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Hi Beckies - Yesterday was a healthy day - I am grateful. Another day of managing all my different food conponents. I am kind of figuring it all out - a little bit at a time.

DH and I went to pick out eyeglasses. I now need bifocals. I've used my reading glasses (from the drugstore) for the past 20 years. So, I guess that DH and I have done well not needing a real perscription for glasses until this year. (we are 58)

Today I needed to take my mom all around to do her errands (2 banks, drug store and the grocery store) For the banks and drug store I didn't need to go in. I brought my journal, arc/rc, and beck book. It gave me alot of focused time with all my materials. It was good because I am leaving for a few days tomorrow.

As far as the food out of town goes - I can't do everything (low sodium, exchanges, soft, blandish) every moment. But - I CAN still do my exchanges and soft. Actually, softish food is the most important. I am bringing some oatmeal, applesauce, bananas, and a can of no salt added lentil soup. DH and my stepmom will eat something different for dinner Friday night and I'll have that soup. The openhouse will have bananas and some cheese (among other things). So, there's something to eat. The restaurant for Saturday night is Turkish. I'll probably get the salmon or maybe some hummus.

When we get back home on Sunday, we are going out with friends to a restaurant called Bravo. It's Italian. I am thinking of asking for a side of pasta and I'll put on some olive oil and parm cheese. Worth a try asking.

Time to finish up the laundry, pack and get ready for a fun weekend.

Thanks to everyone for your support, kindness and wisdom.

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Hi Coaches,
Looks like a few of us have been learning not to freak out when the number on the scale goes up. I wrote "us", but I am definitely not there yet. But reading the honest posts here has helped me take another step towards scale sanity.

-WI: 164.8
-1.5 hour walk outside IN THE SUN, with a friend (doesn't get much better)
-had my OP snack last night and stopped
-read one chapter of the pink book
-read my cards
-sat and rested today (fell asleep AGAIN, and it wasn't just a doze! In fact I have to go to Plan B for dinner because I missed my window of time for getting the chicken on the oven to roast...guess what's for dinner tomorrow?!)
-checked in here

Until tomorrow,

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Hi Coaches! Dinner is in the oven and I'm running short on time. I'm giving myself a B+ for the day, coulda done better if I had written out my food plan.
~my best was reorganizing portions as I made dinner, giving DH some of my ground elk, and replacing mine with veggies.
~my worst was snatching an available cookie at the food bank.(credit for stopping at one)
Exercise was hauling boxes of food.

BillBlueEyes, great when you notice the same tension but nibble nothing. Getting info out on the table now might certainly help make things clearer later. *credit* for both.

Marci(madrikh), Yay! for a spontaneous walk in the sunshine, eating OP and "generally hanging in there".ETA-And for checking in again since my last post!

FutureFitChick, ouch for super clumsy-perhaps your body knew it was tired before the message got relayed to your brain. Some days I just feel super tired and can't pinpoint a reason. Yay for having a plan for tomorrow.

CeeJay, glad you posted. I do believe it helps us get back on track. I agree, sometimes a day just "needs to be over".

NatureGirl, great job identifying your sabotaging habit of not checking in when times get rough AND making a plan to change it. PS-see you soon.

Cheryl(seadwaters), ouch for a messy day foodwise. I hear ya, when plans go astray it is sometimes very difficult. Yay for getting a bit of walking in and weighing yourself anyway. ETA-it's great, too, that what you missed about yesterday was fresh green foods.

ChefJoona, nice job stopping at half a burger because you checked in with your body and really did feel satisfied. Great, too, that you notice how the accountability helps you as you make some spur of the moment decisions.

onebyone, great job powering through with OP eating while your body was recovering from the wild fluxuations of off plan foods. Yay! for stuff set out for charity pick up. I feel your reality-we packed and moved to Colorado after 23 years. I got rid of lots and lots and I can honestly say I don't really miss the stuff I gave away and left behind.

