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Old 07-05-2001, 09:52 PM   #76  
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Hi all. This will be short and sweet. Had a long day today. Played golf at 7:00 am this morning and played 18 holes. The heat and humidity just wipes me out. I also need some help. I need some motivation in a major way.
I just dont have it to do the TM or weights anymore. Maybe Im getting to comfortable in this 175 lb. body. I would like to be in the 140 range for my 10th wedding anniv in November, and wear my honeymon negligee (hehehe)!! you thing that would be enough of a motivation but its not. so maybe I need to have a major butt-kicking. what do yall think????

Hope everyone had a good and safe 4th.

Deb - when you are through at your house I have a craft room/cat litter box room/junk room thats needs cleaning. I just hate to go in there. The clutter just drives me nuts. It used to be a sewing room also but just got to cluttered now I sew on the kitchen table.

BOB and Sef - I turned 47 in March and can remember Gabby Hayes, etc.

Seraphim - have a good vacation. Where are you going? We were supposed to visit relatives in Iowa and Minnestoa then go up to Canada then come back down through the Great Lakes, but maybe next year. Have a good and safe one.

Frog - that Spewer chick sounds like one crass woman. Sounds like she needs to be kicked out of your social gatherings.

Adams - sorry to hear about the sunburn, since Ive been playing alot of golf lately I have been exposed to the sun, so now I use Banana Boat Sport SPF30 and it seems to help keep me from burning.

Sparkle - have been to your boards. Ive registered and am just lurking right now until I feel I can contribute something.

Well gotta run, have to shower and get ready for bed. Looks like its going to be an early one as I am very tired.
Does anyone have any good abdomen exercises, other than crunches. I need to start working on that spot. Any help will be appreciated.

Everyone else have a good evening and see yall in the morning or afternoon.

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Default TGI . . . . THURSDAY

Hello to everyone!!! Hope you all are having simply splendid days. Let me tell you that I did absolutely nothing yesterday. DH was in bed so long, I feared I'd have to flip him for fear of bed soars. I got up early and did some laundry. Then got in that old recliner and started watching wimbledon. Then made a huge mistake of turning on the Godfather marathon. Was that great or what???? About 9 hours later, I peeled my arse out of the recliner and went promptly to bed. Sorry I didn't post yesterday . . . just couldn't seem to find the time. HA!

Well, tomorrow morning we leave for Missouri for hubby's family reunion. I think we are mostly packed. Just finished that. And have a ton of fruit and OP foods to take. I think we're taking more coolers than suitcases!!!! Trying to keep that intake of fruit relatively high. I LOVE this time of year. Anyways, we're taking dh's laptop, but don't know if I'll have a chance to get on line. I'm going to try. I hate missing stuff and I hate even more getting behind. Anyways, we're looking forward to it. I haven't been out there for two years, so it's definitely time. I think there will be over 25 of us if everyone shows up, so let's hope.

So, girls, be good, be strong, and be losers!!!!! I'm hoping to lose a pound this weekend. There's a workout room at our hotel, so that's a very good thing. Take care.
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Default PART 2 of earlier POST...

Now where was I.... oh yes, trying to do some responding to everyone's posts

Frog - Good work with the running. I am doing good to get myself to walk on the TM. I think I have missed part of the Spewer story, so I am not up on the latest developments, but I still hate to hear you are in a funk. Try not to let someone like her get to you. And oh.. I am right there with ya sister on doing a WWF move. Do you need backup?????

Bob - I think you made a good choice sharing the angel with a butt problem. It will work GREAT for the Dookie stories Yes, I am Florida Keys bound come EARLY Sunday morning!!!!!! We are aiming for a 2am departure We will be the Motorhome pulling a red jeep with a 17ft boat behind the jeep!!!!!!!! Listen for our honk. Maybe around 9-10am Sunday morning. I have a step sis that lives in WPB. I am gonna TRY, TRY, TRY my darnedest to meet up w/ the INFAMOUS SUPER CHICK if the ol' hubster will allow it

Sef - I'll remember your words of wisdom on vacation if I find myself getting too cocky

Catlover - Question. Do you watch TV while on the TM.. I find it really helps me. I LOVE watching Regis and Kelly Rippa, so I get my ol' butt-draggin self out the bed before 9 ( most of the time ) and get ready to do the TM rumble with Regis and Kelly!!!!!!

