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Default Tuesday

Another day and another 2 of my *summer pounds* gone. I am determined to get back to what the bottom of my posts say by my anniversary so I am not going to change it! I will let you all know when I reach it again though. Last night I even followed the *no eating after 8 pm* rule. I have never followed that because when hubby and I settle in for an evening of vegetation in front of a video I like to have a snack. I usually make it a salad, nuts or something legal but I thought I better forego that now that I am on a roll!

QUILTER- Aren't you the picture of incentive and motivation for us all? {hugs} Thanks girl, we all need that extra push. Speaking of KIMMY, doesn't she homeschool her kids?

FILLISE- Wouldn't that be a great time? Having my house filled with cute talking southern girls? My poor hubby would run for the hills being caught in the midst of numerous women chattering away about sugar, fat, calories and carbohydrates.... he usually is just blessed with listening to my rantings. You would be welcome! Infact, we are having a Corn Boil on Friday Sept 6th. Of course there will be SB legal fare there as well so come on up and bring your jackets!

JACK-K-Your daughter has done awesome in losing the 18 lbs. How many was she looking to lose? I think that the 18 will be great incentive for her, especially when all of her friends see the difference they make in her appearance.
About the water...I was reading an article in the paper yesterday about how we might be getting too much water now. I don't think that is true. All I know is, the more I drink, the more full I feel and the more it helps me keep my appetite under control. I also find I lose much better when I am taking in lots of water. I use supplements as well though because I was finding that I got leg cramps and they say that is from too much water washing it out of your system. After I started the potassium supplements along with my usuals, the cramps stopped completely.

MERCY- Just a note about the Province of Quebec. It is not entirely French. Infact, there is a larger population of English or Bilingual speaking people than French. Some areas in Quebec are English only and others French only. The lady from France must have gotten a shock at the difference in the French in Quebec. I have heard that some France French people can barely understand the Quebec French. Way to go on your doing the WATP tapes. You are determined when you do it with company visiting. I am terrible in that I always stop when I have visiters.

GATORGAL-Congrats on the anniversary!

VIV-Welcome back.

TONI- Way to go on keeping us encouraged with the exercise challenge. I remember when you started and how it was so difficult for you to get in a short time on the TM. You have improved so much..keep it up!

Okay, I am off to do my WATP tape now. I am thinking about doing the 3 mile one today. I hope I don't chicken out and do the 2 mile again....I will report back on the exercise board. ciao
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Morning ladies!

OK, my binder is all organized, altho I am going to get a nicer looking one than the one I had lying around the house. Also, I took a blank monthly calendar and filled in any evening activities we have going on (sports, social, etc) - so I can see what I have to plan around, then filled in the dinner I am going to do. Did that for a while last year during the kids' hockey season and it really helped.

In addition to my workouts at Curves, I spoke with a friend who committed to doing "sanity" walks with me - so I will add some walking when I can fit it in between work and stuff. I just really hope my body works with me now.

Jackie - 10 months without a Mikes!! Yikes, LOL! I did a project in July and the client gave me TWO cases of Mikes, a case of Smirnoff ice and beer and wine. Gave away the beer and wine....the rest is history! All gone now, tho, so I will have to go cold turkey. I know what you mean about time - I have so little - that's why I am trying to really organize so time is not an issue anymore.

Susan - Hey! That taco salad sounds GREAT!!! One of my fave treats is going to Mexican and getting fajitas - without the tortillas. With avocado being SB legal, it's a REAL treat!!!

Well, off to organize the kids' rooms before school.

And - I emailed Deb last nite - I read on the prettyimpressivestuff site that she eats Matzo ball soup - I didn't know matzo was legal - so I am waiting for Deb to confirm (our SB goddess!). If it's legal, I will post the EASIEST and yummiest recipe on the thread - for anyone who hasn't tried matzo ball soup - you HAVE to!!!

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Good Tuesday morning to ya'all...... Up and about done with my coffee and have walked my 1/2 mile on the old treadmill. Today I go grocery shopping.. Yea for me I'm out of everything. Its a big deal because its an hour and a half to super wal-mart. Tough when you live in a rural area about shopping.. The little markets close by are high priced and carry a very limited selection. So I envy you ladies finding all these good things out in the cities. I would just kill for some legal wheat tortillas.. Taco's are my favorite thing....

gracious- Wow a fire going.. I love the first fire of the season. But ours doesn't come till around Oct. or Nov. Which reminds me we need to get some more wood in. Good for you coming home for a salad!! You are really doing great.. And no eating after 8 good for you... I do that to and sometimes its hard... Good luck on your goal...

