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Default Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 8/20-8/26

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our LATEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the NEWEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our AUGUST 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often-make sure to visit our newest board, MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS at the link below:





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:


VISIT OUR NEW SUGAR BUSTERS 2001 PICTURE GALLERY at the link below. You can upload pictures or post links to pictures on this board

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit NEW REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.


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Hello Everybody! It's early and I wanted to get a quick greeting in before getting ready for work. It's the start of another week. Let's make it a great one. Must confess that at times this weekend I "caved" and followed what my "evil self" wanted to do. However this morning as everyday I recommit and promise to do the best I can do. We are low on groceries which makes it harder to eat the way I want to. MUST get to the store SOON!

I had planned to read all posts yesterday and then respond, but yardwork called my name. Felt obligated to go ou and help Paul with that before we went to some friends' for dinner. So I'm still behind. But plan to catch up tonight. I am determined to have a slower paced week this week and get in my "kimmy time". Let's all be sure and give ourselves time to stop and smell the roses. Okay?

Have a great day!
Take care!
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Good Monday morning

This is just a quickie as I am heading out to babysit for my daughter to-day. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

I managed to stay op on the weekend. Was down a bit on the scale yesterday but will wait and see what Wednesday brings before posting.

I found this neat website for finding the gi of foods while surfing. This is at the Aussie GI Database. You just type in the name of the food and you will get the gi of that food OR type in a GI value and they will show the foods with that gi.

Will check in again this evening.

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Morning all. Sorry Ive been awol. I had my 4 year old niece for a week and she kept me pretty busy. I did manage to get in 2 games of golf on Wed. and Fri. I ordered a Yoga for Golf video this weekend, hoping it will help me with my game.

I was not 100% OP last week and like Quilter will begin anew today. I am having the hardest time staying away from sweets.

Sure gonna miss Deb's posts. She is always so cheerful. Anway have a happy day and I will try and check in later.

Welcome to all the newbies.
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It's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYand here's my contribution for MM, to get you through the week without me I couldn't pick between 2 of them, so you're getting a double dose of MM while I'm gone!!!


The future belongs to those who are willing to build it. But you can't build your future in the future. You have to build it now.

When your efforts are directed solely toward things that provide instant gratification, that will leave your future very empty. The things that will bring true value and fulfillment to your life take time and effort. And it is never, ever, too late to start building the richness of your future.

The farther ahead you're able to project your efforts, the more impact those efforts will have. The more ambitious your dreams, the sooner you must start working on making them real.

Success requires both urgency and patience. Be urgent about making the effort, and patient about seeing the results. Learn to do that, persist with your efforts, and the results will be spectacular indeed. The future is yours. Start today to make it exactly how you want it to be.

-- Ralph Marston



Sometimes it seems that whatever you do, you simply cannot seem to get ahead. Time after time you make the effort, and the results just do not come. What you need is a breakthrough.

A breakthrough will come when you've truly convinced yourself that you're ready for it. Take a piece of paper and write down, clearly and in detail, the following things - what you're attempting to accomplish, what you've done so far, why it hasn't produced the results you're after, and what obstacles still stand in your way.

When you're finished, carefully read through everything. At the bottom of the page, write a deadline such as "I need a breakthrough by Wednesday afternoon." Then fold the paper in two and put it away. Put the whole matter completely out of your mind. Don't worry about it. Don't go over it again in your mind. Relax with the confident knowledge that by the time your deadline arrives, you'll have your breakthrough.

And you will. When it comes, accept it and get to work on putting it into action. When you've truly made a commitment, and when you've backed up that commitment with action and persistence, you'll find a way to make it work. Your mind is easily capable of breakthrough thinking. All you have to do is ask.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!

(with Nance's help!!!!!)

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Default Hello Everyone!!!

My Goodness...the board is deserted!!!!

I almost failed you all getting the Motivational Monday Post up!!!
Yesterday was complete chaos for me. Dan the Man was away on ANOTHER military assignment and they muddled up things with throwing in a meeting for the officers at the last instead of being able to fly home at noon like he was supposed to, he ended up having to fly back at 7:00pm and into LAX!!! UGH
I had to go pick him up, so first I drove down to the beach and hung out with my sister before tackling the 405 fwy.! Needless to say after stopping for gas, food, etc. we didn't get back until 10:00pm at night!

