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Hey Everyone!

Taking advantage of my time ALL ALONE! Lauren will be here in a few minutes with my Mom to p/u some clothes-she's sleeping at her house. Michael is on the next street over at a friends and Eli is still at work.

Didn't do anything exciting today-running errands-what a boring life!

I did find the 1 DAY in my life that I can remember being 128lbs-which was 5 years ago in April 1996. I think that was a one day thing, as from there on, it seemed the scale went up from there. So, this really is the start of a whole new journey for me

RALY, pickles are fine, as long as they aren't the sweet ones. BUT, do be careful with them, eat them in moderation-the salt will kill you!!! Esp. with the heat of the summer.

AR-Happy Canada Day! I saw that on GOOGLE (search engine). So what's behind this holiday-the meaning of it, I mean? You and your DH are too funny with the scale! I have decided once I meet 124, I will put my scale away and only bring it out on WIW-until then, I keep it out-I don't want to suffer, you know! Nope, I haven't cheated, and sometimes I feel like a goodie-two-shoes. I put my whole heart into this and that was that-nothing will get me to cheat. I've had meals with 4 of the gals on the board, they'll tell you I'm a bit anal about it. Okay, my story in a nutshell-yes, been heavy all my life, highest weight was 284lbs 17 years ago, had my stomach stapled, lost a lot of weight, gained all but 40 back. Six years ago, got down to the same weight I am now with Richard Simmons Deal-A-Meal, ended up gaining 65 of that back-realized when things were going well, I was fine, but as things happened in my life, I ate, which is what I have always done-being an emotional eater. Finally, that little light came on and I knew I was ready to do something as I inched closer to the 200lb mark. I read every book I could get my hands on-chose SB since it made so much sense to me and I knew I could easily follow it indefinintely. The rest, as they say, is history Hope you get a nice tan-you'd think with me living in Miami, FL that I'd have one-but just my arms and face-the parts I expose when I walk! Thanks for posting that story and the meaning you found behind it

FLY, your family will be happy once you get the *****ies out, as you will find you are more at ease. It may be PMS related, but it's also the sugar getting out of your system if you are following the plan right. I search the web for those inspiring words - trust me, I spend wayyyy too much time on this computer-but you all are so worth it! Grandparents cottage is outside Rochester, NY, in a tiny town called Hilton. They had it for 49 years until my Uncle bought it from them. Still has the outhouse outside, though they put plumbing in when I was little. There are only 13 cottages on that stretch of beach, and walking down the lane to get to the cottages is just so pretty-there are wild raspberries and strawberries growing down there and I use to pick them-then when I had kids, they'd go with me-{sigh} times to change! I do miss the place! I spent my summers growing up there.

Okay, time for ANOTHER potty call-seems like the flood gates are opening up today-I sure don't mind if it takes the scale down another notch or so!

PLEASE REMEMBER TOMORROW IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST! Hope you all can be there!

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Good Afternoon Everybody!

A big "THANK YOU" to all of you who welcomed me to this board!!!
As a "newbie," it's pretty overwhelming to get to know all of you at once and keep track of who's who and what's what. But.......give me time and I'm sure I'll catch up.

I can't say enough good things about the SB diet! At first I was so afraid to put anything into my mouth because I wasn't sure what was legal and what wasn't. The first time I went to the supermarket to shop for the diet, I was there for three hours reading all the labels! But, it's getting much easier and I love the foods I'm eating that I never went near LOTS of fresh fruit, and even Boca Burgers! I was using Fit Day before I found this Suger Busters site and I can see how much my eating habits have improved by eating lots less fat and balancing my carbs and protein proportionately. Every morning, I start off with Fit Day and try to plan what I will eat for the day and this allows me to "adjust" my intake before it's too late. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention all of the help and advice I've gotten from DEB, who deserves a big CONGRATULATIONS for her all time low weight of 128 pounds!!!!

For those of you who were wondering about how I got my name, FatCat95, I chose it because I have a six year old calico and that's just what she is.......a fat cat, born in 1995. Because she's become a little lazy, this weekend I "adopted" a ten week old kitty who is sure to pep her up and give her a work out just chasing around the house. Actually, when I gave up smoking, I used the name FrogLady for my smoking support group so FROG LOVER, you and I have something in common. I've been collecting frogs for more than 30 years and have almost 600 in every size and shape imaginable! But I liked the name FatCat to use for this support group, and yes, SEF, I WILL change it to Slim Cat eventually. DEB, amazing how it poured down rain this morning just two miles from me, when the sun was shining here. Looks like I can't use that as an excuse for not getting out and walking.

Better get started on my dinner now, but will try to get to chat tomorrow night.

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Default Evening All!

Good evening Ladies!

Just finished a little D-lish chicken salad and am having a break from work before I walk the fur child and do yoga, both of which with DH.

CLARIFICATION from last night's post - The people that I have mentioned in the past and rediscussed last evening include Spewer and the peanut gallery!! Thankfully these are not friends of my DH. He feels pretty much the same way I do.

I am really beginning to see some muscle tone (now that some of the fat is gone and I CAN see what's there) from the little bit of running that I have been doing the past few weeks. DH loves that he can see some of the "lean lines" in my arms and legs. He IS a good guy.

