Sugar Shakers for followers of Sugar Busters and other GI based diets

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February 3 6.98%
March 6 13.95%
April 4 9.30%
May 2 4.65%
June 2 4.65%
July 2 4.65%
August 1 2.33%
September 9 20.93%
October 5 11.63%
November 3 6.98%
December 5 11.63%
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Hi Gang,

I've been keeping this post all afternoon. Getting ready to head to the grocery. I have no food in the house. No fruit, bread, etc. Going to get some fresh fish to put on the grill for dinner.

Wow, we arein for some birthdays coming up. I noticed on the poll that there are 6 in SEpt and 4 in Oct.

Fillise, just added all those taco ingredients to my grocery list. Going to make it this week. Come on join us in the exercise challenge. You will feel so much better.

Gracious, When I started this WOE I would never dream of eating after 8 pm, now I'm not so strict with it, probably should be though. It's hard in the summer, because we are on the run and eat later, and it's hard in the winter because we veg-out in front of the TV and then I want to eat. I think DD needs to lose about 30 pounds as she is short too. I hope she can stay on it at school. She had better eat all that food I bought her. I don't think we can drink too much water either. I don't have leg cramps, but have restless leg syndrome and I have found that when I take my calcium supplements regularly they don't bother me as much. I take potassium twice a week. Congrats on the 2 pounds, you will be back to "normal" before long now.

Viv, You are so organized. That should keep you focused. It's so nice to walk with a friend. The time goes so fast. I have heard that Blue Sky is better than Smirnoffs. Wouldn't know though LOL!. I usually have some wine on the weekends.

Toni, An hour and a half to the grocery!! Oh my! I would die if I had to go that far. I have to do the grocery tonite to, no bread, no fruit, out of everything, but it's only 10 minutes away. Good job on the TM today. Keep it up.

Deb, I bet your DN will look adorable with pierced ears. I had both of my girls done after they could walk and talk. Hope she doesn't cry too long. I canít believe you stayed in your night garb for Eliís co-worker. You are one woman not to be messed with. LOL. I bet Eli never does that again. At least he was doing the cooking. Wishes for a happy 16th birthday to Michael. Does he get his permit or a car? I usually spend around $300 at the grocery, but that is only every 2 weeks. I donít know how DDís go to be so much for 1 person, except she had nothing and also was buying all hair and beauty products to keep at school so she wouldnít have to carry them back and forth. All that fruit & veggies add up quickly, plush chicken breasts and extra lean hamburgers. As long as she sticks with it and eats the food, Iíll be happy. I wish I could find Agave. The HFS I went to was out and the sticker on the shelf said $5.09. I couldnít believe it, but I would pay it if I could find some. Iíll have to check the Penneyís here for wedding dresses. Thanks

Again, I have done WW so many times. Once I actually got to goal (40 pounds lost). But you have to change your eating habits and I never did that with WW. I have done that with SB. I know that I will never be able to eat like I did and I will avoid sugar & those other evil foods 99% of the time (after I get to goal). I have learned a lot with SB. I think planning ahead and being prepared is the secret to this WOE. Take you a cooler to school filled with veggies, water and fruit. Fix your lunch the night before. You can do it if you want it. Good luck.

Mercy, I have to read this board and post every day, usually twice a day. I can't do this w/o the support here. I would have never gotten this far w/o the Sweet Talk board and now this one. I have friends who started SB after I did and they never used the support boards and they have already quit. I think it is a tremendous place to help you stay on this WOE. Post all you want. Congrats on joining the exercise challenge. It will get that scale moving.

Jred, Hope DH job prospect pans out. Would you son mind changing schools? Hope you get your classroom set up.

Music, How about some Chubby Checker twisting or square dancing? (I just dated myself didnít I?) Get those kids up and moving with you. That will wake them up. We got some rain last nite too, first we have had in 2 months. Still not enough though. Have a good day.

Heartmom, I hope you and DH can work out your problems. You have a lot on your plate to deal with. Prayers for you. Keep on staying OP. Donít blow it now. You can reach your mini goal.

Sef, Sorry we missed you full of wit and wisdom post, but this one was just a good Iím sure. Deb says those pretzel arenít legal, Says unbleached is same as white. I knew it was too good to be true. Bought them for DD anyway.