My sister and I did a little scrapbooking while she was here, and just had a nice relaxing visit. Went out to dinner at Kobe Japenese steak house which was a real treat with one of our good friends.

Well, as you can all imagine, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Dungeon Master and need to clean the cupboards of all evidence! I'll be back to check on you all later!
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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

Good morning everyone!

I am thinking about Nancemiester this morning--and her visit from the Dungeon Mistress. Our prayers are with you!

I had a busy weekend. It was Rally Day (the first day of the new Sunday School year) and I was in charge of all the festivities. it was fun, but it went on all day long. I was exhausted when I got home last night! We had a covered dish supper and I was able to stay OP. I even talked to a friend about SB who is going out to get the book today! I'm inching down to my mow--238.5 today! I'm going to work out in a few minutes.

Hope everyone has a good day!

July 10, 2000
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It's Monday!!! Hi everyone. Don't feel very motivated yet. Tore my kitchen apart this a.m. trying to find where the ants got in with no luck. Their trail ended dead and I can't find anywhere else. That really irritates me. Now I have to put all this stuff back. Ugh. Going to go get my bus and then go crabbing with my friend. Better eat or don't know what she'll try to put down me. Felt like I ate all weekend long. Up to 168 again but not worried. I haven't been drinking my water either. It's my own fault. Guess I'd better get to it.

Nancy-your cleaning out your cupboards was so funny! Kobe steak. I'd love to have some of that.

Fillese-congrats on your loss!!!! Sounds like the Rally was fun. Is it your dad who's having surgery? I hope it goes alright.

Rosalie-What are falafels? I should not buy Triscuits ate way too many yesterday. Will try Finn Crisp or Ryvita. OH, I forgot about cream cheese and fruit spread. You're a genius. Thanks too for the brown rice crust tip. I will try it. And also for the Aussie website. It is now in my favorites.

Bob-I try to make that quiche this week. I love Spinach. The greener the leaf the better. Why don't I like collards???

Melf-I am so grateful to have normal bs levels after what you told me. Hope work is steady but not too fast.

Karen-have fun at camp. I love waking up early in the morning and smelling the clean air. One of my favorite things about camp.

Quilter-what a good wife you were to help dh. Hope you have some fun "kimmy time" this week.

catlover-How was the week with a 4 year old? What did you do? I bet the yoga will help your golf.

Gotta 'fly
sb since 6/29/01
185/168/145 23 more lbs and counting.
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Default Good Morning all!

Nice to be able to check in with all of you first thing on Monday morning. I did sleep in this am as I have to work 3-11 today. Tomorrow am I'll need to be up & out of here by 7:30am for the monthly food pantry ministry that I'm involved in.

Kim Our best is the most that any of us is capable of or that is even expected of us. If you do your best, then it's good enough. You will see results, just continue doing your best

Marie Hope you have a nice day baby sitting with gc. Thanks for the GI site. Have already checked it pout & saved in my favorites. I was hoping to find GI for butternut & acorn squash, but didn't find those. Will play around with it more later.

Catlover Sometimes I crave sweets also, but when I do, I hit the ice cream & it seems to do the trick for me. Some days or harder than others, but like I told Kim, if we do our best, that's all that can be expected of us, so hang in there. Today is a new day for us all.

Nancy, We're here & appreciate you for being Debbie's helper in posting that great motivational thought. You sound so busy with your cleaning! Guess I would feel the same way if the Dungeon Mistress were visiting my humble abode . You talked about scrapebooking...I did go back & checked out that shope I had mentioned a while back where I thought they were offering lessons, only to find that they were having a close out sale. I did buy a few more items that I needed to get started, but was very disappointed that they are now closed. I was looking at the extension courses offered in the area college, but nothing there either. Oh well, one day I'll sit & tackle this on my own.

Susan You are doing so well with your weight loss! Keep up the good work girl. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. I was suppose to work a 12 hr shift yesterday, but because of a low cenus & being over staffed, I was able to leave work at noon & spend the afternoon with dh & was able to make it to church last night. That was a blessing for me.

