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Old 08-28-2002, 10:35 AM   #61  
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Happy WIW Gang!

Well the scale was good for me today. Down 1 pound. I didn't make my mini goal of 170 but I really gave myself until 9-1. Don't think I'll lose 3 pounds by then though.

Got out this morning for my walk, I got 1 block and had the worse pain in my butt. I was doing lunges yesterday and felt it pull, but it never bothered me until this morning. I was limping and it hurt. Thought about turning around for home but kept on going. I eased up some and I did get to jog some. Then on my way home, my thigh had a terrible pain in it. I think "Arthur" had some play inthis today. My arms are tender today too. He must be acting up.

ChrisB, Congrats on 2 days of 100% OP. You can do this.

Toni, That sandwich sounds so good. I need to make some pudding too. I love it, just never get around to making it.

Bob, It sounds like you have the flu or something. Hope you are feeling better soon. That's one way to lose weight. LOL

Quilter, Enjoyed "chatting" with you last nite. Sorry I had to cut out early. Just too tired. As my children tell me, "Chill Dog" before you blow a gasket. Hope you aren't driving a car today! LOL. Don't you feel better, clothes fitting better? Probably the gain is hormonal. It will be gone probably by tomorrow. If you have been OP that's all it can be. We are women, we fluctuate daily. Plus all yur exercising this week will show a good loss next week for sure. I know it's depressing, but don't let it sabatoge your efforts. We are here pushing you along. Now for the "friend", just remember this incident and don't let DH be so available next time. Remember, things happen for a reason. Hope you get out of your funk soon. Hang in there.

Fillise, Hate to be stupid, but what are scuppernongs?

Monet, Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Nothing worse. Theya re great when theya re working but a royal pain in the *ss when not. Hope things are going well with you.

Gracious, Hope that headache clears up soon. Those detox headaches seem to be just a dull ache that lingers. Congrats on the 3 lbs. They're coming off!Thanks for your sweet words.

Zanne, Sorry the scale wasn't kind today. Hang in there for next week. Since your back exercising you should see a loss soon. Those weights can be a killer.

Deb, Congrats on the loss. You will be back in that cushion before you know it. At chat last nite, we decided you need to get your priorities straight. How dare you miss chat for a birthday dinner. Does Michael think he is special. LOL. Seriously though, we really do miss you at chat. You need to make him take a bath at 9:15 on Tuesdays or snack time or something to let you get on the computer. We really miss you there. I think you are going to have to cut your leg off to get all those ailments healed. LOL. I'm in about the same boat today. I agree with you on kids not driving so young. I am a wreck with mine driving and my youngest drives 1 hr from college. It makes me crazy knowing she is on that road. Especially since there have been tons of fatal accidents involving semis lately. My oldest is very mature and did very good driving. We have to have your permit for 6 months here before you can get your license.

Got to run and actually get some work done. Later

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Old 08-28-2002, 11:00 AM   #62  
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Jack-K, I was born in Louisville. Donít know a thing about it since we moved from there when I was a baby. My dad was in the army at a post near there.
Yes, the tailgating is fun. We put up a little tent like thing--just a ďroofĒ with open sides. When it is sunny it gives us shade. We actually went to a game at UK. Interesting town.

Toni--wished you lived closer. Sounds like your walking time and mine are just about the same. I have to get up and ďvedgeĒ for a while over the paper and breakfast before I can even move. Iím in awe of people that can pop out of bed at 5:30 am. and walk briskly for an hour then.

I got my walk in today. Did 3.5 miles in one hour and 5 minutes. So, Iím getting faster. No, I did not get in my walk yesterday evening. My DH came home from a trip out of town. He is thinking about a job change and there is a possibility of something exciting for him. So, when he got home we opened a bottle of white wine and sat in the butterfly garden (with our cat) and just talked and drank (the whole bottle!!). It was nice. We had lamb on the grill about 8:30. TrŤs tard!

For any of you with USA Today newspaper, what did you think of the series on losing weight that theyíve had for the last week? Pretty interesting, huh? Basically they all said to exercise as much as possible, cut way down on calories and watch the fat and sugar, and keep a record of what you eat, and weigh yourself regularly. They all said it was not easy, but that it can be done!!! The exercise and the eating were the 2 biggies. But we all know that already.

Iíve had really good luck with brining chicken breast. I use boneless, skinless breasts and soak them for 1 hour in a solution of 1/4 C. kosher salt, 1/4 C brown sugar and 4 C. water. I also add other spices and herbs. After one hour, remove the chicken and cook. I do it on the grill. Or rather, my DH does it on the grill. It is SO-o-o--o moist and juicy. We love it and it is not like the dried out chicken breast that can easily happen with poultry. I cook the breast about 4 min a side and weight it down with a cast iron skillet or brick protected with tin foil.

