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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 7/9-7/15

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEWEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the NEWEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our JULY 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often-make sure to visit our newest board, MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS at the link below:





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:


NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit NEW REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.

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Red face Good Monday Morning

I hope you all have a great SB day. Back to reality, back to work and working on Friday this week (private contracting on my day off for a few hours). I will be posting but not as regularly as I did this week . I will check back in tonight.

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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Ahhh, another week gone and a new one upon us! School is starting this morning for Michael-have to leave in a few, and will come back and do my walking.

Well, I finally got to meet AMSER (ANN). What a pleasure it was to meet not only her, but Craig (very nice guy-even with grease on him), BO (the furry child) and her friends (sorry, I forgot their names). She signaled me when they got past a toll booth not far from me and we had made arrangments to meet in the parking lot near a KMart off the turnpike, a place that had a LOT of space for them to pull in with their caravan-a HUGE, and I mean HUGE RV, a jeep and a nice size boat (not a dingy, that's for sure). I have to give Craig a LOT of credit for being able (and confident) to be able to not only drive that big RV, but to pull both the jeep and the boat behind him! Anyhow, Ann is a doll, so petite! I think I hovered over here, but only because I was wearing my clod hoppers. I had absolutely NO visual of what she was going to look like except for being short with no but-didn't even know what color hair she had! She's a tiny gal, with a nice Georgian accent! We took quite a few pictures and I'm hoping to get the roll finished in the near future (my nieces 1st bday is coming up on the 17th, so should be there that I finish the roll, so be patient with me). We didn't have lunch, just a meeting, as they were hungry and stopped along the way. Eli and Lauren attended the festivities with me. I wanted to be inspired to bake something Saturday, but just couldn't get up the will to do so-but, I did take her some STARBUCKS FRENCH ROAST COFFEE, a bottle of agave nectar, a couple packets of Stevia to try and a serving of the Ballboostas (spelt snack). I took pictures of the group that I've been lucky enough to meet with so she could see you all, all but VIV, sorry VIV, I don't know WHERE I placed those pictures, but I turned the house and dining room table upside down. On my 3rd try, I found the picture of NANCE which I had given up hope in finding-so NANCE, she got to see you, Dan and the kids She gave me a picture of her and Craig from Xmas time and boy, you can see a BIG difference since than, esp in her face-it's amazing. I'm going to find the pics of VIV and send NANCE'S pic, AMSERS and send them to QUILTER and pray she doesn't mind posting them up for me The pics I took of AMSER & ME, I will have done on disk so I can upload those myself. Oh yes, I also got to tell you about BO, he's like a porcupine in dogs clothing-his fur is sharp, some wire-haired something or other (unknown source)-he's like the King of the Castle in the RV! We spent about 15 minutes together and then they were off to the Keys. Hoping they have good weather as it's been storming here since 5pm! Anyhow, if you ever have the chance to meet AMSER, whether she's RVing through your town, or you are going through Savannah-do try-you'd find it as much fun as I did!!!

It's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!!! Here's my contribution! I think it's a good one!


Always keep in mind that there is a way to get where you desire to go. What you can imagine is possible. Otherwise you could not have imagined it. Achievement is not a matter of "if." It is a matter of "why" and "how."

There is most assuredly a way. Your deepest desires are not empty. They are not without meaning. They point the way for your efforts. There is a way out. There is a way through. There is a way leading to whatever you can imagine for yourself.

There is a way to what you desire, because the essence and value of what you desire is largely composed of the path you follow to achieve it. When you have the desire you will, without fail, have the means to fulfill that desire.

Act with assurance, with confidence, with faith. Though the efforts may be difficult and the setbacks many, with each moment the goal is more completely fulfilled.

Ralph S. Marston, Jr.