Deb - IT'S OK TO TAKE A BREAK ON OCCASION!!!!!!! Besides just getting up the gumption to tackle that 4th bedroom is bound to burn calories for you. Once you got in there I am SURE you worked up a sweat. Am I right, huh?? I tend to put off and put off projects like that too. Then I get ALL worked up and anxious over the unorganized state that continues to get MORE unorganized, etc.....etc........etc........ Such a vicous cycle. I am going to call you. I PROMISE!!!!!!!
One more thing. {{{{{Hugs}}}}} to you for the sweet compliment about liking and laughing at my posts That really brightened my day. You are a sweetheart.

Sparkle - ^5 on the 150 WIW!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work

Congrats to all of you that were LOSERS this week!!!!!!!! I know it's a day latecongrats, but it's the thought that counts...RIGHT???
Well I am gonna wrap this post up. I still have a list of things to do to get all the vacation necessities ready to GOOOOOOOO... Thanks to ALL of you that sent your well wishes for our trip. Please keep us in your prayers. I will be snorkeling ( an art I am NOT the greatest at!! ) We plan to take a day trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park on one of those FASTCATS... I PRAY I will not get seasick Ok, OKKKk...... I will STOP worrying so much. I will be back before the 2am SUnday departure!!!!!!!

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Default Good evening

Hello to all

Been here lurking again and not posting much. This week has been a good one. I have managed to walk three days in a row despite the heat. Maybe I shouldn't try to walk at 11 in the morning again. Yesterday I had to come home and take a nap, I was so worn out. But I did sweat!!!

I did a WIW today- I weigh at work and I was yesterday, down two pounds today. BOy only three more debore I can tell what time it is. The watch is still on the counter in the kitchen just staring at me when ever I go the the refridge. Maybe this motivation thing is working. I have also done well in stopping eating after supper.

Deb... on your way to catlover's house could you stop and do my spare room for me??

BOB- I missed the post everyone is talking about -have to go back and find it. That is my area of experitse. I am an endoscopy the Dr. do Colonscopies, lokking in the colon, so you know how we get there. I can speak to true authority--no one has a perfect butt---everyone has a crack in it!!!!!

For what it is worth----I turned 44 in Feb and I don't know who Gabby Hayes is?????

Went out clothes-trying-on a couple of times over the past couple of days. Not to long ago I could only shop in BIg women's stores at the expensive prices--well now the biggerst size at Walmart is getting too big. Boy what a great feeling.

To all those losers this week...GREAT GOING....

Well I need to get to bed, I am going to work early in the am,
5ish, to do some maintaince on the computer system, but then I will be able to come home early.

Have a great day.
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Kim, glad to see you breaking into the 160s. What a feeling!

Fly, glad to hear you have visited our beautiful island home. All the drive in theatres are closed down now, and we have like, one whole theatre per capita now that they have built a ton of new ones in the past 2 years. My ancestors are from Okinawa but I have never been there.

catlover, you might try a bit of splenda or agave nectar in your bran muffins, if you want them to be sweet and can handle that. I tend to eat the whole batch! Your mini goal sounds reasonable and realistic. Good luck! Iím glad you liked the board. Jump in whenever you feel you want to. One thing we do differently from here is have a bunch of different threads on different topics, as well as the ďchatĒ thread, so something may strike your interest that you will want to respond to, without necessarily keeping up with the chat.

Oh we had our first ďtrollĒ today! We have few trolls in Weight Workshop but some nasty people on the main forums. Well, before, we were too small to get any attention so itís funny that somebody is bothering to take the time! This guy from the UK starts posting about how overweight people are unattractive, then he started getting really abusive and crazy. It was hilarious. So this is where my ďgodlikeĒ powers come in handy...I just told him that if he ever posted again I would edit all his posts...a step I never thought I would have to resort to!

Deb, the name of the boat is roughly kah-ee-NAH-poo and I donít know what it means but I will try to find out for you. Sheís certainly a beauty!

Anna, always nice to hear from you. Have fun at the beach!

Kymn, would love to meet you if you stop by here in Hawaii. 8 pounds in one week is a great start, just donít be disappointed when you donít get the same results week after week!

Sef, Pictures of sunsets hmmm, only one, this is Martin sitting on the beach at Waimea:

I will have to take some rainbow pictures for you too!

