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We were having amazing weather yesterday. It was mid-30s without much wind and perfect for a run. I got out and enjoyed it (so did my dog!), though I have to admit to finding the world a little odd without the wind blowing.

Food was OP, including dhal curry for dinner, one of my favorites. Now I’m looking forward to nice healthy lunches for a few days.

Gardenerjoy, kudos for following your plan exactly and being rewarded by a drop in weight!

M0vingon, you can come here and rant any time you want! Reading the same cards can get a little boring. Sometimes it helps to take a moment and think about each one. The scale is frustrating, but these can be learning moments. It’s good information about how our bodies are responding. If you stick with it, it’ll move again.

Onebyone, hugs for all the stress and uncertainty right now. I’m sorry about the disappointing weigh-in and the off plan eating that it caused. If you get back OP, the number on the scale will only get better!

Grouse, great job finding a way to read those response cards even when you don’t feel like it. My advantage cards started out “I will. . .” and then as each became a reality I changed them to present tense.

Lexiss, there are few things in life more unpleasant than poorly planned meeting. Ouch for the unnecessary crackers, but great job skipping the cookies. Kudos for getting to your aerobics class, for no unnecessary calories in your soup, and for keeping your portions sane.

Madrikh, great job getting here and checking in. Great job staying OP with food and exercise while still battling fatigue. I’m crossing my fingers that your new medication works!

BillBE, yay for figuring out how to keep the information on old computers and dump the bulky machinery. Kudos for same old gym, even if it brings about twinges of envy.

ChefJoona, great job getting into the zone, getting some exercise and bringing snacking under control. I hope your new schedule works out well for you. Best of luck staying focused for a celebratory dinner.

Newlifestyle, waving back! It’s difficult to figure out how to make time and balance all the things we need to do. You’ll figure out a good system for posting eventually.
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We went out for breakfast yesterday, but it didn't agree with me, so I skipped lunch. Which led to a dramatic drop in weight this morning, but I can't count on that lasting.

Dinner out tonight with friends. I think I'll have Blackened Fish: fresh fish fillet coated in our Creole spices, served with a field pea & okra fricassée.

WI: -0.9kg, Exercise: +0* 660/1300 minutes for January, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

M0vingon: Write new cards! It definitely helps.

onebyone: Hugs! You've got a lot of stuff to deal with right now. Find ways to be kind to yourself.

grouse: my advantage cards start with "I want to...." The response cards are phrased however I need them to be and I change them if something comes up that seems to work better. I find Beck's versions too negative sometimes and will eventually work out a more positive way of saying the same thing. For example my version of never eat standing up is: I sit down when I eat because I enjoy my food more that way.

Lexxiss: yay for credits after a too busy Sunday. I aim for quieter Sundays, too, and often don't manage it.

madrikh: Yay for checking in!

BillBlueEyes: kudos for emptying your computer graveyard. We struggle with that, too. It's become easier now that we have places that will recycle responsibility.

ChefJoona: yay for your exercise and have fun at your celebratory gathering -- good job with your approach to it!

Newlifestyle: I post first to my exercise challenge thread and this thread and, only then, read more 3FC if I have time (I usually don't). This method took me about a year to evolve--and the reading that I did for several months, when I felt I was spending too much time on the site, was hardly a waste. Ultimately, though, I decided I was getting the most value for my internet minute by reading and posting in just those two threads.

Shepherdess: yay for the lunch and the dhal curry (yum!)
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Good Morning - I am back from sunny Palm Springs - 80 degrees, beautiful. Sometimes I feel like a Kennedy the way I travel! (just kidding!) Not OP but moderate splurge and weighed in 4 pounds heavier! Nonetheless, I do not feel desperate. It is information (like Beck says). Second day back OP and I am interested how long it will take me to lose the weight. This is a new attitude for me and I like it. Very positive. Catch up on personals over the next few days.

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Post Tuesday night

Hi Coaches

Mysteriously the scale dropped down to 283 this morning. -3+lbs over night. credit for weighing inI expect it to drop further this week as I add my watp back in tomorrow and stay OP. I cooked from scratch today creditbut am not sure if the beef I used was borderline bad. My fantastic beef and barley soup is not sitting well. Oh well, if I have to toss it away I will.

MIL gave DH a deadline; he's to be out of her basement by march break as she needs his bed for her st.patty's day guests. We thought he had until April 1st, but no. We really do need a place. Glad it's sooner rather than later.