Tranquil, Itís called Nortonís Neuroma. I had one in each foot and had to have them surgically removed. My whole toe would feel hard and wouldnít bend. Shoes killed me after awhile. No more trouble now. Hope they find out the answer soon. Hope DS is feeling better. Good luck on WIW.

Gator, Your tailgating sounds fun and you are so prepared. We always tailgate when we go to the University of Lou games. Since we are not fans, the tailgating is the best part. But tailgating at UK games are a blast. The B&B sounds so lovely. I have always wanted to stay in one. I love the Victorian era.

Hope to see you all at chat tonite. Good luck on WIW tomorrow.

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Hi guys,
Thanks for the words or encouragement!!!
Day two of 100% OP!!!
It is hard to detox.....

Sorry about my short about a week school starts and I will have more time!!

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I am not able to vote on the poll, it won't let me.
My bday is in October.
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Good evening everyone.... Got my grocery shopping done. Yee ha! Lots of goodies in the house that are legal to eat now. We stopped at Shoney's for lunch and they had a Reuben sand. (on rye) made with turkey instead of corned beef. And it was delicious and very filling... Tonight I made DH and I a taco salad. He got corn chips on his and mine was just plain good without... And for a treat I've made some SF pudding. Which I rarely do.

viv- I envy your organization... Your binder of recipes sounds great and the calendar sounds like a good way to plan your meals.. Good luck on your walking..

Again- Think that planning ahead is the key to success.... Hope you continue on here. Yep staying the same sometimes isn't so bad....

Mercy- I sure think the posting helps too.. The tapes sound great.. I love my treadmill even if it is an old timer and sounds like it grinding meat when it runs. It still works great..

gracious- Good sounding recipe.... I love cinnamon on anything..

j red- I can't walk early of a morning either. Luckily I stay home so I can walk in the morning later or in the evening if I walk outside. Good going on your exerciseing...

music teach- Hope you get your walk in tonight or can do a dance class... I'll bet you're just beat at night... Teaching children has to be a hard job.

Debilli- I swear you should write a book on bargains.. Only you could find that Agave...I treasure my little bucket of it and am scared when its gone I'll not find it again. Sounds like you had a great day and got allot done. Your exerciseing was sure good. And so glad the baby got her earrings in.

heartmom- I'm so happy you and hubby are working things out... Made me breathe a sigh for you... Many prayers of happiness. Good luck on your goal...

sef- Well you're right about small town living.. The lists gets very big...And the money is very short.. LOL... But do love the privacy of living out in the woods with no neighbors. My favorite time of the year is coming, fall when the leaves all around us turn beautiful colors..

Tranquil- good luck on your foot test tomorrow. I'm so sorry you have to take it... No wonder you're not very cheerful...

gatorgal- Hope you're able to fit a walk in this evening. Your trip to the B and B sounds like fun.. But better yet that trip to France sounds wonderful...

Jack-K- Well hope you get your cupboards filled up too. I'm so glad theres stuff to eat in there again...I just shop every couple of weeks and take a long list with me. I make a day out of it and hopefully clean Wally World out... You're a good Mom to help your daughter with her food. All the lean and good for her stuff. Good luck to us tomorrow in for the WIW.....

Well thats it for the night... Hopefully I'll make it back to the chat tonight. But if not everyone have a good talk...

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OK all you SEC too JEANIE...if you're gonna pull for the HOGS, we'll include you too...Susan needs help with MISSY over there on the WEST side of the conference! I'm anxious to see her know ....the good one! I never did think that DAVY was any good..too much hype...
My team????? Well, we lost a lot of people to the NFL...just look on any channel...they're there

VIV...I'm at 1 1/2 years...will be two APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! I've been having unbelievable cravings lately, but the craving goes fast. I couldn't afford to smoke now if I wanted friend was in San Francisco not too long ago, and her daughter bought a pack of off brand and they were over $6!!!!!! FOR ONE PACK!!!! Nope...maybe when I'm 97...I might light one up...we'll see! :;

JACKIE...I'm so sick..I left work today at 3pm. I had the same trouble again today...I ate some tuna and cucumbers at breakfast and the gas immediately set in...I was bent over with pain....BUT...I must have a touch of something, because I've been blowing chuncks like crazy! I've thrown up everything but hemorrhoids!!!