Rhonda, both my parents have extremely low self esteem, in different ways (my mother is very caring and self-sacrificing, puts EVERYBODY else first; my father acts uncaring and defensive to hide his feelings). Sometimes I wonder, how can I ever feel good about myself, or do nice things for myself (selfish things) when I grew up not knowing any better? Why do I deserve to be happy when my parents are so miserable? Etc. Etc. Well, itís a really difficult situation. I act very obnoxious sometimes but I still have deep insecurities. I deal with it mainly by limiting (but not cutting off) time spent with my parents, and trying to change my inner program by replacing the old, negative thoughts with positive ones. And yes, I do feel Iíve made a lot of progress but the habits/thinking/beliefs of a lifetime dontí change overnight.

Anyway, all I wanted to say to you was that I think you are AWESOME. Itís okay to do something for yourself, you deserve it!

SolShine, HEY! Your doctorís advice sounds reasonable. So you are going to be a gym nut too huh? I feel so much better since I started (and I do mean JUST started) making my workouts a DAILY habit again.

Froggie, whatever happened to those ďfriendsĒ who might hang around this forum? About the weight loss, yeah I can understand, because whenever I apply myself I CAN lose weight, and EXPECT to lose weight, but the main reason for that is because I lose, then gain, then lose, etc. etc. ad nauseum. The first pounds are always relatively easy. Iíve never lost weight in a straight line before (I mean, without gaining back significant amounts) UNTIL NOW of course, so I know Iím going to hit some frustrating spots like Deb did....but she kept on going and look at the results!!!!

So when you get discouraged, then pull out those old ďbeforeĒ pictures and take a look at how far youíve already come, and how beautiful you are JUST AS YOU ARE!

Laurie, great going on the weight loss, that goal is so close!!!

Well, Iíve GOT to hit the gym while Iím still mentally ďpumped.Ē I have been talking to my ďfriendĒ in DC who Iím going to be visiting in a few short weeks. He used to never work out when he was in Hawaii, and would drink a six pack of beer EVERY DAY. I have never nagged him about working out but suddenly (since I started getting in shape) he has built himself a home gym with a Bowflex machine, a wall of mirrors, and all kinds of other stuff, and has been working out (cardio and weights) every day! ***SHOCK***. Iím rather bowled over by that and other changes that he (both of us actually) have made. So we were just talking about working out on AIM earlier and I think Iím feeling motivated enough to do some weights, which I havenít done in literally ages. Iíve also got to get back on track with my abs, I was doing them every day and really noticed improvement, but have been slacking lately.

Okay, going for real now!




Another ďself-portraitĒ

I have been having fun with the digital camera!

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Default Happy Friday

I am still sleepy (7:00 am here) but the coffee is kicking in. DH is working from home today and getting some things done around the house.

I am officially out of my funk!

I went to the pool yesterday and got a little sun. Needed that vitamin A! I "broke bad" and wore my tankini. I have it for about a month but didn't think I was ready to wear it. Yesterday was the day. It was passable but gotta keep with the fat burning exercises and the toning. My poor white belly hasn't seen the sun in years! I found it at Tj's for $15.00 on the clearance rack. I a bargain. I went back yesterday and got a few more 2-piece swim suits for $10.00 and another for $15.00. I am supposed to go back to the beach for a weekend in September and want to be able to wear them. But they may have to wait for next spring.

We are planning to camp out today and it is supoosed to be quite hot this afternoon. I may go set up the tent this morning.

Today will be an exercise ball workout day - need to work those abs something fierce! DH wants to do Yoga tonight and that will be ok too. I believe the Yoga "quiet mind" philosophy, posturing, and breathing techniques have already helped my running. There were some people on Oprah last Friday, when they did a segment on Yoga, who were also runners and they reported that it really made a difference in their running.

I plan to make Deb's PB muffins this morning. They look yummy! Hope I have all the ingredients.

SPARKLE - You are sharp! I wondered if anyone would catch that my "local" SB friends may be reading this. Well one of them is on the process of moving this week. The other has shared a few Spewer tidbits of her own with me so I know how she feels (which is the same as me, but not as intense). That friend is at the beach this week. And to be perfectly honest I am not sure that I care anymore if they read what I post about her. Afterall, it's the truth. I am finished trying to guard the feelings of a woman who obviously has no respect for mine.

LAMAP - Glad that you are lurking but like it more when you post! I'm glad that you are having fun trying on clothes. I see your numbers and you have done extremely well! Keep it up girlfriend!

