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Supper of blackened fish was good, but too salty. Three out of four of us thought our meals were good, and would have been great with less salt. We told the waiter. Maybe if enough people say that, things will start to change?

WI: +0.4kg, Exercise: +45* 705/1300 minutes for January, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Hi Beckies - yesterday I was able to stay with all my different food needs (low salt, within my exchanges, soft, and not spicy) Wow - I am grateful.

I planned, logged my exchanges & sodium, did my exercises (stretches, strengthening, bike, and weights), no seconds, tasted the food, left a bite, and lots of water.

Good news... I've lost 2 more pounds since last Wednesday. I am only 2 pounds away from my ticker weight.

We are going away for the weekend. We are going to an opening for a new arts center for inner city kids. My step mom (85 years young) is president of the board of this arts organization. She has been working on their new building for two years. I can’t wait to see it.

Now…I need how to figure out managing with all these eating components. I will bring some of my own things. I just can’t bear to tell everyone about all the things food ‘things’ that are effecting what I must eat. Too many explanations for me. I’ll start to read the going out of town and going out for dinner cards, etc.

Onebyone - so glad you got so quickly out of the 280’s. It’s another validation of how salt and hormones, etc can effect that number on the scale. I am glad that the glycemic food plan seems to be a good fit now. You said: My goal is to lose weight so I become more healthy and fit. It won't happen by magic. - that’s it all for all of us really.

Shepardess - major credit for making such good choices at the pizza restaurant. Also - it’s wonderful that you can choose sleep instead of food. Well done!

Chefjoona - you are so observant and introspective about much of this and what folks here are saying and doing… credit. Good planning ahead for the dinner at the pub!

Billbe - it’s not fair that people bring what they don’t want around to the office to tempt everyone else! The gobble anything monster unfortunately may be hiding still sometimes - but, always in there somewhere.

Seawaters - Happy Birthday.. So, glad you had a special celebration with friends. Yes.. Hop right back on your plan and you will be fine! Yes.. Sounds like good planning. Lots of walking is great!

Lexxiss - safe travel to you. Credit for shouting back at any thought of pizza, etc and going to the healthy food.

Ceejay - glad things went well at the hotel. Yes.. Hop back on your plan today after the sugar and Chinese food got to you. You have good goals for today!

Marcy - glad you checked in. Thanks for your encouragement as I face many challenges with different aspects of my eating. I appreciate it.

Maryblu - thanks for sharing the quote from saef.

Maryann - you have a wonderful attitude about the scale being information. It really is - you should be commended! Hop back on your plan and you’ll be fine.

Gardener/joy - glad you can see that scale number as information. Your dinner sounds good. I love how you regularly read your arc/rc.

Futurefitchick - I hope you got some work done on your project - less stress in always a good thing!

Hi to anyone I missed - as I am out of time. Everyone, have a healthy happy day.

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My day took some twists and turns and I'm managing, so far. *credit* On a whim, I called our local food pantry and they needed volunteers, especially today. I DID take time to think through the implications on my food plan before leaving. I sat *credit* and had a small snack then didn't eat until 330pm. I decided to have a little bit bigger snack since I didn't have lunch, and I will eat lighter at dinner. They need as much help as a body can give, but I recognize *credit* that I need to look at the effect on my ability to practice sane eating before I jump in full force.

BillBlueEyes, yes, it is sobering when we recognize the "gobble-anything-available" part of us continues to lurk waiting to pounce. *credit*for employing the good ol' "get back on track".

onebyone, I'm glad your scale reading was favorable. When I'm following low GI principles, off plan foods always send the scale soaring...then they come back down when you get back on track. Big credits today, especially avoiding kettle chips.

Shepherdess, I always love when I read that you were still hungry but just went to bed. Yay! when tired wins.

CeeJay, for "doing great" during your hotel stay! Yes, it IS progress to know that the blah food was not going to stop the stress. Many times, I, too know I could have resisted...and still don't. Thank goodness we have accountability and can keep working on it.

FutureFitChick, Thanks for checking in and reportin "doing OK"

ChefJoona, healthy choic-choosing the whole grain muffin over the "big bulky roll." I am so convinced that the seemingly small "better choices" make significant impact in the long run. Yes, I believe the tools we are working on here while we learn about ourselves is very empowering.

), *credit* for hopping right back on track after a lovely celebration.

Marci(madrikh), thanks for and sending back. Thanks for checking in before dinner prep. It's really nice to see you regularly.

maryblu, and "just doing it!"

maryann, *credit* for being "interested in how long it will take to lose the weight". ..a great step in learning more about yourself.

gardenerjoy, too bad the food was so salty but great for mentioning it. They will never know otherwise.