DEB....PIERCED EARS ON A NEWBORN????? What's she gonna be??? A GYPSY????? She's a cutie, so I hope you've bought her a pair of diamond studs like a good little AUNTIE!!!!

Ok, I'm heading over to the next page...
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Ok, now i'm over on the last page and will address you all here.

KIM...there is a girl on the new SURVIVOR from Elizabethon. In fact, there are several Southerners...can't wait for that to start!
Good luck on your walking. I've heard about those tapes and the success everyone that uses them is having.
How's Maddie? Skeeter is due a bath and every time I look at him, he tightens that tail under his butt and runs!
And Paul??? Is he behaving? Didn't think so...
Are you going to help me in the football area this year? You hadn't mentioned it yet , so I thought I better ask... GO VOLS!!!

As for the passing of the green over there in the house that football built??? I really don't know anything about it..I'm not doubting it, and in my own opinion, it goes on everywhere...why should TENNESSEE be different? Personally, I think it's a damn shame that the boys can't even have a job while they're in college! As far as the rules in the SEC, they are still using stuff that was created a hundred years ago! Oh will...I wouldn't want them to get sanctioned, but if they do, we'll have to deal.

VIV...give me your opinion about CURVES??? We now have one, and I'm thinking about joining..I like the thirty minute thing, and I understand they have a CD program for people who want to lose weight?

TONI...GOod to hear from you. Thanks for inquiring about my YUKS!!!

Anyone heard from ROSE???

I'm going to take to my bed, the belly is still hurting..I did drink a SPRITE and it worked in the burp department.

I'm watching a special on OBESITY on the DISCOVERY HEALTH network...hope some of you can catch's a different one.


GO VOLS!!!!!
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Default Happy Tuesday Evening Everybody!!!

Hope you all are well. And hope your day was GREAT!!! I was going to go to a meeting tonight, but decided to stay home and keep caught up on the board. I sure donít want to fall behind this week.

VIV---You are so organized!!! Wow, I admire your initiativei to get all that stuff filed and at your fingertips. That idea of sanity walks sounds like a great one!!! You can surely use that. I like the idea of you planning some times for yourself. Something tells me that doesnít happen often enough. Keep it up, those pounds will go, go, go!

JACK-K---Glad to see that you all finally got some rain. You all really needed it. I remember we got the rain a few weeks ago and you didnít get a drop. We called the phone company and asked for training and they said they didnít do that. I say thatís bullcrap. Itís just because we only ordered 6 phones. If we were some big company that had purchased hundreds of phones, they would have been dancing and doing cartwheels all around us. That kind of thing makes me so angry. The money always gets the service. This phone company has no compassion for what we do. Weíve tried to get support from them, but they always turn us down. Oh well, didnít mean to get preaching there.

FILLISE---Come on, girl!!! You can get on the 5-day exerise plan. There are plenty of days left. It doesnít mean that you have to do just Monday through Friday. You can do it. Your taco salad sounds wonderful! Nice idea for a good supper. Donít you LOVE when you arenít hungry at meal time??? I sure do.

GRACIOUS---WTG on the two pounds gone!!! Thatís wonderful. I like the sounds of the no eating after 8 rule. Wish I could abide by it. Lately Iíve been just fixing a cup of decaf tea as an evening snack. I must confess that I add some skim milk to it which makes it even yummier. I would like to make some sugar free pudding, but keep putting it off. You make me LOL. Iím the picture of something, but I thought it was dimply thighs and jiggly butts. Ha!!!!! Sometimes I just get a show of enthusiasm and I just canít keep my mouth shut. Thanks for the kind words. I donít remember Kimmy saying that she homeschooled, but she might. Iím trying to think if she said they went to a certain school. I emailed her last night with all your greetings and well wishes, but havenít heard back yet. She runs at full gear for the majority of every day. Hey, that mock danish sounds GREAT! Kind of like the cheesecake a little bit??? What do you think of that comparison? I want to try it tonight. But not until I finish this post.

