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Default Sunday evening

Hi Coaches
I am late checking in today and didn't get here yesterday

I am currently obsessing over family history. Yesterday I was on the phone and accidentally started to track my g/grandfather with some success which led to a weekend of computer searching - my last weekend on leave. He was something of a black sheep and we knew little about him. Anyway I have been staying on plan, practising mindful eating once a day and generally trying to enjoy this last weekend. But I have decided I will work at home tomorrow - too sick to travel down and I have now lost my voice! Shouldn't really share this cold with anyone. I have lost a lot of the Christmas weight / fluid so that is great and I am down 5# this week - soI get one beastie back

- Stayed within my food plan - yes
- Measured all my food - somewhat
- Logged food - no
- Developed food plan for today- yes
- Sat down to eat - yes
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - for one meal
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - still struggling
- I stopped eating when satisfied - no, finished my plate
- Drank water - yes
- Checked in - yes
- Weighed myself - yes
- Read advantage cards - yes
- Read response cards - yes
- Read Beck - no
- Did planned exercise - no
- Incidental exercise - no

Have a great day

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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was so happy thinking of spicy foods from the previous evening, that DW and I walked to dinner, in the light snow fall, to a small Indian restaurant that just opened a week ago. Ate mindfully (enough) and brought home half of my meal; CREDIT moi. Split a Mango lassi (fruit drink that includes yogurt) - just pure joy.

Exercise was hauling some de-cluttering to Good Will; CREDIT moi for the de-cluttering. Minor CREDIT moi for the lifting of boxes.

onebyone - Yep, Kudos indeed for another load of de-cluttering gone to their next life. I have to keep reminding myself of the "next life" part in order to let go of, for example, a new, never used, skate board that was purchased for one of the kids a decade ago. And Kudos also for identifying your feelings about your scale readings so that you can honor them and then shift in your newer feelings per your Advantages.

FutureFitChick - Congrats to your friend for landing the choice role of Sugarplum. Yay for a party turning out to be more fun than expected.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, light snow is the way to go. We should explain this to our friends in Minnesota and Canada - they might not have thought of that, LOL. I'm slogging a bit through V. (note that's I'm now, properly, adding the period after V, as does the author). Finding it hard to know if the plot is developing in a way that I don't yet understand or if I'm reading one more amazingly detailed vignette dropped in like a short story.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for noting that your draw to Ben and Jerry's was "craving/desire" and not hunger.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Congrats for "get one beastie back" - a thrill even if it was water gained/water lost. This ancestor business can be compelling. I recently learned about a "Black Irish" relative that had never been mentioned in my childhood. Was intrigued to learn that the term "Black Irish" is used in many ways; in my family, it was used like black sheep although sometimes it refers to Irishmen of darker skin.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - One memory I have from Disney World from 20 years ago is that food isn't constantly pushed as other theme parks do. Interesting to note that "tired or cold" calls for food - the universal answer to any feeling.

maryann - Ouch for the emotional hit of any rejection. Sending supportive thoughts so that you can remember that you expected a bunch of rejections; like marriage, you only want one acceptance. [Yay for samosa's despite being a fried thing.]

Readers -
chapter 1
Begin a New Way of Life

By following my plan, you will lose excess weight - and not just temporarily (for swimsuit season, a reunion, a wedding). Instead, you will lose it for life. And won't it be wonderful when you finally, really and truly, feel in control of your food choices, exercise habits, and weight?

The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 14.
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I tried to log on last night to no avail. I also got some much needed rest. We're travelling today so I need to get packing. We're headed West, but need to make a trip East first to return library books and meet a cousin for brunch. I will be mindful at brunch (salad first) with no off plan food.
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Hello everyone!
I am new to this forum. I began using the Beck Diet before the holidays, with some success! I maintained through the holidays, but didn't focus on losing. I am committed to start losing again, and stumbled on this Forum through a Google search looking for some supportive information.

My challenges are routine exercise and after dinner snacking. In general I stick to my plan during the day, but get derailed in the evening. I've never found an exercise routine that I love, so that's been a challenge.

