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Pearl - I HATE when that happens. Guess that's what you get for being so darn special!! Have a great day.
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Just wanted to say a quick hi...and no, I didn't read all the posts since my last visit! Wow, you guys type a lot! I have other sites that I visit for things such as games or satellite and the members are pretty much all males. You go 3 days without viewing and there may be 6 posts that you missed. I turn for a second here to scratch my head and there are already 6 posts! lol

I've been bad again yesterday...I ate "several" slices of pizza at our mess (military bar). I did pretty good from Tuesday til yesterday much lemon juice to fix that? lol Oh well...too late now. I keep hearing/reading about people doing a "take off" cycle. Is that something your lawl councellor has to incorporate into your menu plan? Or can I just do it every few weeks for the **** of it? If so, what do I do and for how long? Thanks everyone...
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hi there gang......I just wanted to discuss something..this group has gotten sooo big...I want to declare that those that do not have enough time to answer personals it is OK to just step in and type and let us know how they are doing. ok with that said..I still relie heavily on your support.. get such inspiration by just reading others posts.

one more is so easy to get kinda cocky..wENT SHOPPING yesterday...boy that brings back a serious dose of reality.....Yes I have come down some sizes and have lost 36.8 pounds....but I need to keep going and try not to get complacent.....190 was my original goal and I am there...but I know now that I want to lose at least 10 more.....

I just want to thank everyone..I talk about you often to friends who ask how I lost the weight...thanks..nance
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Red plan w/lites
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If it wasn't for this support group - i would have already given up on this program. Kristen was right when she said ex dr. bernstein dieters would have a hard time with this. I am so used to dropping AT LEAST 2-5 a week that this snails pace is driving me. In fact I was up yesterday by 3! I have a hard time getting in all my fruit and veggies and stupid me didn't think it would make me gain. But according to my counselor today it does b/c my body NEEDS all the food to lose. Hmmm. still questionable to me but obviously it works so I just need to believe that. I must say without all of you I would have thrown in the towel today. Thanks guys.
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ByeByeBulge. you have to tell us your first name!
I used to be on the go so much that skipping meals was a regular thing.. I couldn't believe how much I gained.. when you do that whatever you do put in gets held on tight by the body and you don't lose. The biggest lesson I learned was that not eating made me gain weight.. took me a while to wrap my head around that one but it's true.
Got back from DD 2nd bday party.. 16 kids and their parents at an indoor play place. They offer pizza etc but the new mommy in me instead set up coffee for the parents and then had whole grain bagels with lite cream cheese, banana bread and low fat muffins for the kids. Then took 100% fruit snacks and whole grain cracker packets and some juice for the kids and made a huge fruit tray. The parents all said it's the first bday party for a child they've been to where they could eat such healthy things.. the ripple effects of this weight loss journey are far reaching.
Will post a few pics of the kids in a web album for you.. Joni of of them with the pony tails to make you smile too!

Happy Weekend to all of you.

PS Wore a slinky new top and sassy jeans to the party too
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LAWL Salt Police
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Jason, The Take Off is something we can do every two weeks. It's kind of like the LA Express you did (if you did) when you joined, using the Take Off Juice..

Personally, I call it a system flush and I usually do it every couple of weeks, or after I've shown a serious gain or plateau.

I've found that using cantalope works better for me than the TO Juice. Basically follow the same menu as if you were going to use the juice, but replace the 4 oz of juice with 4 oz of cantalope..

It's also a good way to get back "into focus" on your diet goals..
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Well we had WI today and I am right at 184. I have been in the 180's for a few weeks now. They are going to look at my diary and see what is going on. Oh well, I will keep going.

Tonight is the basketball game. It will be so much fun. We are going to eat before we go so that we don't get tempted to get junk.

Joni, I hope your baby gets better soon. Cancer really sucks. You are in our prayers and thoughts.

I am going to get in the shower and get be ready to go. Will tell you all how things went. Love to all and have a great POP weekend.
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Well, I tried to venture into new proteins today. I made veggie burgers (nature burgers from Licks for the Canadians) that are soy based for lunch. I know other people REALLY enjoy this particular brand, but for me, it was the equivallent of eating a wet paper bag. Actually, a wet paper bag with the consistency of minced worms. I think I'll move along to other new proteins and leave that one firmly in my past. Instead I licked a tablespoon or two of peanut butter for my protein at lunch. Much better!

I went to WI today and I'm down another 1.2lbs since Wednesday, so I'm really thrilled with that. I'm still a little in disbelief each time I go to WI and find I've lost since I don't feel like I'm making much of a sacrifice at all. I do miss popcorn though.

Kristen, WTG on your loss! Looks like you are right back on track. You'll be hitting the 50lb mark before you know it. I bet it will be before Valentines Day.

Libby, oh I am so jealous, but so happy for you about the spa day. I've never had one, so maybe I'll make that my half way to goal treat. YOu've been doing so great with staying POP and it shows in your results. I can also hear how motivated you are.

Katie, I don't know how you are going to survive that woman! lol Maybe you should tell her she can't bring anything that's not marked as 'nut free' that would limit the items she could bring to tempt you!

Ulanda, that would motivate me too. Your DH was very sweet to make the offer and to remind you that you are already beautiful.

Joni, I'm so glad you are at least seeing progress in Charlie's treatment and diagnosis. I'm sure that through all of this, he is feeling your love and glad you are right there with him.

Nicole, I'm no expert, but I'm sure one more day of FF can't do all that much damage. I mean, you're eating healthy food after all. I know some people who eat as though they are on FF every day of their lives.