Quilter--I definitely agree with your comment about the TM. It is hard on the brain and I can hardly make it through 30 minutes without almost screaming to get off.

Debbie--I used to run tons of miles. That was a good number of years ago. I even ran in races. The one thing that was on the top of the list for preventing injuries, blisters, black toenail, was to have the best running shoes you could afford. Go to a running store that is an active participant in the running events in Miami. One where all the runners go. Then get some of their professional help to select the best shoe for you. Believe me, it is worth it. You may think that you can do it yourself at a discount store, but the advice they offer at the running stores is more than worth it. It has prevented me from spending more than I already do on my poor ole feet.
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Old 08-28-2002, 11:34 AM   #63  
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Morniní yíall. Iím starting on this before my first class comes in. It may take all day to finish, but itís a start anyway. WIW was not great for me today. Iím up .5 from last week. But then again, I havenít been totally OP so what do I expect???? I did get in my WATP 1 mile this a.m. Wanted to do the 2 mi but I got up a little late for that. I should get extra credit for holding Maggie thru the first quarter mile tho.

My problem now is that the daycare that Maggie goes to is doing a fund raiser. What are they selling??? Candy of course. I have a box of 90 candy bars that sit at my house every night. During the day they live in the teacher's lounge. So far I've managed to stay out of them.

DEB: A belated happy birthday to Michael. I canít imagine having a 16 y/o. Sarah already gets an attitude and sheís only 8. I told her she can have an attitude when sheís 13. I just call it baby PMS.

HEART: I hope things go well with you and your husband. Prayers for you.

JENN: Hope youíre doing well and back on soon.

TRANQUIL: Hope youíre test will tell you something and that itís not too painful.

JEANIE: I think I missed out on some posts about your DHís job prospects. Fill me in. Will yíall have to move? Hope not. I keep thinking Iíll make it that way one day and we can meet.

BOB: Hope youíre feeling better today.

QUILTER: Youíll see I managed to get in my walk today and hold Maggie at the same time. Sheís got the same crud half the kids around here have now. I think itís a combination of allergies and changing routine with getting back to schoolódaycare for her. Sorry youíve had a rough day. Those pounds will come off. Just be patient. OK. Now Iím preaching to myself.

FILLISE: I envy you being able to take some time off from your church duties. I am the only pianist in our church, so thereís no taking off for me. I know youíll come back refreshed and ready to go.

GRACIOUS: WTG on 3 #ís this week.

TONI: Congrats on those 4 #ís. You inspire me.

Well, I think Iíve managed to reply to most and itís time for class. Of course, I'm sure some have posted while I've been working on this. Oh well. Time for lunch. OP of course.
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Old 08-28-2002, 12:09 PM   #64  
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My scale is not my friend today. I have TOM and I overate all last week since it was my birthday!! Oops. I have a wedding to go to at the end of next month..I have to lose at least 3-5lbs.. Which I can do if I get my butt back on the treadmill and start eating right. My best friend and co-worker is moving in a week. This is deeply saddening since I don't have that many close friends in new york HOWEVER!! She always got me to eat badly!! Hopefully losing some pounds will be something that can come out of her leaving.. although I'd gain ten just to have her stay!!

Back to work!
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Old 08-28-2002, 12:43 PM   #65  
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I guess I will check in after months of being MIA. For those that do not know me, I am Pravda. I have had a lot going on in my world,and have been off SB. But this week, I made a decision to get serious again. I weighed in yesterday and had only gained back 1 POUND! I was so excited about that. I was for sure that I had gained all 30lbs back!

I am doing ok staying away from the carbs, its the sugars that get me. I am a sugar hound! I can tell that I have been eating unhealthy, because of headaches and tired feeling.
Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello!
I will be checking in regualarly and getting support!
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Old 08-28-2002, 01:49 PM   #66  
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Hi all!!

Just a quick post before I get back to work. I am down 1 pound today. That's alright with me at least things are moving again I was getting worried.

I will get back later to post !!! Have a great day all!!
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Old 08-28-2002, 01:56 PM   #67  
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Default WIW

Ugh..not a good weigh in today but it's my fault. Right at 157...I won't whine much better than what I expected. Kim I understand completely how you feel. But hang in there. It will start coming off. That's what I tell myself. Except for a day here or there I have been OP since Jan and have pretty much stayed the same.

