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Here's my Tuesday Tip...How to Boost Your Metabolism from Myria's website.

Losing weight happens by burning more calories each day than you CONSUME. If you can boost your metabolism, you will be able to burn more calories per day and lose weight, assuming you're following a healthy diet. Writer Dan Burley explains how to boost your metabolism the natural way.

Use everyday tasks to help you :

Naturally boosting your metabolism comes from doing everyday tasks that will increase your metabolism, not by diet pills or potion. The weight loss industry makes millions every year by taking advantage of consumer's lack of basic nutritional knowledge. Most herbs will NOT boost your metabolism, and those that do, contain an amphetamine-like substance that literally puts you on a "high." Don't be fooled. The only real way to boost your metabolism takes effort and planning. We have a few suggestions that will help.

Avoid diets that are TOO low in calories:

Diets that are 1,000 calories or less may help you lose weight at first, but overly restrictive diets lead to binging. They also slow your metabolism because your body goes into "survival mode" to conserve calories. Rapid weight loss will consist of water with very little loss of fat. Weight is quickly gained back because more fluid than fat was lost.

Don't skip meals:

Your body is the furnace and food is the logs. DON'T let your furnace (metabolism) burn low. Eat nutritious snacks between meals. The most popular meal to skip is breakfast. DON'T DO IT. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you energy to perform important tasks and it helps prevent snacking on junk food later in the morning.

Take frequent walking breaks:
The more you move around during the day, the more calories you burn. If possible, take a five minute walking break around your work area (inside or out) every hour.

Take the longest route:

We naturally take the path of least resistance. When walking, take the longest route. This applies to anywhere you go. If you work at a big company and must frequently walk to other buildings, use that time to put in some extra walking. The more active you are, the easier losing weight will become.

Exercise for 30 minutes or more:

The body starts to dip into its fat reserve after 30 minutes of continuous exercise. Your exercise pace should be enough for you to talk but not sing.

I'm home today, but hope to go to work at some point, my littlest, Michael (he's 2) is having some trouble with his Asthma and I want to get him checked by the Dr., but can't get in until 9:45, so I copied all of your posts from this week so far and plan to do some catch up reading and respond to you all a bit later.

Have a super Tuesday!
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Yesterday was a disaster. We had a last minute lunch meeting called and we had to leave at 11am to get there and it was going to last until 2pm. No way could I eat lunch here before or wait until after --- I figured I’d just have to figure what I could eat and eat a lot of that. Well, it was more a deli luncheon so that was good. I skipped the potato and pasta salads and got several pieces of roast beast, turkey, Swiss cheese and a piece of provolone cheese and skipped right past the dessert table. Well, since I’ve been coming in at 15-19% fat I had figured I could afford some butter in my oatmeal in the morning – soooooo after that and the cheese and the roast beast my fat percentage on fitday was up to 47% fat!!!! OMG!!! It has to be wrong, doesn’t it? Hindsight, I might have tried to sneak in my lunch, but it was a business lunch and I just wasn’t sure how well that would have gone over. It was impromptu and very secretive as to the agenda, but important enough for quite a few big wigs to have come in off vacation for the meeting. Turns out the company was sold to USA Networks. Our now former owners got paid a pretty multi-million dollar penny for a company they started from nothing by maxing out their credit cards. Nice to know it can still happen in America. Also, the new company has promised to keep things exactly the same – after all, what we’re doing here must work or we wouldn’t be so profitable. They said they’ll pretty much leave us alone and enjoy the additional revenues from buying us as long as we’re making the numbers….doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me if it’s true – NOW, if they’ll just throw in some stock options and discounts at their other companies like Home Shopping Network and Ticketmaster!

With my face aches and eye problems I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday. I’m really feeling guilty and desperate to get back into the gym. did that come out of my fingertips???? I know that my weight doesn’t come off by itself I have to be exercising to get results from the plan. I’ve also had no problem getting my 1900 calories the past few days and have cut it close or gone over a couple of days – I much prefer to be cutting it very close and struggling to get there – means it will be easier to go down when the weight goes down and the calories need to go with it.

I think it’s going to be chick flick day tomorrow. I don’t really want to get out in the heat and battle the crowds. Vince will be on bike patrol so it’s not like he’s going to be doing anything that I need to be there for support for this year. Last year the Honor Guard presented the flag and it was a big deal for him so I went and filmed it and fussed over him and the other guys – made ‘em all feel good even though they pshawed me for doing it. I could tell some of them were tickled since their wives don’t really give a crap about what they do. They have the biggest grins in the pictures I took. I’m roasting a turkey tomorrow too. I wish they made sandwich meat without all the preservatives and crap in it. We may start roasting a turkey or something every other week or so for sandwich/salad meat.

