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Drugs that I'm taking caused this 1 3.13%
From having a baby 3 9.38%
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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 7/23-7/29

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEWEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the NEWEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our JULY 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often-make sure to visit our newest board, MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS at the link below:





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:


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Don't have time to post right now, have to get Michael off to school soon then come home for my walk, but wanted to make sure I got our MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


Look back on the day that has just gone by. It's likely that there were some disappointments. And yet you also made some positive progress.

The disappointments can take care of themselves, so learn from them and then let them go. Focus your attention on the positive things you've achieved.

It would be a shame to let them slip away. What can you do today to build on those things? Consider how far you've already come, and imagine how far you can continue to go.

You've already begun a pattern of success. Use today to build on that momentum. Latch on to your positive progress, no matter how small it may have been, and keep it rolling.

Focus on it, and it will grow. Find something positive about yesterday and make it even bigger today.

Keep building success upon success, accomplishment upon accomplishment. Soon you'll have a powerful momentum that can take you wherever you wish to go.

Ralph S. Marston

Here's one more I thought was worth sharing:

"The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible."

- Richard M. DeVos

Gotta run, for now. I'll check back with you all later this morning. Have a wonderful week!!!

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Good Morning All

Haven't been on and been very busy. Gone all weekend and very tired this morning. Don't dare touch that scale to see if I gained any weight over the weekend. I've been very unorganized lately and have to get back into my routine, it's been very hard to be motivated to even make a meal because of the humidity adn heat.

Need to go grocery shopping tonight and refill my fridge, I am running out of good food fast. Hope to catch up with everyones posts over the weekend. Been real busy at work too, so haven't had anytime lately.

Well gotta get back to work. Everyone take care and be good with meals.
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Morning Again!

Got in my walk, it was a slow one at that, no jogs-nicely overcast due to impending rains, but the humidity is still at 90% Just wasn't in the mood to walk, esp. after stepping on the scale and seeing it up, yet again, but I figured after overeating yesterday I better go out. It doesn't help that it was all SB LEGAL, overeating is overeating. I realized though, it's almost mid-cycle for me, and usually I see some gaining, so I'm trying to keep a level head and chalk it up to that in hopes that soon it will start another downward trend. Seems like I just had my TOM and here I am going through another gaining period!

MELF, let us know how the Dr. appt went. You made me laugh I must say! With the pain I did give in to some dessert. Okay, did it make the pain go away??? I'll take the I couldn't resist, but I didn't know desserts were better than pain medication. You know, I'm just ragging on you

SEF, don't worry about missing church, seems MELF went for you yesterday You play Mah Jongg? My Mother use to play every week at her house with a group of women when I was little-never understood the game, no matter how she tried to teach me, I guess I had no interest. Now, she plays on the computer sometimes.

ROSALIE, hot and humid in Canada?? I thought you were having a coolish summer! Hope you can find a good deal on the net for a hotel-I totally agree, I like the comforts of home as well, unless it's really cool outside and no possibilites of intruders, I'd rather stay in a hotel than try my hand at sleeping in a tent. On your cookies, did you use a little less WW flour than the white that was called for-that may be the problem, or you could increase the liquids a little.

RALY, heat and humidity are bad here too, but the ulitimate decision on how you let it effect you is up to you. Of course, the whole board knows how I hate to cook and yet, I find it very easy to stay OP. Remember, excuses get you no where I hope you get back into gear and are able to get to the grocery store and stock up on what you need to help you stay OP. Youre' so close to goal, you don't want to start messing up at this point-look forward and see how easy within reach it is!!

I've got to run for now, vowed to do some cleaning today!

I'll check in later!

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Good Morning!

I've missed ya'll. Well I've been on vacation but also I've been going through a tough time mentally. So I've gained back over my cushion. I'm determined to get back below that so I am taking my own advice and "Beginning Again".

It's interesting when I was answering the poll question I answered that I was over weight because I just love to eat. But that is only part of it. I tend to also eat as a happiness mechanism...not really emotional but to me a good meal, beer etc. is a good time. So this summer has been difficult because we love to go out on the porch...cook out...have a couple of beers and relax. I find that the alcohol though leads to over eating so I have given it up. I'm also going back to being very OP on SB. Hopefully, I will drop the pounds I have gained by being very very good. I also think I will start to feel better emotionally.

Here is my motivational thought for the day:

The most consistent thing about life is that nothing is the same, everything changes. If you can accept that, then you're OK. If you can't accept the fact that you can't control everything, then you get yourself in a rut."
--- Phil Jackson

Debbie: Glad to see you are still walking. It is humid here too. I've gotten back into the habit of walking again and actually went twice yesterday...once with the hubby and once by myself.