FROG, we'll just have to keep trying for those fares-I'm not giving up on ya!!! Hmmm, I don't remember (old age) if it was I who started the FARTAY ROOM, but I can surely tell you, I'll be in that one after the PARTAY ROOM! I'm hoping more will come, right now it's me, BOB & NANCE! The ratios are no more than 30% from fat, 40% from carbs and 30% from protein-you could do, say 25% fat, 45 carbs and 30 protein, or something similar. Special K has a GI of 54 (glucose based) which is moderate or low, depending on who you go by. I guess with the milk, it would bring the GI down a bit. I couldn't find an exact answer on WHY it's okay, but here's something I found that may help shed a little light on the subject:

Q: Is there any good low glycemic cereal?

A: When I think of a low Glycemic Index, I immediately look for longer chain carbohydrate structures or complex carbohydrates in relationship to shorter shain or "simple sugars". Here is a summary of cereals you may want to consider with respect to each one's sugar to complex carbohydrate ratios: NAME OF CEREAL SUGAR TO CARBOHYDRATE(GRAMS) RATIO-% Shredded Wheat .3/16.70 1.79% Oatmeal .9/25.00 3.60% Cheerios 1.0/23.0 4.30% Wheat Chex 2.0/37.0 5.40% Special K 3.0/21.0 9.52% All Bran 10.0/44.0 22.72% Nutlettes 4.0/15.0 26.66% All of these have a fairly low Glycemic Index. The amount and type of fiber has much to do with the effect of the GI systemic response. More fiber and more types of fiber will each slow sugar absorption significantly. I have 591 cereals in my data analysis base and only chose the above because I wanted you to see a comparison. Buckwheat cereals in general are listed nutritionally sound and are reported to have a low Glycemic Index. Buckwheat is reported to contain 100% complex carbohydrate with no simple sugars. There are, as with any food source, commercial prepartive additives that may enhance sugar content, just be sure to check the ingredient panel. Generally speaking, if your simple sugar content is 25% of the total carbohydrate ingredients and it contains at least 3 grams or more fiber per serving, the glycemic response will be minimal.

NANCE, nope, no STARBUCKS meeting, but brought STARBUCKS to ANN!!! Guess what will be coming for you in my suitcase to VEGAS?? Yep, you'll be getting some too!!!

FLY, I have to agree with FROG about your friend-I think she's jealous and doesn't want to see you succeed where she wasn't able to do so. Stick to your guns and DON'T give in to that beer, or anything else-show here it CAN be done-and it's going to be done by you! Maybe you can get her back into the swing of things-I'm sure as you lose more weight, she's going to get even more jealous and envious if she doesn't get back with it, or something else. Congrats for getting hubby out there-more quality time together Hmmm, my family like WW Pancakes-and that says a LOT about my cooking! What did you use, a mix or something you mixed yourself? What are you finding on the that makes you wonder about the fats???

SEF, great that you found WW PITA! I love pizzas on them! If they happen to go stale on you, make pita chips-very yummy! I hardly ever throw pita away! They can make great replacements for tortilla chips when you want some salsa!! You mentioned pictures-I have stacks, not labeled, no dated-just too many to tackle. My Grandfather is the same, but at least I know who I have in my pictures, some of his, no idea! I love looking at them though-brings back great memories of days longggg agooo.

SPARKLE, thanks for the congrats Keep up the great work, but please don't over due it. It's good to give the body a day or two of rest they say!!! Sorry, I can't provide much on the running, mine are more huffing and puffing jogs Though you asked about the Gatorade and the OJ, probably the only thing different I can say is that the OJ is natural-other than that, both have sugars, both are going to raise your GI, etc. etc. As usual, I say, whatever works for you!!!

BOB, of course you already read about my meeting with AMSER - were your ears burning-even Eli mentioned your name to her!!!! Thought about you today when I was at Diet Depot (store with lots of SB LEGAL foods) and thought about what a blast you'd have there if I took you there!

CHERI, glad to see you back on line-make sure you update your address on the BIO BOARD - I've already updated my mailing list with your new address - THANKS!

RHROO, WOW, soon you'll be writing a book on how to get DH's to stay and lose on a diet!!! Seems your guidance is paying off well for him. Doesn't surprise me about your SIL and gaining the weight back after doing Atkins, many do-I haven't met a person YET that has kept the weight off they lost from that diet. Don't worry about what the others keep saying-I hear the same crap too.

