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Coaches/Buddies, got some good sleep last night! Yeah! My in-laws were supposed to come for the weekend to visit, but they have cancelled on us again. Oh well. Now I need to readjust what to do with the extra food I’d made and planned to make for their visit. Instead we may go to a party at a friends house where we’d be expected to eat and I don’t know if there will be much on the menu I can eat. Maybe I’ll bring along a veggie tray or eat before we go.

We went out to eat as a result of them not coming last night and I chose food that was not the healthiest for me. However, I ate only until I was full and left lots (30%) of it on my plate and did not bring home a doggie bag. I took the dog for a walk when we got home because I wasn’t too full!

Thank you all for your amazing support and I am lucky to have found and trusted all of you!

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -0.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: no
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: yes
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: yes

BillBlueEyes, thanks for the fantastic inspiration on how to handle eating at a friends house. Thanks!

ChefJoona, having a friend over is a terrific way to keep your eating on plan. Have a wonderful time cross-country skiing.

CeeJay, great job on successful travels! That is fantastic! Good job for jumping back in regardless of the “unhealthy dinner”.

GardenerJoy, just so you know, I love who you are and would be proud to be such a lovely person! Thanks for sharing about your diet plans. I had always looked at changing my diet plans as resolution of my failure. But, if I was changing because what I was doing was not working any more, that is an incredible lesson.

Lexxiss, great job for fantastic selections for dinner and sharing! What a terrific supporter your husband is becoming. I think giving up on ice cream would be too much for my husband to handle (in spite of the fact he is lactose intolerant). Garden planning is really fun, in spite of the cold weather. Maybe you could invest in cold frames to be able to garden longer this year.

Madrikh, sounds like you are doing amazing in spite of lots of crap being in your way. I found that book I had mentioned. It is called Feeling Tired All the Time by Dr. Joe Fitzgibbon. I found it helpful and may repeat the testing process to see if I’ve developed any new food sensitivities that are causing my to be in such pain right now.

Newlifestyle, you will be such a people pleaser and inspiration to every one around you when you reach your goal, which I am confident you will do!! Snowshoeing sounds great! You are already an inspiration to me for how far you have gotten already. Friends that don’t want you healthy have a whole different set of problems. All you can do is love them and set a great example.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome back and the encouragement. Yes, I do have a lot going on. Fortunately I have 2 wonderful health care providers who are walking through all of this with me. It's very hard to stay committed to the work I need to do to stay healthy.
Somehow my body managed to gain 2 pounds while on the retreat with the awful food, so I am back at 167.

-checking in with honesty
-I have a plan for today

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Good afternoon:

madrikh- yay for having a plan for today!! You are dealing with a lot right now so be kind to you.

FutureFitChick- good luck at the party tonight. Sounds like you have a good plan.

Shepherdess- good job at the restaurant resisting the bread even though you were hungry and also for saving half your entree.

gardenerjoy- love what you said about being happy in the moment. Really that is all we are guaranteed- this very moment. I am trying hard to stay there also. I was thinking about ordering the Mellin book on amazon- do you recommend it? I like the exercise you mentioned about checking in many times per day about how you feel. I need to do this. I find myself much too often multitasking in my brain, racing to the next thing I have to do and not really paying attention to the present.

Newlifestyle- snowshoeing is on my advantage list--something I am planning to do when I get lighter. I used to do it, as well as cross country ski. Sure made winters go faster. About your friend who is not losing- she will be happy for you and maybe inspired. I weigh every day. Learning about my huge fluctuations was great. On other attempts to lose I weighed weekly and that led to being very unhappy (and often giving up) when the scale did not move or went up. I am much happier with daily.

ChefJoona- good for you getting out skiing. Enjoy that sun. I used to love cross country skiing- it is so relaxing yet such a great workout.

BillBlueEyes- good for you for seconds of the most healthy food at the table.

Lexxiss- your DH impressed me very much with his agreement to stop with the ice cream. And nice move avoiding the Chinese food restaurant.