Someone asked about the food scale and I can’t remember who, I’m sorry. But I saved the box and I’lll post the info on it from home. It was about 30 bucks. White, electronic. Has a platform and if you’re using a container you can put the container on the platform empty, set the weight for pounds or ounces, weigh and then push a “tare” button and it will reset the scale at zero from there so when you add the food it doesn’t weigh the container. It’s pretty cool and easy to use. I really like it cause I’ve been guessing at my cheese for so long now.

LDBLOND – Those big screens for work are nice, until you don’t want someone to see your screen, huh? I am so thankful that my computer screen faces away from anyone. They’d have to walk around behind my desk to see what’s on my computer. I hope things slow down for you soon!

DEBBIE – CONGRATS ON THE NEW ALL TIME LOW!!! 127 – I think I may have been 10 years old last time I saw that weight. I remember weighing 135 in 7th grade and that was 11 or 12 yrs. old. It keeps threatening to rain at our house, but hasn’t so far and my little tomato plant could really use it. (But not tomorrow!) It’s rained everywhere in our neighborhood except for our little loop! I drive through rain on the way home just knowing the yard finally got some rain and our loop is bone dry – go figure!!

NANCEMEISTER – That scrapbooking could be a little side business for you. I have one I have only gotten about 4 pages done and about 100 pictures to add to it! Here at work we’ve had (paid for) several to be put together for various and sundry reasons. We hired this chick to do one for the owners of our company on the 17th anniversary of the company being founded. Everyone submitted pictures, poems, thoughts, quotes, anything they wanted and could think of and this girl took it all and made a huge, beautiful, colorful “book of memories” for them. Turns out it was perfect timing as they announced yesterday they just sold the company. (The book was my idea – some role model I am, huh? Just glad they didn’t ask me to put it together!!!)

ADAMSRIB – I work with a bunch of 30 and 40-ish “social butterflies”. They throw some of the greatest “theme” parties. We just had a happy hour “remove the curse” party to ward off anymore sink holes from forming under our building. Part of the ceremony included “Put the Lime in the Coconut”. It was fun. Loved your motivational story. That’s all we can do sometimes, but it sure it nice to have someone to cry with when you need it. Personally, I prefer B-52’s or B-53’s if I’m going to have anything with Kaluha in it. Your story about your husband leaving a stink bomb behind for you to claim was tooo funny!! I was laughing my head off over here and now I have to share with my office mate so he doesn’t think I’m crazy. (I just hope he doesn’t go pull this one on his wife now!)

FLY - You’ll get used to reading those labels! I hate to think of what Meister and I looked like in the grocery store the first few times we went shopping for SB friendly foods! There’s a thread Debbie started on “Favorite SB Friendly Foods” for a start. I know Del Monte chopped canned tomatoes are the only ones without added sugar in our store. (ALL brands of the flavored ones have added sugar). CLASSICO has quite a few spaghetti sauces without sugar and I think Del Monte has canned spaghetti sauce without sugar now, too. WE tried it last week and Vince said it will make a better pizza sauce. I have a couple of recipes from Cooking Light on making your own spaghetti sauce which is much healthier I’ll try to post.

FATCAT – I’ve found using FitDay really helps, too! I thought I was eating well balanced meals, but realized I was eating way too much fat when I started using Fitday. I’ve gotten much better, but blew it yesterday. I actually enjoy eating more “whole” foods and less cooking and I certainly feel better since I’ve been doing this. Can’t wait to see what my blood tests reveal.

FROG – Loved your quote! I think that’s sooooo cool that hubby does yoga with you! Vince keeps trying to get me to do his martial arts stuff with him, but I’m just not interested. We do rollerblade together and work out at the same gym (just not usually at the same time). He would LOVE to talk to your hubby. He has total admiration for the Rangers, Seals, etc. and is in great awe of them. You are on a roll cleaning up your body, soul and spirit! If that includes cleaning up your friends, then, so be it. If you start filling your schedule with people and events (camping in your 2nd home) that you enjoy and build you up then you just won’t have time for all that negative influence in your life. I was excited when I moved to Orlando to be able to “start afresh” with new, better kinds of friends, new job, new independence, etc…. And started down the same path I had been in before, just in a new city. When I ended up getting a really good job and started making friends there I just didn’t have time for the “old” crowd and the “new” friends were ambitious, kind-hearted, fun and responsible – it was just what I had wanted and the transition was a smooth one since I already had plans when my old friends called. With DH supporting your decision that’s going to be an easy one. You have WAY TOO MUCH going for you and WAY TOO MUCH to give to people for your time to be wasted on people who don’t appreciate how wonderful you are. OOOhhhh, muscle tone --- I long for the day when you can see muscle tone on my body……..’scuse me while I drift off into fantasy land……………

QUILTER - Your persistence is motivating and it will pay off! I’ve been slack in the exercise department – well, I guess I can blame it on the stupid eye/face thing – when your head is pounding it’s hard to get to the gym and, for some reason my energy was totally zapped, too. Thankfully, the scale is still holding at 201.5. I plan to get my rear in gear so I can post about adding jogging, too, one day! The poem was very cool; thanks for sharing it!