SEF, I have posted a WW TORTILLA recipe in the past-came across another one last night, will compare the two-do you want the recipe???

FILLISE, please keep us posted on how things go tomorrow-our prayers are with you! Not only will I be thinking about you during surgery, but wishing you a HAPPY 1 YEAR SB ANNIVERSARY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

VIV After posting about the pics when I started this post, I kept going crazy about them-guess what??? I FOUND THEM!!!! They were in Eli's pictures-I forgot I started that role and he finished it with pictures from Montreal at Easter-so I have them!! I am going to ship them off to QUILTER when she returns from her trip and then will ask her to ship those 3 pictures off directly to you so you can keep the copies. Sorry I had misplaced you!

I have a few things to get done before the day passes by me-not to mention a hectic week to get Lauren ready for camp. I usually have her all packed and ready to go weeks before, since she's only going for 4 weeks, the excitment of her going just isn't there as it is in 8 weeks-so I've been really lax on doing what needs to be done-and she leaves Sunday morning. I may not post as much as usual this week, so i hope you understand that it's going to be hectic for me. Also, the BIG BOY (Eli) will be celebrating his bday on Friday (the last year of his 40's-the old goat) so my Friday will probably be busy as well-can't imagine what I would do if I had to do all this AND work!!!!

Please remember, TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST Do try to be there if you are able!!!

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous week!!!!

194/too early to weigh in yet/129
SB since 3/22/00
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Good Morning!

Have to go back to work today. Despite the circumstances of being off work, it was nice to spend time with the kids! Today will be hectic, as all Mondays our in the Doctors office, I'll get my SF Vanilla coffee drink and deal with it!

I had a similar situation with one of my friends, and they were very aggressive about me having a drink, like "It's happening".
This is a friend who knows how I have been sturggling to stay on plan...just reminded me of HS when a friend wanted you to do something you know you shouldn't do. Just say "no" and let her deal with it...if she says anything say "I can't believe your making such an issue over a drink". You'll be fine!

I did like Brother where art thou and liked the music alot too.
I was thinking about getting the sound track. I love all different types of music. I really want to find out what type of music they use for the FLORIDA tourism industry's like a
violin and a bass cello (sp?)..real light and happy. They also use the same type of music on the country time lemonaide commercials....I thought maybe it was bluegrass until I rented some cd's from the library. Can't quit narrow it down! Nadia (the other kid )and I saw the Wedding Planner at the theater and she immediately had to rent it when it came out on video. I was secretly hoping she'd end up with the Italian guy. I thought when he made the doll house she would have a change of heart! Although Matthew certainly is easy on the eyes! Son is doing much better, taking less and less pains meds each day! We watched Turner and Hooch last night, and I cracked up all over again! Did you catch Debs "Ballboostas" treats...didn't want to let that one go!!!! Oh yes, the Nancemesiter has had her coffee and is mentally alert!

Glad you got to meet Ann. Sorry to hear that the film will take so long to get developed and get sent off to get scanned!! With the way you procrastinate it may be December before we actually get to see those mug shots!

Did I tell you I found the Sweet-n-low chocolate syrup? It was at the very bottom shelf in the diabetic section of the store! I was so thrilled! Now I have to learn about limit setting! Your career sounded very rewarding. I assume you are retired now, and sound like you are enjoying yourself! It's nice to have family around! I love mine, don't know what I'd do without them!

Where are you?????, I've sent you e.mails, I've begged and pleaded...please, please let us know if everything is o.k.! This isn't like you not to post for so long!

Well, time to get ready for the day. Talk with you gals later!
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Good Monday morning everyone

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

I was busy sewing this weekend. Have almost finished the curtains I am making for my trailer. I bought some clip on rings as I thought they would be easier than having to sew on 6 doz rings but they won't hold to the fabric so now I'm thinking of making some eyelets with my buttonhole attachment so I can fit them in. A lot of work for curtains that are only sixteen inches long! I had plastic rings sewn on the old curtain but some are broken and I can't find anymore to match.