Shepherdess, ouch for forced food swaps after grabbing chips. I had a forced swap, too, yesterday. In retrospect, I would have rather had my planned dinner. I remembered that today and resisted unplanned food.

gardenerjoy, thanks for organizing info. I've pulled Julia Morgenstern's book off my shelf for review. Hope you enjoyed your snowy day.

maryann, great reevaluating your plan after your vacation and setting a realistic time frame for cutting back a bit.

Beverlyjoy, great that you have thought through the whole weekend and have a stockpile of foods to bring with you. I think it's wise that you remember you can't do everything, but do the best you can.

Thanks, all, for being here!
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Coaches/Buddies, another exhausting day. Thanks for being here. You all helped med make better choices at the grocery store today in spite of being tired and hungry. And, I said NO CHOICE today and bypassed an unhealthy snack I really wanted that was off plan. Overall Iíd say the day was mostly on plan.

Todayís Essentials:
Weigh-in: +3
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, ate breakfast while driving
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked todayís food: yes
Left food on my plate: yes
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: yes

BeverlyJoy, I know a woman that plans her meals in 3 month rotations to save on the work that takes. Maybe that might help you out so that you only have to go through this routine this once. Hope your travelling goes well.

BillBlueEyes, good luck on your upcoming remodel. My in-laws are going through that right now with their 1920s home. It has taken nearly 5 months to gut the kitchen and adjacent bath for the much needed update.

ChefJoona, great job overcoming the French fry encounter.

CeeJay, I so hope you were feeling better today. That is a terrible feeling!

GardenerJoy, hope your digging out goes well! Right before I moved from St. Louis, I remember getting one of those snows. I did not yet own a shovel since I lived in an apartment. When my car got stuck, some very kind Soulard neighbors took pity on me and helped me out.

Madrikh, great job posting. Youíll get to the no freak out point!

Maryann, thanks for the reminder about being close to my goal. That really helps especially on a day like to day where Iím suddenly bloated and retaining water. Great job on your recommitment to The Zone.

Naturegirl, great job with your commitment to be on plan! Good luck tomorrow and I look forward to reading your next post.

Onebyone, congratulations on your progress.

Seadwaters, too bad about the day you tried to plan ahead. I hope you are able to learn from the experience rather than continue to beat yourself up!

Shepherdess, great job getting the weights in!
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Hello everyone,
I won't be posting for a week or so, as I am going on vacation.
I hope all is well and you have many successes.
Take Care
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Here I am Thursday PM as promised! A lot later than planned because my friend's class lasted an hour and a half longer than anticipated and then there was the 45 minute drive home; I'm beat.
Let's see, what can I report?
I did plan, print out, pack, and read last night.
I ate on OP but with substitutions for breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner. (Accidentally ate tomorrow's breakfast and swapped a very healthy lunch instead of a cold salad--I was too cold for that. But those are appropriate and healthy switches.)
Resisted treats when I got gas and at lunch
Instead of nuts for afternoon snack, had a cookie; my justification was the toothache that made crunchy foods hurt
No exercise, but that was planned because today is my crazy teaching day
Solan for tomorrow:
PE clothes are in the car, trainer appt is scheduled
Food is planned, pay attention tomorrow!
Rethink snacks, other chewy foods until dentist is seen
Read cards more than once tomorrow
Post again tomorrow night
See you tomorrow!
PS thank you to those of you who noted my committment and wrote comments that showed you expected this post!
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Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Soup for dinner (Trader Joe's roasted red pepper and tomato) feels right when there's snow on the ground; CREDIT moi. I'm grateful to whoever invented soup - one stellar idea.

I worked later than usual which sometimes causes me to skip my evening walk or gym. Yesterday I just sucked up and walked to gym anyway; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Congrats to your body for doing its thing; LMAO at your "mucho grande creditos " - with mucho grande kuditos for keeping the faith and staying the course.

FutureFitChick - Coming out even OK when shopping "tired and hungry" is a major victory.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the tips on organizing. I'll be out there with you shoveling snow.

