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A quick check in tonight. We made it to our destination and are getting settled in. Big storms in Colorado tonight. Apparently I've stuck around long enough for a few skills to settle in. I poured my first dishsoap on something and pitched it in the compost (leftover velveta cheese dip). Thanks, Beverlyjoy, and I'm having an orange instead of ice cream for dessert. (thx BBE)

Another day thinking of Beck skills. I brought my books and am hoping my cards are in my tote.

See ya'll tomorrow.
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So I was looking forward to the structure of work but instead work was scattershot and unfocused just like vacation had been and I got a cold besides so all week I barely made it through the day and went home & collapsed. No planning, no working out, no energy. Bleah. Today we had a fondue party with my brothers and their families from across the state--fun and very busy-- the cheese fondue was tempting but I don't think I did too bad due to that hostess issue that someone talked about around Thanksgiving; I really never sat down the whole time they were here and did eat some cheese fondue and chocolate fountain (oops, did I remember to mention/admit that? ) but it couldn't have been to much in the chaos.
So after a breather after everybody left tonight, I sat down and restructured my planning form and then planned three days of meals for this week; actually four really because Thursday's dinner is set and breakfast/lunch is easy. I also made a shopping list and packed my 'gym clothes' ( I feel like a 4th grader when I say that ) so I'm ready to hit the road tomorrow; over to the rec center at 3:00 and then to the store for ingredients for the rest of the week.
I really am ready to get back on the wagon first thing tomorrow and focus, focus, focus.
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Thumbs up Welcome ChefJoona


And, on the occasion of your first posts,

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

Neat that you found this Beck forum on 3 Fat Chicks by googling for support information.
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Thumbs up Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Major breakthrough by finally fixing the problem causing DW's computer to run very s..l..o..w..l..y. After hours of trying different spyware scans, disk repair scans, dumping cookies, and dumping every temporary file imaginable, I finally found the piece of the Windows Operating System that had become corrupted and replaced that. Problem fixed. CREDIT moi.

Howsomever, I dealt with the tension by nibbling tree nuts - good, healthy, tree nuts they were, but off-plan, high calorie tree nuts. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. I thought I had enough Beck under my belt to avoid that. So, I actually look forward to a structured day at work followed by gym to screw my head back in its socket.

onebyone - Now I don't know if I'm more excited about hearing about your cottage or the character who owns it. I like the use of "cottage" for the grand mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, as build by the wealthy New Yorkers of the last century.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for 59 minutes and 3 seconds of amazingly good football - sadly, followed by 57 seconds of legend making bad news for the Colts. I hope you burned up all the Jets good luck since now the Patriots face them this Sunday. Kudos for having a food plan for tomorrow.

CeeJay - Waving back to the "human roller coaster" who has already packed her lunch for tomorrow - good start on your week there.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Good luck going after your feelings using the Laurel Mellin book.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for the tummy ache and the confusing bombardment of foods.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Piles of books to go is worthy of Kudos. This recognizing hunger and satisfied are likely to be lifelong challenges.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for sticking to your Beck skills. If you have any dish soap left, kindly bring it by here and hit my jar of tree nuts, LOL.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Now that's an idea, "walking as my celebration."

Nature Girl - Yay for "focus, focus, focus." Sounds to me like you did a good job when surrounded with fondue and more chaos than in a classroom.

maryann - Hats off to one who teaches those bags of raging hormones of the eighth grade. Neat to use your "acting as if" strategy to get your head working straight.

BelovedK - It's a big deal to have only one cookie after baking them with you DD; Kudos for that and Kudos for remembering to give yourself credit for it.

Cindy (M0vingon) - Congrats for moving on to Stage 2 of the Beck plan. Seems like the right attitude with, "I'll get there- eventually!"

ChefJoona - Smart to start with your Beck strategies just before the holidays - so much better than the usual vow to start after a month of indulging. Which of Dr. Beck's books are you reading?

Yep, I know about that evening syndrome. When I first started my journey some 5 years ago, one of my first changes was to go for a walk after I got home from work. Yes, it was some exercise, but more important for me, it broke up the cheese and crackers hour that was my routine. Evenings and routine exercise are challenges - good thing that there are Beck strategies to work those. Glad you've joined us.