Sorry I don't have time to post to everyone. But I am reading. Congrats to the losers and those who are keeping on keeping on. ((hugzz))


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Old 08-28-2002, 02:25 PM   #68  
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Default WIW

Well I dont have time to post because it is so busy at the office...but I gained 1/2 a pound and TOM is still visiting

As for the diagnosis: Tarcal Tunnel Syndrome...guess I will have to stop typing with my feet!

The TEST - is not a test - it is TORTURE!!!!!!!!!! They take you down winding halls through door after door, to a small dimly lit room - there is a tall wooden bed with a black leather mattress, and beside it are the instruments of torture..... they come in and act as though they are your long lost friend then Zap you with electric currents, no problem, can deal with the discomfort...handling it too they ask me to lie on my stomach - now I cannot see what they are doing.....they start with the good foot/leg - and start sticking needles into me and zapping me with larger currents of electricity - NOW I YELL!!!!!! They are NO LONGER my friends!!!!!

Well I have to get to work before I get in trouble....

Take care all -

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Old 08-28-2002, 03:20 PM   #69  
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A quick weigh in because I'm supposed to be in a class. Still holding at 160, Yeah! Maybe I'll crack that barrier in a day or two.
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Old 08-28-2002, 03:34 PM   #70  
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Default UGH- 4 MONTHS NO CHANGE!!! and Hi there!

Kim, I can totally relate to your post! I have eaten squeaky clean for over a year, lost 35 lbs doing SB, then switched to BFL (but stayed within SB guidelines), lost about 8% body fat and put on the equivalent weight in muscle, but in the last 4 months, NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! Except I've been eating even cleaner, and exercising even more!I go up 2 pounds, down 2 pounds, repeat cycle. I tried going back to SB eating and keeping the weightlifting and cardio, but didn't have the energy to get through my gym session. So I know I need the extra protein and a few more carbs than SB ratios, butI'm getting really fed up (LOL) with the tummy fat that is parked on me! Just don't do what I did today and give in. There is 1 less bag of sun chips in the world today.

Today is my 24th anniversary- cards all around, we decided no gifts because both our birthdays are in Sept and Oct, and end of Aug/Sept are always expensive months due to back to school, etc. Just shelled out money for dd's textbooks for fall quarter- her physics book was $125 used! And it really doesn't look much fun to read But I'm going to start saving for next year- 25 years ought to be worth something nice or a get-away!

Jenn- Hope your suregery went well and you are soon up and around, with all your house and wedding plans going.

Deb- What's up with the knee and foot? Take Gator's advice about the shoes- and you can always spray paint them black! Seems like we've had this discussion before, but running shoes are no place to cut corners. Once you find the perfect pair, then look for deals on them.

Tranquil- Is foot carpal tunnel curable? Surgery? Braces? The test sounded horrendous.

Viv- Glad you are back! Thanks for the Jewish jokes. Sent them along to relevant family.

Bob- Hope your feeling better. Beat up any scales lately?
Sorry I've been so mia for the last few weeks- usually I was posting at least once a week, but my life has been turned upside down for the last 3 weeks by a friend who is in a very abusive relationship. She's left her monstrous husband several times, but always goes back. This time, she called the police and he attacked the police so he ended up in jail for 2 nights, and she move out again and pressed charges (finally!). Well, long story short, after turning my life and a few other peoples lives upside down for 3 weeks, yesterday she dropped charges and moved back in with this maniac. Luckily there are no kids involved, but it's still horrible, and no one seems to be able to convince her that after numerous "incidents" he's not going to change. And this is a woman with a Ph.D and a successful business, who is not financially dependent. I'm so scared he's actually going to kill her one day, but I've got to step out at this point.

OK- gotta go break my scale,
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Old 08-28-2002, 04:28 PM   #71  
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Thought I'd better sneak in here and say hello before I get considered AWOL.

I've haven't stayed away because of being off program. I've eaten a few things that were poor choices, however, I'd say I've been 95% OP. I've been having lots of gynecological problems and got really frustrated last week when my weight went up 10 lbs because of it. That added to all the stress that has been going on in my life lately, just put me in a real funk. While things are not any better, I decided that it doesn't benefit me to stay away. I need the support and friendship that is offered on this board. My biopsies can back normal so my doctor still doesn't know the source of my problems and says it could be partly stress related. I will have a pelvic ultrasound on the 9th and an abdomen ultrasound tomorrow for possible gallbladder stuff. Well, enough whining! I will try to get caught up as much as possible.

I reluctantly got on the scale this morning and the weight is still way up. So, no good weight loss news here.

