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Old 08-26-2002, 04:42 PM   #16  
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Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Louisville, KY
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Just checking in to see whats happening.

It's been rather slow here today. At least I got to read the board a lot.

Don't know if you all heard, the little league team from Louisville beat the Japans for the World Series title. It was exciting. The whole town is going crazy.

Bob, don't forget about me in that SEC rival. I know we aren't much of a rival. Just wanted to beat you to saying it. LOL Our first big game is Sunday against the all time rival Louisville. Braggin rights are important you know, Of course 99% of all our friends are UL fans and we (of course) are UK.

Tranquil, Hope you gave DS a swift kick for that comment. LOL. Don't worry it will go soon. I'm on the door step too. Mine is late though. Just wish it would hurry up. Hormones are raging. All I want to do is cry. Keep circling Serene's house until she submits to coming back on here. We still love her no matter what.

Sef, Loved your quiz. It is so true.

Jenn, God luck on your surgery. Prayers and hugs coming your way. Congrats on the closing Friday. Hope you are up to it. Hurry back.

Chris, You have taken the first step, now just keep going. You did this before, you can do it again. Someone said over the weekend (sorry can't remember who, think it was Beth) that she almost ate something and realized that it would slow her progress down so she decided it wasn't worth it. Think about that before you eat something off-program. Which do you really want. Get that sugar out of your system and jump back on here. We're here to help.

Gator, what a lovely weekend. Boy your Dh sounds like such a romantic. I'm jealous. Good going on the walk.

Toni, Can I join the exercise challenge too? Missed today, but hopefully can get it in tonite.

Heartmom, I used to count out my 12 nuts and go away. Then I got away from them altogether. Now if I eat them I take a handful or 2, Iím not as strict with them as I should be. But I very seldom eat them now. But if they are a problem to you, get them out of the house. No need for temptations.

Mercy, Hope you have had a great OP day! Good to hear from you.

Fillise, Your leave of absence will give you more time with us, I hope. Enjoy. Glad your eating is back on track today. Lunch sounded good and that taco salad sounds delish. Think Iíll make one this week. Thanks for the idea. I was the one who recommend the 4 place scale. Let us know how you like it. Weighing portions is a great idea. Sometimes I just donít have the time.

Off to fix dinner. I have chicken marinating for the grill. Gonna stem some cauliflower and broccoli and green beans.

It's DD last meal before she heads back to college tonite.

Hope to get some exercise in tonite.

Have a great evening. See ya tomorrow.

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Old 08-26-2002, 05:07 PM   #17  
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S/C/G: 278/163/143

Height: 5'8"


Still not receiving email notification when someone posts- Is anybody else having this problem? I have to go to the forum and access it that way. DEBELLI...hello, can u help me out? I posted about it before but guess it was overlooked.
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Old 08-26-2002, 05:44 PM   #18  
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Default Peeking In

Still doing great. Eating all the right things but was nearly tempted, well not really, but was dreaming about scarfing something bad when I was out this afternoon and didn't bring my usual bottle of water with me. I resisted of course and came home to eat a salad. I have already drank 3 litres of water so when I went out I thought I would be fine. I am so accustomed to drinking H20 ...I learned a lesson!

DEBELLI- Cooled down? Last night hubby made me a fire while we watched a video because I was chilly! I love this maritime weather! Warm in the days and cool nights. Just perfect.

MERCY- Is the Canadian from Quebec English speaking, French speaking or bilingual? Thank you for the prayers, I know the Lord will provide something.

Oops..hubby coming better go!!
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Old 08-26-2002, 06:04 PM   #19  
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Just thought I'd check back in before starting dinner... Hope you all have had a good OP day... I went to visit a friend and turned down all the sweets and soda I was offered... Felt pretty good about it.

Debilli- Of course do the exerciseing with us.... OH a farmers market I would love to be near one. I swear next year I'm hopeing to grow even a little tiny garden.. I'll have to get DH out this fall to help me clear it off. Wow did Eli give you roses!!

Jack-K- Sounds like the dress hunting was really tireing. Hope you find something soon... The concert sounds great and fun to go to. What more could you do to get your DD ready for colledge with all the SB stuff.... Shes done great losing 18 lbs. Jump right in there for this exerciseing challange...... Its for everyone... Bet you can't!! LOL...

Tranquil- Yummy curried chicken salad... That sounds good to me.. Those george foreman grills are great... EEEkkk stay away from that scale..

