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I'm like a camel, I hardly ever drink water! 3 8.57%
16 ounces or less (2 glasses) 3 8.57%
16-32 ounces (2-4 glasses) 5 14.29%
32-48 ounces (4-6glasses) 5 14.29%
48-64ounces (6-8 glasses) 6 17.14%
64-80 ounces (8-10 glasses) 7 20.00%
80-96 ounces (10-12 glasses) 4 11.43%
MORE! I'm a walking water tank!!!! 2 5.71%
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This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEWEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the NEWEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our APRIL 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have FOUR INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often:





We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:

WANT TO POST YOUR WEEKLY WEIGHT LOSS INFO and BE COUNTED in our weekly totals of pounds lost?? Go to the WEEKLY WEIGH IN BOARD BELOW to post your stats!

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit NEW REPLY NOT NEW THREAD then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. Also, when the board gets to the 2nd & 3rd page, sometimes it may take a little longer for your message to appear, you can refresh your browser, or wait, but it will show up! If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.

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Good Monday Morning Everyone

Just wanted to get in a quick good morning post before I take my walk and go to court with Sharon today. It's going to be a long day, as well as probably very taxing. I'll have to fill you all in later tonight.

It's a new month and we have a NEW BIO BOAR located at the link below:

PLEASE make sure you get your BIO onto the new board as soon as you have the time.

ALSO, we have the new APRIL 2001 RECIPE BOARD up and running, so feel free to add your recipes on there even though it's not Thursday Recipe Day. Here's the link:

I'd like some feedback on how to get the birthdays listed. Should we just list those b.days for the month at the beginning of each month? We have a few APRIL BIRTHDAYS to take note of-BARBEE was yesterday, APRIL 1, * LISA A-April 6 * GLORY-April 11, * THINAGIN-April 11 * KAREN-APRIL 19 * BIGORANGE-April 20 * MSLIZ-April 25th, and Did I forget anyone??

Last weeks poll was a good one. I think most of us do get some exercise in pretty regularly, which is nice to see-the 4 of you who don't get any, and you know who you are, need to try to get in something-anything is better than nothing! (KIM, see you aren't the only one!!)



Start right now to fulfill your best possibilities. Start right now to achieve the goals you've set for yourself. Those goals, those possibilities are too important to let them go stale. There is something you can do right now to move toward them. Get busy and do it. There is some initial action you can take. Get busy and take it.

What have you always told yourself you would do? Who is the person you have always wanted to become? What is the lifestyle you've always wished for? Wishing is not enough. Intention is not enough. At some point you must take action to achieve those things you truly desire. That point is right now.

Now is the time you have available to you. Now is your opportunity to act. Now is when your goals, your dreams, your ambitions begin to become a reality.

There's no need to put off the fulfillment of you best possibilities for another moment. Start now, take action, keep going and experience the incomparable thrill of making your dreams a reality.

-- Ralph Marston

MELF, hope they have the Carbolite near you-I would think someone would have it. It's such a treat! It's nice to hear you have nice surroundings to walk in that you don't need any music to drown out the cars and planes, like I do

ROSALIE, sounds like you had a nice day with the grandkids, and I'm sure they loved being with you as well-esp. getting when going to get MickeyD's! Funny, I hear most Grandparents saying they take their gkids there more than BK. I know my Mom is partial to McD, she likes their ice cream cones!!! Sounds like you will have a beautiful deck this summer!!

KAREN, you can tell when you are bloated and up on the scale and are doing things correctly that this is NOT fat, it's water weight. I've mentioned in the past how, just one day, it seems like the flood gates just open up. I keep track of these things and it makes not getting frustrated easier. Glad to hear your plateau is broken and you're down again!!! BTW, what day does your bday fall on???

BUNNY, glad to see you back on the board. Three pounds is NOT the end of the world. If you just get back on plan full-force, these will probably drop off so fast. You are right, writing everything down will be helpful. You can easily do this, and you know this, but you need to get back into the right frame of mind. YOU have to be ready to do this for yourself, not for a trip, or any other reason, it doesn't work otherwise. We are all more than happy to help you get back into the swing of things, we know you can do it, you know you can do it!!!


Well gals, I must run-I'll check in with you all later tonight!!!