From last week:

cherylco, I did read the info you shared about the problems your family had with your brother. Thanks! What you wrote sounded just like my 17 y/o. He has done so much that he is on the Sheriff's department's habitual offenders list. Just last week he was involved in a big brawl at an apartment complex and now has a broken nose. It just never ends with him, however, when he is 18 in November, he will be out the door. Maybe he will turn out to be a success story like your brother did. I keep praying for that.

Again, welcome to the board and this WOE.

Jenn, hope your recovery is going well from the gallbladder surgery!

WTG for all of you doing the exercise challenge this week
Very impressive and inspiring! Maybe I can get in on that next time. Wasn't up to it this week.

Tranuil, glad you are finally finding out about your foot injury. You know I will be around to push you in that wheelchair, if you need it. We have to find some good sitting down exercises for you. The pool would an excellent way to exercise and not put pressure on the injury! You and I really shouldn't have our health problems at the same time, ya know!

Heartmom, I hope things will get much better for you and your husband. Sending prayers your way.

Toni, reading your post about going to the Super Walmart was like deja vu for me. When I lived in the small rural town of Malden, Mo., a trip to the Super Walmart was a big deal also. The nearest one was about an hour away. The small markets in town were also very high priced and didn't have good selections. Sometimes, I miss the small town living as life seemed much simpler and laid back. I actually had to drive over 70 miles to Jonesboro Arkansas, just to get a root canal done once. Wonder if we could find some whole wheat tortillas and mail them to you?? Wonder how long they stay fresh?

Quilter, so sorry you didn't have good results on the scale today.
At least you are brave enough to share your disappointment and anger and not just stay away like I did. You have been so focused
and faithful to this WOE. Don't give in to temptation now. I'm sure those pounds will start coming off soon. I think some of the worst disappointments can come from so called friends. I agree with the others, I think Paul should be busy the next time they need computer help.

Monet, I know you must be glad to have finally found your doctor. I hate changing to a new one myself!

gracious, hope your killer headache goes away soon!

Deb, hope Michael has a wonderful birthday. He is such an awesome young man! OK, ya'll, it is true! The Dungeon mistress did greet Tranquil and me at the door in her pajamas when we went for our visit. She also walked around the house wrapped in a towel the next morning. I sure am glad that towel didn't slip off
while we were there. That would have been too much personal information to share!

Congrats to all you losers this week. For those of us struggling, we just have to hang in here and our efforts wil eventually pay off.

j red, jack-k, Quilter, mercy and Tranquil, I enjoyed chatting with you last night. Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Hello to everyone else. Sorry I don't have time for more respones but I'm out of time!

Ta Ta for now,
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Afternoon Everyone,

Getting ready to head to our local pro baseball team's game. Hope it doesn't rain on us. It is cool here today. I haven't bought any blue jeans yet so I don't know what to wear. I'm holding off as long as I can to get to the smallest size I can before I need them.

Congrats to all the losers today. Everyone else, hang in there. This works.

Toni, We must have been posting at the same time. Great going on 4 lbs. I needed that 4 #'s to make my mini goal. Oh well, take what you get and be happy. TOM is here too. Keep up the great work.

Fillise, You are coming along great. You have almost lost 50 pounds. That is wonderful. You should be very proud. Two new scales and ready to go. I think that the recommended portion size for meat is 3oz. Which is not much. I think I always eat more than that, especially steak. Keep up the good work.

Jenn, Hope everything went well yesterday and you are feeling better today.

Gator, I take it you are a Fla fan, not Fla State? I always get them confused. Lexington is a beautiful place with all the horse farms. Good going on your walk. Boy are are really truckin out there. I didn't see the USA Today paper, but we all know what it takes, it just doing it. I'm glad "i'm doing it" with SB and you guys. You are 100% right on the shoes. Next pair I'm going to a running store. I have a distant friend who owns one. He said he would make sure they were the right fit. Beats buying cheaper ones more frequently.

Music, Sorry you were up today. Jump back 100% OP and you will lose it next week. I'm sure that walk holding Maggie was a good workout. Stay out of those candy bars. Not worth it.

Quiv, Sorry you were up this week and sorry your firend is leaving. Jump back on the wagon and you can get rid of those 5 lbs. Happy belated birthday!

Pravda, WTG on maintaining yur big loss. That is wonderful and encouraging. Glad you are joining us again. Welcome back.

Mercy, WTG on the pound loss. Keep it up. You are going in the right direction.

Country, You have done so good. You should be very proud. Maybe you just need to shake up something to get you going again, like less carbs or something. You are to be commended for haning in there.