SEF - We didn’t have Home Depot in Mississippi when I first moved down here and every time my parents came to visit my dad would find some project he HAD to take on at our house just so’s he could run to Home Depot! Now we find ourselves going quite a bit, but we aren’t on a first name basis with them. You crack me up! So glad you post here!

AMSERAPHIM – Hey – ain’t nuthin’ wrong with 3 – 3.2 mph club – That’s the one I’m in! We’ll have a happy dance celebration when we “graduate” from that one! Crabbing? I’m soooo jealous!! We ate at a wonderful seafood restaurant when we passed through Savannah on our vacation – can’t remember the name of it, but they had a hole in the table that was right over the garbage can for you to put your shells in. Everyone around us was so nice and friendly we had a huge multi-table conversation during dinner. That would NEVER happen in Florida – not enough “true southerners” here. They look at me like I’m crazy just for saying, “hi” in the elevator (I secretly enjoy making them squirm). “Oh, no, it’s that weird girl that always looks me in the eye and tells me good morning. Look at the floor – look at the floor – maybe she’ll ignore me – oh, no……….” I’m gonna have to come up there for some gardening lessons, myself – I do finally have 2 tomatoes changing to orange on my lone plant – Vince and I are like expecting parents brooding over these tomatoes.

RHOO NO WAY will we get sick of hearing the Hubby Health Updates!! Keep ‘em coming and, I’m anticipating that every day will be as good as this one!! Those guys DO lose it quicker, don’t they? For his sake I do hope it comes off pretty easy – don’t know how well they can cope with those stalls – they’re hard enough for us women even with this great support group! Maybe you could do like I did in high school and change clothes on the way to the concert? NOOOOO!!! That would be teaching those children bad habits. Bad Sonya! Bad Sonya!! But, I for one, think if you have gotten to where you can wear a leather skirt without looking like a cow who strayed from the field you absolutely SHOULD! I’d be checked for branding and sent out to pasture. You work nights? No wonder you can hang at all these late night concerts! When we first got married Vince worked nights and I worked days – on his days off he kept the same sleeping schedule so we hardly ever slept in the bed at the same time, unless we “planned” it. You have my utmost respect!! Funny thing about those budgets….I had planned on getting rid of that responsibility when I got married and it hasn’t happened in my house either…although now I kind of like the power of the say so if we can afford it or not… to LV, yes – a new rifle scope – no, sorry, can’t afford it.

KRISTA – My weight is coming off at slower than a snail’s pace, BUT I do feel better. Staying the same is a victory in my book – especially if the scale has been consistently going up as it was in my case. I can hardly keep up with this board, so, sorry, no, I don’t do the SweetTalk board. Sounds like if that board has a lot of people sending out negative thoughts and ideas that it’s no wonder people are leaving. You hear something long enough and you’ll start to believe it whether it’s true or not.


HAVE A GREAT DAY, EVERYONE!! (Sorry for the book, but there were just that many posts to catch up on - I you all are so wonderful I just didn't want to miss anyone!)

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Angry Good Tuesday Morning!

I hope everyone is having and good day. I'm going to the dentist this afternoon, which is my LEAST favorite thing in the world! I know it is good for me in the long run, but I still despise it.

A year ago I would have comforted my self with lots of food for days leading up to the visit and then again for days afterwards. Of course I did that with anything that caused the least little bit of stress in my life.

In the last year I'm amazed at how much less emotional my eating has become. Even when I respond to emotions with an urge to eat something, I can recognize it and ask myself "what will the food acomplish here?" Usually the answer is that the food won't do anything to solve the problem--so it becomes easier to reject eating as a response.

And so this leads to my tip for the day. I've tried it and it really works. If you get the urge for food that is not OP try eating something that is OP (On Program for you newbies) andwait 20 minutes to see if the urge goes away. It almost always does. A handful of nuts or some cheese on triscuits almost always satisfies me to the point that I no longer want the illegal foods. On the very few occasions that doesn't work, then I pull out my SB legal chocolate have have a square. That feels sufficently wicked enough to satisfy my urge to be bad (and you know, sometimes I girl just has to be bad ).

