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Angry again. ugh.

Okay coaches.

Today I fell into the leftover bbq chicken. It was unplanned eating and I had already eaten my planned snack: yogurt+banana I wasn't hungry but I was anxious. In fact I am still anxious. This is it for my unplanned eating today so credit for it being less than yesterday I suppose.

On the plus side, the pie is gone. DH and I finished it last night. I have no dessert in mind for after dinner tonight and no snacks after dinner will be my mantra.

I've never been so confused over leftovers before coaches. MIL makes food. She eats tiny amounts and then snacks after dinner while watching tv - and encourages us to join her. DH does I don't. So she faithfully bundles up all the leftovers, and I mean every little thing is saved, and it goes into the fridge. She NEVER EVER eats her leftovers. She is thrilled DH and I like leftovers; such a novelty for us really! So there are more leftovers in that fridge than meal planning affords me. I know she wants me to eat the leftovers as she must, ultimately, throw them away or freeze them (?) and I, people pleaser and confused person as of late, want to please her so I end up thinking about the leftovers! man. MIL does not want to waste anything and often speaks of not wasting food coming from a family of 7 sons and one daughter, which was her, and the youngest to boot. Raised in poverty after the death of her father when she was just 6 I think, everyone looked after her and they did not waste a thing. So, though she never eats them, she cannot let the leftovers go and sees this as a virtue in us I think.

Never really dealt with this particular emotional scene before. More to come coaches! More to come! I feel the growing pains....

I pledge to stop eating after my dinner: exception coffee with cream.

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A quick check in...the friend who was going to help my DH install a new(to me) dishwasher isn't coming, so I have turned into the lead plumber. I'm printing instructions as I type. It's a fancy schmancy from our local Habitat for Humanity Home store. that it works.
Today has been a good food day, so far. Yesterday was, too, until I got emotionally involved with my friend, who is divorcing. I did stop, coaches, but I was amazed in retrospect how I emotionally eat, even over other peoples problems! I'm working the hunger experiment today, too...skipping lunch. *credit* for exercise, too.

Gotta kitchen is torn apart.

onebyone, do you have a Beck book with you, or can you check one out at th library?? I always travel with mine now. The input regarding food pushers is incredible, and so many of the examples address situations that you are bringing up. I guess I would make a card which said, "I can eat MIL'S leftovers or I can be thinner but I can't be both." I my brief synopsis is that there are ways to be firm and polite and that it isn't as important to the food pushers as we think.
For me, unplanned eating usually leads to unplanned eating....over and over. Seems like it "might" be possible to get MIL in your court somehow, too. My mom is now a great support system for me since she has learned that's what I want. On the other hand, she's pushing sugar to my Sis, 'cause she lets her. Best wishes to you in a tough situation.

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Well, chalk up another great Beck behavior day, free from the desire to overeat or be overly focused on food. Sure feels good.

An early happy birthday to Ruthxxx and two live it up, now!

Seadwaters, great that your doc is looking for the source of the inflammation, but in the meantime both the cholesterol/triglyceride numbers and the inflammation will respond well to fish oil..capsules, oil, or the real thing. Can't tell you how much high quality fish oil capsules have helped me. Even my hair and skin is better. One of my doctors, my junior by prolly 20 yrs. just shakes his head and says, "I wish my numbers were as good!"

BillBE, am thinking of you as I watch the nightly news. Hope you have power and haven't lost any trees.

Thanks to all my coaches' concern about my sad. I know what it is, and it is a sad I should have fully faced almost two years ago. So, now, I have to face it. It's OK, and it seemed to be the reality check I needed to get out of my food coma.