Mercy- What are those tapes everyone talks about? WATP. I know exercise helps speed our motabilism up... and I know I spelled that wrong...

Viv- good time to jump on board the bandwagon so come on gal.. I have those night sweats to and they're a real bummer. Wow you are organized with those recipes.. I just have mine saved in word pad and need to do something with them... Welcome back its good to see you posting....

Bob- Hope you got rid of the tummy ache..

The Quilter- Thanks for the challange this is really going to make my week... You are the one that is really focused and doing so well... Good luck with those phones... Hey wait I needed that cheesecake...

j red- Yes you can do it.. On that bike girlfriend!!! Hope you got lots of rest last night..

Jack-K- Way to go on the exerciseing.. We can do it... good for you getting in the weight lifting yesterday and what a good start today....

Debilli- Hope you have fun with your sis.... I'll bet the baby will look sweet...

Fillise- Come on gal you can do it.... Exercise, exercise, exercise!!! LOL... Good luck with those new scales.

Okay I'm off to shower and get dressed for my day out... You all have a great OP day.....

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for all your help! I feel better already. Jenn: Hope you are feeling better soon. I've had GB surgery. The 1st 24 hours are the toughest, then you really feel much better. For awhile you still have to watch fats, they can make you feel pretty miserable.

Went to WW last night and stayed the same...I can live with that. I've been going to WW on/off since I got married (14 years this Sept. 10th). Gained a lot since my son (now 12) was born and have struggled to lose. Went back to WW January 2002. Lost 8 pounds then just started SB and lost 4 for a total of 12. I'm now 162, so I've got a long way to go. Should have realized a long time ago that WW doesn't really work so well for me. My sister and I make a night of it, though. We weigh in at WW and then have a nice dinner together and get to catch up on everything.

I'm going to take everyone's advice and just keep giving it my best, and we'll see how it goes. Next week I'm back in the classroom (Para Educator), so it should be interesting to see how SB works for me when I'm at school. I'm going to plan ahead as much as I can.

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Hi all!!

I did my 2 miles last night. I am determined to post on the board daily. I don't know about anyone else but it makes me feel more accountable. ( Maybe I am a little strange) Anyway I really enjoy the support here.

Gator- Happy Anniversary!!

Quilter- Count me in on the exercise challenge. I just made a committment this weekend to myself toexercise 5 days a week. So this challenge really helps. Thanks for encouraging us to get moving!!

Jack-k- Thankes for the breakfast ideas. I usually skip breakfast because after I'm done making lunches I just don't have time. I have decided to make time because I think it will keep me from overeating in the evenings. Congrats to your daughter!! I had no reason not to exercise. I just was so busy and not motivated. I have the WATP tapes plus my husband brought me a treadmill this summer. So I made a committment to exercise at least 5 days a week. I'm tired of maintaing I need to get losing. Thanks for all of your encouragement!!

Gracious- Congrats on losing your summer pounds.

Toni48- The tapes I'm talking about are the Walk Away The Pounds by Leslie Sansone. They come with 2 lb weights.

Bob- I hope you feel better.

Fillese. I love taco salad. I think I'll try yours tonight. I'll just use ground turkey since I am not a fan of beef. Thanks!!!

Viv- Welcome back.
Well I have to go now, I'm at work time to get busy.

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MERCY- I have an easy breakfast idea for you that I use a few times a week. I got it when I was doing Atkins so it is very lowcarb but still tasty. It is called Mock Danish and it can be made in less than 3 minutes and is easy clean up because it is only 1 bowl. You can use light cream cheese to save on the fat grams. Here it is:

Mock Danish

2 oz cream cheese
1 egg
2 tsp splenda (or to taste)

-Place 2 oz cream cheese in soup or cereal bowl and microwave for 30 secs or until soft
-Stir cream cheese with fork til smooth then add egg and mix
-Add splenda and cinnamon, mix. (I also sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top)
-Microwave for 1-2 minutes on high (depends on size of egg, my large duck eggs make it 2 min)
-Eat right out of bowl!

