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Default Itchy Cities

Good morning!

I thought this was an interesting survey just released by Lanacane. It is the top ten itchiest cities and Florida has 5 cities listed. It's no wonder, those critters like mosquitoes and fleas just party all year long here - never quite cold enough to kill them off. Also listed is the top ten cities for bee/wasp stings. OUCH!
Think I'd rather deal with the mosquitoes. Deb, you have the honor of being in the #1 city, no surprise there!

August 2002 Top Itch/Sting Cities

High concern for Summer Itching (Mosquitoes, UV and Poison Ivy, Combined):

1. Miami, Fla.
2. Orlando, Fla.
3. Jacksonville, Fla.
4. San Antonio, Texas
5. Birmingham, Ala
6. Yuma, Ariz.
7. Memphis, Tenn.
8. Tampa, Fla.
9. Tallahassee, Fla.
10. Atlanta, Ga.

Source: Lanacane Summer Itch IndexTM, 2002

High Sting Concern (Bees and Wasps):

1. Seattle, Wash.
2. Kansas City, Mo.
3. Columbus, Ohio
4. Springfield, Ill.
5. Paducah, Ky.
6. Harrisburg, Pa.
7. Cleveland, Ohio
8. Springfield, Mo.
9. New York, N.Y.
10. Norfolk, Va.

Source: Lanacane Sting ForecastTM, 2002

For additional information about preventing summer skin problems or to see how your city fares for itch/stings today, visit
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I've lost not one but TWO long posts this morning. I give up!

Good morning!

New scale is behaving--down three lbs this morning!

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Thanks everyone for all the kind words. I'm still feeling my way around here and around the SB WOE. Still trying to figure out all the abbreviations. Yesterday the scale said down 2 more pounds, but today it says it was just kidding. I was very hungry yesterday and gave in and had lots of popcorn when I watched TV with Fred (husband).

I need to know how to go back and give more information on BIO. I felt uncertain when I first signed up and didn't give much info. Sorry about that.

My total weight loss since January is either 12 or 14 pounds. 8 WW and the rest SB. The SB pounds seem to be coming easier than the WW pounds did. Of course the game at the scale makes it hard to tell for sure.

I'm 43, soon to be 44 in October. Have a 12 year old son and of course, I already mentioned Fred.

Went to the family doctor earlier this week and she found a rather ugly cyst on my cervix. Going to GYN today to explore further. I'm scared to death just based on her tone when she discussed it with me. Kept it from Fred for two days to protect him I guess, but finally told him. I guess I'm telling you because I need to talk about it, but I feel like I can't discuss it very much with family or friends. Feel like it would be too hard to deal with their feelings and mine.

Anyway, wish me luck.
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Happy Thursday everyone... Did a dumb think last night made spraggetti for dinner and after I had got mine on my plate I remembered I'd already eaten my amount of carbs for the day.. So I ended up just eating the sausage off the top and leaveing the rest. I was sure in a snacking mood later.. I hope to not do that again. That shows you what poor planning will do...

Fillise-Oh how sweet for the kitty and its so good it you that found her...Those muscadines sound wild to eat. I would love to try some..Good for you on the salad it sure sounds good with the chicken on it.. I sure don't have trouble getting my protein in.

Bob- Sounds like you're winding up with the football game.. Hope your tummy finally deciedes to feel better today and give you a break!!

Idblond- Welcome back aboard here gal.. We're glad to have you amoung us.... Sorry about your health problems and really glad you are back here again... You can do it!!!! You've done the hardiest "started again".

Beth- Congradulations on the 2 pound loss... Way to go girl.....

fruitloupe- Good to see you again. Once a week will work.. So glad you're doing alright OP. Sounds like you're busy as a bee and aim to get busier. Hope Cozmo comes home real soon. Happy early Birthday to you...

SlapHappy- How there. Congradulations on the 3 lbs. Good to see you on the board again.

j red- Good luck with all the kiddies today... And great on the exerciseing... Ya hoo.