I know I won't post again this evening because I will be in bed early. Tomorrow is a pre-work run day so I will be up with the chickens!

DH and I have decided to have a small 4th cookout with a few friends, and it will be fine with me if only one person comes. I am not inviting Spewer, as they have children and my house is not child-proof. Perhaps that gives us a seemingly polite out.

We are also gonna camp out in the backyard again if the weather is nice enough.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I knew I could count on you guys for support. I keep remembering Sparkle's signature and the quote from E. Roosevelt. So true.

FATCAT - Glad you like Frog's too. Welcome to the board and congrats for giving up the smokes!

DEB - Aren't you something? 128 - A dream!!! Glad that you aren't having a Dookie Howser problem today! Guess that would be my problem.

A-RIB - Loved the quote about the broken doll. It reminds me of the quote in Forrest Gump when Jenny is throwing rocks at her childhood home during a fit of rage and Forrest says "Somedays there are just not enough rocks." My DH will use that line when he is helping me cry. Have I mentioned that he really is a great guy?

FLY - Steak for breakfast? You are one tuff chick! You were also one hungry chick too!

Let nothing deny you this rich chance to
gain strength by adversity,
confidence by mastery,
Success by deserving it.

See you all tomorrow on the board!



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Good MONDAY evening everyone!!!

Hope you all had wonderful days. Mine was pretty good. Work was fun and I found myself laughing a lot. Always a good sign. Got a phone call from a 74-year old man today who wants to volunteer tutoring an adult who needs to learn to read. Man, what a guy!!!! He sounded so thrilled that heíd come to this decision. I hope I get to meet him when he does the tutor training. I
found myself wanting to tell him, ďI want to be just like you when I grow up!!!Ē Still giving to the community at 74! Anyways, that was a real shot in the arm for me. His calls answered a lot of questions I have running around in my head these days. AINíT LIFE GRAND????

Okay, did only 33 minutes on the TM tonight. Iím trying something new and trying to do more jogging than walking. So I find myself getting tired more quickly. But my goal for this month (other than to keep getting on the thing) is to get this 5 consecutive minutes thing into reality. Keep your fingers crossed. Itís not easy hauling all this at a jog.

RHONDA---Thanks for the vote of confidence, but at even at my new low of 169, I donít think this old behind would get into a size 8 bathing suit. I think youíre mixing me for somebody else . . . what is AMSER that said she was a petite sophisticate in the size 8???? Maybe thatís a good omen that you wrote that. Quite possibly my next ďjeans in waitingĒ may be able to slip up without cutting off circulation. Wouldnít that be sweet. Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Thatís one I canít even begin to help you with. But it sounds like dear SOL has it covered. Good luck, hon. Iím wishing the best for you!!!

FROGGIE---I missed you and am glad you are back. So sorry to hear about your stake of ďfunk.Ē Girlfriend, you have done so well and you are such an inspiration to me. I wish there was something I could say to get back that excitement for you. It will come. I think we all have some sort of cycle to our life where there are peaks and valleys. Glad to hear you ran today. I envy you so that you can just go out and do 3.5 miles. Iím still working on trying to get 5 consecutive minutes in. Anyways, Iím sending you hugs and good thoughts for a better tomorrow. One more thing to say . . . I flipped when you said that dh is an army Ranger. We watched this thing on ESPN this weekend that was a 3-day competition just between army rangers. INCREDIBLE!!! I still canít believe they can survive that. Itís amazing what shape those bodies are in. I kinda wished theyíd taken their shirts off during at least part of it. Thereís probably a lot of nice 6-paks to check out!!! Also that picture you posted looks like me on a bike. Not fair to take the picture from the REAR! LOL Hey, so exciting about your newly found ďlean linesĒ. Iím soooo jealous!! Not really, just incredibly happy for you. What a high you must get from seeing the change in your body. Iím eagerly awaiting any sign that Iíve been working my tail off on the TM. The only thing I see is a skinnier face. Hmmmmm, not exactly the area that needs work! Oh well, Iím not complaining, it will come off. Must keep reminding myself. Hearing you talk about whatís the latest thing in your life, always gives me hope and the power to stick with it!!!

SOL---Sorry to hear about your eye! That must suck, because itís affecting more than one thing, eye, head plus swelling. Hope it hits the road really soon. Sounds like you and my dh were separated at birth. Heís such the bed lover in the am. He has only now started getting up a little easier. And boy am I thankful. I want to hear more about your new scale. Iíd love to have one of those kinds like the doctor has. Is your new one digital or analog? Oh, and I LOVED your one liners. Iím going to print them out and cut them apart and take one with me every day to have for my mantra for that day. Thanks so much for taking the time to post them.

DEB---WAY TO GOOOOOOOOOO ON THE NEW ALL-TIME LOW!!!! ? We salute you on Tiny One!!! You must be so excited!!! And you must have been a VERY good girl all weekend!!! How WONDERFUL!!!! Hey, it seems like lately all the pounds are falling off faster than they were for a few months there. Is this true or am I imagining it?