I will check in tomorrow. See ya'll.

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It's Motivation Monday! Hi all, can't stay, but want to give you this motivation.

What major challenge, important goal or achievement have
you put off while you wait for the "right moment"? Don't
put it off another day! Start with baby steps, but move
in the direction you want to go. Exercise a little.
Save a little. Read a little. Tuck the kids in bed,
give your spouse an extra hug. Make one extra phone
call. Take action - safe, reasonable, cautious action if
you prefer - but take action. Take baby steps, and soon,
like Bill Murray, you'll be sailing!

by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Hello Again.

Deb- I can't get out because of my daughter. It's too hot to be taking her out in the heat like that for very long. It's in the 90's and 100% humidity and has been for a couple of days. Will be storming pretty good today and tomorrow here. No cool off until wednesday and can't wait. After work and doing the house and taking care of her it's about 8 pm and I get up at 5 to 5:30 am. So it's hard to find the energy by that time, I'm fine when it's not so hot, and with induced asthma the humidity makes it hard to breathe when working out. I workout alot in the spring, fall and winter time.

We're having a party this weekend for the exchange student for her b-day on saturday. So more people at my house and my house will be trashed again. Never a minute to relax at our house we are either going somewhere or people are coming over. Just getting really tired of it!!!
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Hi everyone -

Glad to see most everyone is doing well! For those who are having a tough time or are in a funk, I hope it will pass quickly.

I haven't been posting, but have been reading, as usual. I'm still SB'ing and have been up and down but am at my lowest again today, so trying to take inspiration from that and tow the mark!

Anyway, I have a question: I was at a neighbor's household auction yesterday (she has moved to an assisted living apartment) and purchased a large box of kitchenware for $1. Well, when I got it home and started unpacking the box, what a treasure! I now have an electric hot plate, electric drink blender, steamer and lots of other stuff. It rained hard during the early part of the auction and lots of people left, so things went really cheap. Got a whole lot of stuff (just what we need, more STUFF!) for $36, so I was happy. Anyway, to my question, the steamer didn't come with a box or directions. I remember having one--it's a Hamilton Beach--about 8 years ago but I never used it and sold it in a garage sale. Now maybe I will use it. Does anyone have one of these to give me some directions on how much water goes in, etc. Basically walk me through the process for rice and also steaming vegetables? I'd really appreciate any help.

As Raylnne said, it's been HOT and HUMID here in the Great Lakes states. Our AC has been on for at least a week. The Weather Channel is predicting only 79 on Wed. , I think, so that will be heaven and I can open the house up! Sure zaps the energy out of ya! I don't know how you ladies in FL can stand it. But then, you don't know how we can stand snow and ice, right?

I'm sorry I can't remember who mentioned they were having a tough time with handling their mother moving to an Alzheimer's facility. I have gone through the same thing moving my mom and dealing with her house. If you would like to talk more about that subject, feel free email me at [email protected].

This new computer is giving me a headache. I don't notice any faster internet speed (my ISP hasn't changed, so maybe I was just imagining that this would help) and my floppy drive isn't working so I can't load my bookmarks or my address book. I will have to try and call this afternoon to get it fixed. It doesn't surprise me that it's not 100%; don't know many people who don't have trouble initially!

Hope everyone has a great week and continues with whatever is working best for them!

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karen- I live in Michigan Great lakes region also. So were getting the same weather. Not from Florida can't even say I've been there.
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Back from a few days away with my Mom and sister. It was nice except for the rain, but I am use to that , it does it whenever I take time off.

THe poll this week was hard, I really wish I could have checked more than one answer. I had a child (20 years ago-but never lost that weight) I had thyroid cancer, I take synthroid and they are still trying to get that regulated, I love food and I am an emotional eater. I guess I could stay I had the deck stacked against me....but I still should be in control. I now I am trying and that is why I am here.

I think I did pretty good this weekend with my eating, I didn't get to walk before I left Sat. but we shopping for about 4-5 hours yesteday, that walking had to count for something, and today the day is not over yet, I am waiting to see if the rain is gonna stop and if not I atleast do my exercise tapes.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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I guess that's really not motivational is it? I think one thing has hit home this week through the Board. That we are really willing to support other people's lapses or slow losing, yet when we are having the same problem we often don't seek that support. We all know it is easier to give advice than it is to ask for it or follow it. I, for one, am going to try not to hide away during the times I feel ashamed of what I might have eaten or discouraged
because the scale is not my friend. I am going to remember that YOU are my friends and will be there for me as I want to be for you!