Melf- So glad about your sisters... Thank heavens all is going to be okay... Oh my gosh you're sooooooo close to your goal... Good luck on these last 3 lbs..

The Quilter- Oh my gosh that was awful about you waking up sick... I'm so sorry and hope you feel lots better today.... You really need to be proud of yourself for the birthday lunch. Passing on the bread and then cake, you're my hero!!!!!!

gracious- Oh my goodness 2 more lbs. I keeping my fingers crossed for you they stay off. You'r going bananas girl.. LOL Oh the historical village sounds wonderful.. I would love to see it. Hope you all had a great day.

Jack-K- Wow you're on a roll girlfriend.. Great eating!!! Keep that stuff up...

Adronsgirl- Its so good to see you posting. Hope you can pop in here once in awhile.. Sorry about your headaches. Hope you find the reason for them soon...

Okay off I go for now. Well check in after while....

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Default Asking for prayers

Just wanted to ask everyone for some prayers for my mom Linda.

She is having surgery Friday for a laryngectomy. She has a cancerous tumor in her larynx. They will be removing her voice box. My dad passed away 10 years ago from a brain tumor and as the only girl out of 5 kids I'm my mom's main source of help.
We have a long road ahead.

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Default Thirsty Thursday


I'm on a roll, my 3rd post in a week! I'm trying to stay busy so that I don't think about being thirsty. I'm going for an ultrasound at 11:30 and haven't been able to have drink or food since midnight - not even water. I have dry mouth from medication that I take - so I am really thirsty as you can guess. It is almost time - I can do this!

Jack k, thanks for the welcome back to the board! Just a warning- if you ever get down to Florida - don't say out loud that you can't remember the difference between the Gators and the Seminoles. Not a good thing to do, especially in Jacksonville which is big Gator country! By the way, Gators are Orange and Blue, but we love you anyway!

Rosalie, welcome back from vacation. Sounds like you had a great time, especially some good food. Those extra 6 lbs will probably come off very quick.

chris, Congrats on the 1lb loss. You are almost down to my goal of 155. Going to take me quite a bit longer to get there though.

fillise, it would be hard to resist bring home a cute kitten. I want to bring home another greyhound every time I go to the adoption kennel. About the Gyno problems - I started meopause early, around 42, so I'm not supposed to have all these TOM symptoms now, especially not for 14 days straight. I am ready for the surgery but it doesn't seem so easy to get a hysterectomy these days. I can sure understand why you are ready for menopause! I've heard it said that all of our problems begin with
Men: Menstruation, Menopause and Mental Illness. Maybe some truth there!

BOB, glad your tummy is a little better. Your description of chuncks almost makes me need to blow some myself. YUCK!

ldblond, welcome home! The door is always open for you to share in this WOE!

Beth, WTG on being down 2#'s. See, you can do this!

I have to get to my appointment so I will reply to more posts when I return home, with my thirst quenched!

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I feel like I am at a reunion of old friends! Thanks for the well wishes. On plan 2 days, scale hasn't budged but I know it can take awhile. I think one of my meds may be a culprit in weigh gain as of late. I intend to talk to the Dr. about this. Although, this is pretty short, I want you all to know I'm thinking of you.
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I have a question. I take my notes in notepad and then copy and paste into the reply page. How do you get the little icons in the middle of your text? After I paste, all the icons go in at the end and then I have to cut and paste them each time. Is there an easier way? I'm not to computer smart.

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Good Thursday Morning Everyone

Had a lazy morning here. Woke up tired and just didn't have enough energy to push myself to go for the usual walk even though I was all dressed up to do so. I think not sleeping all that well lately, along with running in the heat as I have been, my body just decided I deserved a day off and told my brain about it after it decided upon this. Probably doesn't help matters much that TOM is due Sunday, I'm sure that throws a monkey wrench in there somewhere. Sure does seem to with the scale, up a half-pound today, no biggie as I'm sure it will go up more in the next few days. My patience will have to come in to play once again.