TONI---Way to go on that treadmill!!! You are burning it up!!! Thatís so great. Personally, I think the TM is the hardest piece of exercise equipment. Not that itís hard to walk on it, but itís hard on your brain while you are walking. So you are doing great!!! I am so happy you suggested that we do five days. Honestly when I made the offer, I was thinking 3 possibly 4 days. So your enthusiasm was so great and so able to get me moving more than I would have normally done. How are you feeling? Iím a little sleepy in the evening. But I keep trying to get in bed earlier which seems to help. I live in the middle of a fairly large city and I still have trouble getting the ww tortillas. I have to drive the 25 minutes to our wonderful Jungle Jims. My neighborhood store they would order if I brought in an empty package. So Iím going to try that. Sorry friend, but the cheesecake bit the dust last night. Oh my gosh, that last bite was the saddest thing. LOL

MERCY---If you are a little strange, then you are in good company! I feel the same way. I do so much better when I post every day. It still amazes me how much honest-to-gosh support we get from being parts of each othersí lives. Hey, Iím so glad you are in on the challenge. Two miles is AWESOME!!! Keep moving. Itís a great way to keep your promise to yourself. Glad we can help out on that one. Where did you get your WATP tapes? I havenít seen them with 2-pound weights. I have two-pound weights. Do you think I should start doing the regular two mile walk but hope weights? Does she give any instruction about using the weights?

JRED----I wish I was good enough to exercise at night, but if I donít do it first thing in the am (before I fully wake up) I will procrastinate and totally put it off. Iím glad you are with us on the movement. So great!!! You made me laugh when you said you werenít setting up your room. Sounds like me avoiding that goofy vacuum cleaner on Fridays.

MUSIC----Even if you miss one day of exercise, you can always make it up on the weekend. Donít be discouraged. Weíre here waiting for you. Besides you had to take care of your girl and thatís way more important.

DEB----Sorry to hear about your bad knee. What brought that on? I have to say I envy you for your ability and strength to be able to job as much and as long as you do. Thatís so great!!!! I remember when you didnít even jog at all. Youíve really changed that workout a lot. That ELI would have been in my doghouse if heíd have pulled that surprise dinner guest on me. I cannot abide drop-in company. I donít do it to others and I donít want it done to me. Half the time Iím in my jammies early on. And sometimes on the weekends it will be halfway through the afternoon before I get into normal clothes. You are very kind.

SEF----My condolences to your beautiful post. I hate when that happens to others because I feel like Iíve missed out on a lot of good stuff. Do you write your post in anothe program? Canít you open a word processing program document and just type to there? Thatís what I do. And I save along the way. So then when Iím finished, I just select all, copy, paste and thatís it. Try that, DOL (DIrty Old Lady).

TRANQ---Hey, thatís great that your DS has lost 5 pounds. Guys always lose faster than us girls. My dh has lost 15 pounds. And I donít know how heís doing it. One thing he has started is only eating when heís hungry. And I think thatís a great idea. His belly is getting smaller and smaller. I think he feels great, because last week I took some of my co-workers over to his office and they all noticed that he looked thinner. How cool for him!!! Iíll be thinking about you tomorrow morning. Hang in there, kiddo. I hope they find out whatís wrong and give you some relief soon and VERY soon.

BOB---Six bucks a pack!!!!! Geesh, that puts a whole new spin on bumming a smoke!!! Iím so glad that part of my journey is behind me. And Iím so glad that you can feel the wonders of being a NON smoker. Ainít it great??? At one time I NEVER thought Iíd be able to stop. You know, if we can do this, we really, truly can do anything.! Now thereís an empowering thought!!! Hey, Iíll be a UT fan again this year if you need a buddy!!! Go VOLS!!! Iím so excited that thereís an Elizabethton girl on Survivor. I know who Iím cheering for. I just hope sheís one of the good guys! Maddie could also use a bath. Sheís stinkiní like crazy these days. Very aromatic if you know what I mean. LOL Paulís behaving. Actually, heís sitting right here beside me sound asleep, mouth agape. But at least heís not snoring. Thereís a real blessing. Iíll tell him you asked after him. Hope your belly is better by morning. I am a big proponate of the sprite burp. Itís a winner. You could always go buy some Celestial Seasonings Grandmasí Tummy Mint Tea. It helps for those nether reasons of the digestive system. Ooops, I think the snoring is about to begin. Yikes. Head for the hills!!!!

Take care everyone. Iím done just in time for the chat. Catch you later. Good luck tomorrow.

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Red face Tuesday Night

It's good to get on the board and read about my friends here. A relaxing way to end the day!