Beverlyjoy- good to picture you twirling. I am glad you are going ahead with your vacation and hopping on the scooter. With all your company, I am sure you will have a great time.

seadwaters- hope thing go well while you are away. Happy Birthday!!!

maryblu- write it all down is what I am doing every day also. I write down what I am going to eat the day before and then check it off. It seems like a commitment and I hate changing it to unhealthy food.

maryann- brave of you to do the hunger experiment and you lived through it!! I have not done it- too afraid it will lead to a melt down for me.

Movingon- waving hello.

onebyone- your story about MIL's leftovers made me laugh. Hope you are home again and away from her food.

Ruthxxx- happy birthday. I started with the Green Book and am now going through the pink one. Like them both.

grouse- waving hello and welcome back.

Nature Girl- waving hello. Isn't pleasantly hungry interesting? Interesting and not an emergency. LOL.

Check back later.

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Hi Beckies - checking in. Yesterday was a great day. I stayed well with my plan. I've been making lots of different healthy soups this week. It's nice to have them as a 'go to' meal from the freezer.

Today we went to a memorial service for a wonderful friend (age 90) who passed away last month. He was the founder of our storytelling guild - a kind and generous soul, too. And, a wonderful storyteller! In fact, when he retired he went to East Tennessee State and got his masters in storytelling at age 68! It was a grand afternoon with many of his family members & friends, lots of pictures, a video, and many stories! I haven't seen alot of my storytelling friends lately - with all my foot/ankle stuff. So I was glad to get a chance to visit with them too. There were wonderful looking cookies, coffee and punch after. I grabbed a bottle of water and carried it around. After that I never went near the food table. Credit. Didn't have a cookie... credit.

Time to hang out with DH.

Hope you have all had a great day.

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Quick checkin with my Beckmates.

Yesterday was my first slip-up, but not a big one. Can't do a glass of Pinot Noir with dinner out and behave myself totally. Worse yet, I had red wine with fish!

Today is back on track. I made some dreadful broccoli soup, but am eating it anyway, because it's GOOD FOR ME! The only thing salvaging it at all is the nutmeg. Mostly kills the taste of the broccoli. for your question about when I am in my zone, is the Beck behavior automatic? To that, I have to say no. When I am in my zone, I just don't overeat; food loses its importance. I don't have to consciously do anything. I just stop before I'm full, and it's no big deal.

I have to consciously pull out the Beck book when I am struggling. And, the start is to write it all down, run through fit day, etc.

There is a band at the local bar tonight, and it's only 11 miles from home, so, I'm there!

Best to all.
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Credit today:

Planned all meals for next week
Did weights
Exercise bike for 30 mins
Ate on plan
Read cards
Ate mostly slowly and mindfully.
Checked in with my coaches
Weighed in

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Post Saturday check in


A thumbs up for me for weighing in the morning after I got home after my unexpected, and unplanned, week away from home. I saw a rather upsetting 283.6 on the scale. booohissssssssss Stupid scale. But "'tis a poor craftsman who blames his tools", so yeah, I accept the 283.6. pppppfffft.

"Quality time" spent with my MIL on thursday and friday when she took the days off was 90% good. So that's a happy thing to report. But what was not so good is a real challenge. It went like this... we're watching Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz is all about new year new you 10 things to do right in 2011 or something like that. Lose weight, of course, comes up by way of "know your blood pressure numbers". I know mine. I have a little oval white pill now for that number. MIL tells me she reduced her smoking after having a TA (mini-stroke)while driving in the car on the freeway caused by skyhigh untreated bp combined with smoking. I, in sympathy, share of my bp disappointments and add that I do believe it is weight related
*creaking sound of door opening in my emotional defensive wall*
enter stage right: Woman with Good Advice and Sound Opinion: said sternly yet with concern I can't tell you what to do, but you and (my son) will both be 65 some day and all that weight you are both carrying is a strain on your heart and you will be sorry for that one day, but you are adults and if you want keep eating that's none of my business and if you don't want to lose weight well your body will eventually .... (I tune right out cause I am mad and actively swallowing my feelings). The night before she was saying that it was "such a pleasure" to cook for two people who so enjoyed her cooking and that it was great that all the leftovers were being eaten.
And yesterday?
She wanted to do something nice for me so she had a two for one coupon to the chinese buffet and that's where we went. I didn't do awful. I didn't do great. I had dessert but felt her tut-tuts as I chowed down. She ate more than I saw her eat the whole week. She is "getting her money's worth" after all and at home she can't throw food away as "it's a waste of money" even though she eats only a tiny bit and saves the rest. She told me during our heart to heart during Dr. Oz that during stress she stops eating and has a closet full of clothes from size 6-12. She volunteered that eating too little could be as harmful as too much.