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my tip of the day found on PREVENTION

To keep your metabolism chugging in high gear, you need strength training. If you work your major muscle groups twice a week, you can expect to replace 5 to 10 years’ worth of muscle loss in just a few months. Lifting weights can literally reverse the aging process, so you look and feel years, maybe decades, younger.

Lifting weights increases your calorie burn in other ways too. In one study, 15 sedentary people in their 60s and 70s who strength trained 3 days a week for 6 months increased their daily calorie burn by more than 230 calories. Almost 1/3 of the increase was from a boost in their metabolism due to the muscle they gained.

The remaining calories were burned as a result of their workouts, their increased daily activity and something called “afterburn,” which is an added attraction of strength training exercise. Depending on how hard you work out, explains study author Gary R. Hunter, Ph.D., of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, your metabolism can stay elevated for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished lifting.

“As a bonus, strength training builds bone,” says Dr. Farrell. “Though we tend to think of bones as ‘dead,’ they are very alive and highly active. Strong bones use more nutrients and ultimately burn more calories than weak bones do!”
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Me again!

Waiting to hear from Eli and when he'll be home. Technically, he's suppose to be off today, but he had a couple people he had to go interview, so I haven't a clue when he'll be home at this point. Not sure what we are doing. Find that when he's home we go out and spend money we don't have!

RALY, those are all good sources of protein that you can eat, but with animal proteins do watch out for fats. SB recommends no more than 30% of your total calorie intake come from fats and only 10 of that should be saturated, so do keep this in mind. Use the "standard" serving sizes for meat and chicken, which I believe is 3-4ounces a serving (someone correct me if I am wrong, this is from memory). Hard cheeses 1 ounce. Look at the serving size on containers, that's what I usually go by. Sorry you can't make it to chat, it's 9:15EST. Enjoy your time with the family

AR, don't worry about the scale staying the same. You dropped a lot of weight in a 2 week period and probably your body is taking some time to adjust. Of course, ditching the liquor will definitely help. Many have cut out wine and found the scale just drops when they do. It's not like you can't live without drinking for a little while, is it? You'll see a big improvement on the scale is you do!! Oh trust me, I would of ripped the house apart if I had the scale hidden from me! How many places did you look until you finally located the metal monster??? Superstars sound like a place I'd like - is there one in the Edmonton Mall? If we make it there, you'll have to clue me in to where to go!!!!

RALY, you know, as we age, it's harder to get the weight off. I lost my weight last time in quicker time I believe, but then when you lose it quicker, "they" say it comes back on quicker as well. I found that patience is definitely one of the great keys to being successful on this WOE. Try not to compare this time and last time, this is a whole new ballgame, but you're going to win it, for sure! Thanks for the Tuesday Tip on Metabolism - I swear one day, I will do some strength training!

LDBLOND, let us know how Michael is - hope all is okay. Those were great tips, thanks for posting them!!!

SOL, don't think of yesterday as a disaster, but more of a learning experience. I've gone over my fat grams MANY times in the past, you can't be perfectly on target each and every day - esp. when those feasting times happen during those TOM! I'm sure it won't effect you, so I wouldn't worry about it. What is more important is that you were trying to stay in range and you were conscience of what you were eating - you could of easily thrown all caution to the wind if you wanted, but you did well, passing up all the crap food - I give you a thumbs up!!!!!!! Proud of you! How are you feeling since uping your calorie intake?? I hope you can get back into the gym - funny how you miss it now, huh? I'm sure you will enjoy the new scale - does it weigh in grams and ounces? I am going to treat myself to a new one with grams, mine is only in ounces and sometimes I have to convert to get the right calories of a food. Thanks for the congrats

FILLISE, hope all goes well at the Dentist and he's able to do whatever he has to without any pain - I hate the dentist as well! Isn't it amazing how much you have changed in this past year. It amazed me too how I have control over my emotional eating now-just by cutting out the one thing that I use to find solitude in-imagine that! That's great you've been able to do it as well-kudos to you! Thanks for posting that tip-it's a goodie!

Okay, I'm outta here-I'll check in with you all later.

In case you forget (yeah, right!), TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!! I hope the scales are kind to us all tomorrow!!

See you at chat tonight! Remember 9:15pm est!!

Sb since 3/22/00
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Here I am for my morning fix! This board means a lot to me. I know I am not alone fighting against years of weight abuse.

seraphim - My you are the busy girl! How nice to be able to catch your own crabs and then be able to serve them up! I never did measure myself, just go by the fit of my clothes. I had to buy smaller underpants, the old ones (which weren't really old as I had bought them just before I started this woe) are waaaaaaaay too big. Also bra has gone from a tight first hook all the way to a comfortable last hook! So I know how great you feel about smaller waist! We feel great for you!