If you have flavourings I have heard others add them to change the taste.

I really enjoy this as an easy breakfast or sometimes an afternoon snack. It might not appeal to you but I thought I would tell you about it just in case!

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I'm supposed to be arranging my classroom and here I sit reading the board. Me bad.

Mercy: While you make those lunches, you can make a scrambled egg in the microwave. Just whip it up a bit in a cup or bowl, and zap it for 45 seconds - 1 minute. It's easy and done quick. Add a slice of cheese or a cup of milk and you have a healthy breakfast.

Jenn: You are in my prayers today.

Melf: You and your sisters are in my prayers, too.

Viv: Welcome back. I am way too global to organize my life the way you do. I've tried so many times. DH even gave me a PalmPilot for Christmas and I just can't remember to use it. Now I need new batteries for it!

Deb: There's a promising opportunity for DH. But it's going to mean a move. I'm hoping he can commute until DS graduates from USNA. That's 2 years away and I really don't want to leave the parents' club we belong to. There's not one in the panhandle.

Quilter and Toni: I'm 1 for 1 so far, because I exercise at night. I've tried getting up early, but I am NOT a morning person so I wait until later, when I'm fully awake.

Later everybody. I gotta do some work. I'll post to everyone tonight.
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A rainy mornin' to y'all. Yes I said rain! We haven't seen that here in a while. It got pretty rough for a while, but nothing severe. Jeanie, hope you area didn't get hit too hard.

I was soooo ready to join that 5 day exercise challenge. Did my 2 mile WATP yesterday before school. Got up early this a.m. to go again and Maggie got up too. She has that allergy thing going now and is kind of miserable so I had to stop and hold her for a while. I'll just have to dance with a class or two today.

JEANIE: Shame on you girl. On the puter instead of working on your room. Oh wait.....I'm doing that too. Hope you get off to a good start. I can't believe y'all don't start till after Labor Day. Of course, I'm glad we've gotten that first week out of the way now. How did the concert go?

AGAIN: Welcome. I don't think I've done that yet. Glad to have you with us.

TONI: WTG on your walk. I'll have to try and get mine in this afternoon.

VIV: Welcome back. You are toooo organized. I'm like Jeanie. Too global to be that organized. We right brainers just can't get the hang of it. My problem is that I'm married to someone like that too. So things tend to be a little unorganized at our house.

GRACIOUS: WTG on getting rid of those pesky pounds. I know what you mean about the snacks at night. I love having a bowl of cereal before bed. But it really puts the weight on hold when I do that.

FILLISE: The taco salad sounds yummy. Get those scales out and break them in gently.

Gotta go. Sorry I couldn't get to everyone. It's lunchtime here and my tummy is rumbly.
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Does anyone know if the Snyder's Sourdough pretzel nuggets are legal. They are made from unbleached wheat flour and have 1 or less grams of sugar?

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Hey All

Thought I'd of been able to get on here a bit earlier but ended up keeping the baby while my sister went and got one of the other ones from school. Glad I did as she's miserable from a cough she has and my sister would of had to let her scream bloody murder in the car. At least with having her here it was a bit easier. Of course, she lived up to her name of Barfing Bailey and got me once again, time to change my shirt She got her earrings in and they look adorable. Now my Mom will be searching for earrings for her, one of her favorite things to do, buying the first real earrings for the newest GD.

I was able to get in my jog this morning despite my knee bothering me. Figured that I'd just walk but my persistence and determination got me to jog and I was able to get in my 4.5 miles in 51:07, better than I anticipated. My sister was waiting for me outside when I returned home, so had to take a few minutes to cool down and then hop in the shower so we could make it to the Dr. by 9:30am.

Last night I wasn't able to get on the board due to ELI, He comes home and starts to make dinner and then says that this other mgr that I met earlier in the day at his store is coming over to eat with us I truly thought he was joking until the phone rings and I hear this voice asking when dinner would be ready! Needless to say, I was pissed at him for not giving me any notice and horrified as the house was a mess and on top of that, I was already in my nightly garb of my nightgown. Well, I started to clean best I could, so it was a bit more presentable, but heck, too bad, I stayed in my nightie! So she arrives and eats, plays Scrabble and watches the boob tube - I thought she'd never leave! Even ELI said something to that effect and thought she must be a lonely person. I do feel sorry for her that she lives so far from the store she got, at least an hours drive. Anyhow, I told him I don't mind when he invites someone over, just give me the courtesy of a phone call and give me some notice.

