of, when there was only a dirt track. My father had a welding business and every week we would go to the races w/ our truck. The drivers paid us a dollar as they came in and
for insurance. Any damage done during the races we took care of! When they built Wall Stadium we went there and also to Englishtown, both were small tracks but a lot of drivers cut their teeth there. I used to sit on top of the truck to watch the races. My dh was a fan and we always watched on TV; after he died I sort of lost interest. We used to live about an hour from Pocono track. DH was an Earnhart fan but not ds.

Okay that's it for now. Take care.

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Thumbs down A quick question for FROGGIE

Sorry I don't have time to catch up right now.

Deb, congrats on that magical number!

Frog, you are training for a marathon again right? How do you handle hydration? Do you have anything to drink before/during/after your long runs besides water?

I have been to the gym 12 days in a row now (and counting yeah!) doing 2 to 3 miles at a time, which I don't think is excessive for me. The past two days I have been very dehydrated, the first time I know I didn't drink enough water and went over my target heart rate, and had bad stomach cramps. Then yesterday I went fast, but only did two miles in addition to my weights, and tried to choke down more water. But I still got a bad headache and had to lay down for a couple hours.

I also drank some leftover generic "gatorade" that had been sitting in the fridge for weeks, lol. And that seemed to help. So I am considering drinking some gatorade or such like substance before and/or after a run because I can't seem to get enough water down to properly hydrate me.

I'm also adding some protein powder for after my weight lifting sessions, but that doesn't seem to be problematic from a Sugar Busters standpoint.

So if you or any other runners have some input I will be happy to hear it!

Thank you,


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1. The Pledge....very suspensful...but you can't miss a bit of it...

2. STATe and Main.....STUPID.....turned it off



SEF...Albertson's doesn't carry the Salmon burgers anymore..but SUPER WALMART is where I got them...FROG These salmon burgers are done in a nonstick pan...I spray them with olive oil and garlic then do them slow...dollop a little dijon mustard on top and eat....

NANCE Did you like O BROTHER? I just loved the music, and plan to get the soundtrack...and the movie was typical old early 1900's Mississippi How's the wee one
doing today? I love Turner and Hooch...

DEB How was the meeting with Ann?
Did you take any pictures?

Ladies...I'll check in later...I'm going to EAT MY SALMON....

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