Okay, I know we have people who don't post on our boards read our boards and take part in our polls. The reason I say this is because, as far as the BIO BOARD is concerned (as well as knowing SERENE'S bday is next month even though she HASN'T POSTED HER BIO YET!) I have 7 bdays listed for Sept. yet there are 9 on the poll. If you are a regular member of our board and haven't posted your bio and have a bday coming up in Sept, please, let me know, I'd hate not to acknowledge your special day!

Michael asked me to tell you all thank you for the bday wishes!!!

Mom called me this morning from a restaurant in Ashville that also has a grocery store in it with the news that they too have AGAVE and they have it for $2.79! Hmmmm, wonder what's going on. Well, do I want any, she asks. Honestly, with the 11 bottles I got just the other day along with the stock I already had on hand, I'm pretty set for a long time (like a couple years). So here I am, on LD with her in NC knowing this is a good price, but I don't need any, should I have her buy any? Well, I only requested 3 bottles, yes, only 3. Just didn't know just what to do, buy all 20 they had when I really don't need it. Anyhow, she said that if wanted, she'd go back if I decided I needed more (and if they still have it on the shelves). Has anyone found any at their local HFS lately?

Did you hear about that little boy that they snatched in Calif? That's in Palm Dessert, right where NANCE lives! Really sounds like the Mother had something to do with this one. I pray they find this child and get him back, no matter who has him.

TONI, CONGRATS! 4lbs is just so awesome! Not only that, but being in a new range is wonderful too! yCan you see me doing a happy dance?!? Yes, this is always going to be a weight war with me. Remember my analogy on losing weight, think of it as winning the war, having that white flag being waved by fat as giving up and you being victorius, yet never forget that the enemy (weight/fat) can regroup and wage war without realization at any time.

FILLISE, CONGRATS on losing 3lbs!!! Glad to see that new scale is behaving nicely and isn't scheduled to get a whooping this week. On the food scale, is there a little chef's picture on it? For some reason I remember it being a red box with a chef's pic on it-wonder if my mind is sharp, or I'm just guessing I saw this.

JACKK, CONGRATS to you as well for losing another pound this week. Hope your butt pain is doing better, you with butt pain, me with knee pain-let's blame it on something other than age, okay! I miss chat as well. Hoping to be able to get in the chat room this Tuesday. I know I won't be able to do so on the 10th, have ACADEMY NIGHT for Michael's academy at school and I know I won't be home on time, it's going to be a longgg night. I'm organizing a fund raiser that evening, have a board meeting before and after the actual academy night program, so be forewarned that I will most definitely be around that evening, but next Tuesday looks good! They say that Special K is okay, but I don't eat it. I type my posts as if I were typing a letter and just type in the smilies as I go, but now, with so many, I can't remember them all.

GATOR, we actually do have 2 good places near each other not too far from my house that sells shoes to runners, one store in particular is called RUNNER'S HIGH and I've been in there. Didn't like anything they had and they really didn't give much information that would make me buy one shoe over another. Anyhow, I bought NB sneakers which I believe are good ones. I haven't had trouble with these shoes for months and all of a sudden I get this, it happens some times and then problems disappear. I just want to make sure my shoes don't give me any trouble for the WDW Marathon-I want 2 pairs nicely broken in by that time.

MUSIC, being up a half-pound is nothing. Just think, you could easily drink a glass of water and be up a half-pound! I think we forget that what we eat and drink can easily pack on temporary pounds, and that's all they are temporary! So don't worry about it, I'm it will come back off! UGH! I hate when they make kids sell candy. I wouldn't let my kids do that, I was totally agains it. In Michael's magnet we do the NASDAQ Tennis Tournament as our fundraiser and last year earned over $6,000 for the kids. Hate when they do car washes, out begging on the streets, stuff like that.