AMSER - Are we gonna be the "Georgia Tag Team?" I really am not a wrestling "rasslin'" fan, but I think I could pull of a few moves.

QUILTER - Have a great time on your vacation! Sounds like you've done a great job of preparing yourself for staying OP! Excellent!

CATLOVER - Golf is a great game and if you are walking those 18 holes, not a bad exercise. However, even if you are walking it, you are not getting any serious aerobic benefits. To burn fat you need to increase your heart rate for a minimum of 20 minutes (Someone correct me on this if I am wrong). I completely understand the difficulty you are having with the motivation, I was there about a month ago. I wasn't exercising either. But I did some things to get me in the mindset and away I went. I purchased a few new little workout outfits that I would enjoy running in, invested in some different forms of exercise (the Yoga and exercise ball stuff), and MADE myself do it. Maybe these tips will help. Good luck.

SEF - Hope that you are feeling better. What is NH?

DEB I have a question regarding the dry roasted peanuts. The ones I have seen in the store have cornstarch in them. Are you able to find them without cornstarch?

I found this in my August 2001 Runner's World Magazine this morning and thought it applied to a question I have had recently regarding weight gain and exercise.
QUESTION:"I recently lost 20 pounds, but have gained back 4 of them. It seems the only way I can keep off those last 4 pounds is by starving myself or running until I collapse. What can I do?

ANSWER"Three factors could be hampering your weight loss efforts. Most likely, if you have been overweight much of your life, your 20-pound loss lowered your metabolism. Even if you did everything right - losing no more than 2 pounds a week, not crash dieting, not overtraining - your metabolism could have slowed somehwhat due to your significant weight loss. So you may be burning fewer calories than you did before.

Second, it's possible that your thyroid is slightly underactive. This could slow your metabolism just enough to make more weight loss difficult, yet wouldn't show up on a normal blood test.

Lastly, your current weight may be your optimal weight. In other words, this may be the weight you can most easily maintain. The lowest weight you reached earlier may be simply below your set point.

I see this type of struggle often in women who have lost a lot of weight and are learning to accept their optimal plateau weight rather than striving to maintain their lowest weight ever. Keep going with your current weight program and add some resistance training to build metabolism boosting muscle. Also, you might even take in a few more calories, especially from high-fiber fruits and vegetables. This may trick your metabolism out of its stupor. After a time, you may feel better at your current weight, and may even drop a few more pounds. Liz Applegate, Nutritionist, Ph.D., author of Eat Smart, Play Hard.

Well, time to get busy around here. I'll check back in later.


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BOB- I loved the angel butt!!

SPARKLE- Picture was beautiful. You are definitely spoiled living in Hawaii adn looking at the ocean whenever you want. I've never seen the ocean. The closet I've come is our Lake Michigan, Lake Superior around Michigan, but isn't the same. We definitely don't have the creatures you have in our waters and definitely nothing deadly. There's absolutely nothing dangerous in Michigan not even little creatures. Wish I could get to the gym after work, where I work we have a fitness center, but getting there after to work with having the kids isn't an easy task. Always have too much on my plate and I would really love to go to the gym. Went before I had kids and now I guess I won't be able to until their older.

FROG- would watch out for that spewer girl, sounds like she wants to have a little fun with your dh. Give her the wwf move for all of us too. She sounds like she's jealous of you and wants to show you up by using the friends against you. You might have to take care of her.

DEB- Haven't had ambition to workout this week still. TOM is over now and getting the energy back, but just not the same. Started taking my vitamins again to help. Pants are still loser, but still not in my 9's yet, but in my 10's kahki's. Need to lose the waist size abit. My thighs are shrinking and I think that's from the squats and lunges I'm still doing.

Well the deck is DONE!!!!!!!!!! Cristina loves it because she can walk all over the place. She is getting quite the personality and is learning soo much right now. Dad keeps getting amazed with everything that she's doing. She's an outdoors girl all the way tooo and following dad everywhere.

This weekend going out on the boat on Lake Michigan. One of our friends has a big speed boat and were going to watch the Summer Celebrations fireworks Sunday night. Saturday there is also and air show were going to see on the boat. So this will be a hard weekend to stick togood foods. Will have to bring a cooler with good stuff.

Well gotta get back to work!!!!!
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Good Friday Morning Everyone!