Shepherdess - Good reminder that we're less tempted to munch stuff we can't see.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for accepting that you can't control every aspect of your diet while out of your own house and prioritizing what's most important (soft).

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for plans gone astray. DW insists that I read The Longest Day about the WWII invasion of Normandy by the Allies which, she says, is about plans gone astray. She read it right after finishing War and Peace. And Ouch for dentists in general. And Ouch for lack of "fresh green things" (from the next post).

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yep it's a big deal to stop at one cookie, especially if its an off-plan one which seems to make it easier to chase it with a few others. Where do you get ground elk?

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Bon Voyage. Have a nice week.

Nature Girl - It's great to comfortably accept sane food substitutions.

Marci (madrikh) - Lovely image, "IN THE SUN, with a friend (doesn't get much better)" - agree.

maryann - Those sugar carbs do seem to want to sneak in.

ChefJoona - Anytime you pull off a successful dinner at a pub it's a Kudos. With two extra Kudos for "didn't beat myself up, or let it destroy the rest of my resolve" for the overruns.

Readers -
chapter 1
How the Program Works

Many dieters tell me that they can't lose weight because they have a slow metabolism, that they eat relatively little but still can't lose weight. As it turn out, they rarely have a medical problem that impedes weight loss. But they do have thinking problems. For example, they think they should restrict themselves severely to lose weight quickly (not realizing that their bodies will rebel and that they will then overeat). Dieters think that somehow calories don't count if they eat while standing up, cooking, or clearing the table, or when no one is watching. They think that it is legitimate to deviate from their plan (and that somehow they won't gain weight) as long as they can think of a "good" reason: I'm out to dinner ... It's a holiday ... My day is so stressful, I feel like letting loose. They think it is "bad" and "abnormal" to feel hungry. They think it's necessary to bulk up at meals or carry food with them to avoid hunger. They think if they make one mistake, they should give up and wait until the next day to start again - and eat whatever they want until then.

The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 16-17.

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Yikes! Yesterday was certainly not the best day. Things started out well at the conference... lunch even went well. I loaded up on fresh salad, steamed carrots and some roasted chicken they offered, which was a pleasant suprise. I even skipped the chessey vegetarian lasagna. The afternoon was hard though, and I indulged in the dessert. After work I went out to a social gathering and snacked more (after my on plan dinner). When I got home I had the old cravings for night time snacking. I gave in and made myself a small bag of popcorn... I only ate a bit of it and threw away the rest (challenged a thought about wastefulness, but remembered what Beck says about foods ths will either be trash in the garbage or trash in my body- sorry not quite a direct quote).

Feeling motivated to get back on track for today. My weekly weigh-in is 2 days away and I want it to be another positve experience.

Tonight will be hard, as it is round two of celebrating for my recently engaged friend. I will have to be firm on my resolve in the face of food and drink pushing friends.

BillBlueeyes I'm so jealous at your mention of Trader Joes! We have no Trader Joes in our little state, so I have to stock up when ever I am in a state that has one. Its such a great source of affordable healthy food!

TGIF! Sending hopeful thoughts and motivation to you all!
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Hi Beckies - I am feeling good this morning. I feel hopeful and grateful.

Yesterday was a very good Beck day. My couple hours in the car reading Beck , arc/rc and journaling was a real shot in the arm. A couple times yesterday I used my resistance techniques to keep from eating extra. I had a healthy smoothie mid-day. When I was done with it I really wanted something salty. But - I pushed past it using distraction and drinking water along with ISNIR in my mind. Credit. Also, we had a lot of snow yesterday. DH was outside several times shoveling the driving. So supper had to be postponed until he was done - past 7pm. I was feeling kind of “hungry” at 5pm - really, more mental hunger. I pushed through knowing that I can wait. (thank you hunger experiment). Credit.