I don't see MIL as a willful saboteur but your typical person who says "I never" and you just saw them do it. My battle is not to change her but to be aware of her and how she gets to me. I, as always, am the problem and the solution for me. I need to have my fortified defenses ready when in certain situations with her. She is setting me up to be her "food buddy"-a chum to go to restaurants with, to do the coupon thing to restaurants with, to have over for dinner and to make dinner for. Food food food food food. Again with the bonding. She'll be retiring this September. I'd better be as busy as her son is or I will be looking after two moms: his and my own.

Anyway. I completely forgot I even had a plan today. In the grocery store I bought whole eggs when I had already decided I was substituting for them with eggbeaters. I didn't do my watp even though I was home all day. I drank a cola beverage this morning without noticing except aftwerwards. the drive home last night was an "eat whatever" like the old days though i didn't really eat much but I had sugar.

ON The plus side: I doubt I will ever spend that many days and nights at MIL house ever again. It was a unique series of events that occured. Her food pushing is really behind me plus I am really on to her.

And the good news: we have an offer in on a rental house in town that's a very special place. I'll find out if it's ours by 5pm Monday.

And the best news: I got a studio space on the hippest artsiest street in Toronto: Queen St West. It's a giant shared warehouse space with 15 (so far) other artists run by a young guy (25?) who already owns two galleries and does hip happening art events and shows for "his" emerging artists.
I'm kind of wondering about being around artists who are probably mostly half my age - like what does this say about me anyway? Am I immature or what? - vs. "go with your gut. It's telling you to follow this path and LOOK the DOOR OPENED RIGHT UP". I got the studio for the exact amount of $ I wanted to pay, in the exact area I wanted to be in, along with the built-in connections to the local happening art scene in an area I am not from. Lots of people to ask about how things are run there vs here. I am seriously trying not to second guess myself. I cannot even begin to describe to you the potential I saw in this person and this place. VERY exciting and full of promise.

Better go. this was supposed to be short but it seems I am incapable of that these days. Thanks for reading and for sharing yourselves too.
We really are in this together.
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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Major de-cluttering was to remove the hard drive from a computer that can now be put on the curb Tuesday morning; CREDIT moi. I mourn each component that was researched, chosen, installed, made to work despite all the help from the Windows O.S., and used faithfully for years. I feel like I'm abandoning my own history. Just tortures my soul to give up a computer; there are three others waiting. Doing one will help me with the others.

Food was OK; CREDIT moi. I'm out of my peanut butter (Whole Foods, ground from roasted peanuts into the container in my hand as I stand there) requiring me to use DW's Simply Jiff - which contains something to keep it from separating. That something, IMHO, is not peanut butter. Just one more example of surviving in a mixed marriage.

maryblu - Hard to believe there can be such a thing as "dreadful broccoli soup" - broccoli is a gift from the gods. Thanks for your comments about "in my zone." I take from that the thought that when my mind is fully occupied with something important to me, food will lose its importance.

onebyone - You deserve Kudos for your active contribution to a successful week with your MIL - so many potholes to avoid. Jubilation that you've set yourself up for an active, engaging artistic existence in your new home. Re age: a friend recently told me that whenever she goes into the local studio very late at night to work her pottery, there's usually one of the women in their seventies working away - quite happily. Seems like those who got it in their blood just keep going and going.

FutureFitChick - Super Kudos for leaving 30% at a restaurant and not doing a doggie bag. It's still my dream that I can learn to do that. Neat that not being too full allowed you to then take the dog for a walk.

CeeJay - Ouch for 3 harrowing hours of driving. Happy Kudos for all those happy credits.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for sharing your search for your own path to contentment. I chose as my mantra for the day, "rejoice and be glad in it."

