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Bravo on the shirt Ruby - perfect! I may have to pick up one for a friend of mine for her Bday next month, 'cause she's a killer flirt even though she's got a live-in SO.

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Ruby - Great Tee!
Bratty Kid Sister - you know you want that Tee for yourself.......

Bye for today - be back tomorrow (well assuming I don't get kidnapped at the pool)

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Talking Yay

well...after going on vaca and expectin to gain weight, i was pleasantly surprised to see i was down 4 lbs! yeah baby!
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Star - thanks. I am posting on my lunch right now, so hopefully I will be able to pull that off each day, but it depends on the work volume. I agree with you about the negative body image. For me, somedays are just better than others, but I think all women have a distorted version that they see in the reflection.

Karen - thanks...I am curently working on another piece, but I don't think it will be posted for a bit because of other time constraints and some editorial conflicts. But I will let you guys know

Debi - Yes, I would have definitely classified him as a distraction....even SB's doesn't feel the same anymore. But it was a nice evening, so I am not upset, just disappointed. But I stick with my original assessment of c'est la vie....something new will pop up soon enough.

Fiona - I have always and will always consider AE to be my premiere source of comfy and/or funny tshirts. They have a great feel to them, they are long wearing, and a great bargain. That tee has been worn a total of three times, and it never fails to gain a conversation - if she's a flirt, she will dig it!
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I'm sorry too Ruby, but it's his loss...I enjoyed your piece at the Noyse. I think you should write the SB Saga as a short story, it was entertaining and certainly got all our attention.
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Welcome back Ruby! Sorry about java boy, but congrats on the loss. Congrats to everyone else on the loss too. Oh, and wtg on the nsv Star! Hope you're not kidnapped by all the young guys at the pool.

So, I survived my lunch meeting without too much off program stuff. I did have a "titan toothpick" which is the chicken/tortilla appetizer with a little salsa and sour cream. But for lunch I just had a small chicken salad with lite dressing. One splurge and a sensible lunch. I'll be off to the fair for my gourmet box dinner. Don't know what that will be, but I'll be good. They'll also have cream puffs and blue ribbon brownies. I must stay away!
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Hello everyone, well I have been back on track as promised. I have not been able to log in though, I logged myself off and had to wait for them to reset my password. Anyways, it's good to be back. I need to continue encouraging myself to keep on going. Today, they measured me and I have lost 12 inches so far. It would probably have been more, if my diet would not have been so back and forth last month, but that is okay. Well have a good day everyone one and I will check in tomorrow.
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Okay while I wait for my father to come home, here is my plan I am going to two concerts in mid august, and I plan on being at least 5-6 pounds lighter. And of course I plan on staying on plan while attending these concerts. Tommorrow is back to exercise, no excuses and POP. Well I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow.
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Red face

Hi everyone!

My name is Holly and I started the gold plan on Tuesday. Then I went to my dad's with my family and they celebrated my dh birthday with cake & ic. stayed OP otherwise...then today they had leftover cake & ic of course.....saturday is my son's birthday...have to be careful of that cake! Next month is MY bd...cake....

I am wanting to lose about by Thanksgiving feasible? I'm 148lbs and want to get to 120. Need your support please! This is my 1st really structured diet! a girl from LAWL just called me and asked me how everything was going! I'm suprised!

How many here use the LA lites? I don't know if I'll use contract says for any refund I have to use 1 a day on maintenance. What are your thoughts?

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Hey girls, one of my counselors told me to try this and as weird as it may sound it was actually pretty good and made me feel like I was drinking a float.

I mixed 1 vanilla la lite shake package w/ 8 oz of diet coke instead of water mixed it up and I have to say at first I thought it tasted a little weird but then when I got over the fact of what I had mixed together I thought it was pretty good like a coke float or rootbeer float.

Also I have the cookbook and they have a recipie for Cream Sickles. You mix 1 Vanilla La Drink Mix with 12 ounces diet orange soda, blend it, freeze or chill and serve

I don't know if any one has ever tried that or has shake packages but if you do and you want ice cream w/o going off plan and using a stratch give it a try. Oh I will post this recipies on the recipie board.
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Hey Ladies,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm still around. Things have been crazy lately. I will update you soon. One cool thing is that I am going to be working at LAWL soon. I start my training next week. Woohoo! So I probably won't be on as much. Also I went to a family reunion and some people didn't recognize me. That was a wonderful nsv. Anyway, I gained 7 pounds in a week, but have already lost 4.4 of those pounds in just 3 days. I'm still under my goal weight, so I'm not going to stress. I think I'm in week 5 of stabilization. Being on vacation for a week kind of through me off, but I'm back on track now.
Hello to everyone... Sy, Star, Julie, Rusty, Metalchic, Ruby and everyone else. I just read August's post, but it will take me some time to catch up on July's. Talk to you chicks soon.

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Just wanted to do a drive by before I drop into bed. Has anyone done the Slim Down shakes. When I was in on Tuesday the counselor told me that I should do the Slim Down after the Take Off so that I would lose more weight. I think it was just a ploy to get me to spend more money. I told her that I would use the protein shakes that I already have at home. She kind of threatened that I won't lose any weight like that. I'll show her.

Well, nite nite ladies. I'm off the laa laa land
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Originally Posted by MetalChic
Sounds like you had fun Jen.....

When is your b-day? Mine is July 24...
Mine is July 22. I'm trying to catch up on the posts, but you chicks are a chatty group. It's 12:45 AM and I'm this far behind. The rest are going to have to wait until tomorrow! Good Night all! (Everyone else is probably already in bed. )
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Good Morning Chicks,
I thought I would get on here early this morning so I could post before starting the day... I got busted on the computer yesterday so it looks like I might have to stay off of it while I'm at work.. I really hate not being able to play during the day.. Maybe I should invest in a lap top to use during the day... But anyway, atleast it was a co worker that caught me instead of the owners...She just let me no that it's a big around there. The way it works is, we can go to another facilties computer to see what units they have available. When someone does that, they can see what it is on the screen and they have control of the mouse and will knock you right off there... But anyway, I'll just have to catch up from home.
I got on the scales this morning and was at 175.6 so I finally adjusted my ticker. I'll probably weigh again on Saturday. I'm really trying to concentrate on the plan this time....Well I should say, once again...
But anyway chicks, I might be on again tonight but if not I'll talk to you all in the morning.
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Good Morning Ladies!

WB Mandy! Missed ya!
Congratulations on the new LAWL career!
I actually thought about asking if they needed some part-time help at my center myself. Although, I am not a pushy person so I probably wouldn't make much money. And, I really don't have time. They are open from 9-7 M-F and 8-1 on Sat, and those hours aren't very good for me.

Linda, Jen's b-day is the 22nd too... Small world, huh? When you get a chance, would you mind making me one of those nice avatars with my name on it?

Be back later...
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