I vegged out again today. No not so. I mailed off my contribution to the Year of the Rabbit print It's in Toronto and I am 3 days late so I hope they accept my prints. If not, oh well. Tomorrow I'll try to scan my print to show you guys. additional credit for walking to the post office: 20min walk

My Key West sister has a vacation planned for me to her town. She wants us to come down in May for a week. I really want to go. I sure hope we can. A little vacation after the Big Move and our Big Year would be fantastic.

Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone. It sure helps a lot to get me back on the wagon.

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Hi Becksters -

Monday I was on plan. I am grateful. It was a challenging day - but, I did it! When I saw my doctor last week she said that my blood pressure has been borderline high for the last 6 months. (Stress maybe ) She said to check out the sodium in my daily food. Well, my daily sodium count is way way too high. She suggested that I watch my salt. So - yesterday I figured out a plan that included: low salt, soft food (tmj popped out 2 weeks ago), easy on the tummy (I've had a tummy ache for months), enough fiber, and within my calorie range. Whew. I did it, though.

I got rid of the salt-added canned foods and will replaced them today with fresh, frozen or no salt added. I gave my salted canned goods to the food bank - if I didn't think DH would eat it. I was flabergasted to see how much sodium is in processed and some unprocessed food. It was very eye opening to me.

I have been dilegent about writing down my food and making it work in my plan. Also, I kept track of all the sodium amounts too. Credit. I've done my exercises for the past two days and have had alot of water each day. I need to do more of m beck tasks. Seems like I could only concentrate on making the food work. (I really CAN chew gum and talk at the same time.) Usually I am good a multi-tasking.

This weekend we will be out of town to attend a new Arts Center openning.
I need to start reading my response card on going out of town.

I am sorry I haven't had time for many personals. I should have more time on Wednesday. I am reading what everyone is saying and doing. I appreciate all your support, friendship, and wisdom.

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Default OMG! *this is why I am here!

Listen up, Beckmates, this from Saef on the maintainers thread:

"I'm on speaking terms with my body now, rather than being oblivious to it, "living from the neck up," as I call it. I am no longer mystified by it, or distrustful of it. I have a real sense of cause-and-effect. I know that moving & eating (& not eating some stuff) makes a difference. I don't engage in as much magical thinking, believing that wishin' & hopin' & prayin' will lead to changes.

And yes, like others here, I've become a skilled amateur nutritionist, chef, athlete & behavioral psychologist in order to take better care of myself.

And I now have developed excellent project management skills for any future self-improvement efforts: I learned that I am able to make tremendous changes in my behavior & follow through on them over a relatively long period of time. I know that I CAN CHANGE MYSELF. Do you know how amazing that is? Just spend some time for a while with someone who feels that he or she is unable to affect change or exert much control over the course of his or her life & you will know what the difference is. When you feel otherwise about yourself, your whole view on life changes, too."

This says it all as to rewards, and the "do-ability" of the wt. loss effort..and Beck gives us the day to day skills to just do it. This is so powerful.

Let's all just do it!
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Busy day, just checking in. Doing OK and waving hi to everyone!
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Hi friends.
I have a bit of time before starting dinner prep, so am checking in.

-have stayed OP today
-walked 2 miles this morning
-read my cards
-ate mindfully
-had some "sit down and relax" time (dozed off)
-ate 90% while sitting
-changed my ticker (heavy sigh)

BeverlyJoy: I understand the enormity of planning for a life with exceptions; I am gluten and dairy free. It gets tricky sometimes, but can be done. Great job for getting your planning done and for throwing out the salty food.

s to all.


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Hi everyone:

Just a quick check in. I did great yesterday. Ate planned food and survived the hotel. And it was not easy because for about an hour I had to fight thoughts of ordering pizza for the hotel. But I talked myself out of it.

Foodwise, today was terrible. I was overcome with sugar at staff meeting today and again this afternoon and then topped it off with Chinese tonight. BLAH. Feel blah. Feel bloated. But is it progress that I knew this food was not going to stop the stress, that I knew I was going to feel physically terrible afterwards and that I knew if I really really wanted to I could resist?

I can't let this derail me for days. Tomorrow must be back on plan.

So committing tomorrow to: eating on plan food only, riding exercise bike 30 minutes, doing weights, reading cards, and checking in here.

Thanks for listening.

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Wow! Lots of quick check ins and successful reporting. Thanks, maryblu, for providing such an inspiring post from Saef. I will write it in my notebook tomorrow...when I find it.