Readers -
chapter 1
Begin a New Way of Life

With the Beck Diet for Life Program, you will successfully overcome common dieting challenges. Many diets ignore or gloss over the difficulties of dieting. They allege that you will not experience deprivation, hunger, or cravings. You have undoubtedly found that these kinds of claims are false. While the eating plan in this book minimizes hunger, deprivation, and cravings, no diet can eliminate them entirely. But you will learn exactly what to do when you experience these uncomfortable feelings. You will overcome these problems, learn from them, and actually use them to your advantage to build confidence, control, and strength.

The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 14.
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Good morning all! I am looking forward to having a successful day!

I found the Beck program also through a Google search. I actually can't remember what I was originally searching for, but ended up on Amazon and ordered them right away. I have the Workbook and the original book (the two bright Pink ones).

I work with Behavior Therapies in my line of work and find them very helpful, so I was drawn to this CBT weight loss program.

I have my meals planned for the day, and might even attempt some exercise (this is the hardest for me) though I enjoyed 30 minutes of ice skating with friends yesterday (would have done it for longer, but we got to the rink with only 30 mins of public skating left).

Happy and Healthy day to all!!
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Happy Monday to all. Yesterday was mostly on track. I couldn't sleep and ate a little extra. I still think I was in the very tip top of my calorie range. whew... I used my resistance techniques to stop the extra eating. I m grateful.

Yesterday, I accomplished a few of my daily goals - wrote down my food, wrote in my journal, lots of water, stayed in calorie range (barely), left a bite and did some planning for the week. Today I will strive for including many more. I am pleased, however, I did some meditations five or six times in the past ten days.

I am happy/flabbergasted a bit. On January first I weighed myself and the scale said 218. (I got on three times - it was true) I was horrified, depressed, mad, shameful for my crazy eating from stress of life and the accessibility of the season. I felt this was unforgivable, then. I have been working my plan diligently since then. I got on the scale today and the scale said 209. (down 9 pounds) I am happy with this loss. I'd like to think a portion of it is weight and not just water, etc. I am almost back to my ticker. I've always changed my ticker, but - just can't face it now. But, I feel like I can breathe a little. I've been beside myself. But, feel a little hopeful again.

I always tell people to forgive themselves when they deviate from their plan and hop right back on it. However, I am having a hard time forgiving myself for my food last holiday season. It's very strange. I need to do this.

I have to help my mom with some things today and do lots of office work, etc.

new lifestyle - I love your idea of walking as a celebration at Disney!

Seadwaters - I, too, get distracted in my attempts for mindfulness and thinking about the food when I eat. I think we just have to keep practicing. I am so glad you are feeling some better. I would love to think of typing as incidental exercise. LOL

Ceejay - we all have roller coaster times. The key is to hop back on your plan and then do what you know helps and works. So nice to have thirty minute walk with your mom.

Moving/on - I understand how finding a good place between being totally rigid and not becoming nonchalant. For me - it’s best to stick close to my plan.

Belovedk - I am doing a happy dance for your weight loss. Credit for staying OP through the stress!

Lexxiss/Debbie - so glad to hear you have ‘landed’ in Colorado safely. I, too, am a huge proponent of the dish soap on tempting food. So glad some of the Beck techniques are often with you. YAY

Nature-girl - so sorry to hear of your cold - ugh. Credit for holding back on the amount of cheese and chocolate fondue. More credit for all your planning. I always say to plan, plan and plan some more. Carry on.

Billbe - so glad you conquered the computer problem! Those tree nuts sometimes get you. Hello - it happens. But, it’s a good idea to keep today structured.
Chefjoona - credit for your planning for the week. And your ice skating is a wonderful exercise!

Happy a great day, folks.
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Good morning everyone.
It is so cold here. I have decided to walk in the afternoon today. I have planned out my meals as I have realized it is planning that has kept me on track since I began my journey once again. I am also in awe how quickly the Beck strategies come back into play. Thanks for Beck.
The walking after work or any time for that matter will be a good strategy for me to try because it will stop me from being able to grab any snacks during idle times (for lack of a better word). I just find these postings have so much good info that I feel like a cat chasing shiny bobbles. (like, oh I should try that, oh that is such a great idea, etc)
I do hope everyone has a wonderful day and makes choices they feel good with.

Take Care

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Coaches/Buddies, last night went a little bit better and this morning was on plan. I didn’t get as many Beck tasks done, but did spend some time in the pink book again.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -2.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes – chose to walk 7 flights of stairs
Did planned exercise: no
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: no
Left food on my plate: no
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: yes

BelovedK, congratulations on your loss and handling the cookies!