Today has been one of THOSE days--not bad, but in meetings all day and most of the evening. I did manage to stop by a teacher supply store in Montgomery and stock up on supplies for my Sunday School teachers--so they won't run out of things while I'm gone. I've got the cutest things for holiday bulletin boards.

SEF and Gator--I see you both know how it can be with church--you love doing it, but it can get overwhelming at times. No matter what you do someone is unhappy and they don't hesititate to tell you all about it. But then there are the really good moments too. Sunday night we installed out new associate pastor. One of my second graders--who is living with her grandparents because her Mom can't take care of her--asked if she could sit with me. A year ago when she came to us she was very insecure and disruptive. But she has flourished with her grandparents and it was so sweet to have her with me. During the sermon she curled up in the crook of my arm and put her head on my shoulder--so trusting. I love getting to know the kids and watching them grow.

Sef--my E is for Elizabeth. I've never complained about my name because my DM thought about naming me Octovia and my grandmother was lobbying for Magda--so all in all Susan Elizabeth, though not original, is ok with me!

Kim--I do love it when I'm not hungry at night! Today was kind of dicy. B-fast was ok and then before I left for Montgomery I had some yogurt and 1 1/2 oz of cashews. Which turned out to be a good thing because my lunch meeting had not lunch and lasted until after 3:00. I was STARVED when I got out of there so I headed to Ruby Tuesday's and hit the salad bar. I really filled up on the salad. It was after 8 when I got out of my last meeting, but I felt like I needed some pritein, so I went to Kroger and got a baked chicken. I ate 6 oz and some scuppernongs for supper.

BOB--it's scuppernong (muscadine) season in the south! My favorites! Can you get them where you are? Any other lovers of the fruit of the vine out there?????

VIV--I'm partial to skyblue myself. I do enjoy a vodka and diet tonic on occasion!

Deb--I'm enjoying the new food scale. It weighs both ounces or grams. I've started throwing everything onto it before I eat it--just to see. I don't remember what the brand is, but I got it at super walmart. I'm unpacking the other new scale tonight. We'll see. I just hope i don't beat it to death on its very first WIW

Chrisb--congrats on day 2!!!!! One day at a time is all you need to worry about!

OK--got to go to bed now. It's after midnight.

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Default Fair Warniing!!!!!

If you donít want to hear a major pity party, temper tantrum, and full blown crying jag, youíd better skip to the next post.

Well, I weighed in this morning. And Iím back up to 190!!! GRRRRRR!!! I am so ticked. What is happening? I have not once in over two months eaten anything illegal or off program and I cannot get this weight off. This is very depressing and very disheartening. I know, I know . . . donít place all your hopes and dreams on the scale, but I just want to see a loss. I totally understand and empathize with those of you who are struggling. Iím telling you that I sat down and cried this morning when I stepped off the scales. I guess I wouldnít be so upset if I thought I was giving it a half-***ed effort. But Iím not and I just wish it would start working.

Iím also majorly pissed because Iím trying to plan our next summerís girlfriend reunion. And the ďfriendsĒ who have a house in TN really gave me the shaft about renting it for my group. They say itís all booked and donít want to give away the weekends they have saved for their kids. Wow, thought I was higher on their list of favorites. Plus they never once mentioned the friends and family discount to me. Geesh, guess I know where I stand with them. The thing that really grates on my nerves is that DH has given that entire family NUMEROUS hours of absolutely free and accomodating computer help over the past 8 years. (People reallyt do forget how much they would have paid an invoice-carrying professional for this kind of thing and that the time he spends with them is time taken away from us and our life.) So the one time that weíre looking or some kind of favor, all that free computer help is conveniently forgotten. Ainít that nice???? Ooooo, couple this with my high weigh in today and I may just go postal. (Apologies to any postal workers out there. Blame it on my low state of mind/spirit.)

Sorry for the dumpage, but Iím just feeling really low right now. And I know you all will still be my friends even when I show this mega-ugly side. Iíll crawl out of this dispair just give me a few hours. I just hope it goes away before the first illegal temptation passes by.

Hoping for a happier spirit,
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Good Morning!

I hope it is a good one for is not all that good here. My computer is all messed up and will not boot. I am waiting, and have been waiting for several days, for my son to come and fix it. I am beginning to think he is avoiding me!