Adams - Poor you! Forced to watch the children at play instead of mopping floors!

OOPS! I am from Louisiana! Wal-Mart has a store they call a Super Store that has just about anything, plus groceries. Didn't know I was misleading you. I have been to Canada but like a lot of tourists just around the Niagara Falls area, and that was back in the days of the dinosaurs, when I was a kid!!!!

Rhroo - How we get sick of your ongoing saga w/ dh? We want to see how your good efforts for him are rewarded. Men are like dogs, remember to reward and praise him along the way! Can't believe I said that!

For me pre-preparing the food is my laziness, only one mess to clean up. Also it makes it easier for me to stick to woe.

Krista - I've been to the Sweettalk Board. To me it is a more clinical board. It just doesn't have the warmth of this board. We seem to be more caring. I have learned some things there which have helped. But if I'm short of time I will always come here
for that boost in motivation! Also a lot of the same stuff has been learned here.

About the BBQ. You can have WW macaroni salad (make w/ Sugar free mayo, the only type I have found here is Sugar Busters!) you can have WW hamburger rolls, Nature's Own and Sunbeam both make them. I have not seen hot rolls in our area
although I understand they make them. I wouldn't have both salad and rolls, I would choose between them. Offer to bring something to BBQ and make it something you can have, veggie tray and dip, the salad, the rolls, diet soda, Crystal Lite, there are
so many things that we would not have thought of before this woe. I'm sure others have suggestions too.

ralynne - Seems to me you are getting a workout just getting that deck built. That is not your usual work and involves exerting energy. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Deb - We are all dancing for you. You are fantastic!

Ldblond - Your tips are well taken, like most we have seen some of them before but we need to be reminded constantly. Thank you.

Sol - As I read your post, I thought what is she complaining about, stuck to the proteins, passed up the desert table. Good for her! Then I read further. Still you could have done worse. Somethimes we just have to cope the best way we can. It will probab;y all even out in the end.

Believe me Home Depot is addictive! Thw kids are painting again. They rented a tall ladder, you know how high cathedral ceilings and walls can be. Home Depot is closed tomorrow so they feel they got a bargain, two days for the price of one!

The stairway to my rooms and the upper hall are so light and bright now. I really like it. Just makes me nervouse to see them on ladder, I'm chicken about heights!

Fillise - You are so right w/ your tip. I just sit there and struggle, saying I won't eat
anything, when I could eat something that was right OP. Then maybe feel better
about it all.

Why is it wwe dread the dentist so much? Is it because we have sit there with our mouths wide open unable to talk or God forbid, not be able to put food in? It's almost like going to the GYN, all opened up and defenseless, of course we could always kick
the doctor in the chops! Oh well, I digress! Dentists never bother me, just another thing that has to be done!

Why am as always so "long fingered", I don't talk this much. At least I don't think I do. Although I will admit to long telephone conversations with my friends. But that is because we don't talk everyday.....isn't it?

I think it was Deb who said it gets harder as we get older to lose the weight (like she's old!!!!) and she's right. Seems like it's slower for me this time, but that's okay, I have plenty of time.

Take care all.
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Thumbs up The Dentist

Here is why we all hate the Dentist so much--IT HURTS!!!!! Even for something as routine as a cleaning it still HURTS!!! In fact mine was so bad today we had to stop so I could come back and be put under anesthesia for the rest of the cleaning to be done. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! How long has it been since my last cleaning you ask? Years? Nope, only a little over 6 months. My dentist is personally a sweet man, but it doesn't matter. Even when they are gentle--IT HURTS! I once had a friend who dated a dental student. I advised her to break it off because he was a man in training to inflict pain and suffering on people. It would just be a matter of time before he inflicted it on her too. An I was right. He HURT her! Now I get to go back in two weeks for the rest of this. Why oh why did I quite eating to comfort myself? Now all I can do is vent my frustrations on this board!!!!!!

(deep breath) OK. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


ps--WooooHooo to Deb on 127!!!!!
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I have 7 minutes to post......ARGH!!!

Frog-Please post your chicken salad on the board. Sounds yummy! Glad to hear you are seeing some definition in you body. That must be exciting!!

Fly-I ate cold steak the other day...better than grabbing some of the others things within my reach. Protein is always a good choice I figure!

Quilter-Loved the, it wasn't "too far out" for us people! I actually read a book called "The wisdom of Tao"...I think that was the title. Lots of good proverbs!

Sef-Love naps, take them whenever I can...which usually isn't until the weekends! Where do you get the SF chocolate syrup? What brand is it?

AR-I was the one that asked about if your hair looked like Susan it lloks good with that tan you have going on. You'd never know I live in Palm Springs with how WHITE my legs are!!!