AR---Girl, what happened with the yoga??? Sounds like you held for too long. Our teacher says that yoga is NOT about doing everything perfect; itís about LISTENING TO OUR BODIES. He encourages us to only hold a position until we start to feel uncomfortable. Then rest for a few moments. If others are still holding the position and you feel like getting back into it, then do it. But ONLY if you feel like it. Thereís no competition in yoga. Itís just about you, your body and the position. Remember, girlfriend, I am not an expert . . . just giving you tips that I heard my teacher say. He also said that if youíre in a position where youíre holding your leg up (as an example) and it starts to shake, THEN itís definitely time to release from the position. Are you doing a video at home? If so, just do as much as you can and no more. This is about feeling good. I hope your neck and shoulders get better quickly. Also, one other question, how is your breathing while you are doing your poses? Are you remembering to continue the deep full-torso breathing? These are just some thoughts. Our teacher does a great session on relieving the stress in our shoulders. That sounds like it would be great for you. Do you think you hold your stress in your neck and shoulders? Just wondering if that could be part of the problem. Good luck with the 5 workouts this week! Youíll get there, girl!!! BTW, thanks for the motivation . . . very cool!

FLYCHICK ( I think Iím going to change it all the time! What do you think??? Gives you some variety, right?)---Way to go, woman!!!! Sounds like you are kicking butt and taking names!!! So glad to hear that you feel victorious over the first weekend on SB. You can do it! Weíre all here fighting for each other to SUCCEED!!!!! I found what you said interesting about changing your caloric total from week to week. What will you have it set at this week? Are you using Fitday? I forgot.

FATCAT95---You are doing so GREAT!!!!! Good for you. I know what you mean about things taking longer when you have to read all the labels. Thatís so true. But it does get easier as time goes by. I loved your story about your name. I will go along with the ďfatĒ thing since itís in reference to your cat-child. I love that you got her a playmate. What a good mom you are. Our Maddie is an only-dog, but luckily the neighbors have a little terrier guy who has helped to bring Maddie out of her shell. Itís like having another dog with none of the bother. Whatís the new kitties name? High Energy????

Hereís my motivation for today. Two weeks ago our yoga teacher read this to us before we left for summer break.
This is It

Always we hope
someone else has the answer.
Some other place will be better,
some other time
it will all turn out.

This is it.
No one else has the answer.
No other place will be better,
and it has already turned out.

At the center of your being you have the answer;
you know who you are and you know what you want.

There is no need
to run outside
for better seeing.

Nor to peer from a window.

Rather abide at
the center of your being;
for the more you leave it
the less you learn.
by Lao-Tzu,
from the Tao Te Ching

Hereís to hoping we are all centered tomorrow and are at peace in the moment!!! (Hope this isnít too ďout thereĒ, but I thought it had some beautiful thoughts.

Good night! Thanks again for all your continued inspiration!!! You all are the best!!!
Take care.
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Ready to go to bed, another night of feeling barfy-if it results with another loss on the scale, I'll happily take it!

FATCAT, hey Sheila! Thanks for the congrats: ), you have no idea how much it's appreciated. I know one day, I'll be saying the same to you!!!! Glad to hear all is going well with SB, you seem to be falling right into step-now if I can just get you to step outside! I know all about the label reading, no one ever wants to go food shopping iwth me, even after all this time one SB, I STILL stop and read all the labels! Has getting the Tilia helped with your meals as well? You actually did get another kitty-how you keep them from getting in to all your goodies, I'll never know! You have so many knick knacks, I'd be deathly afraid of them breaking something! Hope you make it to chat tomorrow night - get those fingers revved up!

FROG, wow girl, you have structure in that body now that you've lost so much weight! Isn't it great to see definition!!!! I hope you have good weather on the 4th so you can go to your 2nd home (btw, I love the gif!). Before you know it, you'll be at goal-less than 20lbs to go, that' awesome!! Hope you have a good run in the morning-I myself pray there won't be rain tomorrow down here!! Thanks for the MM quote!!!

QUILTER, hey girl, 5 minutes of jogging, I'm sure you'll do it, but me, I'd fall down flat on my face. Maybe on TM I could do it, but in the heat-no way!!! Yes, the pounds seem to be going down well now, but I know that I will be going up a bit next week (TOM) as well as other times, but all-in-all, I've had a nice downward trend Thanks for that kewl quote!

Okay, I'm pooped, so I'm saying adios for the night!

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Seems like time just flew today! Yesterday I couldn't seem to get out of my own way, in fact I listened to my body and took a nap! Something I'm not in the habit of doing, in the chair 40 winks maybe, but get undressed and go to bed?!?

Today it was a good thing our bodies are sanforized! I went to the Super Store and Sam's. When I came out of Sam's there were sheets of rain! Hung out for a while and then decided what the heck! The parking lot was ankle deep. Back of car drenched just putting in the few things I had gotten.

When I got home, I chopped, sliced and diced to put things in family size packages, make salads, and things in general. Besdes tossed salad fixings, I made myself some cabbage/pepper slaw w/ vinegar dressing. Family doesn't like it and cooked some of the cabbage as a veggie, which family doesn't like either. Either one makes for a nice snack. I keep some in my little fridge in my sitting room. Then I don't have to go downstairs all the time. Not that the stairs are a good thing, StairMaster comes to mind. But there are times I'd rather not, like when Arthur is acting up.