ROSALIE - I'm with you. I want my tent to have room service and a feather bed! I was a GS leader for umpteen years and did enough camping! Sems like camping everyone gets a rest but mom, she still has to cook and do the wash!

DEB - I never played your Mom's type of Mah Jonng. I play a computer game. Basically it's a matching game. I have played RummiCube and Uno with tiles.

BEACH - I agree with you, food is more than just bad emotional eating! It is also good emotional eating too. We use food to celebrate and when we were kids and we felt bad Mom would give us a treat. So we have a constant battle on all fronts. Isn't
it terrible Mom gets blamed for everything!!

LDBLOND - You're right. One step at a time. The world wasn't built in a day and we shouldn't expect to rebuild our outlook in a day.

I learned something today. This morning before going to the nh, I was doing a little stitching on my map of LA. One of the symbols in the middle of the state is a pick, miner's hat and shovel. I didn't know LA had mining. I think of the land has being marshy. But apparently going north ground is more solid. Looked it up and LA has salt and sulphur mines. I think sulphur is mined! Never too old to learn new tricks and this old dog is in training all the time!!

Dil made some chicken salad yesterday. And at different times all three of them told me that it was made sugar free and legal. I would tell each one that another had told me and they'd say "I wanted to be sure you knew, so you could have it." Do I get family support or what?!?

Well, I have to get to other things. Kitchen is a mess. I'd suggest getting a pig but it is too messy for one! Also want to get things marinading for supper.

Take care. See you later.


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Default Loved all the motivational thoughts today.

OK, I not only saw the Neurologist this am, but also saw an ENT & my chiropractor. I'm exhausted. I'll try to share with you all what I learned today.

First of all, the neurologist is NOT sure that we are dealing with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) after all. He is calling it Atipical Facial Pain, but believes that what I am experiencing is acting a little different than the usual TN pain because the majority of the pain has moved into my jaw & even some pain in the other jaw now. He has refered me to an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat doc.), some x-rays & lab work, & wants to see me again next week. Oh, & best of all, has taken me OFF the Tegretol which has caused all the dizziness.

The ENT could see me today! so off I went. He feels sure that my pain is due to TMJ & wants me to do icy hot & heating pad to the jaw & neck & put me on some anti-inflammatory meds. He thinks I will soon see a difference in the pain level.

So there you have it. I am a little skeptical, but sure do WANT to believe them both. I KNOW that I can cope with TMJ much easier than I could with TN. Also, my chiropractor says he can help with TMJ if that's what it is. We just have to wait to make sure. So I'm going to finish this post & off I go to bed with my trusty friend the heating pad. I will turn the A/C down cooler & rest. With the Tegretol out of my system, I'm hoping to return to work now. The pain will continue wheather I'm here or there, as long as my head is clear that I can cope with the things that I need to on the job.

ROSALIE, Looked at Rhoo's Zucchinni recipe from March & this one is different. Will try to post it later. Hey, I like camping with the comforts of home too...LOL

Debbie Now you made ME laugh with that post. No, dessert didn't work any better than the pain pill, but it sure was good for oral gradification! I was just soo disgusted that I just gave into it. I'm over it now. I'll get back to the program. I got it out of my system. I know what you mean though about the scale being up. With all the sodium in that chinese food yesterday, it was up 3 lbs this am, but I'm pushing the fluids this afternoon & hope to see some results soon. So far, I'm still holding it in.

SEF, I love Mah Jongg! I had it on my puter, but it's one of the things I lost when my puter went down.
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Evening All!

Not much going on down here besides the fact that we've had a LOT of needed rain. I just thank my lucky stars that the rains haven't been coming in the morning when I want to walk.

Got the kitchen cleaned, now have to work on the table in the dining room-how fun!

I actually put the film into Walmart to be developed today-should be back late Thursday, so hopefully, I'll be posting some pics by Friday

BEACH, so glad to see you back! Have missed you as well Does this mean we'll get to see a picture posted soon?? I'm sure you'll be back down to your low in no time. Sometimes I wish I would cheat to give me a reason why the scale is up like it is (was down to 125.5 last week, here I am at 129 again!), but honestly, I just don't have the desire to cheat, so I'm at a loss why the scale isn't cooperating. Kudos to you for doing 2 walks in 1 day!

LDBLOND, thanks for that motivational thought!!