Rhroo-Glad to hear DH is on plan. He'll start getting motivated, see results, gain confidence, and then won't be so dependent on you! Should make things easier for you cooking to convince the kids they don't need sugar! I'm slowly working on mine!

Kristen-I thought you were MIA!!! I haven't been on Sweet Talk.
My friend Lara (aka lbblond who USUALLY post on the board) goes there sometimes....but nothing beats this crazy bunch! What are you planning for the holiday? The only thing that sounds legal is the hot dog. Be prepared today so you don't beat yourself up tomorrow!!!!

Where are you????? You used to post daily and now have vanished? I depend on your wise words of wisdom and the board hasn't been the same without you!!! No sport talk, no BOB harrassing, what's up?

Go find your master and tell her that I want to have a word with her!!!

Well time to get back to work! Talk with you all tonight! Dibs on the blue monster!
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Default Have a question

Hi guys I am just getting my dh's birthday dinner on the go here and making him a cake but I need to know before I eat can I have sourdough bread?????would really apprecaite an answer before I eat will check back in a few thanks so much
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ADAMSRIB - Yes, Sourdough bread is okay. Have fun tonight!

For more information check: when you have reading time. (to go straight to the sourdough part just use control + F and search for "sourdough" it'll take you directly to those parts)

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Default Hullo everybodee

Hi to all! Tuesday tip: Keep your water up. Hard to do this time of year.

I think u all are right. PMS. It was confirmed today when I saw a deer in a field (a rarity here) and burst into tears it was so great. Thank the Lord I was alone. Lost it in Walmart trying to check labels with my two youngest. I did manage to exit with Natural peanut butter and All fruit strawberry spread. I'm going to bake soon with whole wheat bread in pantry so I'm ready.

I've decided to work out before I read posts. I feel so guilty sitting at computer if I haven't worked out. Swam 30 minutes and thought "why don't I do this every day?". I may try to wander in the chat room tonight but I may be comatose on the couch. I get reluctant to do things I haven't tried.

About those scales. I can't wait to get on mine tommorrow. I have high hopes. My pants feel loose. (Which means the lines around my waist are smaller )

DEB-AWESOME!!!! 127!!! Must be all that running you are doing.
I'm right behind you girl.

Krista-It's my first too. I'm having hambrgr sans bun with mustard. Lots of salad with my new favorite olive oil & vinegar dressing. And smoothie when they have watermelon. I'm with you on the beer though. I am suffering here too. Especially a day with the kids. It's nice to have one to unwind.

sef-Let's here it for the Canadians! I think blueberries have an ingredient that inhibits the ability of bacteria to stick to cell wall of urethra. I'm glad you all realized I wasn't eating raw meat. Although the family w/probably throw some to me if my grumps continue much longer.

AR-You were so "on" about reading the posts. I think I'm trading one addition for another. At least this ones supportive and healthy!! Your "scale" stories are hilarious!

Rhoo--I hope the dh doesn't have the grumps like I'm having. You are the best wife!!!

Quilter-Hey girl. The calorie thing I plan is alternating amounts like Monday 1500
Tuesday 1300
Wednesday 1500
Thursday 1700
Friday 1300
Saturday 1500
Sunday 2000
Not using Fitday but gonna check it out. Right now on WEBmd diet & fitness diary. You are so smart to change your TM time. The hard body mags I used to read are talking about varying your workout and you do it naturally.

Raylynn-Will your mom adopt me too? Be nice to have someone cook for me.

Lara-sorry about Michael. Hope all is well. It's sad to think of a baby struggling to breathe. BTW copying posts and reading them elsewhere is a genius stroke. Thanks.

Sol-U are too great! Thanks for your suggestion on the thread for the store. I may have to rely on that with time being so short for me.

Nancy-you go with the scrapbooks. I have always avoided that because I know how hooked I'll get and then be $500 lighter.

So all, I'm going to spend QT with husband. Son's been circling the kitchen crabbing about there being nothing to eat. Hoo Boy.
At least I can get off the computer and he'll be sucked into chat land.

Oh....what's with the agave nectar? I know my beloved Tequiza (beer) had blue agave nectar in it. What's the scoop. Also, to Deb--I am so missing bagels with cream cheese. Any suggestions?
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Default Thankyou

thanks solshine we will talk with you tomorrow.hugs
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Evening Everyone!

Like NANCE, I have but a few minutes to get in a post-Eli just ran to the grocery store to get some rice.

Went with Eli, Mom and Lauren to the Dolphin Mall today. Tried on 2 skirts, Mom bought me one, size Petite Small-the other one, which did fit, but didn't like the pleats was a size 6 - thought Mom would faint-she never thought she'd see the day when! I haven't told her I'm at my newest low-don't want to hear it from her that I'm too skinny or look emaciated, so better I say nothing at all.