Beverlyjoy, fantastic staying in line with all your different food needs...and congratulations on dropping 2 more pounds!

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hi all!
It's chilly here today BUT the sun was shining, so I gave myself the gift of a spontaneous walk outside. Yea for sun in January!

-eating OP so far today
-yoga + spontaneous walk
-took time to relax today and, yes, I dozed off again!
-WI: 165.2
-generally hanging in there

Thanks everyone for your presence here. I know it makes a huge difference to me.

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Coaches/Buddies, super busy and super worn out today! Iíve been really clumsy today, even before I was worn out. I wonder what that is all about?

Todayís Essentials:
Weigh-in: did not weigh
Read Advantage Cards two times: once
Read Response Cards at least two times: once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, ate breakfast standing, lunch be chatted AT, snack while driving, and dinner in front of the TVÖ big fail on this one today
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes, did not eat a big dinner when I wasnít hungry for it
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: no, using my trainerís lack of communication as my excuse not to exerciseÖ GET OVER IT!
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked todayís food: yes
Left food on my plate: not at all
Ate only to normal fullness: ate lots of fruits and veggies at lunch making me feel a short-lived over-fullness (then really hungry before dinner)
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: no

BeverlyJoy, congratulations on getting that complicated food plan in order. Whew! Youíve got it as bad as a hospital dietician in creating a diet. Great job with your exercises. How is your leg these days? Congratulations for being so close to your goal. I am truly happy for you! You have worked very hard for this.

BillBlueEyes, great job continuing on the computer decluttering. How I wish I could sprinkle the inspiration all over my husbands half of the office and garage! Too bad that you caught yourself eating someone elseís cast-offs. Ė that is never a good feeling.

ChefJoona, how cool to have your mom on board with this program! Your whole wheat crepe breakfast sounded lovely. How is the transition to 4 Ė 10s working for you? Iím so glad you got to celebrate in the comforting feeling of making a healthy choice!

CeeJay, great job for NO CHOICE on the pizza. Iíll be interested in what others have to say about ďis it progress that I knew this was not going to stop the stressĒ, as I donít have a good answer and want to know myself.

GardenerJoy, great job being on plan. You are so close to goal! Itís always so tempting to want to ďcountĒ meal skipping-induced weight loss as meaningful weight loss! Your dinner menu for going out with friends sounds lovely. I second your movement for the salt revolution.

Grouse, great job for making your response cards an official part of your daily to-do list! That is how I do it and my response entries are varied in how they are worded.

Lexxiss, great job for getting to your 7 AM aerobics on Monday! That is terrific! Truly fantastic job on all of the credits in yesterdayís post! Great job for reframing how you can help others while still taking care of yourself. What a great thing to learn. I will have to keep that in my mind when planning.

Madrikh, great job checking in in spite of your technology trying to sabotage you. I hope the new thyroid medication works well for you. Great job checking in and good luck on gluten & dairy free diet planning in the future. Also, nice job for the spontaneous walk.

Maryann, I love the curiosity you expressed in your wondering how long it would take you to lose vacation weight. I am really glad you had a nice trip. Eight degrees sounds amazing right now, as Iím shivering in bed!

Maryblu, glad to hear your excitement over spring approaching. The Saef was great. Thanks for sharing that.

M0vinon, Iím sorry to hear that your scale is not moving as you would like. It has taken me a long time to accept that I am going to be on the slow moving weight loss journey, as that is all I can manage time and energy wise right now. But, Iíve made some progress so far and Iím proud of that. Just because we arenít all sprinters with weight loss doesnít mean you arenít making important changes to benefit your health. But I know it is still hard to see the lack of change when you are really focused on it and trying really hard!

Newlifestyle, hang in there with the time on this forum. The number of postings waxes and wanes, so I bet the postings will decline beginning in a few weeks. (Iím guilty of contributing to that phenomenon at times myself.) One strategy may be to search for your name to read posts directly intended for you and to possibly respond to just a handful of posts before your new post. Iíd also recommend always reading Billís posts because heís the guru around here in my view.

Onebyone, Iím so sorry you had a bad scale day. Youíve got a lot going on right now, so hang in there. But, sounds like that may have resolved itself already.

Seadwaters, my goodness, your party sounds amazing!