QUIV, hope you had a good birthday. How old? I'm sure you can get your butt back in gear, but do it because it's the right thing for you to do, not for an upcoming wedding. If you do it with this in mind once it's over you may let your guard down. Just get back on track because you know it' the best and right thing to do.

PRAVDA, glad to see your post. Interesting how you thought and felt you'd gained 30lbs yet it's only 1lb. Great that you are getting back on track before it really did become 30lbs, and trust me, it's so easy to do!

MERCY, CONGRATS on your 1lb loss this week!

COUNTRY, glad to see your post as well. At 157, does this give you a gain, or are you staying the same?

TRANQUIL, that experience at the Dr. sounds almost as bad as coming to the DD! Geez, I really do hope they take careof you and treat this problem properly. The malls hope so too

JRED, I'm sure you'll break that barrier soon!!!!

MEL, do you think that maybe your body is exactly where IT wants to be and doesn't give a damn about where you think it should be? Hey, where have you been? I've been donning non-black sneakers for a longgg time now! Yes, I've even bought white Coolmax low socks. I'm even using a real purse these days. Little changes, little changes

SERENE, how did the ultrasound go today? I think stress can play a major roll with people in so many ways. I know the number it did on me that it had me gain those 6lbs! One thing that stress use to do to me was make me eat uncontrollably, but that has changed, thankfully. I just hope and pray the Dr.'s get down to the real reason you are having such trouble. Don't let them poo-poo what's going on with you! Joy oh Joy, Miami in the number one spot again! Can't it ever be for anything good!!!!

VIV, that sure wasn't enough food for you to eat by 5pm, come on girl, you KNOW that's not enough!!! Eat girl, eat!!!

CHRIS, CONGRATS on not only losing another pound this week, but getting into new weight territory. Yes, the Snyder's Organic Oat Bran pretzels are fine to eat, but remember, only 1 serving! I honestly don't know what you could substitute, as I've never tried anything else. I don't know how thin the Davinci syrup is, but heck, I'd try it, you really don't have much to lose, it may come out great! And, if so, for those who can't get agave, they too may be able to now make some of the great recipes we have posted that use agave.

ROSALIE, glad to have you back safe and sound. I'm sure those 6 vacation pounds will come off easily. Sounds like your busy schedule it going to be even busier. You and SEF always seem to amaze me!!!

BOB, glad to see you feeling better.

LDBLOND, glad to have you back on the board and back on track. We all understand your situation if you are unable to reply to everyone. Don't worry about it, just get on the board as best you can. You know, as you've experienced in the past, we are all here for each other, in any and every capacity. NOW, if you can get NANCE back on the board, I'd be even happier!!!

BETH, CONGRATS on 2 more lbs down the drain-you go girl! How often do you eat popcorn? I like popcorn too but surely can't eat only one cup, one bag, okay, but not one cup.

FRUIT, glad to see my e-mail got you on the board, anything I have to do to get you on! At least I didn't have to threaten you. Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you. Glad to hear it will come with some extra $$. Maybe you can use a bit of that to make it down to Orlando in Jan (hint, hint). Okay, YOU are one of those bday's I don't have listed since you don't have a BIO on the BIO BOARD! So, when's the big day?

HAPPY, glad to see your post as well. CONGRATS on your 3lb loss this week. Hope you can get back on the board with some regularity, even if it's just to pop in and say howdy!!!

MELF, glad to hear one of your two sisters doesn't have the WNV, though it's terrible to hear the other one does. I know they said it's worse for an older person to have this, so I hope and pray she has a speedy and full recovery. How scary! Please, you be careful as well. I hope this WNV is something we don't see get worse each passing year. Any big plans for your upcoming birthday?

QUILTER, sorry to hear about you terrible night, hoping you are feeling better! You're doing great with staying away from the temptations that are put right in front of your face. I promise you, these actions will pay off, just be patient!