SEF, I think I don't like the Dentist because he always seems to find SOMETHING! And yes, we are open and defensless like you mentioned. Hate the GYN for that reason as well, heck, I hate all doctors! Insurance agents and real estate agents are up there as well! Umm, I'm getting up there in years - have 93 days left til I hit the big 4-0!

FILLISE, how about we add to it hurts, it costs so much for such a little thing!

NANCE, so, how did things go today???

FLY, agave is a sweetener we can have and I use it in place of sugar/honey. It's only 11 on the GI. Not the easiest stuff to find, can only get it at a HFS. It's not as strong as honey, and it's delicious! Bagels, make your own-there are some recipes on the board I believe-if you can't find them with search, just let me know-but I'm pretty sure there is at least 1 or 2. Hard to find ones these days that don't have a bunch of crap in them.

Okay, time is up - remember again, TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!!!

Hope to see you all for chat tonight!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

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OK, WHO SET SKEETER LOOSE ON ME???? COME ON CONFESS??? Since he's learned to make a buzzing sound

Okay, I can't believe that NO ONE caught "FLY"'s comment
about BOB BEING A MAN!.....FLY....BOB ISN"T A MAN!!!!
It's short for BIG ORANGE BABE!!!

Now, that's out of the way...LADIES....BOB has just not been motivated...I even stopped going to WW's because I felt like I was wasting my money! I've been lurking BIG TIME around here..
Dragging my bottom lip watching all of you racking up the weightloss
Skeeter just glares at me while I'm sitting here grumbling at the computer screen.



I've got it back in was rough there for a while, but I believe.....I HOPE!!!!!

I had a long talk with my friend at work today. (she is my WW's partner) We've both slipped WAY BEYOND CONTROL and it's time to jump back in the middle of the wagon grab the reins, hold on tight AND GO!!
I've actually gained everything that I thought I had in the beginning. I didn't listen to you all when you told me to GET A GRIP BUT, I've got new batterys in the hearing aid and I can even hear that DAMN BUZZING (and we all know who that is)

I'm so behind in posting, that I'm not even going to try and catch up...but will do my best to keep up from now on.

I think I've beat myself up enough, and I've done something here that I certainly dont approve of.....WHINE!!! and YES, I'll have some cheese with that!

I don't have anythings planned tomorrow...Hope it will be a quiet day..I'm like SOL a good movie marathon sounds good!


They've just done a prelim on a story on EXTRA...."WOMAN RUNS
TREAD TO THE RIMS ON NEW HONDA" I think I'll tune in to that one....I think I may know her!!

Later GALS...I'm off to nose around the main board....

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Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday!!!

Well, it’s been a good week so far. And tomorrow is a holiday. Yea for that!!! For some reason on Sunday, I didn’t really want to go to work this week. But I’ve had two really awesome days getting so much done and like I said yesterday laughing a lot. Can’t beat that!

This Tuesday Tip isn’t very “official”, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. A few weeks ago, I showed DEB what I ate in a day and she advised me to get in more fruits. So since then I have been eating A WHOLE LOT of fruit. Three and four times a day (but still meeting my Fitday percentages). Anyways, for years now I’ve always had a “sensitive stomach”. It was never really bad enough to go to the doctor, but it would bother me from time to time. All kinds of foods would affect me negatively (without getting into all the goorry details). Well, since adding so many different fruits to my diet (especially strawberries and blueberries), I have had NO stomach issues. Everything is right as rain and regular as clock work. Of course, I can’t PROVE it, but I think this has to be the solution. It’s the ONLY thing I’ve changed in my diet. Who knows for sure? But I’m sticking to this story. Anybody else had the same or similar thing happen?

SEF---I love cabbage in any form (cooked, raw), but I must confess I fear it just a little bit. It seems like one of those lovely foods that gives off serious repercussions if you get my drift. Have to plan my schedule around it, so we don’t have it too often. LOL Whew! You sure were busy yesterday!!! What kind of vitamins are you taking? I think I need some of them!! Hey, glad I could help on the rice and broth thing!!!