MICHAEL'S bday is today. Can't believe he's 16yrs old already-how time does fly. He still has no clue about the surprise bday party on Sunday. I have a bunch of stuff to do on Sat. to get done and over to his friends house for the party. Going to be a busy rest of the week for me.

The scale is the same for me today, no losses to report, but that's okay considering how late I ate yesterday, TOM is due the end of the week and the excessive fig frenzy I was on yesterday! Whatever the results that show up tomorrow for WIW, I'll be reporting them, whether good or bad.

Pooped today, feel like I could just go lie down and sleep, but will have to put that off. Have to get the kids from school today and then go out and find some of the things on the list that they have for school supplies. I truly wish they would post supplies they needed ahead of time-the stores are like a zoo that went through a war!

Speaking of stores...yesterday I went with ELI to Publix near his store to get a few things and for him to get himself a sandwich. It's one of the bigger Publix markets down here with a nice sized HF area. I go down there and WHAT do you think I see on the shelf!!!!!!!!!! Agave!!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wonder if they had this stuff in the warehouse, as I haven't been able to find it anywhere that use to carry it. Well, lo and behold, they had 11 bottles and you know that I snatched each one of those babies up. It made it even nicer to see they were still at the old price. A little higher than I use to buy at the HFS I go to, but still a bargain at $2.89 considering what I've seen that they are planned on being once the stores get them back in stock. All the SKU numbers say $4.89 a bottle. Oh, you just can't imagine how happy I was :

JACKK, what the heck did you buy that ran up a $240 bill. I'd die if I ever had a bill like that. I don't think I've ever gone above $100 at the grocery store, maybe not even $75. When I see others with big bills at the store I cringe. I'm sure that I spend more than I think I do though, if I just added up all the receipts from the different places I go, I'd probably cringe at myself! Sorry to have missed you as well, forgot you had a busy weekened scheduled. I'm sure DD will find the perfect dress. I was at Penney's Sunday and was very surprised to see wedding dresses there, one was just so stunning and I was shocked to see it was only $299! Unbleached flour, not good, same as white. Try finding the Snyders Organic pretzels, or if you have a Fresh Market, their SD pretzels are delicious!

TRANQUIL, hope ZACH is feeling better today, and hope your bloating has gone down as well. I hate being bloated, my stomach feels "fluffy!" Maybe I really should think about one day moving to JAX, I sure would love to come to lunch at your house, you seem to always be fixing something that sounds so yummy!

SEF, I guess we tend to do that with your name, because we can I will put your Oct. bday vote in manually-sorry you're having trouble once again, I was able to vote without any trouble this week. Hope my luck doesn't run out.

JENN, I hope all went well with your surgery and you are feeling good and have a speedy recovery. Let us know as soon as you can. Good luck with the closing on the house!!!!

CHRIS, I can lash you on line or on the phone, pick your poison, but if you pick phone, just e-mail me with your telly. If you are 85% OP it should be a lot easier to get back on track than if you went totally 100% off plan. Get back on the wagon before you get run over it. Use other's examples of what's happened to them in the past (like myself) to get back on track, you surely don't want to give in to the evil SUGAR MONSTER!!!!

HEART, have you watched the new show about the ARKANSAS childrens hospital that's been on recently? I think HOUSTON MEDICAL was only suppose to be on for a few weeks anyhow. Also, there was one of PBS called CHILDRENS HOSPITAL that was very good. Hard to watch sometimes, it's so sad, but then again, some times very happy. You know that deal! Nuts can be so dangerous, only a few add so much fat and calories, people really don't have a clue just how much. If you think about what alternative foods you could have that would make up the same amount of calories, fat, etc. you'd be so surprised, not to mention more full probably! As for e-mail notification, I don't use it, but do check your preferences. If it's checked off and you're still not getting it, ask Suzanne if she can provide some assistance, she's always a great help.