I hope to use this Forum for daily support and motivation- sounds like there's some hard work going on out there!
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Default quick hello


I am so excited! We're off to see the cottage-y place for rent today. We should see it late afternoon. The landlord lives next door so I'll have to have my radar on high to see if that's workable. He called this morning and talked to DH (good) and it's all a go. He did send me extra pics and one email consisted of a boat his friend painted for him to look likme clouds in the sky, and his own personal project: a mobile hot tub that he's fitted onto the back of an old truck into which he put loads of mr. bubbles that trail off into the air and onto the street as he drives by. As DH said "he sounds like quite the character".


did my watp workout - 1 mile
planning for today and tomorrow
weighed in: 278.2
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I'm going to try some exercises over the next few days to help myself be more aware of my feelings. They are from The 3-Day Solution Plan by Laurel Mellin. I'm not doing the full-blown 3-Day schedule, although I like it. It includes making sure that you get in meaningful work, personal contact, and relaxation time along with the more conventional diet and exercise. I was finding it difficult to get myself to do it at all at once so I decided to do just the piece that I most need to see a change in right now.

WI: +0.1kg, Exercise: +45* 335/1300 minutes for January, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: good job designing a strategy that would keep you out of Ben & Jerry's!

FutureFitChick: LOL. A chocolate fountain would likely do me in, too! Glad you had fun!

Newlifestyle: I've always lost weight at Disney World simply by maximizing walking and veggies. All but the very smallest food outlets have healthy options. Mostly I find Disney World one huge distraction from food. As long as you keep mostly away from the notion of "food as celebration", an intuitive approach works pretty well. And there are plenty of other ways to celebrate life at Disney World!

seadwaters: yay for an obsession that is not distracting you away from your food plan!

BillBlueEyes: the Indian food sounds yummy! I hope V. finds its plot somewhere along the line.

Lexxiss: good plan for brunch!

ChefJoona: welcome! Many of us struggle with after dinner snacking. I've had some success with mentally "closing the kitchen" after supper. At other times, making a food plan that includes an after dinner snack and then following it precisely has worked quite well.

onebyone: I hope the cottage works out! Yay for the exercise!

maryann: bummer about the MFA, but good job feeling the feeling and thinking your way through to rejecting fear (and overeating) as a response.
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Last of vacation for me. It is really amazing to consider I have three weeks off. Our school adopted the schedule to encourage better attendance from the kids who travel to Mexico during the holidays. I do not take for granted the amount of holidays my schedule allows. Many of my friends are 9 - 5 'ers. Nonetheless, structure is important and I think it will be a good thing to get back to work. Always the day before I go back I start having teacher dreams and anxieties - can't control the class, get lost going to my room, etc... it is really crazy. I don't want to forget today in future worries. I have a whole Sunday with my family. My hope is that it will not get lost. I was interested in what gardernerjoy was working on: meaningful work ( I definitely have that since not many people can or want teach 8th grade); personal contact (taking down the Xmas stuff with my boys); and relaxation (lots of skiiing, shopping etc...) So if you think about it, I have it all. Now, how do I FEEL that. Hmmmm. always the problem. Well, I begin by "acting as if", writing down my food, exercising, smiling, puttering, etc.... It is the unrelated actions both self-caring and self-less that get me out of myself and let me breathe.
Credit: OP last nite despite feeling the rejection letter. Miracle.
Welcome to ChefJonna. As you can tell by my post, the program for me is facing the fear that has been covered up by overeating for 35 years so that I may grow. It really, truly works. Congrats on you journey.
SeadWaters: congrats on your weightloss.
BBE: Thanks for reminding me I only want the one, right acceptance.
Lexxiss: Glad you got some rest. I am a new person when I am recharged.
Onebyone: I always like the sound of a "cottage" no matter where it is.
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Coaches/Buddies, yesterday started out great, but finished with unplanned pizza. I slept in yesterday which threw my whole food plan off. I stuck with the breakfast plan and had forgotten to soak beans for dinner. My husband wanted pizza for dinner, so thats what I did. Not a good way to handle things!

Todays Essentials:
Weigh-in: +2 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, watched a very sad football game
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: no
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes, but I need to update it
Tracked todays food: not yet
Left food on my plate: not at breakfast, yes on snack, yes on dinner, no on lunch
Ate only to normal fullness: no, overate at dinner
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: no

BillBlueEyes, great job with the walking to dinner and sharing your lassi. Someday well live in a walkable neighborhood!!!

ChefJoona, WELCOME! I hope you find this group as amazingly supportive and encouraging as I have. Great job on the -13 pounds!