Shepherdess, great job getting in strength workout you were avoiding. So glad you and your pup got to enjoy two runs this week. Great job for stopping at the pizza buffet and not leaving too full.
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I was not going to post. I did nothing well today. I have 0 credits- except posting here. This day just needs to be over. I am tired, overworked, uninspired, and sort of fed up. Engaged in a pity party all night as I poured over paperwork from 6 until 9:30. Going to go to bed now and will wake up with a better attitude.

Thanks for listening.

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I've noticed a pattern: I write and say I'm going to rally, then stop writing when things get rough. So I'm making a committmemnt right here and now: I will check in here, no matter how tired or successful or not, for one solid week, starting with tomorrow's report. So look for me Thursday through Wednesday with reports on my progress, no matter how small it may be.
To prepare for this one week 'challenge', I have several tasks to do tonight:
PLAN food for at least tomorrow & Friday
PACK my gym clothes
READ Beck & my cards/date book notes
PRINT OUT a new food plan sheet (guess I better do that before #1)
CHECKLIST the behaviors we're working on: no choice, eat on plan, spont. ex, etc.
So I'd better get busy and you all can nag me if you want if I don't check in tomorrow pm. Thyanks in advance for the support!
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Default Thursday night

Hi Coaches
Just back from work and it is 8.57 pm. A late night and a messy day food wise

I had been worried about how to take lunch and have it and also go to the dentist at 1.30 when I had to travel between campuses to see dentist in the city and then stay on for an information evening. I had the brainwave that I could have a morning snack, leave for the city and go to the dentist and then have a late lunch and buy a snack to have before the information evening. Not a good plan - by 2.30 none of the food places were open at uni - students are on summer break! I had disgusting pasta and there was nothing reasonable to have for a quick dinner. And I ate biscuits at the session, and I bought a chicken and ate it while driving home. I am definitely not good apparently when my plans go astray

Tomorrow is another day - I hope! Will get to check in with you all tomorrow. The only other positives for today are that I walked quite a bit and that I weighed myself

bye coaches
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spent another session with our contractor talking prices, schedules, and what choices we have to make. Felt the same tension as last time, BUT this time I nibbled nothing, CREDIT moi. Dealt with the tension by pacing around and asking questions that sometimes annoyed him, but did get info out on the table. Discovered that the first thing done is rip out the bathroom and kitchen even though they're replaced two months later. We may have a bunch of eating from a microwave in our future.

onebyone - Re: "lord have mercy" - the Lord givith and the Lord taketh, LOL. I hate that I label boxes "miscellaneous" - for me that's a code word for should-never-have-been-saved.

FutureFitChick - Just love your self kick, "GET OVER IT!" I need that from time to time also.

CeeJay - OK, 1 credit, 1 Kudos, and 1 quote from the great Cognitive Therapist Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow is another day."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - I'll join you in asking restaurants to lower their salt. I've found that slowly decreasing my salt has adjusted my taste so that I better taste the other flavors.

Shepherdess - I've grown fond of a good salad bar - provided that I remember that it's not permission to eat anything that's put out, LOL. [Thanks for the gym article. Oddly, this year the January surge wasn't noticeable. Don't know why.]

Beverlyjoy - It's a challenge to expect others to accommodate our diets when they become specific. Even modest sodium seems too much to hope for.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for visualizing your day and planning your eating accordingly. You had a long duration without eating.

Nature Girl - It's so easy to stop recording when we drift off track; Kudos for a plan to counter that.

Marci (madrikh) - Yep, Bravo, "Yea for sun in January!"

ChefJoona - Planning for a great burger and planning to eat only half sounds like a good way to both have the experience and stay on course.

Readers -
chapter 1
How the Program Works

First developed by my father, Aaron T. Beck, M.D., in the 1960's, Cognitive Therapy has been shown to help people overcome eating disorders, addictions, depression, anxiety, and many other psychological problems. Over 20 years ago, I started adapting the principles of Cognitive therapy to help people achieve permanent weight loss. I lost 15 pounds along the way and have kept it off ever since. My patients and I don't worry that we well gain back weight because now we have the formula for success. We know exactly what to do.

The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 16.
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90% successful yesterday with eating! Was on-plan for the early part of the day. The dinner at the pub over all went well. I ordered a salad (which I thought was going to replace the fries the burger usually comes with) but it turns out I got both. I immediately cut the burger in half. In the past I have told myself I'll only eat half, but without that physical divide I always nibbled more. I had several fries, which was not the plan. Well, I was planning for 2-3, but was going to take them from my BF's plate. But since I had my own I went beyond 2-3 (didn't beat myself up, or let it destroy the rest of my resolve). It was a challenge to stop at half the burger, but I checked in with my body and noticed that I really did feel satisfied, not deprieved. And now I have the second half for dinner tonight! I also thought about you guys and my desire to be honest here. Posting here really has given me an extra sense of accountability!