Have a wonderful day, and a great week!

Miami, FL

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Morning! Its Monday and its April boy do the months pass by fast. Thanks for all the motivation last week. Even though i don't post like i should -due to lack of time -I do luke dailey and read everyones posts. You all are doing great keep it up! The week end here per usual was not that great food wise! I guess today is a new day. We took the kids shopping, hubbys band played went out dancing. I did excersise 5x last week shoveld on Friday twice and danced on Saturday night soo maybe 7x excersising! Just wish i could keep my big fat mouth shut! No matter how much i prepare and have my legal foods around other stuff makes it in there Well enough whining per ususal!

Thanks again for the motivation!!!!
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Default One Month Anniversary

Good Morning Ladies,

Hope all had a wonderful weekend!

Well yesterday was my 1 month anniversary on SB.

This morning I ran by my doctor's office to weigh in. I have a nurse there that is my official "keeper of the weight"

And are you guys ready for this? One month later I have lost a total of (drumroll please)............15 lbs.

I can't see how it's possible! But it was right there in front of me! The nurse had to convince me she knew what she was doing to convince me the scales were correct.

Since I was in a public place, I couldn't strip down to my underwear and do my Happy Dance!!!

However, tonight when I get home, it will be me and Bogie happy dancing to a little Otis Redding!

I had a great weekend. Instaed of eating out, a friend and I stayed home Saturday night and cooked a complete SB legal meal! Cooking a complete meal was a NEW experince for me. I thought I was going to have to get out the owners manuel to my stove to figure out how to operate it!!!

I bought some Sugarbusters brand pasta yesterday, but couldn't find any sauce that was even semi legal?
Anyone got any suggestion on a legal sauce? I've really got my heart set on some spagetti!

I've got to get to work. Mondays are a busy day at church! Will check in later!

Thanks to you all,
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Good Monday morning everyone

It's still a little cool here although the sun is trying to shine. I got off to a good start by doing my 2 MILE WALK video before breakfast. Have a little shopping to do this morning then off to badminton this afternoon.

Deb - I think it would be fine to list the birthdays at the beginning of each board. Could you just list the names at the bottom of the introductory page.?

Rhroo - I love your sense of humour. Perhaps we can find some magic sticky tape that only lets the legal food in. At least you are exercising and sounds like you had a good weekend apart from the eating. Sorry to hear you still have some of the white stuff there. Ours has nearly all gone, just a little bit left where the snow plows piled it up.

Starchaser - Fifteen pounds in one month WOW. You must feel wonderful. What a motivation to keep on SBing. Enjoy doing that HAPPY DANCE this evening but make sure there's no peeping toms around!

Bye for now.

Have a good SB day everyone

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Hello fellow SBers. I had a motivational thought to paste but I deleted it before I thought to save it for posting here. Dumb me! How about this. Y'all go girls!! You can do it!

Frog, I went back again to try to look at your pictures, and the page still will not load fully. In fact, my computer even crashed when I was maneuvering around on page 3 to begin to reload the page to see if I could get it that way. So sorry I missed them.

Star--Congratulations on your wonderful loss. What an inspiration.

I didn't do very well at the pot luck. Give me a scolding, girls. But today is a new day, and so I'll just pick up where I left off and do better today.
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Default Quick post from work

Deb - my birthday is on the 19th. Milestone this year - 45- ugh!!

Star - way to go on the 15 lbs. I'll do the happy dance for you tonight at home!!!!

Rhroo - don't put yourself down like that! Look what you have already accomplished! You have to live, too. So today is another opportunity to eat the way you want--on program!!

Got to get back to work!

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Good Morning Sugarbusters!

Well today is my first REAL day on Sugarbusters and I'm excited. Do you know how encouraging it is for me to read on the boards this morning that Starchaser has lost 15 lbs on her first month of Sugarbusters! WOW! AWESOME! I really am hoping this will work for me but I would be THRILLED with a 5 lb weight loss in the first month since nothing I have been trying is working for me!

I have really got to go get the book (again) and do some reading because I have loads of questions.

Here is my first question (I promise I will read the book again and not drive you people crazy) but I still would like to try to find out the answer to this today...