Well ladies, before I go, here is a Motivational thought I'd like to share with you all. Got this in a email last week.

The Road to Success is not straight. There is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, caution lights called family,and you will have flats called jobs. But...if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, insurance called faith, you will make it to a place called success!
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Default HELLO

Good Monday everyone!

Can you tell that I don't have time to check in on weekends very much?!? My boys keep me busy and I try to use that time for "just family". We have had a difficult summer, my Dad died on May 19th and we have all been struggling to cope. I feel like I am waiting on the next tragedy and have been trying to spend every moment I can with my dh, kids and mother. I guess that is pretty normal.

Anyway - on a more cheerful note - I bought an AB Doer II yesterday. I even assembled it all by myself!! I got on it and went right to it and I broke a sweat pretty fast. I can tell that my side muscles (can remember the name for those love handles) got some work cause they are a little sore this morning. Anyone else have one of these contraptions??

Fillise - wow, its a small world. I like Huntsville, but would never stray to move here from Athens. My little town is just right for me and its only a 30 minute commute to work.

Everyone - thanks for the welcome. I feel at home already!

I'll check in later!
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Good Monday to all you SBers. And welcome back to you, Quilter. I definitely "hear you", and you also, Catlover. Sometimes I can really fail to stay OP, and then kick myself around for a few days. I heard something really encouraging from my doctor this am. (Had to go for my yearly checkup.) He told me that even he was trying to lose some pounds and that HIS doctor recommended Sugar Busters. He said to just commit to ONE MONTH, and see how it went. He said to be totally fiathful for that one month, and that at the end of that time, to evaluate the progress and proceed from there. For all us humans that are not totally perfect, one month seems like a manageable period of time. So I thought I share this to give everyone some encouragement. He also said that to get good exercise for the heart, you should walk at least 2 hours every week. and more is better.

I will be going up to Wisc. this week. will miss Karen 2000 by just 2 days I arrive Sunday in Kohler and she leaves Friday. I'll be back here for 2 days and then off again for 2 weeks in PA. Of course, will stop in Gainesville on the way up to see the Gators play. Only 12 more days, all you SEC gals. Hope all your teams win!!!

Have a great time with Debbie, Nance. She is a bundle of energy and will be an inspiration in person, even more!! Thanks for starting the board for us today.

Take care, all.
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Well, Helloooooooo everyone! I feel I have been away forever! I am so glad to be home and back to the Board! First our computer went down and before it could be fixed I left for Houston, so I have been deprived for a long time!

I want you all to be the third to know (Melf and Quilter got in first) that I lost 6# while I was away. I want a standing ovation with a drum roll please!!!!!

How did I do it? Easy, have a friend who is determined to undermine you! She is heavier than me and says she doesn't care how big she is as long as she is healthy. Excuse me!!
I've been there, still am. Her legs hurt, she's SOB, tires easily.........hey don't we all realize this ain't healthy? When she brought up that subject that was the only time I reminded her that she could lose a couple of pounds too.

So she would offer me lemon meringue pie. "Sorry, I can't have that."......"Shirley, it's not a matter of can't or need, it's WANT! At our age we shouldn't worry about things like that. If we want it then you should have it."......."OK, I don't WANT any!" This went
on for two weeks if you can imagine that! Through the danish, pie, cookies, crackers, ad infinitem. Although she tried ONE pita chip and said they were good, she would not eat them as they were diet food and she wasn't dieting. She did like the SB Buttered Pecan ice cream and ate it along with her other sweets. Pie followed by ice cream etc.

So I lost 6 and she probably gained 6!!! I just did my thing without fanfare. The more I stuck to things, the more she seemed to want to show me she could eat anything.........and did!

She didn't get the concept at all. We went out to eat several times, three times with other people. Once someone said what are you having Shirley? I said steak (we were at a Steak and Ale), salad and sweet potato. And she said "Shirley thinks she's on some kind of diet!"