I'm quickly checking in, too. We decided to travel this evening between storms so we have arrived safely at our Eastern home. Lots of snow on the divide and more coming tonight.

I, too, had a pretty good day. I didn't listen to the sabateur who was thinking of all kinds of yucky comfort food. Instead, I had a healthy lunch, drove by the pizza place and got in touch with the fact that hunger is not an emergency. I'll prepare a healthy meal at home...a bit late but perhaps I can sleep in.

See ya'll soon...Thanks for being here!
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Default Thursday

Hi Coaches
I got back from my birthday long weekend yesterday afternoon. It was very food-centric I have to say but great. My birthday dinner on Saturday was wonderful - the disparate group got on well together and the menu for the 10 course degustation was fabulous. Very SMALL courses. There were matched wines all adding to the calories I am sure - but you only turn 60 once. Not something you would do every week / month / year

Now to get back on track! Today was my first day back at work and I am already in the thick of it - a lot to be done. I was on plan for food which was good and I have an on-plan dinner planned. I notice everyone is busy so it must be that time of year. Thanks for the quote Maryblu - it is pasted in my notebook already.

- Stayed within my food plan - Yes
- Measured all my food - yes
- Logged food - I am about to catch up
- Developed food plan for tomorrow - yes - and defrosted food
- Sat down to eat - yes
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - no exercise today
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - no
- I stopped eating when satisfied - no
- Drank water - yes
- Checked in - yes
- Weighed myself - yes
- Read advantage cards - no
- Read response cards - no
- Read Beck - no
- Did planned exercise - no
- Incidental exercise - a LOT of walking the last few days which I survived
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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spending time just staring at the spaces where the old computers had been, savoring their passage. And savoring the CREDIT moi again also.

Tripped myself on some candy in the room at work where I have to go to get stuff off the common printer. Ouch. Worse, it was from a box of Whitman's Sampler - hardly rare or unusual - dumped by someone trying to get it out of their life. Sobering to be reminded that the old gobble-anything-available part of me is still in there.

maryblu - I'll join you, "Let's all just do it!" Thanks for the neat Saef quote.

onebyone - Ouch for the unexpected deadline with Kudos for accepting it with resolve to move on and Kudos for hiking to the post office.

FutureFitChick - Waving back. Hope your project went well yesterday.

CeeJay - We must have been sending each other sugar signals yesterday - Ouch. So, today we'll send each other back-on-plan signals.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for a rebellion of the GI track. I like to do some yogurt when that happens because my head thinks that's a good idea.

Shepherdess - Drooling over your Dahl curry, and Double Drooling over it as leftovers.

Beverlyjoy - D*rn sodium in processed foods slowly tweaking our taste expectations so that we think too much sodium is normal.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Happy 60th. Ten courses - "Very SMALL courses" - should have helped surviving it. Noticed that you did a bunch of walking with those courses.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - It's sobering to be reminded that when you wish to travel thru the pass of high mountains, you gotta plan carefully. We flatlanders forget that.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - I remember temperatures warm enough to want to be walking.

Marci (madrikh) - LOL at "dozed off" - I have a specific chair where that tends to happen to me.

maryann - Admiring the sane attitude, "It is information (like Beck says)."

ChefJoona - Yay for knowing that you can celebrate an engagement and Yay again for heading out "with focus and resolve!"

Readers -
chapter 1
How the Program Works

Have you had such thoughts? These "sabotaging thoughts" are common to any dieter who has struggled with losing weight or maintaining a weight loss. Cognitive Therapy teaches you to talk back to these thoughts in a convincing way. If you think, I'll make up for it later, you'll remind yourself, When has "making up for it later" ever worked in the past? When has this idea ever helped me lose weight and keep it off? Or if you think, I really want that - it looks so good, you will be able to firmly tell yourself: This is just a desire to eat ... I'm not even hungry ... As soon as I turn my attention to something else, I won't even want it anymore ... I'm not going to eat it ... and I'm going to be so glad in a few minutes that I didn't.

And you will be done with it.

The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 16.
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On plan day yesterday, that even included a small brownie treat at the end of the day! Had some conversations with myself over chosing a big bukly roll or a whole grain english muffin for the bread for the turkey meatball sandwhich I was having for dinner... It was a pretty easy choice to have the english muffin which felt wonderful after!