Leave a bite - always
Plan/measure/log - yes
Wrote down a couple of changes within the plan (swapping veggies)
Eat seated - mostly (licked a few cooking spoons) - but, did have a few twirls when I didn’t lick the spoon, too.
Slow eating - some of the time
Taste food - most of the time
Beck book/arc/rc - yes
No choice/red light - yes, used this
Exercise - yes
Water - lots

We are leaving early afternoon for a weekend trip. I am glad the snow has stopped.

chefjoona - it is so, so true about tempting food. It is better in the trash than you. Credit for throwing away the popcorn. Good job at the conference. Stand firm again the cocktail pushers!

Billbe - credit for walking to the gym in the cold weather! Yes.. Soups sure are wonderful in the winter. As always, your Beck Book post is a good reminder. Thanks. BTW - more snow for Boston, yikes!

Nature/girl - yes! - credit for checking in like you said you would do. Many good basic credits. Good for stopping at one cookie. Yes, I do understand about having to change food because of something going on in the body - your tooth. Now you know.. And can incorporate it into your daily plan.

Ann - safe travel… have a wonderful trip!

Furturefitchick - I am doing a happy dance for you for passing by snacks when you were tired! Big credit from me on eating until normal fullness - as it something I forget to do. Good reminder for me, thanks. Good idea - rotating some of my foods in a regular fashion..thanks.

Lexxiss/diane - B+ is awesome! Good job swapping meat for veggies. GREAT to stop at one cookie! Carry on, friend.

Marci - yes, honesty about all this is sometimes hard. But, I’ve found that there is no judgment - but, support and shared experiences and wisdom. I too struggle with weighing every day, too. Many good credits!

Seadwaters - oops on an off food day. It’s over - hop back on your plan. Dr. Beck always says to ‘draw that line in the sand’. Yes, shopping and planning will set you in the right directions.

Maryann - glad you saw those pounds go down… yay. It’s a good idea to go back to the books for a push in the right direction. Once in a while I find myself wanting to substitute carbs for veggie exchanges. I find when I avoid it , I feel better and actually see the weight come off a little more quickly.

Gardener/joy - yes… shoveling certainly is good exercise! Enjoy the snow beyond the shoveling.

Shepardess - I understand about ‘ see the food, want’ the food. If you want it - maybe plan it for the next day. (at least I’ve tried to do that a couple times with some success) Credit for getting in those weights.

Onebyone - so glad you are seeing your recent weight gain coming off. I totally agree with your comments from Dr. Beck on keeping your environment free of as many temptations as possible. It seems like the world is full of so many temptations - that at least home should be a more comfortable place to be with food.

Have a GREAT day, folks.

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Thumbs up official friday weigh-in day report

Hi Coaches

I eagerly hopped on my scale to see: 276.2 this morning. An official 2.4lb drop from my last official weigh-in two weeks ago. credit. I made that giant pot of soup on Tuesday this week and I finished it last night. I am going to make a favorite WW soup called Tortilla Soup today. I think this soup strategy is both yummy and filling and good for evenings/afternoons when I don't feel like cooking. Anyway, it worked last week so I'll try it again.

I woke up early to get my discarded floor lamp and three bags to the garbage. Garbage pick up is usually around 8am. I just couldn't bear to drop it off last night. It's really frosty out there this morning. I really am a Northern Girl. I love the way that cold air feels and smells. Like when you splash cold water on your face.

DH comes home tonight. He's going to see another place to live over the noon hour with M, the real estate agent. I sent him the info she sent me and he said "it looks like a bunker. Do you realize we'd be living over their garage?" I didn't actually put that together. It's an in-law suite but it has four bedrooms a fireplace and a spiral staircase. Hardly squalor. It's also on a 2 acre forested property. 17min drive from his work. I may have to *gasp* trust DH to pick out a house for us. Yikes! All I can say is it will have a shower for sure, and a place to bbq.

BillBlueEyes: I remembered reading this a few weeks ago re: your query as to who invented soup. I just heard yesterday that scientists were studying ancient human excrement (who knew?) and they discovered that not only have dogs been man's best friend for 9400 years, but they were food too. Seems we humans have been eating things for a long time eh?