Best to all my coaches, and welcome aboard, so glad you came over!
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Ouch! I fell hard tonight. Things have been going well, but after work tonight something came over me before I even had the wherewithall to exercise any new skills. It was a little like a feeding frenzy- mindlessly eating whatever was at hand. Ugh! I felt really awful about it, but now I'm pulling up the socks and moving forward. I will be doing some sort of emotional forensics this evening- trying to figure out what happened and prevent it from happening again!
Here's to tomorrow!
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Thumbs up Thursday afternoon

Hi Coaches
An uneventful day - stayed on plan and am still working on the same essentials: mindful eating and identifying fullness. I don’t think I am ever full unless I stuff myself mindlessly and then realise I have had too much. I think I am full many times but can’t differentiate had enough food from wanting something I can’t have or “prowling” looking for something - I often find myself in the middle of the kitchen just ‘wanting’. So the idea of having something after a meal which creates a FULL STOP to eating is worth thinking about. Cold and coughing is improving - still having trouble getting consistent sleep

BeverlyJoy - Major credit for dealing with stress without food, and walking away from candy bowls - that is major
BillBlueEyes - Hope the hot chocolate hit the spot and the day wasn’t too bad
ChefJoona - Office lunches - disaster for me. Hope you flexed your resistance muscle
FutureFitChick - Yay for leaving food on your plate - so hard to do. And you have a great list of credits. Taking your food is great planning
GardenerJoy - “Close the kitchen” mentally is what I need to do too - not sure tea would do it for me so will need to come up with something
Debbie R(Lexxiss) - Hope the plumbing works out! Yay for trying different techniques to get back on track
Maryann - Hope the hunger experiment goes well - a bit unsettling but empowering
Maryblu - Thanks for the birthday greetings. I take a lot of good quality fish oil and usually my tests are good - but I think Christmas did me in (well my eating over that time!). Will have a look further down the track. Credit for another good Beck day
Cindy (MovingOn) - Great job with moving on (just like your name) after a slip up - only thing to be done. I like the notion of emotional forensics -- probably more useful than denial which I tend to engage in
Onebyone - You describe a binge so well - I can see that being with your MIL is challenging so sending supportive thoughts your way for the next 2 days in her company. Lexxiss is so right - the sections on food pushers are very helpful. Your story about the leftovers had me LMAO - has she been asked about why she overcooks so much? I am sure there is more to come indeed. Hang in there.
Ruthxxx - Sounds like you are in the groove there. If you aren’t back here beforehand have a great birthday and dinner
Shepherdess - Yes- I am feeling motivated to get those test results back to something more normal so I need to take care. Good choice not to run in the slick - looks like you’ll be indoors for a while poor thing

- Stayed within my food plan - yes
- Measured all my food - yes
- Logged food - yes
- Developed food plan for today- yes
- Sat down to eat - yes - had to put down something I was about to eat as I went to the table
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - thinking about it
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - lots of desire and little hunger
- I stopped eating when satisfied - no - ate all servings
- Drank water - yes
- Checked in - yes
- Weighed myself - yes
- Read advantage cards - yes
- Read response cards - yes
- Read Beck - yes - gee she’s good
- Did planned exercise - nope
- Incidental exercise - nope

Have a great day

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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Shoveled, shoveled, and shoveled again for my exercise; CREDIT moi. DW is usually right beside me, but was out of sorts with a cold thingy. (She went around knocking the wet snow off bushes - it was a limb breaking kind of snow. Our 15 foot River Birch was bent with its tip stuck in the snow.)

Eating was OP, CREDIT moi, including a hike back to the new local Indian restaurant where we were greeted like old friends. It was the first time that I ever remember that the waiter (owner) said, with a how-can-you-do-this-to-me look on his face, "You didn't finish!" "Really want that for tomorrow's lunch," I said, and he looked satisfied.

maryblu - Yay for a day that "Sure feels good." [We kept power and tree limbs, but both were down nearby.]

onebyone - Yay for paychecks. Maybe money can't buy happiness but it sure can bribe off a few of the alligators nibbling on one's rear end, LOL. Good luck finding your path thought the swamp for two days til you get back to a safe environment with no MIL cooking and pushing.

FutureFitChick - Oh Yes, bringing your food and resisting "a cookie pusher" are both worthy of Kudos. Watching snow is meditation. I wonder if Buddha ever had to shovel the stuff, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - My DW can do a square of dark chocolate every evening. Just one. I find that admirable, but strange, LOL.