Today's danger... huge agency wide training where there will be breakfast and lunch provided. I plan to bring my own breakfast, but am planning to eat the lunch there. Will be mindful of portion sizes and avoid extra things I don't need.

Struggling to fit in exercise with my new schedule. Haven't even been able to get 15 or 20 minutes in. I'm going to have to get creative.
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Talking Wow. Thursday.

Hi Coaches

Well mucho grande creditos to my body. I shan't underestimate you ever again body. So I got on the scale this morning (credit) and it said 276.2.
This was slightly lower than the low weight I had right before I left for Toronto and my MIL's house.
It's 2.2lbs down from yesterday which makes a grand total of 11.2 lbs lost since I peaked in weight 3 days ago. My previous water/weight loss record was 10lbs. I broke my own record AND that's not what's important here. What the lesson here is I didn't completely lose it, toss my foodplan right out the window, give into my feelings, and eat eat eat when I saw the steady weight gain. One day I had an extra extra large breakfast. I certainly obsessed over eating more food for days but I resisted the urge to go out and buy it and bring it home because I did what Beck said at the beginning, which is to makeover your environment and get rid of the crap. The "worst" food I have in the house right now is microwave popcorn and frozen tv dinners. SO GLAD I actually did that as my weight would be above 280 for sure cause my resistance was low low low but I have enough self awareness and esteem that I can't take seeing myself buy crap for my body and I can't fool myself that if I buy it, I won't eat it. If I buy it I eat it. Anyway just like HUNGER IS NOT AN EMERGENCY I'd say for me A BAD SCALE READING IS NOT AN EMERGENCY. Just stay the course. DO NOT PANIC. When I was really battling my food thoughts an old OA saying came to me it was:
I am not a garbage can so I do not eat crap. The saying was alays used when we were discussing things like eating other people's food, or eating things to "get rid of it" instead of throw it away, or accepting and eating food we don't like just to make someone happy, and eating food we know is bad for us. "I am not a garbage can" actually helped me resist buying food that is very harmful to me and my mental and emotional health this week. Thought I'd put it out there for anyone who may find it useful as well.

Well I have a bag of clothes and linens by my front door, plus a floor lamp I loathe and a fancy thing I bought to use a decorative something and it's all waiting for a charity pickup this morning. I sure felt defeated de-cluttering yesterday afternoon. My real problem, I now realize, is that everything everywhere is all mixed up. I will find kitchen things, with art things, with books, with business papers, all mixed up. Then I don't want to toss them in a "miscellaneous" box so I just stop in my tracks and get confused. I think I am going to always have to have about 8 boxes open: a box to represent each of my art mediums, a box for my art business, and boxes to represent areas of the house plus the toss and giveaway boxes. I think this is my reality if I don't want to be distracted by leaving a room to go put something "where it belongs". I'll just take these boxes with me from room to room until they are full, then I can happily label them and tape them shut.

My goal for the new place is to make sure I make very clearly designated areas of where things belong. I never did that here and the confused jumble is the result of that.

Gotta go get ready to go out.
I'm having a fun day today.

Have a good Thursday coaches!
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Yesterday was going pretty well until I grabbed a few off plan chips just because they were there. I skipped bread with soup at dinner to compensate. Itís frustrating to continue to munch stuff just because I see it.

I did my planned weights workout yesterday. There was just enough snow falling that I didnít feel bad about not running outside.

Onebyone, glad that the weigh-ins continue to be positive! Kudos for previously preparing your home environment so that you had nothing to tempt you and for practicing your resistance muscle while in the checkout line. Best of luck with your continued de-cluttering. Sounds like you're coming up with a plan for success.

Gardenerjoy, kudos for speaking up about your meal to the waiter! I always have a hard time with that. Great job sticking to a healthy dish while eating out.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on another 2 lbs gone! Great job keeping sodium down as well as watching calories. Your weekend away sounds fun and youíll do great since you are already planning.

Lexiss, kudos for making good food choices when your schedule changes. Itís wonderful that you volunteer, but youíre smart to make sure you take care of yourself first.

Madrikh, yay for sun in Jan and for a spontaneous walk. It reminds me of when my DH and I lived in a little WA town just south of the Canadian border. On those few sunny days everyone just poured out of their houses/offices and enjoyed the outdoors.

FutureFitChick, ouch for super busy and worn out. Great job checking in here through it all and sticking to the Beck tasks you could manage.