Your day went a little off course but you finished strong by tossing the unplanned snack away half eaten. Big Credits for that! Of ten I find that doing the right thing at the end of the day helps put me back on track for the next day.

Nature Girl Sorry to hear you have/had a toothache. Nothing makes me want to have comfort food more. Credit for posting and I look forward to seeing what's up in your world today too.

Newlifestyle A Vacation?? Like this kind? --><---- Have a great holiday! See you when you get back and remember to take Beck with you. I am sure she likes holidays too

FutureFitChick Kudos for using the resistance muscle when you were exhausted while shopping in the grocery store. Yikes! That can be such a minefield. Also credit for not allowing a 3lb scale gain to push you into the food. Big Credit for that. I know how those wild scale numbers can make you feel.

Lexxiss One of my friends is a local elk rancher. I know her from the farmers' market. One of their best elk products is elk pepperoni! Kudos for voluteering at the foodbank. About 20 years ago I used to need the foodbank and it was the oddest experience. I would be given food I could have never ever been able to afford, like those tiny bananas. I was always surprised what came along with the Kraft dinner and the cans of beans. But I also know how very tough it was to go there. Boy do you feel like a failure... so kudos again for helping out some folks who need it.

madrikh It helps alot to read about how we all do our Beck program. I know that having seen others not freak over the scale, and knowing I could come here and crab about it, took the power away from the number on the scale. You and I are not numbers on a scale after all but much more than that.

Beverlyjoy I hope you have a great weekend-I know you have a great plan for it! The last time I went to the eye dr. he told me I could use bifocals if I wanted to, or just take my distance glasses off to read which I what I do not. Then he told me about bifocal contact lenses! He says they work about 80% of the time and if they don't work for you not to try another brand thinking they'd be different-they just don't work for you. I didn't go for them, but I might try the dollar store magnifying glasses. Some little things are just not as sharply in focus as they used to be.

seadwaters I know about not eating green things and feeling less-than because of it. These days I tuck them into soup which is good enough for now. What does it to me is a lack of fresh fruit. So I am going out this morning to get my soup ingredients and my fruit. Glad you can stay home and work. BTW I noticed you looked at the St. Louis web cam and saw snow. You'll see even more if it on our web cam we're expecting -21C tomorrow! Yikes. Is there a web cam for your city?

maryann Great job just watching all that temporary weight just leave your body. had you freaked and interferred it may have thought you wanted it to hang around. Yay for staying the course!

gardenerjoySnow and snow shoveling. The snow shovel we use is at the front door. I usaully let it pile up until DH comes home unless we are really getting lots of it. He likes to crab a bit about me "letting the house go" but I think he likes to take care of things and see that I, indeed, still need him.
I went right ahead and reserved both books from the library you mentioned. Refuse to Choose sounds SO MUCH like me. And I was happy to hear that others have had to tackle a clean up like I am. The books make me think I may actually find some way to keep things in line going forward. Thanks again!

CeeJay TGIF! Hang in there...

Time for breakfast and getting out there to catch the bus. I'll post the tortilla soup recipe this morning. It's super yummy. TGIF! Bye!

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My day was up in the air yesterday, but I managed to stay OP. I was waiting for a phone call that never came yesterday evening, but did my jump roping while I waited. It was a nasty day for a run outdoors anyways, so I suppose it all worked out.

Todayís challenge is dinner out with family. I donít know what weíre having, but I need to sit down and make a plan that will accommodate any situation.

Gardenerjoy, wow for 6 inches of snow so far south! Shoveling snow is great exercise and I love it when exercise accomplishes something!

Maryann, yay for that extra weight dropping off. Kudos for not freaking out! Great job going back and revisiting the fundamentals. Itís important to do that since I tend to think I already know it all, only to realize Iíve been skipping important things.