Shepherdess - Kudos for having a cupcake; today's quote is Beck being clear that a planned treat is part of the game.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for a freezer stash so there's always an on-plan option. Your touch of laid back should help stay the course. My take is that the green book stands alone; either one works. I got both just to learn that, but then, perhaps I am "obsessive," LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for all of us with human brains that can conjure the thought of "some food to 'comfort' me." Kudos for standing it down.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - I know about that "in the middle of the kitchen just ‘wanting’ ." Your "FULL STOP" sounds wise.

Lead Plumber (Lexxiss) - Sobering thought that we can eat emotionally over someone else's problems. Kudos for stopping.

maryann - The skip-lunch day is a rite of passage - hope it went well.

grouse - Big Kudos for posting and for your plan for "EVERY DAY." Yep, Beck is adamant, Cognitive Behavior strategies work because of daily repetition. 2011 can be your year.

Cindy (M0vingon) - Kudos for "pulling up the socks and moving forward" with Double Kudos for "emotional forensics" to understand.

ChefJoona - I'm not a fan of my company's notion that they can take over my lunch time if they provide food. I recently asked the secretary organizing one monthly affair to add grilled chicken over salad. She did, and now it's more popular than the fatty meat wraps. Maybe that could work for you.

Readers -
chapter 1
How the Program Works

On the Beck Diet for Life Program . . .
. . .
You will eat and fully enjoy your favorite foods and beverages. This plan allows you to select - every day, if you wish - a reasonable portion of chips, fries, desserts, alcohol, or any other food or beverage you like. I will show you the portion you can eat and still lose weight, and I will teach you how to limit yourself to only that portion. Many of the dieters I counsel report that they are finally able to eat these formerly "forbidden" foods without guilt or fear - and each bite tastes that much better because they know they will feel satisfied, will easily limit themselves, and can have more the next day if they plan in advance.
. . .

The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 15.
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Yikes! Yesterday was one of those days I had to search for successes... No exercise (I'll blame the snow!) and definite unplanned eatting. My planned eatting got off track when I I gave in to the pizza at lunch (I did choose the veggie, and watched the portion)... I moved the Jelly Bellies that were next to my desk across the office (which I was proud about!) only to find myself hovering over them with other co-workers at the end of the day. Friends came over for dinner, and my healthy planned meal was out the window! I tried to watch portions, but snacked on some appetizers someone brought. The one clear success was that I DID NOT eat dessert/ after dinner snack. Probably because I induldged at dinner, but I see it as a step in tackling my habit of night time eating. I definitely realize that I am a social eater! I think if I went away to a desserted Beck diet island I'd do just fine!

I did arrange a X-Country ski excursion with friends for this weekend, so I'm looking forward to an active weekend.

Best wishes for Thursday all!
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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

This planning meals works great. Who knew,,,,Beck

We got a bit of snow and people had not shoveled their sidewalks, while I was out walking it felt like I was walking on sand, it was quite a workout.

Do many of you weight daily, weekly, monthly. I am not sure the best route because before when I weighed daily I would get frustrated in the fluctuating weight on the scale. When it went down it was good but if it went up it caused havoc on my mind. Wow I am learning so much about myself. I guess that is great, just scary. I want to write credits as this is an ackward one for me. I don't feel comfortable giving myself credit.

Eating on plan
Continue Reading Beck
Planned walking

Thank you to everyone here. You do make a difference in my journey and I appreciate you all.

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What a lousy day! I had to stay flexible since an early AM appt was moved to later in the day, requiring a rearranging of meals. That went fine, but by late afternoon I was tired and avoiding what I needed to do. I started nibbling dried fruit, off plan and not even hungry. I couldn’t even motivate myself to exercise. I was tired and couldn’t convince myself that just doing some easy yoga would make me feel better. Still feeling lousy about it today and trying not to let one bad day turn into a trend.

Gardenerjoy, yep, it’s hot tea weather! I heard that 40 states have snow right now. Great job recognizing that your Christmas season treat doesn’t need to continue now that the holidays are over.

Grouse, great job getting back on that wagon. The backslide is frustrating, but it’s not a loss if you learn something from it. It’s worth it to reflect on what caused you to slide and then remember this in the future when you are tempted to start slacking on Beck.

Maryann, yay for the mystery lb leaving and taking a little extra with him! The hunger experiment can be a bit scary, but the great thing is that once you do it you realize that the fear of being hungry is much worse than the hunger itself. LOL at your son having the same profile as in his sonogram.