I was so busy in fact I forgot to eat, well almost! I had cottage cheese w/ bran for breakfast. Had some cheese as I was slicing and dicing, then forgot about food. In fact for supper I had a huge tossed salad, and then made a shake. Now it's really
too late for a snack. It's 9:35p here. I'm sure I will survive!!! Live off the fat of the land so to speak! And there's lots of that yet!

catlover - Hope your UTI is improving. Can be miserable. It's old fashioned remedy, but proven it works, try drinking lots of cranberry juice. Helped me. They say also that there is something in bluberries that helps too. My gosh, golf and mowing in that heat. That's one thing that does me in, HEAT. I like the cold. My theory is you can keep warm by adding another blanket, but you can run around in the buff and you'll still be HOT! Of course, being naked can make you hot for other
reasons too! Although for me it's been a long time!

Adams - Tsk! Tsk! Apparently can't take you anywhere there's booze. Now I like beer, and kahlua and I could resist! Buuuuuuuut, if it was Southern Comfort I might be hard pressed to say NO! NO! a thousand times NO! Isn't there something that
says your body burns the sugar from booze first and lets the other sugars settle on your hips? Article didn't say hips, but I think that's where it goes!

We try not to help people cry here. we try tp help them dry their tears! Maybe that should be my motivational thought.

Deb - You sound a little like me. It's almost as if I can't cook if there's no garlic or onion around! I am going to have to try those muffins. Sounds like something family would like! How about that Philly on a WW roll? After all it's meat and cheese, maybe do it in a little moderation. LOL! Congrats on 128!

ralynne - Your SD is so lucky to have you in the picture. You can't do much in the length of time she is with you. Yet you are planting the seed, which is growing if she is beginning to ask questions about your woe. That's all you can do, be
encouraging w/o being a nag! I think you are on the right track. A fisherman in the family! Fresh fish for supper, YUM! I love dill pickles, one of my favorite snacks. of course I like sweet gherkins too. That "sweet" sort of tells the story about them now!

Quilter - Received your wonderful letter. I will get to is ASAP, which could be a day or two....or three. You reminded me about using broth for rice. I used to use it with the white rice, so where is my thinking?!?

Sounds like this friend is not really a good friend. Remember it's better to be pissed off than pissed on!

Rhroo - Sounds like your man needs some reassurance and a little ego boosting. Men are such fragile souls at times!

Rosalie - Nice to know there is someone else who will admit to being over 40 by a couple of decades to boot. Sometimes I think I've fallen into a Barbie Doll haven! Sorry, steak and kidney is not one of my fav things. We used to buy beef by the hind quarter which included kidney. My husband would only let me cook it for the dog, and then he wanted to be out of the house when I was cooking it. I thought I could get used to it w/ the right seasonings.

seraphim - Emotions can do a number on our eating. Hope by now things are more under control. If garden is almost kaput, can you put in a second planting like they do here? Got to keep that therapy going!

Melf - TMJ! That's it! I looked it up in my Tabor's and found it but forgot to post that I now remembered what I meant. Age.....does strange things! I hope dentist gives you an answer. You were so good in planning for the BBQ! You are going to have to take some legal stuff on the camp trip. You don't want to go way off base.

You're not complaining, just expressing concern and that's what we're here for, concern for ourselves and each other.
Another motivational thought?

Sol - They say breakfast is the most important meal, so you are doing yourself a favor by getting up earlier. It's the early bird that gets all the good stuff! I liked your one liners, especially the one by Jefferson. We need the right attitude to stick to our plan.

Ldblond - Too bad you have to worry about Big Brother at work, but hey you're getting paid to work, right? Sounds like I'd be a
terrible boss!

Froggie - Hey! No funks allowed. Think of what you have done weightwise so far and don't fret about what you might do! That red white and blue should perk things up! Thanx for the compliment! I wish I was cool in more ways than one, we
are having humid/hot weather.

lamap - With me the eating usual wins out. I notice an umcomfortable feeling now when I eat something I shouldn't. Also find I do not have a desire to eat as much at one sitting as I previously did before SB!

Butterfly - Your smoothies sounds good to me. I had a shake tonight as I sit here, made w/ milk, sf choc syrup, coffee, agave, crushed ice. Hey! Cold steak does it for me. I hardly ever warm up leftover meats. Are you ready for this?............not even

Nance - Inside will still need HOME DEPOT! There's no escaping it.

Futureslimcat - Label reading took all my time too, but as you grow accustomed to it and learn about different brands here on the board, it has gotten much easier. I have a fat cat too, long haried red/white. He is very vocal and a very people oriented cat.

Jeez, this is too much! I was so far behine on posts. But I think I caught up now. That is until I post this and find someone else posted ahead of me and was missed. Will just have to wait til next time!