Sef- wow look at those quiz's, now I have to put on the thinking cap..

Jenn in MN- The surgery is not bad at all and you'll be surprised how fast you're up and around.. Good luck with it and a speedy recovery.

Chris- Now you get back on wagon..... Remember nothing tastes as good as slim fills... 2 weeks to detox and then its so much easier. So if you're not OP 100% you'll never get detoxed. So come on girl.. Go for a walk and start right now OP...

GatorGal- Actually The Quilter challaged me to exercise this week. So come on 5 days. And you've already got one day in... Your anniversery sounds wonderful, congrads on 39 years..

heartmom-Nuts are off limit to me too... I can't eat a reasonable amount... Wow that article should have had SB in it... This is such a good program.

Mercy- Howdy there gal..

Fillise- Good for you getting the scales.. I have a food scale to and its surpriseing some time to weigh your food out and see how much it weighs.. And no good SB would be without a scale!! LOL

Well time to go see about left over meatloaf or left over corned beef....

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Old 08-26-2002, 06:17 PM   #20  
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Location: Chicago Suburbs
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Hi all!!

Wow I can't believe I made it back to the board. Well anyway I'm getting ready to do my WATP 2 miles. This week I plan to get all my exercise in. I also need to increase my water. I've slowed down with it quite a bit.

A lady I work with has the WATP tapes and she's has been doing them for 3 months and she has lost 10lbs and she hasn't even changed her eating. So I know all I need to do is to exercise to get moving again.

Does anyone have any quick breakfast ideas? Please share them.

Gracious- The Canadians are bilingual. They live in the french providence of Quebec. His wife is originally from France and they moved to Quebec about 4 years ago.

Toni48- Good for you on turning down the sweets.

I hope everyone has a great evening and an OP one at that!!!

Last edited by Mercy; 08-26-2002 at 06:21 PM.
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Old 08-26-2002, 07:49 PM   #21  
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Hi Ladies!
Got an IM from Deb yesterday and have been thinking about the board all day.
It's time for me to get back on the bandwagon. Kids are back in school on Weds and I can get some STRUCTURE back into my life - AND the end of summer marks the end of Hard Lemonade consumption too....

I absolutely MUST succeed. My hormones are still messed up, night sweats all the time, so I am headed to the obgyn next week to address these issues from that end. In the meantime, I am going to follow a Protein Power menu which is similar to SB - I know I need to follow some kind of structure so I don't stand in front of the fridge at 5:30 wondering what I'm going to make..... .

We booked my son's bar mitzvah (a year from now, thank you) , so again, I have a "goal". In the meantime, tho, I have some major events I am doing the planning for and I am getting tired of the way the professional clothes fit. I need to start feeling good about myself. Back to the gym on Weds too!

Deb - I bet your kids have been back at school for a while now, right? I have been ebaying tons of stuff from this estate - the fun is kinda gone now, except when I get paid I have a garage full of my own finds to sell but can't get to them until I get rid of this estate stuff. But in the meantime, I can't get my car into the garage!!!

Kimmi - fun IM-ing with you the other day. I am so glad you are having success with this. I hope it rubs off on me....

Everyone else - I am very time challenged so please don't be mad when I don't respond directly. Sometimes I will be able to scan the thread, but I have to keep my goals reasonable for now.

In the meantime, the kids are at each others throats.....

bye for now....

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Old 08-26-2002, 08:27 PM   #22  
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Posts: 2,859


WELL....Look who snuck in the back door!!! WELCOME HOME VIV!!

Jackie...KY and TN and still rivals, especially for me since I'm from KY and am such a big TN fan!!!
You have been granted admittance to ouR SEC banterings~!!

I'll be back...I've got the tummy ache and can't get rid of it...

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Old 08-26-2002, 08:40 PM   #23  
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Default Monday Night

Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a really great day. This was a pretty high stressed day at work. We got new phones on Friday and nobody knew anything about them. So guess who had to get the book and figure out the new system? Right , me! It was fun, but pretty chaotic from 9 to 10:30.Well, we made it through and ready for tomorrow and all it brings with us.

Hey TONI, I guess we have some other people joining us on our 5-day exercise week!!! This is so exciting! The more people jumping onto this challenge, the more likely we are to keep to it. Right??? Iím so happy to hear you hit that TM and got your 1/2 in today. WAY TO GO!!!!! Awesome job at passing on the sweets at your friends house. That has to make you feel empowered. This weekend I taught my niece to make a summertime trifle and itís my absolutely FAVORITE dessert. I figure if I can pass up trifle thereís not much out there to tempt me. Keep up the good work and keep focused. You are doing great!!!