The only place that did not seem to have anything I could have other than House Salad, was the Olive Garden. I probably cheated there because of the dressing. Everything seemed to be sauced, breaded or would have sugar. We also went to IHOP, Perry's (menu said baked sweet potato, but it was mashed and sugared when I got it), and some other restaurant I can't think of. At home we made a meatloaf, hamburgers and onions, omelets; she made turkey salad but it had mayo on it, and I bought veggies for salads, which she couldn't eat because they were too big! So she would eat a little sauce size dish. To me with real bacon bits, cheese, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, they are a meal. Of course, you don't have room for potato chips etc.

So, so much for my food adventures! We went to Galveston and Kemah, a boardwalk area. We saw "Legally Blond" which was good. In fact, one lady with us was going a second time she thought it was so good! The rest of the time was malls and stay at home.

I had one day with "Barry" where I couldn't move much and refused to go out. The next day I was some better and we did galavant. If I was home, I probably would have taken it easy
but when you are visiting you don't want to be a wet blanket and I had already spoiled one day!

I want to thank those of you that sent I miss yous! Melf and I had a long talk via IM the other day. I enjoyed it so much!

Quilter - I got your note and will answer.

Fillis - I just realsized our intials stand for Sugar Free. Whenever we want to stray, we can remind ourselves by thinking of us! Also I noticed my license plate has GWP. As I was leaving nursing home today, I thought "Hmmmm, GROSS WEIGHT PROBLEM"!! another reminder!

Rosalie - Yes, what are falafels? And since I haven't read the entire Board what is your Brown Rice Crust tip? Or where can I find the tip if it's too long to repeat.

Since I haven't had time to read the whole board, I congratulate the losers, commiserate with the non-losers, hope the ill are better and the healthy stay that way!

My MM?

Find a friend who wants to sabotage you, and show them they can't!!!!!!!

I am grateful to her!
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Kim, The last sentence in your post hits my feelings dead on "Let's all be sure and give ourselves time to stop and smell the roses." I certainly have a better outlook on life and more appreciation of it when I slow down and can spend some time with all of you. Welcome back, I missed you.

Mary, I absolutley loved your Monday Motivation!

Nance, I hope you are truly having a relaxing time on vacation. You deserve it! (as for the cupboards, remember that's the kids food, not yours )

My dental implant seems to have been succesful and now I'm back in healing mode. I ate poorly and really didn't care some of the time, other times I found myself eating on plan and not really thinking about it. I'm really looking forward to Deb's visit. I now am back to 159 as of this morning and have until Nov. 10th to get back down and constant at 155, although I really would like to see 150. We will see what happens. Tonight I am determined to take a walk, please understand this is something that I have NEVER done, but maybe getting out of the house will inspire me to exercise more.
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I'm not caught up!! These comments are from posts through Sunday -- If something doesn't make sense or is already outdated, please just ignore me!!

TVthatsME - WELCOME!! Glad to have you “on board” Our Apopka, FL Allstars are in a major little league championship tournament right now. They could make it to the World Series if they keep playing as well as they have been. It reminds me of watching my little brother’s team when they made it to the finals eons ago. Sooo much fun!!

FILLISE – Glad to hear things are going well with your father. I’m hoping that he continues to get better and better – sounds like he will as he is already pretty healty. Congrats on the consistent work-outs! We’ll be fabulous babes before too long! Gonna have to get me a hummer feeder.

QUILTER – Sending lots of prayers Jackie’s way – she sure is blessed to have a great caring friend like you.

BOB – Didnja just LOVE Enemy at the Gates???? (Vince being the sniper that he is we HAD to rent that one!) It was really good, I thought. Can’t believe they did all that intimate stuff as dirty as they were – Vince was making comments about how “fresh” their breath musta been. Okay, I just read you didn’t really like it all that much….. I guess Vince’s combat, action movie fondness has rubbed off on me from having to watch so many of them. Because of his sniper interest I guess… I went to JC Penny – Girlfriend, that place was a MADHOUSE I was just glad to get out with my life!!! There were people 15 deep with ARMLOADS of stuff at the registers. I couldn’t hack it – had to leave. Y’all have my respect – or you have much better organized JCPs. I got that little food processor – see Deb’s post below.

FLY – I go through withdrawals too. How was the week-end trip away? Did they love the concert? I thought about posting in yellow, too, but didn’t want everyone to skip my posts because they were too hard on the eyes.