Shepherdess - Yay for the Audubon Society for continuing to speak for the birds and the environment. Ouch for me being reminded of all the birds you can see in Wyoming that we can't locally. And Yay for that which causes "a very happy dog!"

Beverlyjoy - Just a wonderful thought of being a 90 year old story teller. Kudos both for making a freezer full of soups and avoiding a whole table of desserts.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - My take is that you're doing the right thing by thinking about the impact of your weight loss. When we lose weight, it does seem to require those around us to change themselves - if only to put us into a different pigeon hole in their brains. Having realized that, it then seems like that's true for any change we make in life or that they make in their life, so it then becomes enabling to go forward. March on taking care of you.

Marci (madrikh) - Yep it's very hard. And Yep, you're posting and staying the course. Kudos.

ChefJoona - "1 degree F" is cold; stay warm out there skiing.

Readers -
chapter 1
How the Program Works

On the Beck Diet for Life Program . . .
. . .
You will maintain your weight loss. I always tell dieters, "No wonder you always gained back weight in the past. You never learned the skills to keep it off." On this plan, you will learn how to motivate yourself every day, get back on track when you falter, and recover quickly from a relapse.

The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 15.

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Hi everyone! I'm short on time this morning but felt compelled to write….yesterday was a B- Beck day...did great until we had an unplanned guest which turned into an unplanned dinner. Healthy, but I overdid on OP bread...however didn't have any dessert. Exercise was planned and enjoyed! Today, I just go from one event to the next….and have to make DH a nice appeasement breakfast before I go. *click* just reminded to bring an acceptable snack to the afternoon meeting because tradition states that cookies, chips and pop will be provided.

BillBlueEyes, I feel your pain….I have a laptop sitting right next to me that needs the same operation. Perhaps, your step will help me undertake mine.(ETA-I'm doing it TODAY!) It sounds like Whole Foods-Peanut Butter needs to go on your list.

onebyone, wow!at your continuing saga with MIL. BTW- I never do Chinese buffet anymore. The resulting gain (sometimes 5 pounds) is probably water retention from chemicals and sodium, BUT the damage in my head is just not worth it. My thought for MIL would be to reverse strategy and invite her to free lunch at the location of YOUR choice and make it healthy. When she pushes leftovers, remind her of the importance of her heart to heart...and decline because she's right, it's time to get healthy….anyway, perhaps TMI, if so, sorry.
Congrats! on finding such a super duper work space!

CeeJay with you!

maryblu, perhaps automatic wasn't the right word...subconsious (learned response)??? BTW-gag at bad broccoli soup. Hope it's gone by now!

Beverlyjoy, *credit* for not one cookie at the event honoring the life of your dear friend...perhaps an action to honor you.

Marci(madrikh), I always always have a gain when I eat foods not on my plan, water retention...I have a card which reads, "My gain is temporary and it's extremely important to get back to MY real food." *credit* for having a plan.

FutureFitChick, Yay! for even one good night of rest, which makes everything easier. I feel lucky to have found and trusted you all, too!

Shepherdess, I feel that annoyance, too, when I start nibbling. Great that you got a run in! It's still and balmy here this AM, hope it's carried over the hill.

gardenerjoy, "happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." ~ denis waitley via my vision board.

Ann(Newlifestyle), *credit* and thanks for posting your soul searched feelings about weighloss. I have a dear friend on the boards here, who is gaining, too. It helps me to identify the emotion *sad* but recognize that I am ultimately only responsible for me.

ChefJoona, *credit* for a right on motivation for exercise!

Junk food report: still no ice cream, however yesterdays request was for chips….I need to reread my suggestion to onebyone and reverse strategy. (I did buy him chips but did buy the one variety I absolutely detest! *credit*)
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I'm declaring today a spa day, where my food plan is written out and I follow it exactly!

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +45* 625/1300 minutes for January, Food: 60%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: completely with you on the peanut butter -- fortunately, I converted DH several years ago as long as I stir the peanut butter to keep it mixed.

onebyone: good job working all the ins and outs of the interactions with MIL. I'm so excited about your studio space! Being the oldest could be a really fun role for you, kind of everyone's go-to archetypal Wise Woman.

maryblu: yay for being back on track, even if it takes broccoli soup!