Can I have Montalcina Angel Hair Pasta??? it is made from 100% pure italian grade durum semolina. The Label says Total Carbs 41g, Dietary Fiber 2g, and Sugars 2g. The ingredients read: Semolina, Niacin, Ferrous Sulfate (iron), Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin and Folic Acid. I am wondering if I can have it bec it only has 2 grams of sugar per serving and I do not see any white flour but don't feel sure enough about what I am doing yet.

Have a great sugarless day gang!

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Default new member

Good morning!

I have just ordered the Sugar Busters book on the advice of my doctor, and am looking forward to being a part of this group. I have a lot to lose....around 80 lbs. I've had a lot of stress in my life lately which has made weight loss basically impossible, but I'm ready to do something about it now. My son was diagnosed w/leukemia in October, but is doing GREAT right now.

From what I've seen, this seems to be a great list with a lot of support (and believe me, I NEED IT!!!)
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Default Tell me why I don't live in FLA????

Hi All...
yes, we're back in H*ll from perfect sunshine to 30s and rainy and grey and dirty snow on the ground.....I am not happy!

Disney was absolutely awesome. all my planning paid off. Despite healthy crowds we hardly sootd on any lines (can someone tell me what IQ you need to use FastPass????) and did EVERYTHING we wanted to. Harry did RockinRollercoaster 5 times, ToT 4 times, Space Mtn 5 times, etc.....Buzz 4 times, etc.....I was amazed at Animal Kingdom, would love to go back and sit with a coffee in Africa and just soak it all in - the detail is amazing.

Saw all the evniing shows we wanted to, really handled the meals economically. Most days we had breakfast in the car on the way in (toasted bagels, etc, in our gorgeous, big condo which was 5 minutes from the parks), packed in lunch and day we did a late lunch at Epcot, at Norway, which we loved. It was a smorgasbord with all kinds of interesting foods, lots of lox which we love, herrings, shrimp. Harry was very adventurous while Brendan had a hot dog. We had a lunch at Whispering Canyons in the Wilderness Lodge which was average, no fun servers that day, but the Lodge is so beautiful. We did snacks at the Prime Time and misbehaved so that the servers were constantly "yelling" at us....and did some fast food one night at Pecos Bills which was very very good. Other than that we cooked in and relaxed, or got takeout sushi....

We also took the kids to Pleasure Island an took in two shows at the Comedy Warehouse and the Adventurer's Club ( i had wanted to do that for soooooo long! - Kungaloosh!). That was great. Once again, tho, I am enthralled with the job Disney does and spoke to every Cast Member I could, which DH found annoying but I found enlightening. Now I want my kids to work there during college vacations.

Did OK on SB for the first 5 days, then went downhill from there, but with all the walking seems the most I may have picked up was one pound, which is fine, I am back OP 100% and happy to be there. From Thursday on it's been downhill, concluding with chinese food and chocoalte last nite, but like I said, back OP and going forward.

It was awesome meeting the infamous DEBBIE!!!! Deb, from the moment I met you I knew we would get along great - I feel so bad that my time was limited, but that's what this entire trip was about! next time we meet I hope we get more time together. You'll have to come up to gorgeous New England in the summer or fall,g et away from that humidity (which your hair, by the way, seems to benefit from, as opposed to my terrible hair days....plesae let me screen those pics before you post, LOL!). Sharon is a doll and so smart - I wish her well on this sad journey she is on - and your daughter is absolutely beautiful and charming - (and so much taller than you, tee hee...)

The Barmitzvah was a blast - they had a production company handling it - the DJ was incredible as were his dancers and I got a great aerobic workout. My kids were in shock the whole time at the magnitude of the thing. As the youngest kids there, and only knowing the BM boy, theyweren't as outgoing as I had hoped, but will ahve great memories. It was a baseball theme, I took photos but unfortuantely none of the decor, darn. You shoulud have seen DH in his tux - wow, did he look awesome. I have to figure out how to post them, already. Gosh, perhaps I should ask the half dozen computer techs I work with?????

So now we are back in miserable weather and I will continue my fantasy of moving to FLA. When we got off the plane DH said to me "So, it DOES get nice here in the summer, right???"