All of you take care. sef
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Default Happy Monday

I don't know about anyone else, but I am pooped!!! I was up and running today. Got on the TM at 9am for my regular 40 minutes clocking 2 miles. I am FAR from mastering the likes of records like Deb's 4.5ers in 55 minutes!!!!! These little midget legs seem to only manage a speed of 3 to 3.2mph. Maybe I need to start drinking Geritol!!!!!!! Oops, better not, it probably has sugar After my date with the TM, I had to go do to the dock and tidy up from our weak attempt at crabbing yesterday. I also took leftover chicken meat and baited the 2 big traps. I have checked them a couple times since, and there were like 6 in each one......maybe they will be celebrating the 4th with us. I then had to pick up a few things that I had left laying around in the yard from my last yardwork incounter. Try to get things shipshape for Wednesday. Having a few friends and some family over for low country boil. After the yard pick up, I came in and proceeded to fix a pita pocket sandwich that included a couple ham slices, turkey slices, a little swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, and last but not least.. some of MY own tomato slices, all stuck together with some mayo and mustard. Took my little break while I ate that, then whipped out the ol' bagless vaccuum I bought back in January...remember that topic, anyone??? Ran the vaccuum from one end of the house to the other, that includes me using those on-board dusting tools and gave the furniture a once-over. Soon after DH arrived home, and I commenced to throw together our supper...... left over grilled chicken wings, brown rice, butter peas, boiled carrotts for DH, and boiled broccoli for me. I have been feeling kinda bloaty the last few days, and what I have a feeling was happening is... my IBS is bothering me a bit. That could be one of the culprits affecting my weight It's weird though. Even though my weight isn't cooperating, this morning something told me, measure my waist. That's really about the only measurement I have been keeping up with. Well, my waist has been running about 32". When I measured this morning, the tape measure was so nice as it wrapped around my waist and stopped at 31". Soooo, there is some consolation there.

Deb - Big applause to you on the 128!!!!! You are gaining on me, lol, so to speak!!!!

Kim - Thanks for being sweet and pointing out it was me that had bought the size 8 bathing suits. Just want to set the record straight, though - I WENT to Petite Sophisticate store to buy them. Not to be confused with that I said I am a petite sophisticate - not a chance!!!!!! Oh, and dear gardener in crime... how's the flowers doing???? Way to go on the jog marathon on your TM. It will pay off.

I should be heading on to bed. More up and on my feet stuff tomorrow - UGHHHHHH. Gotta find some shrimp at a REASONABLE price$$$$$$$$ How will everyone be spending their 4th??? I hope all of you get spend it with those that mean the most to you. This country of ours may not be perfect, but by golly, as Lee Greenwood would sing, " I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free"!!!!! I truly am thankful for all our forefathers and what they worked so hard for for those of us that followed!!!!!!

I will hopefully check in in the morning. Take care, all my ladies of inspiration, motivation, and dedication!!!!!
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Default hello

Well it was a beautiful day here today 2 in a row whoo hoooo Derek my son had 3 of his friends over all afternoon playing in the pool and sandbox they just had a blast,but I didnt get done what need to be (meaning my dear friend the tm)cause I had to stay outside and supervise them with the pool and all.So poor poor me had to relax in the sun and read and sunbath all day sigh I have a smokin tan though I must say.I dont remember which one of you asked if my hair looked like susan powders but the answer is no.It looks more like how charleze theorons hair looked in the astronots wife if you have ever seen that movie.Or like Hally Berry's except it is blond blond blond.
RALYNNE99....lmao on that comment about your husband farting in public and blaming you mine does the same thing.I remember one time we went to Australia for our honeymoon,my husband is australian so we went to see his family,anyhow we were waiting at the airport in Sydney and I was minding my own business reading some magazines trying to find one for the trip to Adelaide.My DH comes up behind me and innocently says anything good sweetie,I not knowingly respond not yet and he smiles and then walks away.WELL not more than 20 sec later I smell this rotten discustinly putrid smell and I look up and there is DH sitting out in the hallway laughing uncontollable while all the people in the store are staring at ME with disgust. Oh man the things they find amusing hey go figure.
FLY...I was laughing so hard reading about you eating cold steak and reading the posts this am cause that is exactly what I did this morning.too darn funny.Dont you find you get addicted to coming on and reading I sure do its like my little boost of motivation for the day...well actually for a few hours then I have to get another fix
Deb....I am so impressed with the fact that you havent cheated wow did you ever know that your my hero.. (did I mention I was a singer Also big high five on reaching your all time low.
Quilter....Yes as a matter of fact I really do carry most of my stress in my shoulders.I am still feeling quite a bit of pain today but it is beginning to loosen up somewhat.I spent a good hour just streching but its taking a long time to recover.Also I loved your motivational phrase.thanks.
Sef...I take it you are from Canada too,figured that out when you mentioned Superstore cause our american buddies dont have superstore although they do get some of the pc items.My husband is in charge of the leisure dept of superstores for Canada so when you buy things like toys,patio furniture,books,sporting goods,paint and hardware items you are helping us thanks and yes I must make more of an effort to say no to the drinky poos when I am socializing its just so good though on a hot summer day and your sitting on the patio with all your friends and and and .....well enough of the excuses I will just work on saying no.
Sparkle...were you on today?? dont remember seeing any posts from you.Hope you are doing well,mentally and physically.Your posts brighten my day so keep em coming
To all I have missed sorry I am getting better at it though Hope everyone had a great day.Talk at you all tomorrow
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Day one of the Hubby Healty life plan!!!!! LOL he ate what i gave him soooooo i guess he is going good. We kind of tag team here i work nights him days soooooo i make the dinner he eats while i am at work don't know if he snacked before bed he didn't have any points (ww thing) for that! He probably didn't he is so determined. I guess his goal is 80 lbs! hmmmm!! I did well today too!!! i think i other reasons for helping him how selfish am i??? lol oh well. I just made his lunch and planned his meals for tomorrow. I will kill him if he loses 10 lbs this week!!! No big plans for the holiday i told him to come and walk with me so he can eat more then! Thanks again for all your kind words! I will keep u posted if you get sick of it let me know!!!