RALY, didn't realize you would have to take your daughter with you, that can put a crimp in exercise plans. It is brutal down here as well, and I look forward to any kind of let up on the heat. I'm hoping when we go to NANCES that it's not as bad. That's nice for you to do the party for the young lady that you have staying with you, I'm sure she'll appreciate the party more than you'll know

KAREN, I think many of us on the board have steamers-I do. I got mine at a garage sale as well, without instructions. Bought another one for my Mom, and another one for me-finally ended up with instructions! Most of them use the low when cooking veggies-let me know what you need and I'll give you the info (for a specific veggie). For rice, I'll get that info as well. Hope you get your computer problems fixed soon!

LAMAP, we've had a lot of rain down here as well, can't say we don't need it! Where did you go away to this past weekend?

SEF, were you talking to me when you said it is easier to give advice than it is to ask for it or follow it. cause that's me, for sure! I don't hide nor do I feel ashamed, but definitely I do get discouraged and it's hard to eat my own advice that I give to others when they go through the same thing that I am facing. Love the family support you are getting!!!!

MELF, glad to hear you got both Dr.s out of the way, and I guess having TMJ would be a bit of better news for you than the TN-I just hope and pray you find the relief you so deserve! I know what you mean about being disgusted in giving in, but I do it with not walking-it amazes me how I would deal with things in the past, with a half-gallon of ice cream-now THAT was gradifying! My gosh, to think of all the oral gradification I've had in my lifetime!!!!

Please don't forget TOMORROW IS CHAT NIGHT AT 9:15PM EST!!! Hope you all can make it!!

Okay gals, I'm outta here, at least for a while. I'll try to get on here later tonight, if not, a quickie in the morning. Eli is off tomorrow and Michael's Dad is picking him up from school, so we have the whole day to stay out-maybe we can even get in a movie!!!!!!

Have a wonderful week!

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Default Monday Again!

Where does the time go? This weekend was very fun and relaxing, I just wanted more of it! Didn't workout yesterday and felt LOUSY this morning so no run. I think I will do some Yoga before bed time, will make me feel like I did something.

Poll this week was a no-brainer. So glad to see that I'm not the only emotional eater. I think that leads me to a good motivational quote today.


I admit that I was surprised that I was the only one to vote in last week's poll as the only one who doesn't eat red meat.

DEB - We need that rain too. Hope to have some this week. Got a BARGAIN today. The Jr. League thrift store that is in the 1st floor of the bldg I work in is so awesome! I got a pair of Liz C white denim shorts for $3.50 and the $32.00 tags were still on them! SCORE!!!!!

MELF - Hope that you are feeling better soon. Glad that you were able to get some much needed medical attention today. Relax and heal yourself.

SEF - How sweet that you got an SF meal from your family.

KAREN - I love auctions! I would like to go to more of them. You can get such great deals! It was my friend BW whose mother has Alzhiemer's. It was sweet of you to offer some assistance.

BEACH - So glad to see you back. Sorry that you are disappointed in your gain, but it looks like you are doing great! Is maintenance hard? What has been the most difficult? I hope that your personal difficulty will be resolved soon.

BOB - Are you watching fear factor? Did you see it tonight? Don't know if I could keep the sheep's eyes down!


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Hi everyone.

Went for a short bike ride this morning but it was too hot to be out for long. I feel like I am getting a little better at it. Even managed to take one hand off the handlebars to-day to scratch my nose without falling off. Played badminton for a couple of hours this afternoon (with a short break between games). Wasn't able to find any motels for the weekend I was hoping to go away with my dd. Everything was booked up, it being a long weekend up here. I did find a couple of nice looking places which would be suitable for a family. They were right next to the park we want to visit so maybe can book up something for a different weekend.

Deb - Yes we have been having some hot weather at last. It was in the high 80's at least on the weekend plus the humidity was very high. To-day is not much better. The next time I make the pb cookies I will try using less flour. May also add some more pb. I did replace the sugar with Splenda (this is the first time I have used it) so don't know if that would make any difference to the consistency.

Melf - Glad you got to see the doctors. Hope the new treatment will be successful.

Beachfan - It's good to hear from you again but sorry to hear you have been having some problems. I'm sure when you are back op those pounds will disappear again. Sure we all eat for 'happiness' at times, whether it's celebrating a special occasion or enjoying the company of family and friends. I don't think we want or need to take all pleasure away from eating.

Lamap - Glad to hear you had a good weekend away. Shopping for 4-5 hours should certainly count as exercise.

Sef - Your are lucky you have your family supporting you in this woe. It makes everything so much easier. I think we all find it easier to give advice and support to others than accepting it for ourselves when we need it.

Frog - That was a good bargain you had with the shorts.

Bye for now.

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