In the middle of the trip, we did get the news that my father does have lung cancer. Thanks to all of you for your good wishes - I tried to scan some psat posts to see how everyone is doing and noticed some of your good thoughts. Now we are waiting to see what stage it is in. I am praying that since the catscan didn't show it that it is small enough to be operable. I also was able to see my way clearly that I need to somehow get him here for suergery, etc. I have some decent connections in the medical community and once I know more about his disease I will get to work on what to do. I just can't do this 3000 miles away without his wife, and she is out of the picture, may she rot in h*ll (sorry, but that's the way I feel). So I will keep you posted.

So, that's where I am. I just can't post individually today, too much to catch up to but I will read them all as the day goes on. Congrats to the losers and go for it to the rest of us!

Snowy, rainy, miserable Simsbury, CT
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Default Another Newbie!!

Greetings All!

I, too, am new to SugarBusters! and tickled pink to have found this forum! My endocrinologist is testing me for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and put me on SugarBusters! I'm hoping this will help with my health and my weight. My scale said I was at 207.5 when I started 3 weeks ago and went down to 203.5 2 weeks ago, but then was back up to 206 last week. Funny thing is my Dr. office had me down 7 pounds from their scale - 208 (3 weeks ago) to 201 (last week). I think I like the Dr. scale better!

Nothing else I have tried seems to work. I even GAINED weight on the Cabbage Soup Diet. I REALLY want this to work.

Someone mentioned that the 14 day sample menues in the book were for maintenance. Can someone give me a general idea of what is good to lose weight? I seem to ALWAYS be hungry. If I post what my menu has been for the past couple of days, would that help?

StarChaser Ė Way to go!! Thatís exciting news!! Brothers Spaghetti Sauce, I think has no sugar in it Ė Iíll check when I get home. I also have a great recipe from Cooking Light magazine that I'll post when I find it.

GatorGal Ė Iím in Maitland. Where are you?

viv - 101 degrees in the summer and near 100% humidity and no pretty changing colors on the trees during Fall are two reasons I wonder why I live in Florida! Of course, it is nice having the beach nearby and we have season passes to Sea World, which I absoutely LOVE. I could watch those cute little penguins for hours!

This seems like a great forum y'all have built here. I look forward to getting to know y'all and maybe learning some things I can share and contribute, too.
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Default Happy Monday

Hi Everyone!

Well I got through my first weekend in SB, and it was OK! Took my daugther to a rodeo on Saturday nite and made sure I ate before I left the house, and took an apple and lots of water with with me.

We had a good time and Katie had a great nite. She came home with 3 - 2nd place finished, 1 3rd place and one 5th place!!!

I also got busy in the kitchen...I bought some Whole Wheat Flour and made chicken fried steak (hubby's favorite) and it was wonderful! I also made a gumbo pot full of pasta sauce. I start canning it tonight. I want to make sure that it is legal, so I searched for the right kind of tomato sauce and cooked it all day!! Made 10 quarts !

Next on my list...homemade salad dressing!!! I cannot see paying $4.00 a bottle for Sugar Free salad dressing!

THE BIG ORANGE: My dr. lets me come and weight, no problem and no charge. He's soo nice!

BARBEE: Hope the wedding is wonderful, be sure to remember to enjoy it!

THE QUILTER: How fun!! The same birthday...we will be sure to online party that day!

DEBELLI: thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to try it.

ROSALIE: Would love to hear about that walking video...sounds neat... what is on it??? Clue me in!

STARCHASER: WOW!!! Congrats!! I hope I have that good of news after a month...keep it up.

LISA_A_A: Welcome aboard. I am new too (just ending my first week) and this board is the best.

VIV: My prayers are with your Dad and your family.

I don't remember who gave CathyCathy the idea of oatmeal with SF syrup in it...but I can't wait until tomorrow morning to try it. That sounds yummy.

Thanks everyone for the support... this better than a Weight Watchers meeting, and much more convenient.

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Hello Ladies

Gee it doesn' pay to say off the board for more than a day. There was so much reading to do, sence I last posted on Friday. So If I miss any of you that may have posted a reply to me I'm sorry I did a brief reading and I find I've been on for an hr. already. I must say I was very discouraged when I got up this morning ad I'm up another 2 count them 2lbs. can you believe this I know it's hormones but really do I need this right now? I'm going the wrong way. I really have been trying this wk end to watch my portions again.