Deb- I hope you enjoyed your lowest day!!!! I am soooooo happy for u! Just think of where u where last month you where stuck and now your at goal woring on getting lower!! I can't wait myself i am not under 140 again though which is depressing! oh well!

Adams_rib- it was nice here to today. A bit cold but a nice change.

Sef- good job on the preparing. That helps alot. I find if i have it all infront of me i don't stray off plan. We are really worth the extra effort we put into our meals!!!!! My hubby has needed an ego boost for about 36 years!!! He has always been insecure I guess i never learned to deal with it!!!! thanks for the thoughts!

Quilter---- girl i am sorry!!!! I must have ment Amster! i have a bad memory!!! You might get into an 8 some day! think positive! Good job on the excersise! its almost becomming a habit huh?????? did you measure yourself when you started this WOE? and excersise???

Frog- getting a tight bod huh?? my hubby is forever feeling mine out since i started the weights!! I also notice every vein in my hand now. Its a nice feeling to not have to much shaking around! Have a great 4th what ever you do!

Fatcat- Welcome!! Your doing awsome! This woe gets easier everyday. It becomes a habit to just turn packages around and read the labels! Keep it up!!!!!

Nance- glad u had a good trip! I have a scrap book for my daughter i started last year sitting in pieces! ugggg As for the attention for hubby i know what you mean and he does get ALOT. I make extra efforts to plop myself down on his lap and give him extra hugs and soooo on! He is just in a funk! Like you said when he loses some and starts to get some attention he will be better thank god!!!! LOL

VA- yes we did get married in 84. I can't believe all these years have gone by. We do get along great. His ego needs extra stroking i guess. Its hard to give him and 3 kids all the attention they need. I need my time too!!!!! LOL My hubby is tall 6'2 but he needs to lose 80 lbs ! thanks for the thoughts!!!

Melf----- have a great time!!! we will miss u!!! good luck on the plan while your gone. Hope you got that tooth pulled

Sol-yes it is a start and he did good today! I just hate being his MOmmy! lol I wish he would take over the budget! that will never happen! I just hope he dosn't blame me if he fails at this weight thing! i have enough to worry about!!! Do you think the "hottie" mom should wear a leather skirt to the concert! I better be gone before hubby gets home that day!!!! LOL NOOOOOO way !!! thats how i feel sometimes i don't want him to see what i have on because it "bums" him out as he would say cuz i look soooooo good. would u consider that a compliment? Thanks again for the help and support!!!

GOtta fly!!!!!!! night!!!! can't wait till i am laid off so i can chat some day!!! waaaaaaaaaa


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Arrow Not the best week

Well, last week was okay, but not the best. Debbie, I think I'll take your advice now about just staying away entirely from those "sugar-free" desserts, at least for now while I'm a newbie. Thank-you everyone for your great suggestions about how to cope when you're the only one in the household Sugarbusting. This week I'm going to apply those suggestions and do better! One thing about last week is that I didn't exercise at all, well, I did a little walking, but not much. The heat and obesity just don't mix well! Well, I didn't lose, but I didn't gain either, and I'm thankful for that. So, I'm the same...guess I can deal with it. Hey, I wanted to ask if any of you have ever posted on the SweetTalk board at the main SB site? I started posting there and that eventually lead me here. But I notice on the other board that we have a lot of people leaving lately, a lot of people really discouraged and giving up on this WOE. I want to stick with this! For those of you who have been doing this for a long time, what are some of the secrets for do you cope when you hit a plataeu in weight do you follow the program and still feel "part of things" when you're out to eat with friends or at parties or during the holidays? Oh, that reminds me...anyone have any menu suggestions for the fourth? We're going to a traditional cook-out...potato salad, macaroni salad, hamburgers/hotdogs on buns, chips, the works! I'm trying to make a plan NOW so that I can feel good about the way I handle it. Any suggestions from people who have been through these situations before would be really appreciated, this is my FIRST holiday on SB. I know that part of succeeding is going to be my mindset...what kinds of things do you tell yourself to motivate and encourage yourself?

Alright, well thanks so much for listening to all Someday soon I'm gonna take time and figure out how to dot my posts with all these cool smileys and pictures!