GardenerJoy, eight pounds! I cant believe you are only eight pounds away from GOAL!!!!! Is the Mellin book more of a diet and exercise plan or a life plan book?

Lexxiss, great job planning ahead with your travelling today!

maryann, oh, Im so sorry about the MFA admission. That is so hard because you feel like you are letting everyone down. Im have that problem too celebrate with everyone my successes but Im supposed to carry the weight of my failures by myself. You will find your way to what you are supposed to do, I promise! I hope you enjoy the benefits of routine with returning to school schedule.

Newlifestyle, I hope you have an amazing time at Disney!

Onebyone, hope the home hunting went well for you today!

Seadwaters, Im so sorry you are still feeling sick summer colds are the worst! I know that being overweight leads to increased inflammation an increase in immune responses in general. Ive wondered if that is why it takes me so long to get over colds and flu viruses compared to others. It is so frustrating! Sending you virtual vegetable broth soup, vitamins, and fluids! Great job staying on plan!
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Hi Beckfolks, coaches, friends - yesterday was OK. I actually didn’t eat ‘enough’ (was under my usual amount) Had a tummy ache starting in the afternoon and food didn’t really look very good. However, I still ‘wanted’ to eat - because I love to eat. My/our crazy life with food. I think it’s my bombardment of veggies of late, maybe. Just not used to that much.

I did have many credits:
Exercise (before the tummy ache) stretches and strengthening
Lots of water
Wrote down all my food
Read arc/rc, Beck
Ate seated only
Left a bite
Wrote in my journal
No seconds

Futurefitchick - the pizza incident and the chocolate fountain are over. Hop back on your plan and you will be OK. Glad you had a good time at the party.

Maryann - I agree - having a routine can be helpful. I hope you are enjoying your family this nice Sunday. I am glad your letter didn’t cause you to over eat. Credit. You have other chances. I wish for you the best result.

Gardener-joy - I am intrigued with your 3-day Solution plans. I hope it goes well. Keep us posted. I believe that any do with some relaxation techniques always bring positive results for the whole day.

Onebyone - SO exciting to get to see the cottage. I hope it’s what you are hoping for. Credit for your workout!

Chefjoona - WELCOME!! So glad you found this forum. Folks here are helpful, supportive and friendly. Dr. Beck has a good blueprint for learning to live healthfully with food.

Lexxiss/Debbie - I wish you safe travel. Good planning to you. Enjoy your trip.

New lifestyle - our family is going to Disney in February. I’ll be anxious to hear about your trip. Credit for staying OP!

Billbe - Credit for walking to the restaurant! Nice to save half of the meal for the next day, too. Yes, indeed - credit for decluttering.

Seadwaters - I am doing a five pound loss happy dance for you! Wonderful. It’s fun to learn about our family from way back when. You said: Anyway I have been staying on plan, practising mindful eating once a day and generally trying to enjoy this last weekend. Good credits. I hope you enjoy this last weekend.

Have a good day.

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Hello everyone. It is so nice to see all these posts. So much supportive information. Thank you all.
In case I haven't mentioned. I appreciate you all.
Also thanks for the ideas with Disney. I love walking so it should be fun. I should use walking as my celebration, not food.
Have a wonderful day.
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Default Mindful eating - Monday

Hi Coaches
This mindful eating business is challenging. As I try to focus on eating, or what I am about to eat, or its history and provenance, I find my mind skitters away to all the other things that have priority. And sometimes the more I focus on it and enjoy it, it makes me want more! Trying to recognise whether I am satisfied or hungry or just desiring the comfort of more food is going to be an ongoing task. However the behaviours are spreading to the other meals where I dont consciously practice it and where I might be in front of the TV. I have done most of my decluttering but now I have piles of books to find a new home for, plus a computer that I am afraid to put out as I cant remember if I cleaned the hard disk and whether it presents a security risk! Will be difficult to junk a pile of VHS videos but they have to go.