Woke up today not wanting to walk today again, but couldn't find one single good excuse not to, so out I went, and of course, as usual, was happy to be out there. Did the usual 4.5 miles with 17 jogs in 54:10, no great time, but not my worse either-just so hot out there that I can't see me doing it much faster in this heat.

Well, I made a huge dent in the 4th bedroom, a noticeable difference, but still lots to do. I just have no room for lots of the stuff in there, so it's piled nicely in one corner. At least the futon is accessible now and can be used by guests or as a couch in here. Have to tackle the desk and the papers on it next, but I'll save that for another day!

Had a HUGE scare yesterday-power surge, and Michael was on the computer at the time, and lost whatever he was working on. Went to get on the computer to show my Mom a site and couldn't bring anything up. Shut the computer down twice and still nothing. The desktop was there, but I couldn't open anything. Slowly, as I kept clicking, things started to be able to be clicked on, then opened, and about 15 minutes later, all back to normal - I thought I had lost EVERYTHING! You have no idea how worried I was - hopefully, one day soon, I'll get some disks and learn how to do backups on this computer!!!

Got a new book, actually, it's an old book, but new for me-lots of great SB LEGAL recipes in it-can't wait to share some of them-will be glued to skimming through it today

Scale is up a bit, actually 1.5lbs, but still below my goal weight, trying not to let that bother me-NOT!

Just saw NANCE on the computer and we I/M'ed each other. She hasn't been on the board because her son had a major arm break at a skatepark on the 4th. She said He had two breaks, one on his humerous, and the other at the end of his humerous, by his elbow which caused this gap, that's were the nuts and bolts are . She's hoping he will get out of the hospital today. She wanted you all to know she's been thinking about you and wanted you to know that she's not MIA because she wants to be. I'm sure I speak for us all to say our prayers are with them!!!

Hey guys, it's sure lonely over on the EXERCISE BOARD I seem to be the only one who's posting on that board-is anyone exercising, but me? I highly doubt it.

AMSER, are you packing SB LEGAL foods in the RV?? How are you planning on handling the next week down here in SOFLA? Just remember your IBS!!! That's should keep you in line, somewhat I'd think. I know there's no keeping you from eating some goodies, though being a Floridian, I personally don't think there's any goodies I'd consider cheating with. There is a place down in Islamorada called WHALE HARBOR and they have a seafood buffet - not cheap at all, but very popular, just to let you know. Are you stopping in WPB before heading on down? Yes, you are correct, I did work up a stinky sweat from working in the 4th bedroom-so it was a little exercise, esp. when I was pushing the Rainbow (vaccum).

BOB, lets just say that the angel has a sore rear end from me kicking some sense into it! Ah, yes, I have seen Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in some old things-now, when have you known me to lie to you BOB?

SEF, your comment about the briefers made me laugh. As my girdles get raggedy or worn out, I use them just for walking. I have 2 black ones that should of been retired years ago, they are hysterical and if there was an ugly girdle contest, I'd win, hands down! It made me laugh because my Mother always told me to wear clean underware, just in case I was in an accident-it made me think, if I was out walking and got in an accident and they had to cut my restricting clothes off, I'd die for sure-the ambulance people wouldn't be able to stop laughing if they got a gander at one of those girdles!!! There are fist size holes in them, the elastic is showing all looped out-it's a sight NOT to be seen!

FROG, I'd sure like to be a fly on the wall when the day you confrot Spewer on something!!!! Maybe her hubby should be clued in on what she says to yours? That should put her in her place, you'd think! Congrats on being able to wear tankinis-and finding them at such a great bargin!!! I buy the Planters DRY ROASTED UNSALTED peanuts, or a store brand that's comparable. It's only PEANUTS in there, nothing else.

CATLOVER, I'm able to do some major butt kicking, but ultimately, it's in your hands to get focused. Just because you aren't wanting to do the TM or weights, at least you are getting in a little exercise while golfing, it's better than nothing. Just remember, each day that goes by that you are lax is one day closer to your anniversary and another day that you haven't worked towards that goal that's gone. You just want it bad enough to do it. Sorry, no can do on helping with your room-this is going to take me about a year to accomplish getting this room done-remember, I procrastinate!!!!