My doctor who I love, who had disappeared, resurfaced with an office of his own end of last week. I made an appointment right away, and went in on Monday. Unfortunately, I was a bit premature. His office still doesn't have a scale yet! I took DEB's advice, and just gave up trying to figure out where I was before my son in law fixed my scale for me. I just set the scale to zero and will go from there. I am staying fairly well on program, but have not weighed in recently. Oh! And today is Wednesday. Maybe I can get that done and post it later.

I tried to read as many posts as I could to catch up. Hope everyone is doing well... I will try and get back on later and do some more posting to everyone. I miss you guys.

By the way, I love these new emoticons!
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Default WIW

It is that glorious day of the week! Well for some of us it is and for others it is horrid. I for one have lost 1 more pound, so that is 3 this week. Having said that, they are still summer pounds but I have to get rid of those first so I am happy!

I have had a killer headache for 3 days this week and I don't know why. Probably because I am detoxing and those detox headaches seem to last awhile for me. I am sitting here at the computer FREEZING! It is a lovely day today but downstairs here where the computer is can be chilly. It is supposed to be a high of 25 c today and that is about 80 F. I will move upstairs to fold the laundry so I don't get hypothermia!

QUILTER-{hugs} for you girl. I sympathize so much with all of your hard work and then not to be rewarded with a loss. But don't let it get you downcast to the point of giving into a cheat. Beat it by not cheating! Show that good spirit of encouragement and endurance by keeping on! The Mock Danish would not be anywhere near as tasty as a cheesecake, but it has a breakfasty yummy taste to it, IMHO. I made it yesterday with 1 tsp of banana extract to see what that would taste like and I loved it!

MONET- Nice to see you girl! I was thinking about you again yesterday when I popped into the LCC for a peek. I was also looking through my recipe book from there and saw a few of your recipes. I was chuckling at the one for the lc bake mix and was so relieved that we can eat WW on SB!!

JACK-K-I think your DD will probably try to stay OP when she has done so well herself and she sees how FANTASTIC you have done!! Her mom must be a great motivation for her!

TONI-Glad you had fun shopping and getting all sorts of good stuff in those cupboards. I was telling my hubby about you because your must really be rural to have to travel 1.5 hours to shop. We are rural too but we can get into a small town nearby in 15 minutes and to our capital city in a half hour.

TRANQUIL- I hope they get your foot straightened out soon that must be an awful thing to have.

HEARTMOM- Glad to hear you and hubby are back together. {hugs}

I have to get going. It took me so long to read the posts I am behind in my schedule. Gotta tidy the kitchen, fold laundry and have a water gun fight with the kids!!
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Default WIW

Hey Everyone

Just a quickie!

Well, I'm not too thrilled with the scale this morning. Back up to 170! I've been eating OP but I think I'm eating too much.

I'm trying to get back to exercise after screwing up my knee. Did the 1 mile WATP yesterday and have to be careful and take it easy--I could still feel pressure on the knee. Did upper body weights too. Boy am I sore today! It has been quite a while since I lifted. Can't lift as much weight as where I left off. I'll get back to where I was eventually

I hope others have a GOOD WIW.

QUILTER: I sympathize with you. Doing everything right and the scale won't go the way we want. Don't give in to temptation!!!!

JENN: Hope you're back on your feet in no time. Good luck with the house.

Gotta go.

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Gawd do I stink! Just threw off my walking clothes and sitting here wrapped in a towel sweating bullets and trying to cool down. It's so flippin hot out there. When I was getting ready this morning as usual, I watch the news and at 6:30am we had 95% humidity! I can just imagine what it was when I got out at 7:30am, along with the heat, it's just so unbearable out there. BUT, as usual, out I went and got in those 4.5 pesky miles doing it in 51:42. My knee wasn't as bad as yesterday, just a tad achy. Now I have to contend with a huge callous and thick blister on top of it, a toe nail that split off at the edge (haven't a clue how that happened), all on the same leg/foot. Geez, I think I just may be falling apart!

I'm happier to see the scale move down a little. I weighed in this morning at 127.5, better than it has been but still not in that cushioney area I want to be, but I know for sure I'll be getting there. It's going to take some weeks, but I know that I'm headed in the right direction and doing everything that I can do to get there.