I got off to a good start this morning by doing 3 miles on the SB. I have to get my butt moving again as I've been neglecting the exercises lately. I just find it difficult to get in exercise on the days that I am working so I try to make up for it on my days off. Hope to get out to badminton this afternoon.

Deb - Down to 126 - WOW. The only reason I take the kids to McD's is because they have a play area that the kids love. I certainly wouldn't go there for the food although the kids do like it and it's relatively cheap. Usually when I take them there I try to eat before I go. I searched their menu for something decent but didn't see one salad item. That's great that you got to meet Amser. Hope to see some pics soon. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Frog - I've been using FITDAY and I find that they give such high fat content in most meats. I can't believe it can be so high even in a very lean piece of meat.

Fly - Sounds like your friend is trying to sabotage your efforts. She is probably jealous of you. I'm sure you can stay strong and resist. Too bad you didn't like the WW pancakes. Have you tried making french toast with SGWW bread. This is a legal alternative and I think taste better than the ww pancakes. I made the Spicy Lasagna tonite and it turned out good. I will post the recipe soon as I get it typed up. I agree with you on Fitday - their fat calculations, particularly for meat, seem extremely high. Although I checked another site and their figures were as high or in some cases even higher than Fitday. I only found one beef entry that was relatively low on Fitday so I will have to try and find it again the next time I have beef. That lentil soup sounds good.

Sef - I used to sew a lot, now I only sew when I have to. I enjoyed making things for my daughter when she was little. I also made some things for myself, partcularly pants as it was often difficult to find pants that fit. That was in my skinnier days. Once I gained weight it took too much fabric and it just wasn't economical anymore. Sounds like you had a very considerate dh. I've been working in geriatrics for the last 10 years. I enjoy working with the older people and certainly don't find it depressing. We have a good Recreational staff and they have lots of activities for the residents both in the facility and frequent outside trips. Before that I worked with the physically handicapped for many years but they closed the hospital as they wanted to get the residents out into the community. It's too bad it closed as it was like one big family with lots of activities and outings for the residents. I know some of them are happy to be out in the community but quite a lot of them were quite happy where they were. Anyway that's progres I suppose.

Rhroo - That's great news that your hubby is doing so well. It must give you a good feeling that your are helping him to eat healthy and exercise. I wouldn't worry too much if he wants to nibble on carrots - I assume you are talking about raw carrots and these have a gi of only 30 according to Montignac. It is the cooked carrots that have the high gi.

All for now. Have to get to the store. I'm going to look in another store for some plastic rings for my curtains. It's either sew on 72 rings of make 72 mini buttonholes.


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Good Morning All

Haven't read all the posts so I have to catch up, but unsure if I'll be able to. Going to Cedar Point tomorrow so will be busy tonight. Doing good here, got rather burnt yesterday on the river and then went on Lake Michigan for fireworks. Couldn't believe how shallow the river was, we sheared a pin on the boat motor by hitting a stump. Then we got up a little farther and it was only 6 inches deep. We were totally shocked it's usually never that shallow. So we turned back around and left, did catch a 20 inch pike though. That was fun I really enjoyed that. I caught a little sucker and had to throw him back. Didn't get home until 1:30 am last night and got by _ss up this morning at 5:30 to go to work. YUK!!!! Pretty tired today and will be going to bed early tonight.
Did okay on the food over the weekend, but could've been better it just seems like go, go, go and I haven't been grocery shopping and running out of food in the house. Drank a few beers, but didn't affect my weight at all. THANK GOD!!! Actually have cut back quite a bit, so it must of helped.

Well done rambling on and on. Everyone take care and probably won't talk to you much the rest of the week.
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Talking Good Monday Morning!

This will be short. I hope to get back on tonight for a longer post.
Ijust wanted to let everyone know that I am back on track and back down to 241--my low.

I hope to do a little writing tonight about what this last year has meant to me. I'll try to post it either tonight or in the morning.

Thanks to everyone for their good wished on the surgery tomorrow. It will be tomorrow afternoon so it will probably be wednesday or thursday before I post afterwards.