QUILTER, you sure do know the meaning of a "lesiurely day!" I'm sure you deserved the break from having to do anything! Have a wonderful and safe trip! We'll miss you-but hope you will be able to find a minute to get on line to let us know how things are going!!!{{{HUGS}}}

LAMAP, good for you on the walking, I know how hot it is out there, so I give you lots of praise for getting out and doing it! CONGRATS on being down another 2lbs - 3lbs to go for the watch-WOO HOO!!! Thanks for sharing that you too don't know who the heck Gabby Hayes is-maybe NOW they will believe me since you are a wee bit older than I am Have you tried the agave nectar?

SPARKLE, it amazes me how different you can look in different pictures and positions! Are you taking these pics yourself? They sure are coming out pretty clear!! Thanks for sharing!

RALY, I think TOM zaps my energy as well. One thing I do know, is when I get that dull backache, walking sure does make it disappear! Did you see the scale go down afterwards? Mine is due in a the next 5 days and I know the scale always goes up-another reason to have having it arrive!!! Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned - enjoy!

Okay, time for me to hit the shower-I'll check in with you all later! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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Default Posted on Fitness Board

DEB - You aren't alone on the exercise board now. I usually post at the end of the week. But I didn't want you to be lonely over there!

It's good that you went ahead and walked anyway! That is tenacity at its best!

Sorry to hear about Nance's son. Thanks for filling us in.

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Unhappy Good Friday Morning!


I've been away from the board because I've been very bad. After y'all get finished kicking BOB's butt, you can start on mine. I've had a very bad week on all kinds of levels. My weight is up to 244 now--so I gotta get three lbs off to get back to my low. This is NOT how I want to celebrate my one-year SB anniversary on Tuesday! So I'm going to be extra vigilant today. I'm also going to begin rereading the book tonight. I usually find that reading about the evil things sugar and starches do to my body is enough to get me back on track!

I'm working on getting the house cleaned up today. Mom comes tomorrow to stay with me while I recover from surgery. We will have a couple of days to do stuff before the surgery on Tuesday. Then, I guess we will be cofined to quarters for a few days. I have lots of pictures to put in my scrapbooks and am saving those for next week!

I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful weekend!

July 10, 2000
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Default Almost forgot. . .

Nance--Sorry to hear about your son! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

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Default Morning

Hello all,how are you this friday morning...I hope all of your 4th of July celebrations went well and you all had a great time enjoying fireworks and picinics.I love the enthusiasm of the states when it comes to that holiday.Well my weight is the same again this morning,trying hard not to give up but I was soooo close last night to haveing a big piece of the homemade chocolate cake I made my dh for his bday.He stopped me,good thing cause I think it would have been a binge I had some shredded wheat instead with some blue berries not quite what I wanted but did the trick for the evening.Had my extensions put in yesterday took 7 hours but they look awsome its the braided look.I dont even look like me hubby thinks its pretty cool,but he loves the way I look no matter what lucky me.wish I felt the same way isnt it awful how we beat our selves up so much why is that..... oh well sorry I am not posting to individuals this am feeling a little ho hum.I am leaving for holidays on sunday so will be gone a week.Hope you all have a great day and week if I dont get on again...of course I am addicted to you guys lol so I prolly will.bye for now
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I can't believe it Took me an hour to read & post this a.m. and it's gone!!!!! Well, I'll try to recap but not much wit I'm afraid.
Didn't write yesterday. Spent all day on the hot bus. On my way to the beach to forget about responsibility for a while.

Deb-I bet the temp fluctuation is a body adjustment. Hang in there you'll have that coushion (not posterior) soon. Good going on the bedroom-I won't make you clean my attic-you may get lost! Your girdle story had me in stiches. Keep 'em coming. What's a Dookie story?

Sparkle-congrats on weight loss. Must've been all the TM pounding you did. Glad to know I'm not only one who can eat a whole batch of muffins. Your pic was awesome. Hope you didn't waste that beauty on just the camera. When you're in one of those exotic gardens there, please inhale deeply for me.

Sol-love TyBo and the ability to mess up in private. Great that your BP is down.

AR-nothing worse than a burned back. Hope you get to sleep soon. At least you look great in that new do.

Frog-Just keep up your grace & dignity and all others will see who the "toad" really is. Hang in there-w/friends like that......

Fillese-Hang in there. We wouldn't be human if we didn't mess up. Thank God every day starts clean.

RALY-beer & pasta & still losing. Thats's enough to lead me astray. Must've done enough of the good stuff.

AMSER-have a great vacation.

The lovely Ms. Bob--2 days of work. Take a break. Tell them I said it was ok.

sef-Sorry about the headache. Isn't is fun getting lost in family photos?