GRACIOUS---Well, of course you are welcome to exercise with us! How fun! Iím so happy you want to take up the challenge and shake your booty for five days this week. There is strength in numbers, girlfriend!!! We will be STRONG!!!! We will be FIT!!!!!! Leslieís belt is supposed to work your abs. It comes with the Walk Away the Pounds for the Abs. I have an old belt that came with an old tape, but havenít used it yet. I may give it a try tomorrow. Also, Iíll give Kimmy your message. I need to call her, but was kind of waiting until the kids got back in school.

CHERYL---Way to go on another successful week. Keep it up!!! You are doing great! You are so right about the CRAPPY porcessed food. We need to avoid it like the plague. Do me a favor and keep reminding me of that! Ha! I can use reminding at least OCNE a week.

DEB---The worst traffic here is the first day that the Universitiy of Cinti starts up. Geesh, they stop up the highways better than any big yellow bus or caravan of minivan car pools. Itís really a pain. Glad to see youíre taking the 5-day challenge as well. This is getting to be a big group! Hang in there. That pound will hit the road soon. Just keep up the good work.

JACK-K----Hey, sorry to hear you had no luck here on Saturday. Thatís the pits. At least you got some leads and some ideas. Itís a slow process but it will all come together before you know it. Iím so glad to hear that your DD is still doing SB in college. Iím going to send good thoughts and prayers her way. The fact that sheís already lost 18 is a good way to keep her going in the right direction. Hey, congrats on the BIG WIN for your guys! Thatís so wonderful!!!

TRANQ---You are the best cook! Wish you were MY neighbody. Iíd always be there borrowing a cup of sugar or a plate of your most recent meal. LOL!!!

SEF---You are so funny! You would have been so much fun to work with. Tell us more.

JENN----Good luck! Iím sending you some good thoughts and some good wisdoms for your surgeon and all the people doing your surgery. Canít wait to hear all about your house.

GATOR----TONI and I made a pact with each other to exercise all five days this week. Want to join in? Itís getting to be a big group. It makes it easier for me to get up if I know others are counting on me. Glad to hear your anniversary was so great. Sounds absolutely delightful. How romantic!!! Congratulations to you and the Mr.

VIV---Glad to see your post. We miss you when you are away, but know your schedule is wacky. There are some weeks all I can do is check in every couple of days. I think everybody just loves hearing from us even if we canít post a long one.

Okay, you all. Gotta run. Grease is on TCM and I LOVE that movie. Plus I have a piece of Debís cheesecake awaiting me. Mmmmmm, this is the last piece and Iím gettign a little depressed over it. LOL Take care, everybody.

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Old 08-26-2002, 09:26 PM   #24  
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Okay, I'm in on the challenge. 5 days on the bike, I think I can do it!

First day back at work and I was wiped out. It's hard sitting and listening all day. Tomorrow I get to set up my room, Wednesday I listen to a math consultant and Thursday, the gates (doors) are opened! I won't have students until afer Labor Day, so I have a little extra time to prepare.

BOB: I don't consider myself an SEC gal, but I do route for Arkansas. They'll always be a Southwest team with all the TX schools that we love to hate.

Gotta run downstairs now and jump on that bike so I can go to bed at a decent hour.

Take care
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Old 08-26-2002, 09:45 PM   #25  
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GO JEANIE GO!!!! Glad you are on board! My alarm will sound at 5:40 tomorrow! Are you with me that early???? I'm not good company. Good thing we all aren't neighbors! Ha! Burn rubber on that bike, girlfriend!!!
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Old 08-26-2002, 10:45 PM   #26  
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Hey Guys -
Check it out! Two posts in one day! Need the smelling salts???

I just took a bunch of time and took all my SB notes and recipes (best thing about the awful OLD job was being able to print off that laser printer all day, LOL)....and put them neatly into a binder by category. Now I'm going to go onto the recipe boards and compile a Word document with some workable recipes for me. Next up - a recipe index in my binder (yes, I am compulsive!). I find being organized just makes my life so much simpler - no excuses!

Kimmi - Oh, hugs, girl! You are so right!