Ruthxxx, happy upcoming birthday! Enjoy your birthday week and it is definitely one of those special occasions where you can indulge a little. Great job incorporating Beck little by little into your daily life.

FutureFitChick, yikes for facing a cookie pusher regularly all semester. Hopefully she will back off once she figures out you aren’t having any. Enjoy your day by the fire you’re your dogs watching snow fall.

Beverlyjoy, kudos for avoiding stress eating! Yay for walking away from two candy bowls in one day. It sounds like you’re on a roll!

Onebyone, ouch for anxiety eating. House hunting and staying under someone else’s roof are certainly both cause for anxiety. It would be pretty tough to be around all those leftovers, but you just have to remind yourself that you aren’t wasting the leftovers. Your MIL is if she doesn’t eat them. You never ever have to eat to please someone else. Your own well-being comes first!

Lexxis, yay for a fancy schmancy new dishwasher! Ouch for emotionally eating when you get caught up in other’s problems, but kudos for stopping and for coming to that realization.

Maryblu, I’m so impressed with your great attitude while facing your sadness. Yay for another good day without the desire to overeat.

M0vingon, ouch for the hard fall, but everyone has them. Great job moving on and doing some “emotional forensics.” (I love the phrase!) What you do with those falls is more important than the fall itself.

Seadwaters, great job working on those essentials. I think my “fullness signal” is broken too. I hope that keeping up with Beck will help me figure it out. Glad to hear that you continue to improve, even if sleep is still a problem.

BillBE, yikes for limb-breaking snow. Glad it could give you some extra exercise. Yay for more Indian food and for saving some so you have a great lunch to look forward to tomorrow.

ChefJoona, I can commiserate with good plans gone awry. It’s great that you realized you’re a social eater and now you can figure out ways to deal with it (and it will most likely take some time!). I once heard a blues singer say, “Even your worst day is still a good day because you will learn something from it.”

Newlifestyle, yay for planning continuing to work! Great job getting out and walking in the snow. It’s great how it adds a little extra work to your workout.
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Coaches/Buddies, I am happy to report to you that I stayed on plan 100% yesterday. I avoided the temptation of an extra snack and responded by walking my dog. I did this motivated by being able to report this to you!! Thanks!

Today is going well. My sleep is still a bit off and I really need to be able to get up earlier. I’m getting set up with my new trainer in the school’s temporary fitness facilities, hopefully to start tomorrow morning at 6 AM. Yuck, but yay.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -2 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, had to eat breakfast while driving this morning because I was running late
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: yes!
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: yes

BeverlyJoy, big credit for avoiding the lurking candy bowls!

BillBlueEyes, impressive technique for handling the friendly food pusher. Great job getting the snow shoveling exercise.

ChefJoona, great job getting in some positives along with the difficult situations that were thrown at you@

Lexxiss, good luck with the plumbing. Good to hear you made progress by observing how much you get involved emotionally with your friend’s situation.

Maryblu, sending more positive thoughts as you deal with this sadnesss.

M0vinon, hope your “emotional forensics” investigation revealed some important information for you!

Newlifestyle, great job getting in exercise in the snow. It is a bunch more difficult to walk in the sand.

Onebyone, good luck in that troubling environment.

Seadwaters, glad you are improving, but I wish you were completely better!

Shepherdess, good job rearranging in spite of the chaotic day. Non-dieters don’t appreciate how difficult that can make your day!

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Short and late today! Hope everyone is doing well.

I'm still working through The 3-Day Solution Plan by Laurel Mellin. Have discovered that I suck at being aware of emotions. The jury is still out whether being more aware is a good thing. Mostly I'm more aware how anxious I am during the day that I'm not getting through my list as quickly as I thought I would and aware that I'm unwilling to shorten the list even in the face of that reality. So the whole thing is making me feel kind of stupid. Which isn't exactly helping me cultivate better moods.