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Good Morning All

The last week have been very tired, TOM is coming this week and I can feel it. *****y and tired gives me no drive to workout and I haven't. Eating good though haven't had munchy attacks. THANK GOD. I don't want to get on the scale tomorrow to be disappointed though.

Have to finish screwing down all the boards and putting the rest of the railing on our deck tonight. DH is doing very well now and getting around good, so he is working his little butt off. Have family coming over tonight for BBQ, fishing, and bonfire. I'm pretty proud of myself though I haven't been drinking beer, which for me is very hard in the summer. IS probably why I lost 4 lbs last week.

I measured my waist and still stuck at 33 1/2 inches. UGH!! I want a 31 back, for me that's a size 9 and I look real good. Not short so I think a 28 is too skinny for me.

Well can't talk to everyone have to work today and get things done before I leave for home. Everyone have a good 4th of July.

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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

Just got home from my walk/jog, did 18 jogs today, hotter than the dickens out there. Really had to push myself out there to go today, but of course, as usual, once I'm out there, I'm happy I went. I did find out though why my feet have been bothering me a tad lately-I've worn holes in my sneakers already! Geez, they're not even that old, I think I got them in Feb/March? I guess I'll have to break in a new pair, which means NEW BLISTERS!

Well, I do have some more GOOD NEWS the scale is at127!!!! This is definintely a low I have never been, and a weight I can't ever remember being in my lifetime. You know how when you gain weight, one day you may be 126 and the next time you weigh you could be 130-I think that's what must of happened when I was young-so this is definitely a joyus day in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL for being here to share it with me! Without you all, this wouldn't of been possible!!!! Okay, and now remember, when the scale goes up due to TOM, and I start my b*tchin, just remind me, this is nothing new and the scale will go back down.

[TODAY IS TUESDAY TIPS I've been a bit lax on posting some tips, so here are a few I'd like to share with you:


The second one is:

A site from NATURES FLAVORS that has the most extensive line of extracts/flavorings I've ever seen:

SEF, I think it's good that you listened to your body and had a nap. I find that some days, my body feels like it really needs one and I strip, throw on the nightie and sleep for a few hours-why NOT do it? Pamper yourself a little, snooze a while!!! You are going to laugh, but I've never had a Philly Cheesestake sandwich. I've seen them, and they look so yummy, but never really had one-and highly doubt I'd find a decent one in Miami if I wanted. I could probably make one here at home, but have no idea about the meat they used. WHen I use to go to Rochester, there was a place that had a cheesesteak sub that was to die for! Rib eye with provolone, I think, on a round subroll-that's one sandwich I will always remember!!! Yuck-cold liver?

AMSER, trust me, I've got little legs too, and they don't go too fast. For every step a normal person takes, I have to take 2, so I know where you are coming from Any time on the TM is good, doesn't matter what your times are And yes, I guess you could say, I am "gaining on you!" You truly sound like you live in such a neat area - crabbing, boating, gardening, etc. Hope you have enough crabs for a good July 4th feast. Thanks for the congrats-and a congrats to you on the new measurements!!!

AR, just thought of you as I checked rated to fly into Calgary. Still a bit steep, but hoping to work on something, I'd really like to get up that way. I see where you have had beautifully mild weather up there. Have you personally ever been to the mall in Edmonton? Can you tell me what it's like? Thanks for the great laugh with the story of your hubby-let's just say, I'm a LOT like him!!!!! LOL!!! What's SUPERSTORE? Some place I have to go to if I get to CA?

RHROO, hey just imagine, if your hubby loses the 80lbs, what a good feeling you'll have for helping him do it! He'll credit you to his success. I too can't believe how "up" I was on the scale last month and where I am today-amazing what you can do when you really want something (hint, hint).

KRISTA, don't worry, the scale WILL move, your body may just be taking a bit of time to adjust to this new WOE. I don't normally post on the ST board, though I will once in a while when I think I can help someone. They've had MANY problems on that board many times that I have seen since starting SB - one of the reasons I started this board. If you get too chatty, the guy Max doesn't like it and will delete posts or just flat out tell you it's not encouraged on the board. I think those who leave are not finding the encouragement they'd hoped they'd find there-another reason I started this board here. Just look at the difference between this board and that-that alone should say it all As for the holidays and how to handle them...just plan accordingly. On the TIPS & TOOLS BOARD last November, I posted the following information:

Here's some great tips for eating during the holidays or at a social event:

Adopt a moderation mentality when holidays, special events, or other occasions approach. Here are some easy steps to get you started:

Step One - Get a grip on yourself ahead of time. Restate your commitment to improved health and long-term dietary success.

Step Two - Preplan holidays to reduce food temptations. Plan lower calorie meals. Preplan deviations from lowfat living. Adopt party training strategies.

Step Three - Don't risk going to any celebration thirsty and/or famished and never skip meals on the day of any big party. The combination of low blood sugar and hunger pains will force you straight to the buffet table. Eat a lower fat, higher protein breakfast. Have a tossed salad with lean meat or lowfat cheese and a whole grain roll for lunch. Munch an apple for a midafternoon snack. This defensive eating strategy will avoid unplanned, party binges.

Step Four - Make the choice to stay in control. This is the hardest step. Be ACTIVE rather than REACTIVE.