BOB - Thanks for the welcome back, BOB! I really hope I can stick with the boards now. How long has the smoke-free thing been going now????? We were at Six Flags the other day and I was yelling at a 20 year old guy on line - he was smoking and I gave him a speech about his health. What a "yenta" I am, LOL!!!

Gonna go check the recipes now!

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Old 08-27-2002, 06:25 AM   #27  
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Here's a Tuesday Morning request . . . Everybody who's taken the 5-day exercise challenge, post your hard work on the exercise board. That thread gets ignored by many and it's a GREAT way to publicly record your efforts and give yourself a pat on the back. I know that TONI, DEB and GRACIOUS are posting theirs. Let's make that thread the longest it's been this week!!! If we get every exerciser to post there, we could make it to page 3 or 4. Hey, I know I get my kicks from weird things! What can I say???

Hugs to all,
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Old 08-27-2002, 08:29 AM   #28  
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Happy Tuesday Gang!

Well it rained last nite, for the first time in almost 2 months, so I didn't get my walk in. But I did get my weight lifting in. So I figure that is better than nothing. Got my 2 mile/jog/walk in this a.m. before it started raining again and my bicep-tricep workout. So I'm good to go today.

Quilter, yes I will post it on the exercise board!

Going to be slow here today, so I will be able to check the board alot.

Gracious, Good for you fighting off that temptation. It's funny how water has become a "staple" with us. I can tell when I need it now.

Toni, WTG on passing the sweets and sodas. It does get easier and makes you feel so empowered too. I'm on track with the exercising. Got my 2 miles walk/jog in this a.m. right before the rain and then did my biceps and tricep workout.

Mercy Good for you to start exercising. That is a good way to jump start you. Breakfast ideas, peanut butter on toast, PB&J, cottage cheese and peaches. I'm not a big breakfast person. I usually eat oatmeal and a grapefruit.

Viv, Welcome back. I didn't know you from before, but look forward to getting to know you. Isn't that Mike Hard Lemonade good? It's been 10 months since I've had one, but it sounds good. I'm like you. Have to have routine. I have to plan my dinner the night before and then my breakfast and lunch around that. Welcome back. & Good luck. Kijed your idea bout the binder and index. I have all of mine in a binder with dividers, but like the index idea, just no time.

Bob, Hope your tummy feels better today.

Quilter, Didn't the people who installed your phone system train you guys? Good for you on figuring it out. I'm not one to read instructions and figure something out. Grease! My DD loves that movies. Watches it all the time. Of course she has it on video too.

Jred, Good for you jumping in on the exercise challenge and on the bike. Boo, Arkansas. Never like Nolan Richardson. glad he's gone.

Hope everyone has a good day and 100% OP.

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Old 08-27-2002, 08:57 AM   #29  
SUPER CHICK aka Moderator
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Couldn't get on last night, and have to run this morning, sister in family room waiting for me to go with her to get the baby's ears pierced. Will write later!!!

Have a great day

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Old 08-27-2002, 08:59 AM   #30  
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Thumbs down Tuesday Morning

Hmmmm, am I on the 5-day exercise challenge if I think seriously about exercising all five days this week

OK, OK I know I need to get my butt (and thighs and hips and... well you get the picture) back to the gym.

Gracious--get ready for company. All of us Southerners who are about to roast to death are coming your way for a visit! All the FLA gals can stop and pick up the ALA gals and the GA gals on the way north. We should be there in a day or two!

Jenn--I know you won't see this, but our thoughts are with you today!

VIV--Great to hear from you--and to hear that you are getting back into the swing!

BOB--OK, NC State was victorious on Saturday! I cannot believe it is football season. Auburn doesn't play until Monday night--and our first home game isn't until the 7th.

Gator--we are getting lots of news on the NCAA investigators sniffing around Mobile about payments to certain quarterbacks I'll keep you posted!

BOB--you know we love you!

Mercy--welcome back! it's good to hear from you again.

Melf--thought and prayers for your sisters--and for you too!

The taco salad was really tasty last night. I browned precisely 6 3/4 ounces of ground beef. Put it over lettuce with 1 oz grated cheese, jalopena peppers, tomatoes, black olives, salsa, and sour cream. Very tasty and very filling--not hungry again for the rest of the evening--not really even hungry this morning, but made myself eat a soft-boiled egg and toast so I won't be ravenous by lunch.

I'm going to break out the new scales tonight so they will be ready for their first WIW--I dread getting on, but I need to know where I am.

Have a good day everyone!

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