Golfer gal-Golf is great exercise. Have you considered varying? Aerobics, tybo, rollerblading, swimming, tennis, playing with kids, jump rope, salsa dancing. Hang in there. My favorite ab workout is with a fitness ball (I use my son's Hop Ball when I'm not at the gym) I love the extra room to stretch back and the back support it offers. They don't design those ab exercises for women with extra in front. Anyone besides me can't breathe when you're on the floor?

Quilter-I can always count on you for a smile. The comment flipping dh was too much for me. I guess I have a mind in the gutter. But I think I might try that on my own dh. Have fun in Missouri. Aren't you smart to pre-plan food!

lamap-two pounds! Yeah.

Nancy-sorry about your son. Hope he's not in too much pain.

Well, bye for now.
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Gee! I won a prize! Have a year to use it. A two night, three day trip thing. All because I answered a survey and watched a demonstration of the TriStar System. I hope it's legit!

I forgot to post a recipe yesterday. I got it off an advertisement for Reynolds Wrap. It is easy and delicious. I will post it when I am done here.

Cat - Sometimes remembering the etc. part is the hardest!

Quilter - We all need a lzy do-nothing day once in a a while, it recharges our batteries! I hope you have a good time in MO. Sounds like you are well prepared food-wise!

Seraphim - I am usually better at giving my advice than following it! So I need to hear it from others. That's why this board is so great, we remind each other!

Lamap - That watch will soon be on your wrist! You are doing great! Poor Gabby, so soon forgotten! Think bearded, tobacco chewing, funny. Soon you'll be shopping at Victoria's!

Sparkle - That is so pretty. You two really take great pics. I can almost hear the surf. A good perspective too, Martin so small shows the vastness of sea and sky! Rainbows sometimes are hard. I tried in Oz and wasn't too successful, altho you can
tell it is a rainbow.

Just a thought. I know we are influenced by our parents, but we can also learn by their mistakes. My mother was abusive verbally and physically, it has affected me tremendously. I determined that I would treat my children differently. I was probably cruel at times. They spent a lot of time sitting in corners and going to their rooms as I was scared to death to hit them! I think we raised to good kids. Couldn't have been too bad as I am living w/ ds. Maybe in some instances your parents weren't perfect but you are trying to use that as a lesson. Seems like you learned it very well! Even at this age now, I am fighting to overcome that insecurity. Now things like that are discussed, which is a help. Before it was something that was in the closet.

So follow your own advice to Rhoda and give yourself a pat on the back!

Froggie - Hooray! Funk is gone! You are a real bargain maven w/ those swim suits! NH is nursing home. Feeling fine today. Just normal to get an occasional headache.

ralynne - You must have such a sense of satisfaction w/ the deck being completed. What would we do w/o coolers?

Deb - First, not only to you make us envious w/ your no cheating; now you want to put us to shame for not being a cleanick! How will we ever be able to match you?!? I for one will not waste my time. Not true, I will try to emulate your dedication to woe, but will never be Mrs. Clean again. There was a time that every three months, walls were scrubbed, rugs beaten, curtains changed, windows and furniture polished to pristineness. Then I came down w/ ITP and could not do all those with breaking out
in a dozen hematomas. Guess what? No one died of tomaine, the walls did fall down, and we could still see out the windows. After that, I've just coasted happily along. More power to you!

I have a couple of briefers like that! Don't usually wear them when I amout in public! I'm afraid that one day two of those holes are going to meet and there I would be hanging out and flapping in the breeze!!!

Fillise - Good Luck w/ the surgery. You will be in my prayers. The weight will go!

Adams - Sounds like dh is the right kind of guy! I don't think I would last 7 hrs for a hair-do! You should send a pic so we all can admire!

butterfly - Headache better. The fun part of the old albums was really being able to show them to gd. She loves photography and her great grandfather did too. A lot of pictures he took he had labeled w/ type of film, shutter speed, how it was taken,
i.e. moving car etc. She got a kick out of that.

Nance - Hope son will be on the mend soon. Also hope you hold up under the strain. People often forget that trauma to one person can affect others. Prayers for you.

That's it for now. Will post that recipe.

Take care, Shirley
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Help!!!!! does anyone know if there is a recipe for blueberry cobbler,crisp or crunch in this recipe section. I just received 2 gallon bags of freshly picked blueberries and need to do some cooking with them.

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