Sorry I couldn't make chat last night. Michael decided that he wanted to go out for dinner after being unsure every time I asked him. By the time ELI got home and we waited for the rains to let up it was late. He wanted to go to this Thai restaurant that he likes and though I wasn't thrilled with the choice it was his choice an we went. I figured there wouldn't be anything I'd like/want, but luckily found out they had brown rice and decided that the easiest thing to get was California rolls made with the brown rice. It was actually very good and filling to boot. Probably had a tad more rice than I should of, but I don't think it would kill me.

I have a ton of things to get done today, errands, checks to sign for my Mom, post office, grocery store for food and to order Michael's cake for Sunday, HFS, get the kids, etc.

As you can all see, there are many birthdays coming up in the next 2 months. Actually, the first week of September it's probably the most birthdays in such a short time span that we've ever had on the board, so gear up you all to send lots of birthday wishes next week!

HEART, that Dr. Webb is something else. Did they ever reveal what that pain was in his hip (I think that's where it was), I don't know if I missed it or not. The life of a Dr. is a hard one. Michael wants to be a Pediatric Surgeon and I know he will do exactly that if that's what he's decided on, but oh, how I can worry now about what he's going to have to face being a Dr.-it's a hard life. To change your preferences, go to the top left of your screen and click on where it says USER CP and then go to EDIT PREFERENCES.

TRANQUIL, glad to talk to you last night, even if only for a couple minutes. OWIEEEE, oh gosh, I hope and pray this test you are getting isn't painful, though just the name of it sounds so. Let us know what they say about it. I think they call it MALLITIS!

GATOR, enjoy your game and the yummy food you always tend to make this weekend.

JACKK, yes, there are a slew of bdays this month and next, I see where parents where really busy certain months! LOL! I most definitely stayed in my nightie. When TRANQUIL & SERENE came to visit, did you think that I didn't do the same then? Well, it was like 2am, so that was a good excuse to do so. Too bad if she didn't like it, that's me and I really don't try to change for anyone-gotta love me just as I am As for Michael, no permit (yet) and definitely no car. There's no reason for him to get a car, he won't be getting any jobs while in HS, homework is his job, plus I sure don't have the $$$ to get another car and pay for insurance. If he wants to get his permit he'll have to take the initiative to get the book and go take the test, I'm sure not pushing the idea. I don't think kids these days, esp. 15 or 16yr old kids are mature enough to drive, not even mine who is very mature. Wish they'd change the law already! I do believe that Penney's also has a wedding catalog, so you may want to check that out as well. Too bad you aren't here, I get 20% off there.

CHRIS, keep up the great work! Getting through the first 3 days is hardest for me, then smooth sailing there after. I'll manually put in your Oct. birthday on the board for you.

TONI, I'm definitely happy about the agave. Adding another 11 bottles to my stash makes me oh so happy-as usual, something so little can bring such joy. I don't have to worry about running out any time soon, esp. since I haven't been making anything recently, so I'm good for a few years!

BOB, I can see that it's THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! You get so fired up there!!! No diamonds for the baby yet, but then again, that's Grandma's dept, she loves buying earrings for the baby, plus, she has a tad more $ to do so than I do, esp. for diamonds! She looks so cute with earrings now! Nope, nothing from ROSE, but I did talk to NANCE and she said she'd try to get on the board - still waiting!

QUILTER, okay, let's look at this WIW issue. Is this TOM for you? Have you been eating enough? If you don't journal, how do you know if you have been. Drinking water? I'm sure there's an absolutely logical explanation, so don't throw in the towel and don't let it upset you. I've gained 6lbs in the past with staying totally OP 100%, so it's not unheard of. We'll figure it out, I promise! Sorry to hear abuot the so-called friends. I guess Paul should have other plans next time they need help, maybe they'll get the idea! Not a clue why the knee is bothering me, old age possibly? Where I run, it's all pavement and I'm sure that it's just the repeated action of pounding my weight down hard that's probably causing this pain. Really, walking is so much better for a person to do, but the fact that for the first time in my life, I can run, I do it because I never could before. Once you start jogging it's hard to do walking, I just want to jog moreso than walk. I am like you, I don't like people coming over unannounced, nor would I ever think about doing it to someone else. And once I know I'm home for the evening I throw on the nightyl garb to relax.

