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Happy New Year everyone!

I have been completely off plan since right after Christmas and I feel terrible. All the Christmas candy was here calling my name, then DH, DS and I were all sick so we pretty much lived off junk food and fast food because I didn't feel like cooking. I haven't been to the center since last Wednesday. I'm afraid to face the scales.

Today is me and DH's 9th anniversary and we are going out to our favorite restaurant, Kanpai of Tokyo. It's a Japanese steakhouse where the cook the food in front of you. I know that my favorites are not on plan but I think since I've screwed up so much already, I'm going to order what I want tonight and get back POP tomorrow. I'm going to eat pretty light today though until dinner and drink lots of water. I'm not sure when I'll get the courage to go back to the COD though. I'm afraid I'll be back up to my starting weight.

Anyway, it was good to read that I'm not the only one who went completely wild over the holidays
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Hi Girls.........
Thanks for missing me!!! I have been a bit down, a bit busy, a bit sick, and a bit tired of my loving extended family!!! I am back home now and sooooo ready to read everyone's posts and seriously get back to work. I had a sickly holiday gain........I don't kow the official yet, as I have not gone to the COD, but I am quite sure it is somewhere between 6 and 8 pounds. I haven't decided if I want to change my ticker or not. I'll decide after I go to the COD later today. I am on day 2 of TO. I have sick kids and a ton of work all around me after being at my parents house for so long. OMG, do I have the stories. I won't bore you all with them right now. I don't think I will be staying there for an extended stay EVER again!!! Ok, I am going to get a bit of work done, and then begin reading. I am so excited to find out how everyone's holidays went. I am pretty disappointed with myself for going off plan so bad. Did everyone have a gain, and if so, how bad was it? I just soon as I had a free day...........I went from there.......and you know what is so funny? Food just isnt' that good!!! It is so much more enjoyable when you eat it in moderation. Anyway....I missed you all so much, and after just glancing at the last page here.......I feel good and like I can do this. I couldn't do it without you all!!! XOXO
p.s. I tried to add my biggest loser ticker, but I don't know if it is quite right............I'll check it out more later
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On stabilization
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Kristen - I have no idea what I'm going to do for the 75 lb reward! Any ideas? I've been wracking my brain, and can't think of a thing - but gosh, it seems like a huge milestone, a girl's gotta do something, right? I am hoping to see that number this week.

Katie -
Lori- What else do you think about in the shower?
wouldn't you like to know!!!

Dan, awesome results on the TO - I haven't been as successful on the TO - my kiddos keep eating my oranges (I'm using oranges instead of the juice). Who can deny them when they want to eat good things instead of junk. I whole 10 lb BAG of oranges gone in a day and a half, no more left for TO! To be honest, this was my first attempt at TO since I started, and frankly, it was only half-hearted.

Donisha - everyone seems to gain when they first start working out.... some if it is water retention in the new muscles you are building. Hang with it, and even if the scale doesn't drop as quickly, your inches will! Fugheeeed about the chips (ahoy and tortilla!) - today is a new day!

Pearl - I used to have a gazelle-like machine (way before Tony Little came out with his instrument of torture). A couple of times on there and it'll be no sweat (well lots of sweat, but no problem with the coordination!). Did you get a workout video with it? If not, I'd suggest finding one. My biggest problem is rhythm... I stutter-stepped ALOT!

Happy girl! Welcome aboard! This is absolutely the right place for support, friendship and great ideas to succeed on this weight loss journey!

Stephanie, I know it's awful to see a gain at the COD, but that's the best way to make yourself get right back on track. If you stay away when you think you've gained, it's just empowering an excuse to not be on plan. Go in, face the music, and get back on track! Not preaching at ya (been avoiding the COD myself lately for that very reason!) just pep-talking both you and me!

Have a great day everyone - remember, together we can do this!
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Let's try this again . .
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Bigget Loser Ladies!!!

There are changes to how we post our stats:

See this post

Basically: get rid of the "starting weight" and post your weight from the beginning of this week in Week 1.
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Hello everyone,

Well today is back to work for me. It's really busy here for now. I am trying to prepare everything for our Kindgergaten Orientation at the end of the month. Hopefully our numbers will be up.

Day 2 of FF with Oranges is going pretty good. I think I like eating the oranges over drinking the juice. Of course I don't do it with the bars because I stopped eating the bars a while ago.

I wish you all the best this year and I know that we will reach our goals. I keep reminding myself of this.

Have a great day everyone.
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Ulanda--I much prefer the oranges over the juice--I think because I like EATING--plus, the fiber sure helped. Usually TO is not real successful for me on the scale but I saw much better results with the oranges.

too funny--we are having a "workday" so the kids aren't back--anyway--I just have on jeans and a regular shirt as opposed to my daily uniform of sweats--and everyone is asking if I lost over the Holiday--uh, no--must be the clothes! I forget there are a lot of people who have never seen me outside of school. Feels good anyway.
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Good Morning All

Well I finished Day 1 of FF POP. I went to bed with a KILLER headache...withdrawls! I don't let myself have any caffiene on TO or FF. I had a great nights sleep, finally!!