Seadwaters, itís great that you have the option to work from home occasionally. It would be tough to work a full day, drive a long commute and have healthy food on hand. Great job getting organized and taking care of yourself.

Beverlyjoy, great job continuing to juggle all the aspects of your new diet.. Kudos for thinking ahead to your trip and realizing that you canít do everything perfectly and picking the most important things to stick with. Itís great that journaling helped you stay so strong during some tempting situations.

Madrikh, stepping on that scale and looking at the number as objective information (up and down) takes a long time. Most of us are still working on it. Yay for long walks in the sun! Itís a blessing in Jan.

Lexiss, great job replacing some ground elk with veggies! Thatís a healthy swap. Ouch for cookies lying about just ready to be snatched up.

FutureFitChick, great job sticking to your healthy plan while exhausted and hungry at the grocery store. Itís definitely more difficult to work that resistance muscle under those conditions, so extra credit for that!

Newlifestyle, waving back. Have a wonderful and healthy vacation!

Nature girl, great job making healthy swaps when you didnít feel like your plan. Great job doing all your prep the night before so you arenít making hectic decisions in the AM.

BillBE, yay for soup in the winter. Itís such a revelation that comfort food can be healthy. Great job walking to the gym after working late (and in the snow, no less). Itís a good reminder that our usual excuses are just excuses.

ChefJoona, yay for the upcoming weigh-in giving you the motivation to recommit to your plan. Ouch for a day with so many temptations, but donít beat yourself up. I often find that the old resistance muscle gets worn down when I face too much in one day. Give yourself credit for what you did well and remember that as you continue to do well, that resistance muscle will get stronger.

Onebyone, congrats on that dropping number on the scale. Itís a great reward for all your hard work. Kudos for finding the soup solution and sticking to it. Wishing you the best on the continued house hunting.
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My snow shoveling technique has improved. I've actually been out again already this morning. So, two days in a row and I'm still functioning. My shoulders hurt, but not my back. I'll know I've really achieved perfect technique when it's my legs that are sore.

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +90* 825/1300 minutes for January, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Coaches/Buddies, hi! Iím feeling a bit more energetic today, but I did sleep for 10 hours last night. Yikes!

Credit to me for picking soup when I was wanting a terrible food instead.

Todayís Essentials:
Weigh-in: -1 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, ate breakfast in car
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: no
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked todayís food: yes
Left food on my plate: yes
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: yes

BeverlyJoy, I am really happy for you that you put the hunger experiment to work last night and could wait out dinner. I canít wait until 1 more pound and your reach your next goal,then onederland is just around the corner!!

BillBlueEyes, great job getting exercise completed in spite of being tired. That is terrific.

ChefJoona, throwing away food is tough. Congratulations on doing that to take care of yourself.

GardenerJoy, can you imagine how tired you were 60 pounds ago while shoveling snow? That has to feel great now compared to then! Congratulations.

Naturegirl, your cookie excuse was very clever. Its amazing what weíll use to trick ourselves into OKíing a food. I hope your tooth feels better soon.

Newlifestyle, I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Great job on checking in before you leave.

Onebyone, great job getting rid of clutter and those pounds!

Shepherdess, Iím glad you could get the jumping rope in when the whether was so brutal outside. Great job!
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Hi Coaches!

I went to Denver with mom and had 4 hours to goof off. I went to Whole Foods and Costco and said NO CHOICE to free samples. Lunch was Thai food, OP, in a reasonable portion and I brought home half. I had planned a walk but ran out of time, so parked a long block from my last errand and jogged both ways. Dinner was OP, but spontaneous, as we had a chili dinner (fundraiser.) I took my own WW bread and resisted cornbread, cheese and sour cream. I had one bite of a cookie at dinner but stopped, choosing instead to have a piece of SF cake at home.

BillBlueEyes, you've got me in the mood for tomato soup. *credit* for heading to the gym even after working late. I think, a definite sign you're thinking like a thin person! BTW-our Elk (FREE!) comes from the friend of a friend...lots of sharing when it comes to subsistence.