Step Five - If tempted, ask yourself this one little question. "Will I EVER have the opportunity to eat this food again?" That makes it easier to pass up ho-hum mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese, chips, and nuts.

Step Six - Completely avoid ANY food if you KNOW you won't be able to stop after one taste. Remember that your willpower to resist is strongest BEFORE the first bite.

Step Seven - What about goodies, gift trays, etc., received from others? First, acknowledge the giver's generosity and thank them for the thoughtful gift. If possible, tell them you will enjoy it later.

REMEMBER - Remember that YOU are in control. There is NO situation where a human has been tied up and force-fed fattening foods. Focus your attention and energies on family, friends and fellowship rather than food. The phase No, thank you," works wonders.

What I would do personally is if your menu doesn't have anything that's SB LEGAL, make something and take it for yourself. If anyone asks why you are eating something different, tell them about your new WOE and how you want to stay OP during not only this holiday, but every day. They will think so much of your commitment! Since I started SB, if I am going to someone's house, usually it's family, I will ask what's being served and how it's made-if it's not OP, I make sure I bring something for myself-no one minds, esp. since they knew of my commitment to lose this weight. I have to do the same for my son, since he's a vegetarian. BUT, with everyone knowing that I am strictly following SB, there is always something that I can have because they know and keep it in mind. Again, my way of thinking, do I want that piece of XXXX or do I want to lose the weight-which one do I want more??? I'm sure you'll do fine!

RALY, you may find during certain TOM that nothing satisfies you-if this happens, just up your carbs and protein, and it will pass-it happens to me and I eat like there is no tomorrow!!! Congrats on no beer! It will be there for you when you want it later on-that's what I say about many foods that I pass up!


Have a wonderful day!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

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Have a question on protein/fat? As far as protein are we talking more chicken, lowfat cheese,cottage cheese, egg whites and as far as fat are we talking pork chops, butter, sausages? Just want to clarify what I shouldn't and should eat as far as meat and cheese, buttter type of foods.

Won't be on the chat tonight, having family over. One of these nights I'll make it on. 9:15 eastern? western? pacific? time
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Default Good morning

Well I searched the house high and low again this am for my scale I had to have it I must know where I am but am sorry I found that thing My weight is the same...178...I guess all the booze on the weekend really took its toll sigh lesson learned.But at least I am not up when I started on june 18 I was at 186 and then dropped to 178 in a week but some mornings it did flucuate back to about 182 soooo I guess seeing it stabalize at 178 is a good thing....right?.... help help build me up here My DH had hidden it in a bag full of clothes that my son doesnt wear anymore,wouldnt he have been suprised if I had taken it into consinment but I put it back in the bag lol so when he brings it out tomorrow morning he is non the am awful but i just had to know.Anyhow I have to cut this one short I am going to go and see the chiropracter my neck is still killing me.
Deb .....WOW JUMPS UP AND DOWN IN CELEBRATION,so proud of you that is great you must be beaming.Also superstore is like a superwalmart except it is Canadain
Ralynn99..Sigh..there is nothing like a beer on a hot summer day looks like you and I will have to encourage one another on that one if you find a SB legal drink that you love share it with me and I shall do the same I think I will start freezing red wine cause that is ok....well in moderation of course (just in case deb is watching )
Krista..You know for me I usually have 2 hamburgers with the lot just no bun when I am at a tastes basically the same except you have to eat them with a knife and fork which is good cause then it takes you longer and you fill up before you can eat too much.I love it,just no ketchup cause there is sugar but mustard is AOK.Good luck to you on that,I know you feel great for not giving in to temptation we're all rooting for you...GO KRISTA,GO KRISTA...
and to the rest of you have a great great day
bye for now oh and Happy 4th of July to you all for tomorrow if I dont get back on today.Its hubby's Bday so am going to take him out.
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ADAMSRIB- Yes beer is a wonderful thing, but can't have it. I lost 4 lbs last week and I really think it's because of the beer. I'm looking for drinks and when I find one I'll let you know. My dh wouldn't think of hiding the scale, because once I found it he knows he'd be in trouble. I usually weigh myself at work on the calibrated scales, just like doctors, so ofcourse they are more than my one at home by about 5 lbs or so. At home i'm 155 at work 159.

yah know don't quite understand how I did it the last time, maybe it was the stress in my life at the time. In one month i lost 20lbs and was drinking beer like a fish. I can't remember how I was eating, but kept off for almost 2 years. Was going through a divorce for 8 months when I lost 20lbs that month. Must be why so fast. Now it's a much slower process. Which Sucks!!! Oh well

As far as BBQ's to go to, either I take my own buns and cottage cheese adn stuff or just mix your toppings with your burger like a salad. Cut it all up and add salad, tomatoes, and everything it's really good. My mom always buys the wheat noodles for me if she makes a macaroni dish and makes a small bowl for me. She LOVES me.

Well have fun tomorrow. Were going to see the fireworks tonight because I'm working thursday and friday. Taking next wed, thur, and fri off to go fishing down the river and my sons b-day is next friday and were going to michigan adventure water park for the day. Gotta fit my butt in my swimsuit UGH!!!
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