Deb--congrats on the new low--looks like you are doing the chunks thing too. Can you hear them as they are falling off your body? Hopefully even with TOM fluctuations you will be able to stay at or below goal!

July 10, 2000
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Hey Y'all!

Got Michael off to school in a flash and without a hitch today. Came back and got in my walk, just walked, no jogs. Must of slept wrong, my should blade is aching this morning. With being up and dressed already, there are no excuses for me NOT to walk-unless we have extrememly early plans, or the weather is bad, I'll be walking!!!

On June 19th, I wrote down the predictions my WEIGHT COMMANDER gives me for the next 90 days. On 6/19 my weight was 129.5-for 7/19-the prediction was 126.25-it will be interesting to see what comes up on that date. 8-17 was 124.25 and 9/16 is 123-which I REALLY wouldn't mind having that! Of course, these predictions change every single day-I wrote these down because they seemed to be numbers that sounded achievable.

NANCE, I'll surprise you, I'll have those pictures loaded up on the computer before VEGAS! Seriously, I'll have the film done before the end of the month Glad we got in a short chat this morning!!!

ROSALIE, hmmm, I'm surprised that the McD's in Canada doesn't have salads-they sure have them down here. I know the kids like going there, what kid doesn't?!? Well, maybe the fish sandwich is a lot better than here in the states! I'm sure that one time won't make the scale go up Good luck with your curtains-I envy anyone who can sew-my limit is a button So, how are you planning on celebrating your birthday???

RALY, have fun a Cedar Point tomorrow! You rafting trip sounds fun, even with the few snags you encountered.

FILLISE, glad to see things are going in the right direction!! Keep it up!! Again, good wishes for tomorrow, my thoughts are with you. Hmmm, chunks, I'd love that if my thighs would just fall off, my love handles, my flabby chunks on my arms! Nah, I don't hear them, but some days I sure take notice of hearing the call of the potty and it seems in one way or another, the lbs are being flushed down the toilet Can't wait to read your 1 YEAR SYNOPSIS!! Have to give it a catchy title

I'm outta here for the day. Eli is at work and the kids are going to be with their Dad this evening, so I'm headed out for a while, won't be back til this evening.

If you are interested in being involved in the ROUND ROBIN TELEPHONE CALLS please, make sure you e-mail me with your telephone address!! I'd like to get this going sometime this month

Again a reminder that TOMORROW IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST and it's also TUESDAYS TIPS so if you have any great tips you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them tomorrow.

I'll check in with you all tonight!

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Let's see, went to NH, took gd to work, went to Sam's, put away groceries. Although not the 40# container of Kitty Litter. I put it in the cart and in the trunk, I ache so it can stay and ds will take it out. At any rate, it is now time to rest and what better way, short of a lie down, than w/ yo'all.

Deb - Found the Tortilla recipe on the Board, but if you'd like to post the second one for comparison, that would be nice. How do you make the chips? Just cut in wedges and put in oven? Spray lightly w/ a little oil, salt and then oven? How about Cajun
seasoning or Taco? HMmmmmmm. I used to buy Bagel chips.

I made baking powder biscuits using SGWW flour. They were a little crumbly and dry. I did add extra baking powder, I think they could also have used more shortening. I also thought if I had used regular WW flour they might have been less coarse. I will
say this I made two casseroles w/ biscuit tops. The WW one is gone and the regular one is still in fridge. Any thoughts on flour. Reg WW flour contains only I'll have to post the casserole recipe
when I perfect the biscuit top. WW. DIET DEPOT? How cool!

Nance - Glad son is improving. When the pain is no longer there to remind him to take it easy. He will discover "I have nothing to do!"

Glad you found syrup. To me it seems a little goes a long way. I don't think I use as much in a glass of milk as I did w/ good ol' Hershey's. Usually tho I use it for choc or mocha shakes.

Yes, I'm retired. With back and arthritis I can no longer do the work. Pushing wheel chairs, repostioning patients or supporting them while they walk is hard work!! Hmmm, maybe a job as Activity Director on a cruise ship!