FutureFitChick, Yay! for a day when you recognize that your accountibility to your coaches helps you make better choices. Great job saying NO CHOICE to that unhealthy snack and for choosing soup over terrible food !

Newlifestyle, Happy vacation!

NatureGirl, *credit* for posting as promised! Ouch for such a long day, especially with a dental issue, but great that you have planned ahead for continuing issues.

ChefJoona, fortunately for many of us, Beck teaches us how to get back on track right away. *credit* for pitching the rest of the popcorn. I'm learning I won't fall off the end of the earth if I do that. Sending Beck willpower your way for your event tonight.

Beverlyjoy, I'm glad to see your check in with a report of feeling good. Great job using distraction techniques AND drinking water which may have contributed to "feeling good".

onebyone, Yay! for a weigh in which includes and official loss. Keeping "cautiously optimistic" thoughts for the "bunker" DH is looking at. Soup strategy works great for me. I just finished a big batch of turkey/veggie/barley which will go to the freezer for days I don't want to cook. Thanks for feedback, too, regarding coaches' input on your cleanup/pack. You said, "The books make me think I may actually find some way to keep things in line going forward." I have, and I am so grateful for that. Our move was an opportunity to "start over" and I "work" to keep it new.

gardenerjoy, as much exercise as you do, shoveling should be a piece of cake!

Shepherdess, great that you got your exercise in while waiting for a phone call. Hope you had some great choices at dinner tonight.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Default Saturday

Hi Coaches
I shopped yesterday evening and again this morning so I am a bit more organised with food and green things to eat. My mobility has been improved by a new anti-inflammatory so I find I am able to walk further which is great for exercise. Have to be careful not to overdo it. Still considering getting a stationary bike but need to think about all that expensive dental work I have coming up! Today is on plan - took myself for lunch while I was out shopping. It was nice to sit and read the paper and ignore the work waiting for me at home

BeverlyJoy - Credit for surviving hunger. Enjoy your weekend trip
BillBlueEyes - Getting a bit warm for soup here unfortunately - except for nice chilled ones. I can start the gazpacho conversation. What time do you get home to go/walk to gym - I feel like such a baby not wanting to go out again when I get home at 7pm or later normally. Working at home is good for that but canít do it always
CeeJay - waving - hope you are going OK out there
ChefJoona - Credit for throwing away food and exercising your resistance muscle. Ouch for work lunches that make eating a challenge
FutureFitChick - I am glad you are catching up on sleep - do you know why you are so tired? Credit for NO CHOICE with off plan food
Debbie R(Lexxiss) - Great work stopping at one cookie and then one bite of a cookie. Yay for saying no to free food and bringing home half a portion of Thai food. Very difficult to resist and stop once started. Great resistance work
Marci (madrikh) - Yay for sun to walk in. And for posting here
Ann (Newlifestyle) - Enjoy your vacation!
Naturegirl - Ouch for a toothache that led to off plan eating. Sounds like you have a plan
Onebyone - Congratulations on the weight loss and successful decluttering. The home search seems to be progressing well - the over garage place sounds great. Thanks for the link to the webcam - lots of snow and -21C is hard to imagine. I have experienced -10C and thought it was pretty good. I found some in Sydney but there are none local to where I live except for the traffic cameras!
Shepherdess - Hope your family dinner goes according to plan. Jumping rope sounds like a good alternative. I am very lucky to be able to work from home one or two days a week - but I need to check in at work or I go stir crazy

- Stayed within my food plan - yes
- Measured all my food - no
- Logged food - yes
- Developed food plan for today- yes
- Sat down to eat - a few slip ups
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - still persist in trying
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - a bit better with this
- I stopped eating when satisfied - no
- Drank water - yes
- Checked in - yes
- Weighed myself - yes
- Read advantage cards - yes
- Read response cards - yes
- Read Beck - no
- Did planned exercise - no
- Incidental exercise - yes

Have a great day

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