Day 2 of FF has gone well. It is my first day of work in 2007, good to get back in a routine!

Steph- happy anniversary! I love those Japanese Steakhouses, yummy. I am guessing that most of the COD's clients are in the same boat as most of us. We were naughty, but it is a new year.

KY-I always get the flu feeling the day 2 of FF. I suppose it is my withdrawls from bestest friend in the world!

Happygirl-Welcome to the are at the right place

Katie-I hope your meeting is going/went well. Those can be challenging discussions.

Mama Nicole- Welcome back, I was with my family for a week as well.....Love them, but personally I think moderation is key when it comes to food and family!!!

To all on TO and FF, hang in there only 13 hrs (CST) left of TO or FF! Tomorrow we shall have starches

Have a great day everyone

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Well, first day of TO went well. Nothing but POP except for adding **3 cups*** of lemon water!!! A huge milestone for me!! (I just don't like it!) My juice had an aftertaste of burnt plastic... it's never tasted like that before and it was hard to get down the whole 32 oz., but I finally got it down!
I got on the Gazelle a few times yesterday just to get used to it. Didn't do more than about 15 min. each time and certainly no major workout but more than just sitting at my desk! My boys enjoy it too, so it may be a permanent piece of furniture in the Fam. Room.
I'm gonna start keying today and also getting some recipes together for the week and next week.
DH is getting ready to leave for work, so I've got to go for now.
for those of us on TO today! One more day folks - WE CAN DO IT!!!
Hugs and Blessings,
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Deb on LAWL
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Donisha- Don't beat yourself up over the cookies and chips. What you might want to think about doing is asking DH to be in full support of your plan, at least until you get in the groove and can resist some of those "bad" foods. I got rid of all the foods around here that I may end up binging on. If DH wants cookies and such, he has to put them downstairs in his work room and not eat them in front of me otherwise they don't come into the house.

Happygirl & Jodi- Welcome to the group. You will find lots of support and inspiration here.

Stephanie- Happy anniversary

Lori- You just keep plugging along so great. You are going to pass me up in the pounds lost department in no time. I have been stuck between 181 & 177 forever. I am having such a hard time hitting that 80 lb. mark!!

Dan- Great loss!

Katie- How did your meeting go?

Pearl- I am glad that you were able to get the Gazelle, I have been looking at one, but I know that if I come home with one more piece of exercise equipment DH will throttle me. I'm glad that DS made it home safe and sound and got so much out of the trip. That is so cool.

Lisa & Tina- Welcome back. It's good to have some of the oldies join back in.

Carmen, oh Carmen- Where have you dissapeared too??????

Nicole- Do you see how much everybody misses you?!? Glad you made it back home safe.

Everybody else - Have a great day

Gotta go get ready and head to the COD for the moment of truth. I was on hold for 2 weeks and I know I am up probably 4 lbs.
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Wow Lea Ann, long break for the kids! Our little hellions came back yesterday.

Nicole - Well, without naming names... ahem... I I mean "some" others gained as much as you did over the holidays. TO has taken care of 4 of my new presents already, so jump on in with us. I'm sorry that your family stay was a little too long, I get your drift. My Christmas Eve with my family was ...odd. My sister has a bug up her butt about something, I guess, because she didn't even greet us at the door to her house (hands full of presents and folding chairs for her to use at the dining room table), so we let ourselves in, and still no one acknowlegded our presence. For the first hour of the evening I was miserable, and seriously felt like going home, until my brother showed up. Merry friggin Christmas!

Anyway, Nicole, glad you're back here!
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Morning everyone!

after 2 days of TO, it felt good to have a carb today -- I dont think I could ever do atkins.

I am enjoying the recipes on the board, thank you to those who posted them. I have been doing well with my cardio exercise and have completed 3 of my 5 days but man my weight work out kills me ... I can really feel it from yesterday.

Planning my day out, I know what my dinner will be as well, which is a good thing. I am sooo enjoying my lunch right now as I made melted turkey breast on a split pita bread, with tomatoe and cheese ... YUMMY! I never would have made that!

Has anyone sen the Biggest Looser Weight Loss planner from Prevention magazine thats out? I got it today, it has some interesting info in it has a calorie counter based upon your current weight how much you need to have daily to loose (ie, I'm 260, so I need to consume 1820 calories per day) The one food to avoid is a potatoes ... it states though nutrituous, white potatoes send your body sugar soaring. When it drops, you get hungry and be tempted to overeat at your next meal ... found that interesting. It also says -- to metabolize carbs quicker, eat pastas and breads before 3pm and only a few times weekly -- stick to veggies and proteins for late afternoon or dinner ...

Hopefully going to figure out how to add my pix (I have two to show, one from this summer when, how scarey, I was about 7lbs lighter and thought I looked good, but reality steps in, and then one from December. My weight is a bit higher now, but I can really see the difference in the toning ...

Has anyone seen the new jillian michaels dvd's that are out that shows you how to do circuit training in your home? I'm wondering what level that is at ...beginners or intermediate. . . my training sessions end the end of January with my trainer and right now I can not afford another one.
Have a great day!