BeverlyJoy, thanks for the encouragement and I’m sorry you’ve had a tummy ache. Thank goodness for successful resistance techniques! Congratulations for -9!

BillBlueEyes, bummer for the nuts! Those seem to be a weakness for you, as it is one of the few things you post about going off plan for. I’m confident in your Patriots impending victory!

ChefJoona, hope you are doing well! Great job getting ice skating in with friends.

CeeJay, hope you are doing well with your plan!

Lexxiss, happy vacation and Yay for dishsoap!

M0vinon, congratulations that you’ve prepared yourself for the next step. Good luck!

Naturegirl, great job getting on track for the week!

Newlifestyle, great job continuing to work on your planning for Disney. Also, good job getting your walking plan in action.

Seadwaters, good job with decluttering and fantastic job with mindful eating. I love hearing about this from you. I am glad you are feeling a bit better.
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Arrow the effort vs. the result - this will be long and involved

Hi Coaches

I'm here in my MIL room on her agonizingly s-l-o-w computer - it must be loaded to the gills with spyware crud - and I may be stuck here until Friday night. We simply do not have enough $ to send me home AND have enough $ for DH to drive to work this week.
A forced vacation is NOT what I wanted.
On top of this I am sad to report the cottage was a complete disaster. *sigh* The really sad thing to note was if this place was mine, as in if I owned it, I would be happy to move in and do the work required to bring it up to snuff, but as it is, DH and I are SEVERELY challenged when it comes to the housekeeping department and this place needs a complete scrub down floor to ceiling, walls need to be redone (which N the landlord said he would do) as the main wall is just tacked together from scrounged wood paneling circa 1972. The main rooms we saw in the jpgs were nice but the bedrooms are tiny. The kitchen is a wreck and the bathroom worse. Currently he has three renters sharing the place. he told us several times he's tired of that and wants one tenant. But at $1475/month he's just got to do more on his end. I'm sorry. I don't want to have to do all this work when I have to do all the work of getting moved only to arrive to more work and N seems tired. really really worn down by life. I don't even believe he'd do the dry walling/repairs and etc. I doubt he has the energy. On top of this, the location is at the end of a dead end. He lives in the cottage behind and I think his property is vertical-up from the lake-not horizontal so the "large side yards" are actually shared with the whole lane. Due to the original land deeds there is access to the water right through the cottage's front yard and side yard so there is no privacy and on top of that he said there is a bonfire which he "uses often" right next to the best part of the place: the large front windows.
So N wants access to the property too.
AND there's a sign specifically forbidding tent camping right beside the house so there goes a whole slew of summer plans for friends.
AND in between the two houses he's got a junkyard of interesting stuff but a junkyard no less. I can only imagine his reputation with the other cottages on that lane: transient tenants, hunks of junk, unkempt property. You can bet they won't look favorably on us and cut us no slack since we'd be associated with him.

Personally, I liked the guy. He's really worn down though and needs a hand. I can't give anyone a real hand these days and I certainly can't do that AND pay $1475. I can't do it.

I'll bet when we are finally in position to cast our lot on a property it will be some cottage on a lake. We were both completely let down and tried every which way to get it to be a yes in our heads but it's just not. It makes me feel I will never find my true home. Guess it's land of the megahousecomplexes again for me. ugh. No wonder I do art. I need to put my feelings into it ASAP. And if I am truly stuck here I am going to get DH to get me to the art store so I can buy a canvas and begin my next painting series. Maybe I can get some productive work in if I am forced to stay over.

Foodwise-coaches you were so with me last night. MIL made stir fry but DH won't eat that so he went to "a great burger place" and I went along. It's a 1950's drive-in style place with "authentic" (read: BIG) milkshakes. OMG I really wanted one & DH wanted to make me feel better and offered to get me one and I just said No. I had already had minor slip-ups all day and managed to create a big stomach ache that's still with me which is probably mostly tension and nothing else. Yesterday in the car I had some snacks from a bag and then read the bags calories 503 per bag! 503 for cheesy greasy air. I couldn't believe it. DH consoled me by saying I only had 1/2 that. Ugh. NOT WORTH IT. MIL made lemon meringue pie and pushed pushed pushed food at me. I had a slice. That was ok with me but then I picked up three (in total) little round doughy cinnamony pastries she made with a french name that she told me translates into "nun's farts". Great. (MIL also gets riotous guffaws from the old "pull-the-finger" trick. Luckily for me she does this only with her own offspring to DH's eternal dismay. TMI I know coaches but I gotta get it out!!!!).