I am a little better this morning which is hopeful given I want to get back to working today. It will be good to have the structure of work again - a focus for planning and logging

BeverlyJoy - Hope the tummy settles - but it will get used to lots of veggies. Change of diet can create weird effects. Yep - no matter how full I can still want just a little more!
BillBlueEyes - Mango lassi is good! Pure joy indeed. I am so impressed with bringing home half the meal
ChefJoona - Welcome! Credit for maintaining over the holidays. This is the place to be
FutureFitChick - Sounds like your party went well - yay for moving on from the chocolate fountain. Well done with the table clutter - I had to do that to set myself a place to eat. Ouch for unplanned pizza and DHs who want to eat it! I dont usually get colds - but yes there are weird immune and inflammatory responses that could be related to weight
GardenerJoy - Hope you find the balance you are looking for - sounds like something I should look at!
Debbie R(Lexxiss) - Yay for much needed rest - hope your trip goes well
Maryann - Enjoy your return to work. Your attitude sounds sustaining. I am not sure what an MFA application is but I can feel for your disappointment. Credit for staying on plan despite feeling rejected.
Onebyone - Thinking of you today as you look at your cottage and lake - hope it is just what you need. Sounds exotic

- Stayed within my food plan - yes
- Measured all my food - yes
- Logged food - no
- Developed food plan for today- yes and made lunch
- Sat down to eat - yes
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - working on it
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - focusing on it
- I stopped eating when satisfied - finished plate!
- Drank water - yes
- Checked in - yes
- Weighed myself - yes
- Read advantage cards - no
- Read response cards - no
- Read Beck - yes
- Did planned exercise - no
- Incidental exercise - no unless you count lots of typing

Have a great day
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Thank you for all the Welcomes, and I love the hint for "closing the kitchen" after dinner or planning for an after dinner snack gardenerjoy!
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hello Everyone!!!

Ruthxxx- waving hello. Love pea soup!!

maryblu-food porn-

M0vingon-hope you get that goal soon!!! Love your idea about buying a charm for your reward.

BillBlueEyes- your evening out sounds wonderful and huge credit for brining home half your meal.

Lexxiss-enjoy your trip!!

ChefJoona- welcome to you.

onebyone- so excited for you. Hope the cottage is awesome. You are doing so great!!

gardenerjoy-will be googling the 3 Day Solution Plan. Keep us posted.

maryann-hope your first day back goes well. I really admire anyone who can tackle grade eighters.

FutureFitChick-boo to unplanned pizza. Moving on with you because I ate pizza yesterday too.

Beverlyjoy- hope your stomach is feeling better. Nice list of credits and it looks like you are keeping up with your meditation.

Newlifestyle-have a wonderful time at Disney World and bring lots of healthy snacks so you don't have to think about anything but having fun. Love your story about eating the tangerine in McDonald's.

seadwaters-hi there Cheryl. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. You are so right about the challenge of mindful eating. I rebel against it often. Your list of credits has been really impressive.

Love your quote from Thich Nhat Hanh: "There are some people who eat an orange but don't really eat it. They eat their sorrow, fear, anger, past, and future. They are not really present, with body and mind united." That is me.

For me--Thursday, Friday and Saturday not so great. I am the human roller coaster.

Credit today for

weighing in
checking in here
eating healthy and on plan
packing lunch for tomorrow
did weights
walked 30 minutes with mom
read advantage and response cards

Hoping my plan for the week keeps me on track.

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Hi Everyone!

I missed posting yesterday I took a muscle relaxant last night and passed out before I had time to post. Had a great sleep, though!

Yesterday and today have been the same- I've been more flexible with my eating plan than is good for me. I feel more likely to turn to old habits if I don't stick with my planned meals and times. I'm trying not to be too rigid, but I don't want to revert either.

I'm still doing all the steps- and I am now officially ok to move to stage 2 and start with the beck eating plan. Honestly, it's no different than what I have been eating already with the exception of being more calories than my average right now. That scares me because it is too easy to start with the old justifications (i.e.: I can have an extra priece of chocolate because all of my planned food added up to only 1500 calories today and I'm allowed 1800). That thinking drags me down fast! So I'm sticking with what I've been doing and eating.

I'm still not at my goal (boo!) but my hormones are all over the place and I'm attributing it to that. I'll get there- eventually!
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I lost six pounds Of course, I think my scale might be off. It is a WW scale, but if I stand on it more than once, it comes out a bit differently each time. I just took the heaviest weight and counted that. I do feel that I have lost.

Sorry no personals, this is a quick drive by, I actually haven't been on this site all weekend.

Oh yeah, the reason I posted, to record credits.

I only ate one cookie when my DD and I baked (I had her take the rest in a ziplock upstairs)
I have recorded everything I ate in WW online
Even though life has been hard, I have been OP

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