MERCY, no, not the Carbolite drink but their soft serve that you can get at the low-carb store. It's wonderful!!!! I have a list of breakfast ideas on the old computer, which I hope to get back up one day soon. There's a recipe for Granola on the board, if you have the agave. There's tons of ideas-what types of things do you like?

FILLISE, I'm sure you could use the church time off, not that you aren't filling it with other important duties. You too, like SEF, are always busy! Did you unpack the new scale yet? I'm thrilled to hear you got a new food scale-which one did you buy? Does it weigh in ounces and grams, or just ounces? I think you'll be very surprised once you start seeing your true intake. Use CALORIEKING.COM as one of the sites to get nutritional info to keep track of it all.

GRACIOUS, ever thing of sharing? You could certainly transfer some of that wonderful sounding weather down this way, I for one would be eternaly grateful! Glad you were able to resist whatever nasty thing you were thinking of scarfind down. Amazing what waiting a few minutes can do for a person. What they say, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP could easily be applied to us! Congrats on 2 more summer pounds gone!!

TONI, and you SHOULD feel good about turning down those sweets. It's easier to give in than use your willpower many times but I think once you have that knack of knowing you are in the drivers seat it gets easier with each passing day and event that you get faced with. Hope you find all you need at Wally World today!

VIV, glad to see you back again Kids just started school again yesterday, but they did go to summer school. As mentioned in my e-mail, WW is fine, esp if you want to make it yourself. I really need to get back on Ebay - once the computer is fixed, there will be no more excuses!

QUILTER, can't believe you still have some cheesecake left - how proud I am of you for not scarfing it all down in one sitting like I do myself Thanks for boosting the exercise board - I'll be posting on there today as well.

AGAIN, hey, staying the same is sure a lot better than a gain! Keep up your motivation, even when it seems hard to do when you don't get the immediate results you think you are due. I promise, they will come! I think it's great that you and your sister will go to WW together. When you get a chance, please let us know a little more about you. If you would like to post your BIO on our BIO BOARD, that would be great too, and I'd put you on my mailing list. We love learning more about our members!

JRED, would be moving such a bad thing, or would the commute for 2 years be worse? I'm sure the two of you will make the right decision for yourselves. I wish him luck!

MUSIC, glad to see you getting in some exercise today. I'm sure it's not always easy when you work.

WOW, I'm caught up! Great! Just in time too. It's starting to thunder and lightening out there. Sure don't want to fry another modem.

Please remember TONIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST. Depending if Michael and/or Lauren has homework on the computer to do will depend on if I can make it or not. Sorry guys, but you know that comes before computer time for me.

Also, like you really would forget,TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!!! I wish us all good luck with the scales tomorrow.

Will try to check in later, otherwise, I'll catch you all tomorrow!


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Debelli- Yes, I have been watching the Arkansas show on Wednesday's. Oh, how my heart aches when I do. It's like reliving everything and knowing that sometime in the near future, I will be literally reliving it. I actually met a little boy at the PC last week that had just got back from Arkansas 3 weeks ago. He had a PDA banding done(i know, medical jargon) by Dr.Webb.

Well- hubby and I are back together. Hopefully, things will be better for us. As for my eating- it's been okay but the nuts did sabotage my loss. But I'm hoping I will still meet my goal for the week tomorrow(229).
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Where do u go to check your preferences- and like to change your signature and icon?

Also, is enriched wheat flour legal if it has 3grams of sugar or less?
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{COLOR=purple] Da-n, da-n!!!!!!!

I had this beautiful post ready to send and the computer went off!!

JENN: Hope all is well in both surgery and home plans. If you are a new home owner, take out stock in Home Depot or Lowe's! My DS and his BIL say they do weekend runs for all their home projects and stock should be rising as a result!

CHRIS: Okay, grab those bootstraps and heave yourself up and above those temptations. You did it before and can do it again!

GATOR: Awwwww! Your little getaway sounds so sweet!

HEART: We're on that soapbox with you!

FILLISE: Didn't know about the "E". What's it for? I'm Elaine. Glad you are taking time for you! Just think when you return to your usual church activities it will be with renewed vigor and ideas.

JACKK: Those quizzez struck a chord with me and I thought they were sharing. Sourdough is legal so I use those pretzels. Be careful though, you could runaway with them. I always liked pretzels over chips.