CeeJay, hugs while your overworked and overtired. Big credit for checking in here and Iím sure if you think about it youíll come up with a few more. Hope you get a rest and work eases up.

Nature girl, great job committing to checking in here no matter what. Itís easy to check in when everything is great, but tough when things start to fall apart. Unfortunately, thatís the most important time to check in (at least for me). Itís hard to do, but helps in the end.

Seadwaters, busy and tired seems to be a theme today. Itís tough to stay OP when your plan is thwarted at every turn, but big credit for checking in.

BillBE, ouch for looking forward to meals out of a microwave. Luckily, it sounds like you have some good, healthy take out choices to keep in the mix. Kudos for avoiding stress nibbling and instead getting a little spontaneous exercise while pacing.

ChefJoona, great job at the pub! A few stray fries are nothing compared to everything you did that was stellar. Itís impressive that you checked in with your body and discovered you were satisfied. Itís so great to realize that your plan isnít deprivation. Best of luck with the exercise. It may take a while to figure it all out, but youíll come up with something.
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Green Tomatoes
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We have six inches of snow this morning. We often go whole winters in St. Louis without having a six-inch snow storm. It's pretty! But we won't be going anywhere for awhile. I definitely see shoveling snow as part of my exercise the next few days.

WI: -0.4kg, Exercise: +30* 735/1300 minutes for January, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: your 8 boxes open reminded me of Julia Morgenstern's Organizing from the Inside Out. She recommends organizing like a kindergarten classroom with every activity having it's own space or container. Also, Barbara Sher's book Refuse to Choose recommends setting up Creativity Stations so that every project is set up in a way that you could literally accomplish something if you only had five minutes to work on it. Just thought you would like to know that other creative people would organize exactly the way that you are.

Love seeing so many posts and pledges to keep posting!
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Weighed in today and I have lost 2.5 of the 4 pounds gained over the weekend. Glad I didn't freak out and instead simply stayed OP. Since I am redoing the first six weeks I also revisited the Zone diet plan I have been on. I realize now that although I have been eating the correct portions of carbs/protein and fat I have been insidiously substituting the grain/sugar carbs for fruits and vegis. Oops So - recommittment to only 1 grain a day for the next two weeks just to get back to a more healthy diet.
Beverleyjoy: congrats on the weightloss. I am sure the low salt is helping your body become more efficient.
Lexxiss: credit for getting out of self at the shelter. Always the best way to stay sane in my opinion.
Madrikh: enjoy the sun. We've got some here and I am loving it.
FFChick: I noticed you were super close to your 20 pound goal. You must be proud.
CeeJay: we've all had days like you've had. Slogan I remember "the sun will come up tom. no matter what." I hope you slept well.
Seadwater: LOL "Brainwave" I hate it when I get those. Nothing but trouble.
BBE: Just rereading about the tension produced by choosing whether or not to give into a craving and how giving in is reinforced by relaxation brought on by first bite of overeating. Credit for not giving into insane cycle.
ChefJoona: much of my weightloss can be contributed to cutting something in half. Nice strategy.
Shepardess: What a great tool - being able to compensate by eating less later. I never had that before Beck.
Gardenerjoy: Watch your back shoveling. I think you hurt last time you did that. stretch first
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Default Friday morning personals

Hi Coaches
The worst thing about yesterday was that I didn't eat one nourishing thing all day. I really don't like a day without fresh green living things and yesterday was a disaster. Will make sure I shop and get organised today and will work at home to save myself the 2.5 hours on the road.

BillBlueEyes - Ouch for contractors and renovations. Credit for dealing with them without food
CeeJay - Hope your day is shaping up as better. Glad you posted
ChefJoona - Credit for eating half a burger! I loved "I checked in with my body and noticed that I really did feel satisfied" - something I struggle with and you make it sound so achievable
FutureFitChick - Hope you get refreshed! I love your commentary on your list of essentials - I too ate in the car yesterday
GardenerJoy - I found St Louis on the map - and web-cams did indeed show snow! Amazing
Debbie R(Lexxiss) - Credit for recognising the risks in a situation and planning to how to compensate for them. The sort of planning I didn't do yesterday
Maryann - Credit for rethinking your plan and weeding out the sneaky substitutions - interesting how they creep in
Naturegirl - Yay for your commitment to post regardless of how things are going
Onebyone - Great weight loss - well done with keeping junk food out of the house and with the ongoing decluttering
Shepherdess - Good recovery from the sneaky chips. Food shouldn't be allowed to lie around waiting to ambush you.

Will check in tonight with essentials

Have a great day
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