Also, on the way up we stopped in to see SIL new house and I was less than impressed and when talking about my observations/feelings DH got very defensive. Sheesh. Everyone says her place is "huge". Uh. It's not. DH put it down to my 3D challenged brain, which while true, is not the problem in this case. So, little natterings of tension everywhere with me right now. i am so irritated. And my MIL always wants to fix me or the problem or get a solution and I just like to mull things over and I need to talk them out but I don't want a solution. She's a doll, really she is and she is very kind and supportive and everything but when she tries to fix me I feel like I have to FIX HER. Awful. Moving here and interacting with her and establishing our real everyday relationship will be a challenge. I am going to severely disappoint her I can tell. It's awful.

So now that I have all that off my chest I am happy to report credit I had an OP breakfast and I put that $%^(@ng lemon meringue pie in the fridge so I don't see the #@!^&ng thing all day. Bad enough I am now COMPLETELY obsessed with eating it ALL. But I won't. Bad manners that! I have my WATP dvd with me so I can continue to do my daily walk and I am planning another walk outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. I have some journaling pages to get caught up on and this is an excellent opportunity for me to gain strength in the resistance muscle and to NOT use food to soothe myself hence the novel length post here. maybe I need some more RL friends to talk to so I don't burden you guys with this stuff so much. Oh well. I figure you've all been there, done that. You did help me not have a shake last night as I kept picturing sitting here reporting in that I didn't do it. That was powerful for me so thanks.

See ya later.

Oh yeah, one last thing, so my title for this post was the effort vs. the result. Okay so the effort I put into this whole cottage-may-be-my-dream-home-omg episode was massive. I threw myself in and let myself dream and get my hopes up without reservation. I NEVER allowed myself to do this before. It was burned out of me as a kid to be optimistic. I was always hedging my bets, always being cautious and always expecting the worst. I don't want to live like that. So I didn't do it, and then I got let down; really really let down.There is a complete parallel to staying OP and staying OP when the going gets rough. I MUST be optimistic and I MUST allow myself to dream and stay with the positive benefits of losing weight. If I am de-railed I don't stop--I keep going. Do I want to stay in the negativity? No. I have to find a way to believe in my original vision for myself, what I know to be true and bets for me and for my body. Disappointments and obstacles will always happen, no matter how well we plan, it's what we do when they come get us that matters. For today, I am not backing down. it is not in my best interest to stop being Op or to stop exercising or to stop trying to be healthier day by day. And I have to believe that even though I may not see it or feel it, changes are happening. This year I am choosing to go after being Op and being an active body who choose "health" over convenience, or someone else's feelings, or my own sloth. it's time to just do this. BTW coaches, DH mentioned that he noticed a guy in his office goes out for a walk during his lunch hour. DH said he may ask him if he can go along. DH LOVES to walk. I knew that if I started to take my health seriously DH would start too. Amazing how we influence each other but we all know that already.

Have GREAT day coaches.

update: credit- did 1mi watp workout but I don't feel great so it was "low key" ... yay for allowing myself to moderate (instead of abandon altogether!) when needed.
I reached 10 miles walked today. Have no idea how far I'll "go" by the end of the month. maybe I should map it on google or something BBE maybe I'll walk to Boston

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Originally Posted by Newlifestyle View Post
Good morning everyone.
It is so cold here. I have decided to walk in the afternoon today. I have planned out my meals as I have realized it is planning that has kept me on track since I began my journey once again. I am also in awe how quickly the Beck strategies come back into play. Thanks for Beck.
The walking after work or any time for that matter will be a good strategy for me to try because it will stop me from being able to grab any snacks during idle times (for lack of a better word). I just find these postings have so much good info that I feel like a cat chasing shiny bobbles. (like, oh I should try that, oh that is such a great idea, etc)
I do hope everyone has a wonderful day and makes choices they feel good with.