FILLISE, I would be interested in hearing what you're learning in regards to your food intake and with using your new scale. Keep me posted! Also, let me know the name of the scale when you get a chance, I think I may have seen it before, though not sure. I want to treat myself to a new one that weighs in grams, mine is only in ounces. Count me in for loving Scuppernogs and Muscadines. Not easy to find here and when you do, not usually cheap to buy.

MONET, I can sympathize with you about your computer troubles, still going through mine-wonder if I will ever get it resolved!

GRACIOUS, CONGRATS! 3lbs down this week, shows you've really been diligent. Sorry to hear about your killer headache - when I get headaches they're usually doozies and I always take 222's. Freezing there? Yeah, yeah, just keep rubbing it in!!!

ZANNE, are you journaling your food at all? You could be eating too much, or too little, both can have an effect on the scale. I'm sure you'll find the culprit!

Okay, I'm outta here for now. Will check in later today sometime. Hope you all have a great day!

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Howdy all! Yee ha lost 4 lbs. today... I feel so good I'm in the 169 now and out of the 70's. That gives me a real boost. Got the fluid off from last week and I'm good to go now..... Just had a bowl of shedded bran wheat. Even got me some fish oil capsules to start taking someone had recommended. Good for the heart and circulation... Got laundry in and lots of cleaning to do today... So will get on with my post..

Bob- I'm hopeing you feel better today.. You must have some intestinal flu or something... Hope you laid down and get better..... You know you've got to feel alright to watch Big Brother's tonight.

The Quilter- Hate I didn't make the chat last night.. Was just to lazy... Everything after 8 is just down hill for me.... I'm so sorry you didn't lose. And I'm know theres nothing I can say to make a difference how you feel. I would too!!! Theres got to be something going on in your body.. How bout stop the starchy carbs. (bread) for a few days and see if that makes a difference? Sounds like your friends dumped on you to, to make a bad day worse... So this Wednesday is crummy and thats all there is to it... You can do this girlfriend. You're strong and committed and you can work through it.. We're all here for you..

Fillise- Do you have to buy your own stuff for the bulletin boards? Good luck with the new scale.

Monet- Glad to see you on the board. I was wondering where you had went to.. Hope you get the computer fixed soon.

gracious-Congradulations on the three pound loss today.. Thats almost a bag of sugar you've lost this week!!! Ouch on the headache. Isn't it something what food can do to your body... It just amazes me.. Hope you're over your headache now and out of detox.. The best part of your post was your taking time to have a water gun fight with your kids.. I just love it!!!

Zanne- Keep on truckin lady next week will be better. Take it easy on your poor knee...

Debilli- wow we're in red weigh in day... Almost scared me...LOL.. You may be hopping around your course pretty soon with all thats going on with your poor leg. I can't even imagine getting out when the humity is that high and its so hot... How do you ever do it..Congradulations on your loss.. You're right you're headed in the right direction. Its always a fight isn't it Deb?

Well guess I'm done for now... Will check back in later...

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Thumbs down WIW

OK new scale is set up and calibrated. I'm at 253. Bout where I expected, so we go from here! Belle is so light she doesn't even register on it! She's been very sweet this morning--make me think I should look around the house and see what is shredded or broken.

Kim--I STILL think gravity has gotten stronger--except for in Canada. Hang in there--a similar incident was what triggered my beating the old scale to death--and a binge. So try not to let it get to you. Are you measuring yourself? Many times when I stall on the scale the tape measure continues to show progress.

Gracious--congrats! It's wonderful to hear of your losses! I hope continues WAAAY past those summer pounds!

Deb--Get in the shower--I can small you from here!!!! I looked on the boax this morning and didn't see a brand name on the scale (Odd), but it came from Walmart was about $25-30.00 Kind of expensive, but I wanted the precision of a digital scale. The most important thing I'm learning is what 6 oz of protein looks like. I don't know why I've fixated on 6 oz--but I have for some reason. When I buy beef I buy the really thick specialty cut steaks from Kroger. They are wonderful, but huge. Even cutting them in half they are huge portions. So I need to know what a reasonable portion looks like--and I've decided that 6 oz is a reasonable portion.

Heartmom--hope you and hubby are reconnecting. I'm rooting for you to work things out!

Monet--good to hear from you again! I miss you when you are not on the board!

Jenn--still thinking about you! Hope you feel a little stronger today!

Time to get to work!

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