I really got depressed when I couldnt get on board for so long. Then the scale I was using which by the way I paid to use was broken for 3wks well I lost control of myportion sizes and thats how I gained. this is to much now that I'mback on I have to put a stop to this and will i'm sure.

Melf: I really had to work to get backon and I have to say it was worth. I've really missed this board and all you wonderful Ladies

BOB: Boy that must have been a big scare for you too, I know I was scared when we had a possuim on our porch once. I too had to keep my animals in. There mean when confronted there vicious. So you and skeeter be carful.

Sparkle: I agree with what you say about motivation coming from within But right now I need this suppot to go along with it. I can't do much with out my support from others. Of course mu greatest support comes from the Lord and my family. But I can't do with out this support group either. We all need alittle help along the way.. After all God gave us each other to help one another. And we do..

Frog: Boy have you come along way girl, Your not only beautiful but you have your head on straight. When it come to the pettyness of your friend, I guess you just have to know your a better friend and that she maybe doesn't know how to be a true friend. You go girl

Sparkle: Boy did I forget to tell you I'm so impressed Biking and rollerblading and then to take them camping with you WOW. Did you have fun? Hope so .I love your reward system you have the same things on there that I would put on mine.

Barb: I just wanted to say I'm impressed, Hope the wedding goes well. relax alittle. if you can find a place too..

Overcome: Thanks forthe Welcme Back. I too love Walmart isn't it great, I find so much there. I go every day.

Rosalie: Thanks for filling me in I'm stll not sure I understand but will try to figure it out.

Greenezey: Welcome to the board, this is a wonderful
group on Ladies, with a lot of support. they will help on every level possible. there just plain great.

Solshine: Welcome to the board, we love newbies hope you nd Greenezey, find the time to post your bio's and tell us alittle about youselfs. We all like to share so we can get to know one another.

Well Ladies my daughter is chopping at the bit to get on here and sence I've been on for so long guess I'll get off have a good Monday love to all Glory :bye:
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Hello there (said sheepishly)!

No, I didn't fall off the edge of the planet! I took some time off work (actually, I guess I DID fall off the edge of the world - sure felt the same, anyway!)!!

The bad news is that I didn't work out at all after last Monday, and totally blew my eating most of the week. I gained back half of the weight I lost. The good news is that I didn't gain it ALL back!

I've been doing this long enough to know better than to beat up on myself for taking a week I'm right back on track today.

Welcome to all the newbies! This is the friendliest forum I've ever found!
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Default Happy whatever time it is!

I've been dragging with the time change. Hope tomorrow is better.

I can't catch up with all the posts from the last three or four days, but I hit some HFS stores while in Baton Rouge, and even found guava nectar at the one near the Perkins overpass. Didn't like the sweet potato chips too much, not worth the calories to me. What does everyone know about Stevia? I got a free sample and haven't used it yet. It is an herb that is a sugar replacement in coffee, tea, etc.

Starchaser: Congrats on the loss. I think Hunt's spag sauce is legal, it's in a can. Also, Five Brothers Alfredo Sauce is one of my favorites.

Solshine: Welcome, and don't be hungry. Eat until you are satisfied. THat's where the lean meat and veggies come in so handy.

Rodeomom: My granny would turn over in her grave if she EVER heard of anyone using WW flour for chicken-fried steak...can't wait to try it myself for a special treat!

Viv: So sorry about your dad. I'll say a little prayer that the cancer is in an early stage.

LisaA: Welcome! I hope your son continues to do well. It's definitely a good time to take care of yourself for a while. This WOE is great once you get into it.

Melf: I misheard the plans for the trip to Abbeville. They are going there to eat at some good place. I never did quite get the details.

I am glad to be home, will be checking in here more often. Gotta go get my grilled chicken and WW bread out of the refrigerator for dinner. I brought it home from my last night on my little trip. We had several SBers in the crowd. One guy said to buy the absolute cheapest mayonnaise--it has little or no sugar. I haven't looked at any yet, so don't know if he was right. But I paid nearly $4 a quart for the SB brand, so will definitely check it out. These southern men on SB are extremely fanatical about it!!!!!!!

Cheers, Margaret
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