VIV: Glad to see your posts once again! Binder? Organization? Sounds too much like work to me! I like the element of surprise I guess! I grew up with a lot of Jewish friends, Matzos bring back memories!

BOB: Hope your tunny is better.

QUILT: They didn't call me the dirty ole' lady for nothing!

TONI: Give me little town living any day! May not have all the amenities but it's worth it. I miss my small town. One thing I saved on was impulse buying. When I did go shopping the list was so long didn't have any $ for impulses! Did not go so often either, so that saved.

GRACIOUS: Mock Danish looks good. Will give it a try.

Okay this is an abbreviated version of my beautiful post. Can't remember all I said before, but it was just full of wit, wisdom and should be sorely missed by you all!!!

Take care, Shirley[/COLOR]
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A quick post to say Hello, I am crossing my fingers that I have an ok wiw tomorrow despite TOM....and I am trying to make up a long post to all, but work is crazy. DS went to dr. and he has hayfever causing the back of his throat to look like a cobblestoned road (Dr. said that) and he congratulated DS on his FIVE pound loss =) very happy about that!!!! My doctor - foot- said he thinks that there is a pinched nerve, neuroma, something in there that is causing the swelling and continue with brace, going to nerve conduction test tomorrow morning on my foot - supposed to be a very painful thing - so cover your ears at 10:30 a.m. if you don't want to hear me scream....and I am to ice the foot when I get home every night....and they gave me a new, that is that.....not very promising.....I know my face fell when the doctor said he was running tests again....I said I just want something torn or broken and get this healed!

Okay - enough of all my whining and frustration - sorry I am not much of cheer today - take care, and will be on chat tonight!

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Heart--My best wishes go out to you and your husband as you try to make your marriage be what it is meant to be. If you own a Bible and are fairly comfortable using it, there is a wonderful description of a godly marriage in chapter 5 of the book of Ephesians in the New Test. It begins with the statement "submit yourselves one to another" and then gives the details of what that means for a husband and a wife. Basically it is a description of each doing what it takes to enable their spouse to be all they can be--in every area (work, home, play, sex, parenting). Kind of a mutual building each other up relationship. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be married to someone who did things that built you up and put you in a position to be and do your very best? Sounds great, doesn't it. Good luck to you both, and for your precious 2 children.

The exercise challenge sounds great. I walked yesterday, but today I worked at the Preg. Care Ctr. and was not able to walk this morning and also get to work on time. So, perhaps I'll walk this evening. Usually I don't walk in the afternoon because it is too hot and muggy and lately it has been raining during the evenings. But maybe I'll get lucky.

First Gator game this weekend. We probably will be taking a tailgate picnic. I'm thinking about a sweet onion and goat cheese tart with a nice salad of lettuce and orange segments. Then maybe also a bean salad of some sort and fresh fruit. And maybe some of Debs. cheesecake. We are staying the weekend at a B & B there and they always serve breakfasts that are NOT on the SB WOe. I guess I should take my own cereal. I will get my walking done though. There is a really lovely section of town with victorian homes everywhere, so it makes a nice walking route.

Our fishpond is restored with the water at the proper depth. It's amazing that one little spitter could reduce the depth that much. I had to add about 700 gals. of h2O.

Got some pix from the owner of the villa in France we will be staying in. It looks beautiful, with a wonderful patio and olive trees in the yard. Can't wait.

Fillise--Have a good rest during October. You deserve it. There is some sort of subtle pressure, I think sometimes, when one takes a break from religious or church or even community ministries. So, I hope you don't feel any guilt. I have been thinking about taking a break, or even quitting altogether my work at the CPC and, perhaps finding another one to help at. They have moved into different quarters and the space for the volunteers is almost non-existent. There is a lot of space given over to administrative work, but there is no longer even any chairs that are comfortable for me to sit in very long. No back support, or those tall teller chairs where my feet can't touch the floor. Since this ministry depends on volunteers to make it work, it's a bit surprising to me to see the lack of good working area for those that this CPC depends on. So, this may be a time of transition for me too. Not sure yet, but I am keeping my eyes open for something else, possibly.

Jenn, hope you are back on your feet soon.
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