GRACIOUS, CONGRATS! WTG losing another 2lbs AND having that loss during TOM. Geez, I hope that happens to me when mine shows up, I'd be happy!

ADRON, glad to see your post? Glad to hear you are continuing to lose. Slowly losing is a lot better than losing fast, though we'd all like it to be fast. I hope you find the reason you are having this headache! I btch and moan when I have one for a few hours, I couldn't imagine having something going on for months!

AGAIN, don't be shy, if you don't understand one of the many abbreviations, just let us know. Here are a few...DH-darling/dear husband, DS-darling son, DD,-dear daughter, HFS-health food store. There's lots more, just ask! If you find yourself very hungry and have been drinking enough water, as sometimes you think it's hunger yet it's thirst, than you possibly need to increase your protein intake. During certain time's of month you will feel famished, like nothing you eat will satisfy you, nothing fills you up. This is normal. During this TOM your body needs more calories and it also burns more calories. You can eat to be satisfied, just make sure it's foods that are OP. Popcorn has recently been said to be okay to eat, but in very limited moderaion, not tons. A cup is what has been suggested, I believe. So you may want to watch the popcorn. Please let us know what the Dr. said about this cyst. I hope it's nothing serious and can easily and painlessly be taken care of properly. Please feel free to open up and share anything you would like, we are all like a big happy family here and we are here for each other not only to support each other in trying to lose the weight, but in all other aspects of our lives. I have had the good fortune of meeting almost 20 of the members, past and present, on this board and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful those who I have met and those who I haven't are on this board. BTW, where are you from???

CHERYL, hope all goes well with your Mom. We'll send good thoughts out to her, as well as you. Please keep us posted on how she's doing, as well as how you are doing!!

Okay, I think I've caught up. If I missed anyone, it's not intentional, so forgive me.

Will check in later-time to go find something to eat! I think I'll try making a Kosher pork chop with some breading. Going to see how it comes out using wheat germ this time around.


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Jack-K--To us here in FLA, there is a HUGE difference between UF (University of Fla in Gainesville) and FSU (Fla State in Tallahassee)! They used to be a womenís school and UF was a menís school. UF, therefore, has great programs in engineering, business, journalism, law, medicine, etc. while FSU has a great home ec. school, good interior decorating, art, dance and music, etc. They have a program where they teach students how to do circus performances. At UF, we don't have a circus!! LOL. They also have a law school, but the saying at UF is that if you canít get accepted into college, apply to FSU. Actually, UF is the flagship university in the state and itís criteria for acceptance are the highest of all the state universities in Fla. So, there is some truth to that saying, and people can get into FSU that canít get into UF. The FSU mascot is a Seminole indian and they have one (only one!) cheer where they do a tomahawk thing kind of like the Atlanta Braves cheer. The Gators (UF mascot) have a number of cheers, the best known of which is a two-armed thing where people wave their arms like gator jaws. The ĎNoliesí colors are dark red and gold (they call it garnet and gold) and the Gatorsí are blue and orange. The Gators are in the SEC (SE conf.) for sports as is UK, LSU, UT (BOBís team), ARK, GA, and others. The ĎNoles are in the ACC conference with great football powerhouses such as Duke, Wake Forest, NCState, and a bunch of other basketball schools. Needless to say, every year the Noles walk into their conf. championship in football and get slaughtered in basketball. The Gators are at or near the top in most of the conference sports and have won the overall conference sports trophy for probably 10 straight years. And, in conclusion to this little composition on the difference between UF and FSU, when all is said and done, the ĎNoles are, deep down, Gator wannabes, although they would never admit it.

Thanks for asking about the difference as it gave me an opportunity to share something near and dear to my heart. Right BOB?!
I agree that Lexington is a beautiful area. We loved the rolling hills and horse farms around there. The horse estates were gorgeous. Not much downtown in Lexington, though. They need a few more good restaurants.