AMSER---I didn’t know you were being a TM queen. How did I miss that???? Anyways, good going!!! Feels great doesn’t it? Hey, you already have tomatoes??? You all are way ahead of us. I don’t think ours start coming in until August. We have generous neighbors with lots of plants, so I’m counting on them again. I LOVE swiss cheese. It’s a must for my sandwiches. The thing that really surprised me was how many more calories there are in a slice of cheese than a slice of lunch meat. I’m not using a low-fat kind, maybe that’s why. You made me LOL about your bagless vacuum. Yes, I do remember that subject. Here’s the funny thing . . . I was just downstairs using my OLD vacuum (that has a bag) and I thought to myself, “Man, I hate that other vacuum.” Isn’t that weird that that we both were thinking about our vacuums. We’re either really clean freaks or we need to get lives!!!! LOL I didn’t know you had IBS. That really sucks!!! Hope it hits the road soon!!! My garden is looking lush, but still kind of wild. It needs work, but at least everything is blooming. Do you have any buddleia (butterfly bush)? I love them. Such a sweet smell and I get several kinds of butterflies each summer.

DEB---I remember when you got those sneakers. Girl, you must be burning rubber out there!!!! Go get you some really great New Balance walking shoes. I have a pair and they are awesom. Also have a pair of Saucony shoes that I use on the TM. They’re expensive, but I really believe footwear is NOT PLACE to scrimp. Our feet need tender loving care!!!! Hey, WAY TO GOOOOOOO ON HITTING 127!!!!!! That is so great!!!!! I’ll bet you were jumping with joy and doing the happy dance all at the same time. Did you get Eli for verification????? Good god, you’ll be at your cushion goal before you know it!!!! Yippee for you!!!!!

LDBLOND---Thanks for the tips. They are GREAT!!!!! And so helpful. I really needed to read them. Thanks for sharing! Hope your cutey pie is feeling better real soon.

SOL---If you are staying in tomorrow, watch the Discovery Channel in the afternoon. There’s a really great decorating guy on there named Christopher Lowell. His show is really great and he has wonderful ideas. If you like that kind of thing, check him out. They said he was having some brand new shows aired tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait. Glad we don’t have any plans. Hey, stop worrying about getting back to the gym. You need to concentrate on getting your face/head/ache thing taken care of. Remember we all should try to do our best. And somedays “our best” isn’t as good as other days. You really need to heal first, then start working out!!!! You sure don’t want to start back too soon and have the face/head/ache thing come back, right???? You’ll get there soon. I can hear in your words that you are wanting to get back to it, so that’s the best sign!!!

FILLISE---Your tip is so true!!! Thanks for reminding me of that. I’ve done the 20 minute wait and IT TRULY WORKS!!! Amazing!!! But what a neat trick!!! Hey, maybe you should try another dentist! Frankly, when I used to have the actual dentist do the cleanings it was misery. But when I changed dentists and she has her hygenists do it, it’s a breeze. Not to throw that in your face or make you feel bad, but I’m wondering if a different office might give you different results. Also, do you floss every day? My gums were so bad they would bleed all the time at each dentist visit. I finally “got” that I could take care of that by flossing every single day. My dentist says it’s more important for people over 35 to floss than it is to brush. I guess because of gum disease. Anyways, good luck. I know that chair can be worse than a torture chamber at times. I feel for you, sweetie!!!

NANCE---Yes, I think we were separated at birth. I have the book called “the Wisdom of Tao” and just haven’t gotten around to read it. Incredible or what????? We are the spiritual seekers. LOL. BTW, I didn’t mean that the quote would be over everybody’s heads . . . I just didn’t know if most people were “into” that sort of thing. Didn’t mean to sound snooty. Sorry if that’s the way it came out!!!

FLYGIRL---Hey so sorry, but I did giggle when you told about crying over the deer and the labels in WalMart. I just felt the need to make that confession. But I hope the hormones will stop raging soon and you’ll be back to normal. Thanks for clearing up my question about your calorie intake. After WIW, I may be doing that . . . I’m not expecting much for some reason tomorrow. Not that I’m eating more . . . I’m just feeling heavy. I think it’s mid month for me and that’s bad. Also opted for vacuuming tonight instead of TM and that didn’t give me nearly the sweat I needed. Well, tomorrow I’ll be off and get back on. Glad to hear that my time differences may be a benefit to my workouts. Thanks for the info, dear! (No pun intended. Tee hee!)

BOB---Woman . . . you crack me up!!! I was laughing so hard at your last post. I miss you when you are not here!!! I need more laughter in my life. Please, please, please. Sorry you’ve lost the motivation. It’s because you took on too much when you volunteered to drive that wagon all by yourself and if that wasn’t enough . . . you offered to pick us all up. See you did too much and now you’re wiped out!!! You’ll get everything back in gear soon. And Skeeter will be happy as a clam and stop that incessant buzzing. Maybe he sprung a leak like a balloon with a pin hole.

Well, I think I made it in time for the chat. Whew!! My fingers were flying. Hope everyone has a great holiday and for you Canadian lovelies . . . HAPPY WIW!!! Take care, everyone. Catch you on the flip or the chat or both!
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