Tranquil, Yep, the same test I had for carpal tunnel. Except the guy like threw the pins at me like I was a dart board. It was not fun. Was is the treatment, anything? There is nothing to do for carpal tunnel except surgery and then it still comes right back, so is this the same way? BTW, your little icon thingy is too much. It just cracks me up. It is totally YOU!.

Jred, nothing wrong with "holding" Hang in there.

Mel, You probably have built up more muscle and that weighs more than fat and less body fat is great. We all are such victims of the metal monster. Sun Chips? You couldn't find something better than that? Happy Anniversary to you and yuor Mr. 24 years is wonderful. Congrats. What a sad situation with your friend. My prayers for her. I can't see why anyone would stay in that situation, but again, I have never been in their shoes.

Tranquil, So glad you got back on the board. This is the bet pale if you are in a funk. We are so fuuny you have to come out of it. Don't worry about the weight, it will goa way as soon as yo find out your problem. Hugs to you.

Have a great nite all

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Hi Ladies!

Well, Day One of school. Both kids are fine (I think that has to do with lack of homework, LOL).. Our big issue was transition into middle school but that seemed to have gone smoothly. I hope DS can keep up with the workload!

And for me, Day One back on SB has been fine! It's 5pm and I've consumed:

Special K and milk

2 eggs (out of egg-white thingies, on shopping list) with a little smoked salmon

smoothie with strawbs and bluebs, some OJ, 4 oz FF plain yogurt and a little equal (YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)

8 triscuits (reduced fat).

Tonite it's grilled flank steak and salad. Right now I'm hungry so I may have some pickles. Not too bad!

Also did the gym! I go to Curves and I love it. I feel great after I leave and I LOVE how it just take me 1/2 hour for the workout, 1 hour for the whole thing (driving, workout, stretch, drive home).

I'm really going to succeed. Let's hope the body cooperates.

Has anyone seen the informercial for the HOT MOMMIES system? It supposedly addresses our hormonal stuff, hot flashes, weight gain, stress, blah blah blah. On an impulse I bought it - three bottles of major herbal stuff and a bottle of vitamins. I'm going to take it to my DR and see what he thinks - I do believe in herbal remedies, so I may give this impulse a try.

MEL - thanks for the welcome! Happy Anniversary! Could you have gotten those textbooks on Ebay?????

KIMMI - you had bad scale news???? Bad scale!!!

DEB_ Happy birthday to Michael!

EVERYONE ELSE - I'll get to you! Right now I need to find the pickles before I lose it!!!

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Hi guys,
WIW was good for me, down one pound putting me at 159.

I hope to be posting on the excercise board next week, I go to the podiatrist tomorrow for a cortizone shot in the heel.

Congrats on the loss!!! You are doing so is so encouraging seeing someone like you lose and stick to it!!
Thanks for your encouragement, it really helps!!

Sorry to hear about the platue, It has to end soon.
Hope you can find a place to have your reunion next year and sorry to hear about the fickle friends.

Way to go.....that is so excellent about the loss!!

Congrats on the loss!!

Did I see on one of your food lists Snyders OatBran pretzels?? Are they OP?
Not sure if this has been asked, what can I use besides agave in the cheesecake recipe?? DaVinci syryp?? Think I will make my self one for my bday when it gets here. I can't find agave any where, I have been told the tequila companies are buying it up.


Good going on staying OP!!

A big Congrats on the 3#'s!! You are doing so well!

Take care of the knee.

Gotta run!
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Old 08-28-2002, 06:40 PM   #75  
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Hi everyone

I haven't forgotten you all, just have been very busy lately. I returned from my vacation last Monday and have been working lots since then. I gained 6 pounds while away and am trying to at least get back to where I was before. I managed to eat good most days for breakfast and lunch but usually had too much both legal and illegal stuff for the evening meal. But I am back on track now. I've lost some of what I have gained but have not been on the scale the last couple of days. Will probably weigh in again on Friday. I haven't read the board this week but hope to catch up with you all sometime soon.

I'm off to badminton this evening and will be going to lawn bowling tomorrow after work, if it doesn't rain. I've just booked up for some classes for the fall. I thought I would do Tai Chi again. I did it for several years before but haven't done any for two or three years. I'm also booking for an Osteoporosis Fitness class which will be mainly weight training. These classes don't start until the end of September.

Greetings to everyone. I saw quite a few new names on the board last week. Welcome to you all and good luck with this woe. It does work and is a very healthy way of eating.

Bye for now.

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