Take Care
You are doing such great work. Just wanted to you on! It's freezing cold here but I'll be out walking too... it'll just make us walk faster and therefore burn more calories both in keeping warm and moving our legs quickly
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We got back last night from DH’s last WY LEAD seminar. It was a great program for DH, but it’s good to have it over since it was a big time commitment. We both made some good friends through the program and will definitely be keeping in touch.

Food over the weekend was OK, but not great. I chose healthy options at meals, but did find myself nibbling unhealthy offered at breaks. Sometimes I was legitimately hungry and needed a snack, but mostly I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough to eat at the next meal. I realized that one of the biggest challenges is eating well when I don’t have control over food choices. I’m not sure how to deal with that one but will give it some thoughts. I’m looking for suggestions.

I didn’t get much exercise—lots of sitting in conferences. And just when roads were beginning to clear enough to do a bit of running (with walking over slick spots), we came home to snow and cold temps. So more indoor exercise.

Just a few personals today while I try to catch up.

Welcome ChefJoona! Kudos for maintaining over the holidays and recommitting to weight loss now that things have slowed. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Maryann, sending you a hug after dealing with rejection letters. I got my share of rejection letters when I was applying for grad school and understand how heart wrenching it is. It’s just a tough market. Crossing my fingers on the 5 applications still out there!

Onebyone, Sorry to hear the cottage won't be working out. Best of luck dealing with all the challenges of a forced vacation. I know it's frustrating, but you can do it!

Seadwaters, thank you for the Thich Nhat Hanh quote. I find it so motivating to see the psychological/spiritual implications that my eating patterns have. Glad to see that you are slowly on the mend and are able to work from home so you can continue to recover.

BillBE, all your talk of Indian food has made me want some. I’ll have to have Dahl sometime this week. Those warm spices are just what we need now that temps are dropping again!

FutureFitChick, thank you for the idea to limit personals after a break. I have a hard time catching up when I’ve been gone. Kudos for dealing sanely with a disappointing weigh-in after your ski trip and it looks like you are rewarded with the scale returning to normal.

Newlifestyle, kudos for planning a walk in cold weather. Winter is a tough time to exercise consistently. Yep, planning is such a powerful tool. Great job getting back into the Beck saddle so quickly.

Beverlyjoy, hugs while you continue to deal with negative emotions following a tough holiday season. But look at how great you are doing now! And you’re hard work is showing up on the scale.

Nature girl, ouch for work schedule continuing to be scattershot. Great job sitting down and getting a plan in place.

Lexxis, hope you’re surviving the storms OK! It looked like CO was going to be hit pretty hard. Kudos for tossing out food you don’t need.
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Green Tomatoes
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Running late today. The cleaning crew contacted me at the last minute to see if they could come a day early due to the snow prediction tonight and tomorrow. They wouldn't make it up the driveway tomorrow. It's going to be so cold on Wednesday and Thursday, that we may not shovel out until Friday! But my house is clean and I made a last minute run to the grocery and the library (books being at least as important as food if we're to be snowed in all week).

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +0* 335/1300 minutes for January, Food: %op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: what works for me in those situations where I have no control of food choices is packing some food of my own. If I know there's something in my room that I can eat, I will more confidently skip things that I should skip, knowing that I can always eat the nuts or yogurt or whatever in my room. I'll often pack "healthy" snack bars that aren't normally on my plan but are often better than the alternatives when I'm traveling. It ends up being a kind of treat, but not too overboard.

onebyone: I loved your long story and all the ins and outs of your decision -- which sounds to me absolutely right. I think its great for you to share all that here rather than real life friends anyway. I'm sure you'll find a good enough place for now. It sounds like maybe looking for something not too convenient to MIL would be best? One thing that has started to help me with that sort of disappointment is to be grateful for the amount of fun I had considering that option -- like the time I was sure I wanted a Newfoundland dog until my allergies reared up and it was clear that I really couldn't have one. But I still have fond memories of the month when I fantasized about it.

FutureFitChick: glad things are going better!