Beverlyjoy: so glad that the memorial service was an occasion for celebration in all kinds of ways.

CeeJay: yes, overall, I liked the Mellin book. It obviously worked for me although not quite as I expected or the book intended. Even better than the 10 times a day of checking in (which I never fully accomplished) was an exercise they called doing a cycle. It took me 20 or 30 minutes each time and was all about a deeper exploration of feelings and working through the expectations that caused them. Changing unreasonable expectations was very powerful. I did a cycle several days in a row during my journaling time and it made a huge difference for me. That's the one part of the book that I intend to continue. I also liked many other aspects of the book even though I didn't choose to do the program fully. You may find the discussion of the role of meaningful work (having enough, but not too much, in any given day) useful.

madrikh: yay for the credits!

FutureFitChick: yay for rethinking your weekend based on changing needs and for accomplishing the nifty trick of stopping before full in a restaurant! Cool that you found the reframe that a plan can fail you, rather than you failing a plan.

Shepherdess: yay for water on a drinking occasion. We're going to a play tonight with a cash bar -- I'm going to follow your example and stick to water. I suppose pregnancy makes that a more obvious choice, but it doesn't mean I can't do it, too!

Lexxiss: Thanks for the quote from your vision board -- perfect!
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Had a good OP day which included a real treat for dinner: butternut squash raviolis. One of our favorite meals, but we don’t make it that often because it is so time-consuming. It was fun to have special meal for no particular reason except we had the time and energy to make it.

I braved the wind for another run yesterday. The winds and above freezing temps have made for a very muddy route. My dog was very happy until she found out that it meant a bath.

FutureFitChick, yay for a night of good sleep. Great job being flexible when you had a change of plan and for eating mindfully at a restaurant. It’s great that you were even able to slip in some extra exercise.

Madrikh, yay for good health care providers committed to helping you find a solution to your fatigue! Don’t get discouraged about the weigh-in. I often find that my weight is up a bit after a trip, but it’s just water weight and drops after a day or two.

CeeJay, great job on a good OP day with lots of credits! Kudos for using your weekends to plan for your busy week.

Onebyone, yay for getting studio space in the best a great area for a great price! This sounds like such a great opportunity for you. Sorry about the disappointing weigh-in, but great job accepting it and moving on. And sorry about the difficult conversation with your MIL. She probably didn’t know how harsh she was coming across and it’s easier to point out others mistakes than to look at your own. Just be assured that you have a plan for your health and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

BillBE, yay for continued decluttering even though it means mourning the loss of years of hard work. LOL at “surviving a mixed marriage.” Hope you get your real peanut butter soon!

Lexiss, ouch for unexpected guest who made you change your plan for dinner. Great job skipping dessert and getting in some exercise. sounds better than a B-! Great job planning for a busy day.

Gardenerjoy, yay for a “spa day” to take care of yourself and get a little extra motivation to stay OP.
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Weighed in this morning for a loss of 2 lbs! It was a nice suprise. The dinner with my friend went well last night. It really is so much easier to stay on plan when cooking and eating at home. I haven't seen her in several months and she instantly commented on the change in my appearance, which felt reinforcing!

Skiing didn't end up happening yesterday, due to a change in my friends' plans, but got some good activity in putting in some free-standing shelving in our launrdy room/ pantry. It involved carrying all my small kitchen appliances (bread maker, food processor, piles of cook books and saved cooking magazines etc...) out of the room and back in. I think that counts as some activity! The shelving was also a hassle to put together- definitely burned some calories there.
I will definitely be getting some exercise in to day. Headed out to my parent's house, which is about 25 minutes away and will enjoy a nice walk with my dad and their dog. Its warmed up to the 20's. (F)

I am enjoying reading about the many different stages everyone is in, and recognizing the common struggles and successes!
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Coaches/Buddies, having a good day making lots of homemade food and watching the Bears vs. Seahawks. How sad thee bad injuries the Seahawks have had! I’m feeling some pressure for a work deadline coming up. I may have overcommitted/set an unrealistic deadline for myself. Augh!