Some spontaneous exercise throughout the day, but nothing long. My new schedule cuts my lunch break down to 30 minutes, which doesn't allow for the walks I have been doing the last couple weeks.

I noticed the themes of the importance of learning informtion about ourselves- even from the most difficult days, and challenging the notion that we cannot control our lives and bodies. Both are so very empowering!

Friend's celebratory dinner was postponed until today so more friends can attend. We are going to a pub in town that offers delicious burgers. I already am planning to only eat 1/2 and replace fries with a side salad. I have cut out drinking, as that sends my resolve on vacation.

Well wishes for today!
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DH had a class yesterday evening and I took that opportunity to take my dog for a run along the river in town. The winds were up, but it’s well sheltered in the trees. After his class we went out for pizza with some friends. They were trying to decide what pizza to order, but I committed to the pizza buffet, which included a salad bar. I made the salad bar my first stop and had a small serving of pizza. I was a bit hungry when I got home, but I went to bed instead. I needed sleep more than I needed food.

Gardenerjoy, I’m impressed that you skipped lunch since breakfast didn’t agree with you. Of course, it’s the logical thing to do, but I’ve never been logical about food. Hope your stomach is back to normal today.

Maryann, sunny Palm Springs sounds pretty great. Kudos for having such a sane reaction to your weigh-in. I often find I retain water after a trip and have a high weigh-in. The water weight comes off fast and the actual weight then looks a bit more manageable.

Onebyone, great job getting back on the wagon and being rewarded by a more positive weigh-in. Looks like you’re taking BillBE’s cue and getting some exercise while you run errands.

Beverlyjoy, great job staying OP during a stressful day. I was amazed when looking at how much sodium is in canned foods as well. There are some brands switching to low sodium. Great job adding one more item to count on your diet.

Maryblu, thanks for the great quote. I love the line “living from the neck up.” It is amazing to feel like you can change. I haven’t found a lot of people out there who really believe that.

FutureFitChick, waving back and wishing you the best while you’re busy.

Madrikh, great job on an OP day and getting in some exercise. LOL at dozing off during “sit and relax” time. You probably needed the nap!

CeeJay, great job talking yourself out of a pizza craving at the hotel. Ouch for coming face to face with sugar at a staff meeting and then succumbing to Chinese food, but kudos for getting back on track.

Lexiss, glad you chose to travel safely. Great job driving past that pizza place and avoiding comfort food during your drive.

Seadwaters, your birthday dinner sounds great. I love the small courses. Gives you the opportunity to sample without going overboard. Yay for surviving all the walking! Great job getting back to Beck now that the weekend is over.

BillBE, thought you might get a kick out of this article about working out in the post-New Year’s crowded gym: Ouch for the reminder that you can still be suckered into some ordinary candy someone is essentially throwing out.

ChefJoona, great job staying OP and making the smart choice about bread. I love that I can include small treats in my day. Kudos for planning ahead for your celebratory dinner.
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Lightbulb can't control the results

Hey there coaches

I got on the scale this morning and lord have mercy it said 278.4.
I thought I'd be facing a long hard road just to get under 280 again and here I've gone from a high of 287 to 278 in two days. My body has always been a sponge. Guess it still is. credit for getting the crap food out of the house weeks ago as I surely would have eaten it yesterday. Also, credit for stalking the drugstore aisles eyeing all the food not on my plan and choosing roasted almonds as my treat. They were on sale too. I took a good hard look at the 2 for $4 kettle cooked fried things at the cash while I stood there in line and could envision how awful I would feel, on all levels, were I to bring those home. They stayed there. credit for being able to choose a future benefit vs. instant gratification. A truly essential skill which needs to be nurtured in me.

Today I'm going to make an effort in the little room upstairs. Piles and piles of boxes in there which could all be labeled "miscellaneous". Ugh. I have some charity coming by in the morning to take my unwanted goods away so I need to do the work today to get something on the porch tomorrow. This will be my first decluttering attempt since I got back. I haven't made much progress. Maybe today. I do have my toss-keep-giveaway boxes/bags ready. Just to do the work...

Food is OP and I'm still on the glycemic index plan. Time to do some reading, writing and planning to help me stay focused. I think I need to get into the nitty gritty of things. My life will be filled with stress for the next few months until we have unpacked our stuff in our new place. Stress CANNOT be an excuse for not being OP! I'll surely pass 300lbs if I allow myself to slack off. My goal is to lose weight so I become more healthy and fit. It won't happen by magic.

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