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morning chicks and Mr. Rooster!

Day 2 of FF/express is going good. I sat down last night and planned out everything for today so far so good. I slept in though so my hours are a little off just no eating my snack. Turkey breast, cucumbers, TO juice and
H2O yumm yumm!!! I think i am doing ok on the express althought i dont think i ate enough yesterday. Today however im planning it out better and I think i will be fine. Hopefully there will be some good results!! Got lots to do this afternoon and I am sure I will not get it all done lol but there is always tomorrow right?

Donisha ~ If you have not been exercising on a regular basis then what Lori said is right on the money you will need to give your body about 1-2 weeks to adjust to your new movement but its really a good thing!

Kristen ~ I have to get my eliptical put together so I can use it. its been sitting in a box for a while now lol. I am sure it will be a funny show here when we get on it as well!

Katie ~ GL today!!!

Pearl ~ Awesome deal on your new gazelle hope you can get the monitor to work right. that was a great idea to hop on and get used ot it a few times in smaller time periods. You will be a pro in no time!

HappyGirl ~ welcome!!!! you are in the right place. look forward to getting to know you!!!

KY ~ hope you feel better!!

Stephenie ~ Happy anniversary!!!! and enjoy your dinner tonight. good idea to drink that extra water and maybe even some lemon water.

Nicole ~ welcome back!! Seem to be the trend to hav gained over the holidays glad you are feeling better.

Lori ~ how about something from the spa for your 75 lb milestone!

Ulanda ~ do you teach kindergarten??? That is what i want to teach and I begin my student teaching on jan 16 in 4th grade and then the last half of the semester I will be in Kindergarten!!!!

LeeAnn ~ do you teach too??? If I knew that i guess i forgot oops!!!

Krystal ~ you think the caffine has been your sleeping problem?? HAHA i am looking forward to having starches again myself!!

Deb ~ good luck at WI!!!!

Kim ~ Sorry about your christmas at least it got better when your brother got there!!

Sue ~ I have not seen that in prevention magazine is it in a special issue or just the regular current issue? Im a huge fan of TBL!!! Thinking about getting the newest DVD workout but I need to master the first one lol.

Gl to everyone that is on TO/FF/Express hope we all have good results!!

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Default hi my friends.....

gosh ..had not realized it had been a couple of days since I posted....Welcome all the newbies......I am not a newbie..I joined Sept 1 and have lost over 33 lbs. It is truly becoming a lifestyle for me...I WId today and was only up .4 And I did not hardly have any water....and no lemon water yesterday......lemon water is key..

Pearl --glad to see you are doing the lemon water...and thanks for asking ..I still love my pottery...back to it next week..I made 100 pitchers..and now I am making casserole it...very earthy...great for cooking all of my new recipes...

I am rallying up for more wt, loss.....I will try to catch up of everyones posts ....I enjoy this site and appreciatge the all..nance
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Juliemarie - thanks for TBL alert; I went over and posted and adjusted my profile. Personally, I had emailed Chellez about this a while back and thought it would create some hoopla. I'm glad she straightened it out.

I'm doing my TO/FF/LAExpress today with oranges, and I love it. Yesterday I did it with a bottle of Knudsens. I much prefer sucking on the oranges than slurping the juice. And neither my Knudsens nor my oranges tasted like burnt plastic (yuck Pearl...not sure how you got that stuff down!).

Kim - you crack me up
At first I looked like a ******ed chicken on the elliptical, now I probably only look like a chicken.
And yes, I'm Hawaii bound on Feb 16-23 with DH (he's 6'4" and we have to fly coach, but he's not a big complainer, thank goodness). A well-to-do family member has a beautiful home in Maui. I actually went for the first time last year without DH (he had just started a new job). I think this year will be more fun since we have rented a car and will do more touristy things while there. I can't wait and it gives me some extra motivation. Aren't you going somewhere fun right around the same time?

Kristin - what's a yogo set? You said DH got you one. Is that like Cassi's rack? (LOL!!). If it is, watch your back!
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Nicole - Well, without naming names... ahem... I I mean "some" others gained as much as you did over the holidays.

Hey are you referring to me???? I'll come and hunt you down and ... LOL

Mama Nicole.. you are back! I will admit to save you reading through old threads that I gained 6lbs over the holidays and I know of one or two others that are close to my gain. It's over, it's done and hopefully soon it will be forgotten! I am on day two of TakeOff and like yourself so ready to get back to normal living. The girls were suppposed to be in school today and for the last week I have been counting down the minutes to today just so I had a day of a bit of quiet, catching up on the house etc. Alas they both got sick well so my household sounds much like yours!

I just got back from taking the two girls to an indoor playplace and spent the last two hours listening to about 100 children running around screaming. Is Tylenol allowed on Take off??? I need 20 to even get any effect. I am more hungry today on Day 2 but just sat at the playplace while both girls had a fresh slice of pepperoni pizza... I almost started to eat my own shirt! Off to enjoy my chicken breast and broccoli and count down the minutes until I can wake up tomorrow and have a real breakfast.. WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!
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