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +40* 470/1300 minutes for January, Food: 75%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Newlifestyle: I weigh daily and record it in a spreadsheet with a graph so I can see the downward trend. It didn't take as long as thought it might for that number to become just data in my mind. It rarely effects my mood anymore.
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Hi Beckies - yesterday I squeaked by within my plan... whew! I am grateful. Only have credit for just a few of my daily Beck tasks. I wrote down everything I ate, drank a lot of water, left a bite and stayed within my plan.

Today - I have got my journal with all my daily tasks/goals written down and my food plan. It helps if I start my day with this in place. Ah yes... just need consistent willingness to do so.

One month from tomorrow - we will be going to Disney World. (we planned this last June - thought my surgery would have been long gone - oh well) Me, DH, Son, Daughter in Law, grandson (turning four), "DIL's twin sister, daughter in law's parents, DH's sister, and our 18 year old niece. It will be quite a crew. I ordered a motorized scooter for the park. My foot/ankle can't do all that walking. I think it will be a very humbling experience. But - everyone's excited because if you have scooter or wheelchair, everyone get's to go to the front of the line. Who knew?? I really need to start thinking about how to handle all the food situations and choices.

Today - Easily, a thousand starlings decended on my backyard area. They were like locust eating the small red berries on our crabapple tree. These birds stood in all the trees I could see, on all the houses, fences, ground, everywhere. I called my neighbor and spoke with her teenage son who looked out the window and declared. "Holy crap!" I felt like I was in the Hitchcock movie, The Birds. It was amazing and a little creepy. Our large picture window gave me a close up view of the tree, etc.

Sorry I don’t have time now to do the personals now. I’ll try to come back later - must take my mom on some errands.

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Day 12 - hunger experiment completed! Yeah. It was certainly not a joy but it was very do - able and was empowering. I did not have nearly the reaction that I had six months ago. I discovered that food just doesn't have the hold on me it once did. Credit. But ... I am not perfect. ate snack and dinner together plus some sugar nibbles spontaneously just now which really made me frown. How can I do the big stuff and trip on the easy parts. There is not a person reading this who hasn't asked themselves that same question. Lexxiss, Shepardess and Movingon had it just today. Well, like all of you, I am just beginning this moment. Oh well. I have a plan for dinner and then pack up for a girl's weekend to palm springs.
beverleyjoy: I mentioned to another that packing two meals at Disneyland really worked for me - one beautiful meal I enjoyed out and gave myself 300 extra calories.
Also, for anyone traveling - I know it sounds crazy but I bring my scale with me. It works and I thought nothing would ever work for me. I am willing to throw out all of my old ideas if I can reach my goal.
Hello to everyone else. I'll be "sans - computer " till Monday nite.

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Hi Everyone!

A quick check in today...very busy, food not planned but OP. *credit* for going to the pool twice today. Spontaneous exercise was going to Lowes 3 times before 8 am for plumbing parts.

NewLifeStyle, I weigh everyday. I had already made peace with the scale before coming to Beck, but I really like what she says and I share it with others as often as I can. I always remember that it is a tool for information.

Ok, time to make dinner.

BillBlueEyes, I hope you are all shoveled out and you enjoyed your sick day.
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'Lo to my Beckmates.

My report: another joyous day of sane eating; Beck would be pleased, though I must confess, when I am in "my zone"..I don't *need the Beck program. Heresy? No. When I am not in "my zone", Beck is the sure-and-sure, tried-and true method to get back on track. Just to recap for so many of our new Beck coaches/buddies, the Beck methodology that always gets me back on track is first and foremost:

write it all down.

BillBE, glad you had fun "surviving" the blizzard. Yay for a 15 ft. Betula nigra (River Birch) of my favs, for sure, for sure. Hugs to DW for a speedy recovery from the cold thingy.

MOvinon..I second Shepherdess'' admiration of the term, "emotional forensics";that is exactly what I failed to do a year and a half ago, hence my need to do it now. And yes, Gardenerjoy, I, too, "suck at being aware of emotions." Actually, I am OK at identifying them, but really *shine at burying them! in awe of your master plumbing..seriously, in awe.

maryann..yay for "food just doesn't have the hold on me it once did"..yay..that is the place to be..a HUGE break through..this is what I wish for all of us..and yes, we *all trip up on the easy stuff..see references by BillBE regarding tree nuts. (Bill) Watching you evolve has been a joy.
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