DEBBIE – Okay – is the recipe for Falafels and TARATOUR on the board somewhere? I will do a search, but if it’s not there – when you get back can you post it? We love the hummus! I bought a little 2 cup food processor at Target – MagicChef I think is the brand. Works pretty good, but I couldn’t get all the beans totally mashed – there were some chunks of them, but it was still good.

MARIE – Vince and I have thought about writing a book called “Oh Yeah………” One of those little bathroom readers with things people never think to tell you about until you’ve already discovered it….Like “NEVER use dishwashing soap (Dawn, Joy, etc.) in place of dishwashing DETERGENT (Cascade, etc.)” “When assembling a baby crib make sure you are in the room you want the crib to be in. (They do not fit through standard doorways.)” Vince has a ton from working on cars. Just this month we discovered that Chevy Monte Carlos use BOTH metric AND American (?) measurements – you have to have both sets of tools. The movie Steel Magnolias is AWESOME!! Bring lots of tissue – especially if you cry when you laugh real hard like I do!

NANCEMEISTER – When do you start the new job?? Use your Control button and the letter C to copy – (press both at the same time) – Use your CONTROL button and the letter V to paste. Control + C = COPY – Control + V = Paste – Hopefully that will help. I use the keyboard whenever possible. Saves time, energy and wrist motions, although my little pinky on my left hand is sore by the end of the day from so much copying and pasting. Let us know how it goes in the DUNGEON!! I want lessons! Details!! Take good notes!!!

LAMAP – Had to laugh about taking your son to the dentist. I think I rely on my parents more now than I ever did. Of course, now I appreciate it! We have a family owned HFS here in Vince’s zone and he asked them about the cake mixes. They said they don’t have it but will be glad to order, which kind did we want….I told him spice. I can’t remember the flavor you were getting. Please, let me know if it’s better.

MELF – Thanks for checking in! Glad to hear you’re doing well.

We listen to books on tape for the rush hour traffic we have to drive in and just discovered Nelson DeMille books – y’all they are really good! I highly recommend them! You readers Catherine Neville’s “The Eight” is awesome!! I’ve read it about 4 times. I just love it!!!

I was out shopping and working my butt off in the yard all week-end. Fighting crowds at JCP, comparing food prcessors at Target, Wal-Mart and Bed Bath and Beyond. Found some great valances for the guest bedroom at BB&B and couldn’t wait to hang them up when I got home, but couldn’t get the darn screws in the wall. Vince was glad. He wants to patch things up and paint before we hang them. Other mundane errand-running, but took my whole day on Saturday. Then Sunday I mowed the yard and cleaned the house – deep clean – needed it and smelled so good when I got back from church. I thought about getting on several times, but never made it in the office.
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It's Monday evening and I'm just checking in!
Wow...has this day just flown by!!! It's been quite an active day for me. A distant aquaintance (a friend of my sister's) was featured on the 3rd hour of the Today Show. Her name is Ann
Marie Crowell. It will be 4 yrs. this coming Christmas Eve that her
son of 12 yrs. died in an accidental shooting. She's also featured
in an article in this month's Good Housekeeping Magazine. Today
was the 1st National ASK Day. (Asking Saves Kids). It encourages people before you send your child to someone's house (a playmate, relative, or neighbor, to ASK if they have a gun in the home. If there is a gun, to make sure that the gun is stored unloaded and locked, ideally in a gun safe, with ammunition locked separately. Hiding guns is not enough. There
are countless tragic stories of kids finding guns that parents thought were well hidden. There is a web site if you should like
additional info:
This afternoon I visited a nearby daycare to distribute some of the
pamphlets to parents. I do not have children myself...but know how precious and dear they are. This is not about being pro or against the gun law....just something to keep kids safe from harm!

I've been a little off kilter OP myself. You are not alone Catlover and Quilter...BUT we will carry on the very best we can! I will not
be a quitter!!!! Maybe other adjectives would apply, but not that one!!! We're in this together ladies!!

Great motivational tip Deb had to share! Boy...they sure hit me between the eyes sometimes! I'll take all the inspirational tips I can get!!!
Well, Ive got to run...hubby will be home for dinner any minute.
Take care! Hope to get back on the boards later this evening!
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