Good luck to those doing emergency TO. I think I would rather do it FF style like Nicole mentioned. I found the juice really quite yummy. I wonder if you can buy it and use it as a fruit during regular times?
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I am sitting here reading the posts and having celery and PB for lunch. YUM this seems to be my staple lunch on weekends that and some yogurt or cheese. I can not believe this but I had breakfast (2 Kashi Go lean waffles with some strawberries and honey on top and a spoonful of hash browns) and I worked out with my stability ball and the new DVD I bought, went to a funeral (support for my best friend who did not want to go alone. I did not know the person) and got home at 3pm and realized I was starting to get hungry. I went 6 hours without eating. Those waffles actually kept me satisfied.I dont know what i will journal them as but they were yummy.

Anyway, I am going to buckle down tomorrow and recommit to the program.

Have a great day everyone!
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Originally Posted by Dan2112 View Post
Jason, The Take Off is something we can do every two weeks. It's kind of like the LA Express you did (if you did) when you joined, using the Take Off Juice..

Personally, I call it a system flush and I usually do it every couple of weeks, or after I've shown a serious gain or plateau.

I've found that using cantalope works better for me than the TO Juice. Basically follow the same menu as if you were going to use the juice, but replace the 4 oz of juice with 4 oz of cantalope..

It's also a good way to get back "into focus" on your diet goals..
Thanks Dan...when you say follow the same menu as i did in the beginning, are you referring to nothing but meats and veggies?
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Ok I Just Wanted To Post Today I Dont Post Often But Read Everyday ...i Must Say Reading This Everyday Does Some Major Help...before Christmas I Had Gone Off Plan And Not Been Very Good Since In Fact I Gianed 11lbs Since The Holidays....well Last Week I Was Pop...and Im Proud To Say I Lost 7 Lbs in One To All Of You Having Trouble Just Stay On Plan And It Works...good Luck To All And Thanks For All Your Help...jamie
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Good evening everyone,

Well I have been catching up on my housework that needed to be done throughout the week.

I took my DD to have her pictures taken, she will be 14 on Feb 6th. I can't believe it. They were all very cute, but as you moms know, you can spend a small fortune on pictures, so I went in with the intention of not spending more that $75 and I did it for $60.

I also had a chance to go and peek at the new spring colors and fashion for the spring/summer season. I saw cute but daring red stelletos (sp?). I know DH will love them and that will be his treat for being so generous. There are so many cute skirts out as well.

Makena, it's great to see you posting. I am glad that you are still fighting the fight.

Barb, It looks like you have regained your focus! YEAH! That's what I want to see. God knows I have had my struggle for the whole month of January.
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One pound at a time...
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Good Saturday everyone! Work is crazy that I have not had time to log in during the week, but at least I can catch up on everyone’s week on the weekend. Holy Moly, I had to go through at least 20 pages of posts to catch up. I am back on track and I am “officially” down another 2.6 lbs since Thursday. We will see what Tuesday (my official WI day) says.

Okay, now on to the personals (I apologize for being so behind the 8-ball so to speak)

Loretta! WTG on the loss!

Evette-Love the new picture!

Joni-How is your pupper doing? My dog gets UTIs all the time and it is not fun. Sounds like Charlie is a good boy. I know how you feel about your furkid and I exactly how you feel. Just saw your most recent post. Please give a from me to Charlie.

Barb (kicker_RN)-Congratulations on making goal! That is awesome!!!!

Allanah-Sorry about all the issues with ex. A big is being sent down east to you! Allanah I hope your back is feeling better.

Can I say a big to our LAWL girls (Kristen and Barb) who for week 3!

Pearl-As always, you always know what to say. I like you and your DH’s approach. You are so right. We are definitely in it for the long haul. BTW a huge on the new job and the promotion.

Julie-Marie-I adore the colours you used in the nursery. I hear you about being hypnotized by a can of Pringles. For me, it is Ruffles chips with onion dip. I haven’t had an episode in awhile. Love the new avatar.

Lizz-I am glad that Curves went well.

Dan-Good luck with the 10 minute workout. I still struggle with exercise, but once I found what I loved doing, you can not keep me away from it. This from a excercisephobic of many many years.

WendyVan to the forum!

Jason-Let me give you a big to Ontario!

Cassi-What a gorgeous kitchen! I love the granite counter tops. Also, you can so see the difference in your pictures. Your hard work has really paid off. Be proud of yourself because I know I am.

Katie-Yikes, I hope you feel better. Take care of yourself first, WL comes second.

Evette-Another gorgeous avatar! You are looking HAWT woman!

Nicole-I know it is difficult not to compare yourself to others and feel discouraged when you do not match their loss. However, you are so far ahead of the game already, by being on this program and taking care of yourself. You will get there, it will happen on you time schedule.

Nicole-I love the idea of a care package for your sister. I know I would not be offended I had signed up for the program.

Libby-I find that even when I am completely POP, I tend to be up and down, but the overall loss is a down. I think that is the one thing that drives me a wee bit nuts about going in 3 times a week.

Ulanda-What an awesome gift from your hubby.
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Hi friends!

I wanted to pop in to let you know I am heading out of town (on business) for the next week so I won't be able to check in :-(

I have been pretty good these days and was down .5 today at WI. I had a really nasty counselor and kind of let her have it but still maintained a postive outlook on my -.5 loss :-) The reality check came when I went to the mall...I am still a fat a**! At least now I will try hard to stay OP while I am gone and the hotel does have a fitness center so I am going to work out. The weather there (Omaha) is really cold so I will need to exercise to stay warm! I did have a NSV today, I really really wanted to drive by Taco Bell and I talked myself out of it and went to Wild Oats instead and picked up something OP and healthy. Yaaaaaaay for me! LOL

I miss you guys already and I hope that you have a GREAT week. I am so proud of you all for hanging in there! JulieM..I LOVE your new Avatar - you are BEAUTIFUL!

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hey guys, just wanted to say hi, and wish everyone a great sunday!
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