Jack-K--Iíve been doing pretty good on your exercise challenge. It was your challenge, wasnít it? I worked out this morning at 9:30--thatís my appointment for being at the gym. So I could not get in my ususal distance before I had to leave. So I just walked 1.5 miles in 25 minutes. Iím getting a little faster. Iíll try to get in another 1.5 miles later, if it doesnít rain.

Fillise--Thanks for the info on scuppernongs. My DD gave me some but I didnít know how to eat them and thought they were weird. Now I know.

BOB--Yep, I miss ole SOS. Those years were a great ride and Iím afraid of ending back in the pack where we were so many years. You must remember that Iíve been a Gator fan since 1960 when I started there as a freshman. And for 30 years, up until ďVisor BoyĒ came, the Gators just could never reach their potential. He just shows how much difference a coach can made. Look at what he did at Duke! Zook is a lot of action, very energetic. But he never excited me much when he was defensive coord. under SOS. Weíll see. Iím still happy to be going to the games. They definitely are fun. Gator fans are the best and we all are supportive. But I miss Steve already!
BTW, what do you think of the Washington GatorSkins? Theyíre doing pretty good, eh!

Talking about tailgating--I would have to say that the ones at Gainesville are the best. Mine are tops!! How many tailgates have you been to that are anything different than fried chicken and potato salad. Iíve been to lots all over the south and fried chicken is everywhere. The only thing Iíve ever seen different was at LSU when a fan (obviously not a graduate!) served us cajun chowder of some kind. It was good. Missy, hopefully we can get together in Gainesville. Itís gonna be a night game I think. Hope the time wonít mess up our plans for food. Iím gonna fix Debís cheesecake this afternoon, and do the onion-goat cheese tart tomorrow. Weíre going up to Gainesville tomorrow about 3.

LOL, that was a pretty funny comment re. LSU fans. I agree. They think theyíve got a lock on everything! Iíve been to a bunch of games there, though. And only 2 games did I encounter obnoxious fans. The funniest game was when they beat the Gators and tore down their own goalposts. That was so funny. Must have set back the university $10000.

Missy--There is a front page sport section article on LSU in USA Today.

Idblond--Welcome back. Iím so sorry youíve been having health problems. That sucks, doesnít it? It brings our life to a standstill sometimes. I want to be the first to encourage you to hop right back on. I havenít had any limb problems in a while, so donít have that reason for not losing much weight. Right now Iím right about where you are with my weight. It will be fun to challenge each other to get down to our goal. That 5 lb. mini goal sounds like a good idea. Think Iíll try it.

BOB--glad youíre feeling better.


Melf--Maybe they can compromise where one can only go to the game, and the other one has free range of the tailgate parties around the stadium. That would be a hard choice.

Again--some abbreviations= DH--dear husband, DD dear daughter, etc. WOE--way of eating, TM --tread mill.

Cheryl--Iíll be praying for some extra strength for you and a wonderful recovery for your mom.

Debbie--Thanks again for the cheesecake recipe. It is a winner and Iím fixing it this afternoon to take with us to gainesville.
Re. the shoe store, maybe it really isnít that good. The one I go to here almost insists that they help you with the shoes. They had me walk in stocking feet so they could evaluate my gait and they asked me about my foot history--surgeries, problems, etc. They showed me several pair that were designed with a firmer instep support, as I tend to roll over in my shoes. They also helped me find a pair that would work with my orthotics. I love my shoes and never had to ďbreak them in.Ē And Iíve not had any problems with them or my feet recently. Perhaps when you come up in January, we can make a trip there. Iíve been to the discount stores such as Sports Authority and have bought shoes there. They felt great but I ended up with a bruised metatarsal or an achy lower back. Because I though that I could just tell by ďfeelĒ when I really needed some professional help.
BTW, I am really impressed with your leadership on this board. For you to notice the birthday discrepancy is amazing. Thanks for staying on top of things. Amazing!

Well, this is a long post for me. Gotta go make cheesecake.

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Good morning ladies and gent....