I am so lucky that I have the family I do. Dh and I must have done something right! And dil is like a daughter and friend. I have a great dd too, although I don't think we could live together.

Rosalie - Why do you need eyelets? They are clip on rings and don't need holes, at least the ones I have used don't. You could have bought curtains and shortened them, but then where would be the satrisfqaction of doing it yourself? Recreational staff is very important, a lot of clients would just sit if there wasn't something for them to do. They don't always have the initiative to start something for themselves. Altho I worked w/ head traumas and enjoyed it, I really like the geris, that's why I volunteer at the NH. We had a transitional program for the traumas to help them return to the community, but many can't and really need the structure a facility gives. It's not always
progress, it's funding. OOPS! Soapbox again!

ralynne - Sounds like the river has become a stream! We always carried a little box of pins when we had the boat. The Delaware isn't always that deep either.

Fillise - Happy Anniversary. And you're back on track! Yippee! We will all be thinking about you tomorrow.

Take care all and keep

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Just a quickie

Sef - I bought some clip on rings for the curtains but they don't seem to hold. I think they are meant for a finer fabric. That's why I was thinking of eyelets so I could push them through the holes. I'm still looking for the plastic rings but haven't found any yet.

Fly - I have posted the recipe for the Spicy Lasagna.

Fillise - HAPPY SB ANNIVERSARY and I wish you well for your surgery tomorrow.

All for now.

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NANCE--Thanks for missing me. Itís always nice to be missed. My computer was down for a week because lightening in the area caused a spike that zapped my network card. So that took about a week before I bothered to get it fixed. Then I got busy with other stuff, and it started to be a habit not to get to the computer.

I saw SolShine the other day at the gym where we both work out. She looks great, but is still discouraged because she is not losing at the rate she had hoped. Iíve started walking on the TM more faithfully, and hope to get in 5 days of 3 miles. I lift weights 2 days, and the other 2 days are Sunday and Tuesday, when I work or teach and am so busy that I know, realistically that I couldnít get in that walk.

BTW, Nance, check my e-mail info on the bio board. I changed it recently and so you may have been sending to my old address. That is probably why I never received your e-mails.

Have a great Monday, y'all. It is raining here today. A nice steady rain, and we won't complain. We certainly need all the water we can get in this state.
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Hi everyone!

I've just found a link to your board on THS and here I am. Are newbies welcomed? I hope so because I need the motivation to get back on track with this way of eating. (I've gained several pounds since Christmas). I posted my bio on the other thread and will be checking for your replies! Annie
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Okay.....where do I start.....what do I say???? BOB is speechless!

Now that I have your attention...for those of you who don't really know me, BOB IS NEVER SPEECHLESS.....

FROG Yes, I watched BIG BROTHER...(forgot about SAT), I'm watching FEAR FACTOR right now...Wasn't too happy with the new
REAL WORLD, but will give it another chance...I think BIG BROTHER is going to be GREAT!!!! We'll see just how far that BIG ORANGE FAN goes...he's a little I don't have "to the end" hope for him...
Glad you got to "try" out the back yard condo ...Now you all can take those "DAVY CROCKETT" weekend trips to the SMOKIES!

FILLESE DO YOU FEEL THOSE GOOD VIBES COMING YOUR WAY??? Believe me....they are all around you...Let us know just as soon as you can "peck out" a few words....

DEB I'm catching all those little punds about coffee that are flying around this board!!! I got my COLUMBIAN today and it came from YORK,PA.....not SEATTLE!!!! Three coupons two of which I have to use in the grocery and a buy one get one FRAPACHINO...
I don't know if Vegas is ready for YOU, NANCE and ME all ALONE and UNCHAPERONED!!!! FROGGIE YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!
What happened to Kim going? I thought that was a sure thing?
Isn't SOL coming too? AND WHERE IS ELI GOING??? Is he not coming? I thought for sure he would be staying in the PARTAY would be such a change for him since he has to sleep in the FARTAY room every night!!!


Sorry I missed everyone else, but I have to watch this...I've got all fingers and toes crossed that this will become another syndicated show they will put on A&E on a regular basis!

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