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Good day at work. There are definite benefits to being gainfully employed. It is a nice balance to have free time as well. I am grateful. At least that is my story today. Food OP. I am noticing a tendency to feel I have not had enough at the end of lunch and dinner. I tell myself to wait 20 mins and I will be full (always works) but I find myself looking in the direction of the cupboards and try to bargain/justify more food. No Choice. Day 10 of the Pink Book (second time thru) and it still makes a lot of sense to set simple goals like five pounds lost. I think this 5 pounds maybe the toughest to lose because it is the last so I am happy to have simple rules to follow.
FFChick: sounds like you have battled back from the unplanned pizza by pursuing the pink book. That book is really my favorite.
Beverlyjoy: I know I have told you this before, but I read your "left a little food on my plate" and think, "Why can't I do that?" it never occurs to me.
Seadwaters: Your "mindfulness" discussion struck a cord with the xmas gift I was given. Living Buddha, Living Christ then CEEjay pointed out your quote. AHH!! it all fits together. Mindful food really is a part of spiritual growth. I knew that.
Movingon: The cake for extra calories idea is something I really battle. If I eat candy, I know I won't lose in the long run because my body rebels and it sets the scene for weight gain.
BelovedK: Congrats on weightloss.
Lexxiss: very cute soap idea.
Naturegirl: One of the turning point Ideas I had early on was to always, always be prepared for exercise. I have gone to many a meeting sweating and mussed hair, but a much better attitude.
BBE: Glad you are back in the swing of things. You and those tree nuts.
onebyone: congrats on DH walking. I find real joy in watching my husband change his habits for the better because watching me.
Shepardess: it is always a tough question - What is legitmately hungry? I would think you would have to really be openminded with the little one hatching. Everything about my body habits changed.
gardenerjoy: I love the sound of "cleaning crew". I love that day.
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drinking lots of water!
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I am going to order this book tonight. I have to lose weight and in order to do so I must change my outlook on food and eating!
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Default Tuesday at home

Hi Coaches
Still at home but definitely improving - trying to work and get healthy. I made a healthy soup yesterday for lunches and I made extra for dinner last night to do me tonight so I am organised. I have a new (cheap) gadget which means I can turn photographic negatives into digital photos so all those negatives that are lying around will get the treatment and I can save them all to disk - including my parents which will preserve them. I looked at prices that companies charged and it was scary - mind you if time is a resource I am using a bit of it at night. Again I wish that keyboard work counted as incidental exercise! Regarding eating sitting down enjoying every bite, I found I just devoured my soup while reading all your posts - looks like dinner tonight will be the days practice session. Go into work tomorrow so need to be organised - especially as there is no backup because the canteen is closed

BelovedK - Yay for six pounds gone! You are doing well
BeverlyJoy - Yay for lost weight - take it and enjoy it! Credit for meditation and goals
BillBlueEyes - Computers cause much grief - how is a normal person to deal with problems like this where they don’t have a geek on tap? They are enough to drive one to strong drink let alone tree nuts so sort of well done
ChefJoona - Good planning - hope you get to the exercise you want
FutureFitChick - Great spontaneous exercise - I’m impressed. And some really good credits as some of the harder ones
GardenerJoy - Yay for a clean house, provisions and books in order to be snowed in. Almost sounds like a good outcome
IslaAzure - WELCOME - you have come to the right place. Hope the book shows up soon
Debbie R(Lexxiss) - Hope the storms are OK. Well done with the dish soap - some food just has to be destroyed
Maryann - It is good to have a job you like isn't it. Yay for no choice in the face of sabotaging bargaining thoughts
Naturegirl - I sympathise with the cold and I agree - I always feel like I am getting ready for school when I pack my pack and my lunch and my treats. But hey - it works. Bit like if I want to clean in the morning - the evening before I move the chairs and put things up out of the way and then I have no choice! Credit for planning.
Ann (Newlifestyle) - Good thinking to walk during danger periods - I noticed that was one of BillBE’s strategies. And such good planning happening
Onebyone - Glad you can share all your thoughts here - as appropriate here as to a RL person. So sorry about the house but it was fun while it lasted. Hope you do OK with the week away from home
Shepherdess - Travel food and eating - difficult. Taking food gets you so far but there is often not a lot you can take if there are limited facilities. I share the anxious thought that there might not be enough edible food later - especially when I was strictly vegetarian. GardenerJoy’s suggestions are something I will use

- Stayed within my food plan - Yes
- Measured all my food - yes
- Logged food - yes
- Developed food plan for today- yes
- Sat down to eat - yes
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - not so far
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - still at it
- I stopped eating when satisfied - ate it all
- Drank water - yes
- Checked in - yes
- Weighed myself - yes
- Read advantage cards - yes
- Read response cards - yes
- Read Beck - later
- Did planned exercise - no
- Incidental exercise - no

Have a great day
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