I was trying to browse through the posts to get a feel of what has been going on since I was last here. To much... Will start from this point on.

I am doing fine and get bored sometimes. I am preparing for our trip to LA next week. Melf, Sef and fruitloop I will send you an email to let you know what our plans are. Hopefully we can get together sometime.

Hubby went to his nes cardio dr. who told him that he should loose 25lbs. He said to cut out the bread,rice,pastas and tators. I asked him about relacing them with wheat and he said no. So we have been doing a no starch WOE for four days. He also said to watch the carbs. So ..... I am trying to addapt this woe to his request. Seems to be working so far. Hubby down about 7lbs and I have dropped the 3lbs that I gained last week while I was in Elko, NV with him.

I got to get ready to run a few errands, will try to be back later.

PS.. I love all the new smiles. Is there any way to print the page??

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Default My first time in the water!

Hi, everyone! My name is LKF and I'm from Springville, Alabama. A friend I worked with was looking so slim that I asked her what she was doing and she told me SugarBusters...soooo, I borrowed the book and liked it so much I bought my own! One month later, I am really getting the hang of this thing, with lots of help from on-line folks like you.

Now, it is time to get involved with a support forum so I can understand even better. Before SB, I guess I was involved in about every diet known...and lost weight every time only to gain it back in a few years. But with SB, I think I can really change for life! I sure do appreciate the help on-line. It's a great encouragement. Debbie (Debelli) just answered my question about sourdough bread and invited me to join your group so I hope y'all will be willing to answer all my dumb questions. I sure did appreciate her enthusiasm and friendliness!

So far, I have lost 10 pounds on SB and am excited out of my mind! I only have another 125 to go!!! Yep, I'm one of those folks who will be with you a long time.

I have a darling husband named Larry and he has only recently begun putting on a little weight. He loves SB, too, and is having fun getting used to eating the right way with me. Here is a man who has put up with a woman grossly overweight almost our entire marriage, even though he has remained slim and trim! Now that's true love...we just celebrated our 28th anniversary. I sure would love to give him a beautiful slim wife for the rest of our marriage.

I will share more as we go along and I look forward to getting to know more of you who regularly join this support forum...and I really look forward to doing this thing together with all the encouragement we can all give each other!
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Default Welcome LKF!

It's nice to have you with us. I think you will find this WOE will work out great. You are already doing wonderful. Don't worry about the questions....a wise person told me a long time ago the only stupid question was one not asked. How else do you find the answer. I've been on this plan for about 16 months. I lost most of my weight the first 8 months.


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Hi All - short post to check in - Welcome IDBlond and LKF! Got to read posts but no time to respond - work is hopping, end of the month - people must close on their real estate..... you would think our economy was better than it really is with all the closings scheduled! The "Mall"itis is not bothering me as much today - as I took a really good painkiller last night and knocked myself out cold. So cold, that DS (age 11) got on the computer at 11:30 and is now restricted from using it, but at least he did not lie when I asked him about it! phewwwwwwwww, those who lost and I believe Toni is on a really good rolllllllll down the poundhill, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! As to those like me who either did not budge or budged up the hill - Well see you next WIW when we roll down the hill together!!!!! Thanks for all the well wishes and concern about the foot..... It is promising that it will get better after therapy of shots, orthotic, massages and includes new shoes and is the way my foot turns in when I walk...after it is corrected - all will be more pressure on the nerve and tendons and I will survive - and the malls will see me once again.

Got to run, Sabrina
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This really is fun! Thanks for the welcome, CountryMom4Him and Tranquil! I am looking forward to rolling down this road together. I'm not nearly as clever with the words as so many of y'all are but I'll get better at it...I'm just a country girl come from Hollywood (do you believe it?!) and happy to be so.

I can see right now that I need to change my bio, though -- all of yours are so cute. How did you get the cute pictures? And can I change my boring name, which is really just my initials?

More later...and Sabrina, what is the significance of the numbers under your close?
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