Had a good time at the party last night. I allowed myself to sample all of the food that was new to me and eat only until full. I did OK.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -1 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: none scheduled
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: no
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: yes

BeverlyJoy, fantastic job grabbing water instead of the cookie table. What a cool degree to have – storytelling! Sorry to hear about the loss of a friend.

BillBlueEyes, great job for decluttering . I’ve taken to making my own peanut butter in my food processor. I just get some bulk peanuts at an Indian grocer and throw them in and process. Oassionally I add a little bit of peanut oil if it is too dry and a little bit of salt.

ChefJoona, great job with the spontaneous exercise! That is terrific. I’m so glad you are posting regularly.

CeeJay, hope you are doing well! Great job for all of the credits.

GardenerJoy, great job with the spa day. That sounds terrific. Thanks again for helping me rethink my attitude about plans that were not working.

Lexxiss, great job bringing a snack to the event

Madrikh, glad you have wonderful health care providers in your life. Hang on to them!

Maryblu, great job for getting back on track with your food plan and sticking with the broccoli soup.

Onebyone, sorry to hear about the difficulties with your mother-in-law.

Shepherdess, your butternut squash does sound like a real treat! I’m glad you got to get outside yesterday.
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Beverlyjoy- sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like the memorial was a fitting tribute.

maryblu- yay for back on track and boo for bad broccoli soup.

onebyone- good for you for recognizing your MIL's mixed messages- that you should eat healthy as she is actively engaging you in eating unhealthy. That information should help to deal with her the next time you are together. Your studio space sounds wonderful. I was thinking that it will be inspiring for younger artists to see you still following your passion, despite your age- is this making you sound like you are 80, not 40 something?

BillBlueEyes-yay for ditching the old computer.

Lexxiss-nice switch-up on the dinner plans and for skipping dessert.

gardenerjoy- hope you enjoyed spa day. I think I am going to order the Mellin book- thanks for your thoughts on it.

Shepherdess-your raviolis sound great. Never tried that.

ChefJoona- congratulations on 2 pounds gone. Excellent news.

FutureFitChick-so good to read about you going to the party and only eating till full. Nice list of credits, including being down 1 pound!!

For me, I was so happy to get on the scale and see 284. Maybe it is a fluctuation but I know that sooner or later that will be the top end of fluctuation if I keep doing what needs to be done.

Off to the $%^* hotel tomorrow- 1 night only this time. However at the rate it is snowing I may be in for a cancelled day. Had a lovely day puttering around today. I love Sundays!!!

Credit today:

weighed in- down from 287 yesterday to 284 today. WOOSH
Did weights
Exercise bike for 30 mins
Ate on plan
Read cards
Ate mostly slowly and mindfully
Checked in with my coaches
packed up lunch for tomorrow

See you when I get back.

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Thumbs up sunday night


I don't know if I have any credits to report today. Yes I do:
-weighed in and have gone up a bit more: 284.6
-did not binge eat today in spite of the weigh in #
-visited my mother and took her out when I didn't want to and it was probably the most perfect visit we have had yet

Need to work on:
-planned exercise and doing my watp dvd's again
-writing down my food
-writing out my foodplan/planning my week foodwise
-drinking my water again
-reading Beck
-writing in my journal

DH and I picked my mother up and brought her to the opening today of my first art show in the year 2011: the Art School Alumni Show. I had 3 ceramic pieces in the show. I've attached 2 jpgs of a piece we can all relate to I think. It's called Broken Zipper. One jpg shows it from the front and the other shows the side. It's clay made with coils and then fired with cobalt oxide brushed on it. I did it right after another zipper busted on me. My love for this piece is that it should tip over and yet it doesn't. I love making pieces that balance yet look precarious doing so.

DH just called. He made it back to his mom's in Toronto. Only 9 more of these weekender visits before we have to be out of here permanently. 9 weekends max. That's not many. Time to get packing for real this week and getting back OP 100%. Thanks coaches for giving me so many great examples of people doing the exact same thing.

ps here's my map and I'm walking to Boston in 2011. I've done 13 watp miles which puts me in the southend of the city and at about #18 on the map using suggested route#1. 15 more miles to #19 on the map=next walking goal.
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