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Ok, I wrote a really LONG reply to all the posts and it must be lost in cyber space!!!!!!

I'll try again tomorrow.

For anyone doing the Wendy Plan, on your high point day my dh said to drink 10 glasses of WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would get your points up there! lol

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PHYLISS Where? Do I sign up?
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‘Tis just me - Ole’ Zoe - checking in with the GG’s. A somewhat better day today than yesterday; no fender benders to report, at least. I went into Bawston this AM, but left at noon to head back to Worcester to sit in on a CORE eval. Meeting for my grandson, Devon. He was just recently evaluated at Boston Children’s Hospital, and diagnosed with an Autism spectrum disorder. He’s actually highly intelligent - and not functionally impaired enough for an Asperger’s diagnosis, but he is in the spectrum, which means some extra services - particularly around socialization, behavior management and speech/communication skills. We’ve suspected this diagnosis for some time, now, so it came as no surprise. Devon is quite introverted, and obsessed with dinosaurs to the point where, at five years old, he knows every species of dinosaur by name, can draw them quite accurately and skillfully, and will recite long litanies regarding the individual characteristics of each kind at the slightest encouragement, or, actually, without any encouragement. Problem is, you can seldom engage him on any other subject at all. He’s such an attractive little boy, and will, I think, be a very tall man because his mom (my daughter) is @ 5’10, and her DH is 6”5 or more. Devon is really big for his age, and needs to learn how to negotiate in the world, because he’s going to be a real handful once he starts to grow. The meeting went well, and I do think that the education plan they’re proposing will benefit him a lot.
Well, I’ve just about finished up my 37 point day today, and I’ve got to say I feel like a bloated pig oink, oink! I’m afraid I’m really not used to this amount of food anymore. I have two more points left to cram down - that’ll be my WW Ice cream bar - but right now I’m waiting for my supper to settle (if it ever does). I thought I might as well use my extra points on something I really LIKE (like a hot fudge sundae or something) but I guess I don’t really have any desire for that kind of stuff anymore, which is, I think, a good sign as far as continuing on with this new and healthy lifestyle is concerned. Yay, huh?
Hiya Sue - Hmmmm. I guess that many veggies is too much of a good thing. I consider myself really virtuous if I chop up a summer squash and a zucchini and cook them up. I don’t think I spend that long in the kitchen cooking anything.
Lynn, I have the WW point was pretty easy to find; there are “bootlegged” copies all over the ‘net. That’s how I’ve been tracking my points, plus I made up a chart for myself of all the foods I’ve been eating and their point values. Thanks for the recipes (and thank you, too, LindaD, if I didn’t already say thanks). Oh, and LindaD, I think Lynn was talking about all the spam on the blog site, not anything you posted. What an awful thing - about the truck hitting those folks and killing their little girl! I really do believe that cell phones should be outlawed when driving. My son, when he was driving from Massachusetts out to the west coast a couple years back, got rear-ended by a trailer truck at a stop sign coming off an exit ramp in Denver, CO. He was driving his little Mazda RX-8, which is one of those ultra-sports cars that you worry about your kid driving anyway, because you just know he’s going to speed...and well, you know what I mean. So he got rear-ended, called my daughter to call me, and very quickly snapped a picture with his cell phone to e-mail me so I wouldn’t have a stroke or something. The truck’s bumper just made an indentation between HIS bumper and taillights - didn’t damage either one - there was just this indentation right smack dab between them. Looked like somebody had thrown a boulder at it. Talk about luck! Anyway, there was no problem driving it, so he just kept on out to L.A. And got it repaired out there. Naturally, the truck driver was talking on the phone when he rammed my son’s car!
Welcome back, Ali! Good work on the two pounds!
Well, Lyn, that lovely daughter of yours will do what she does - just like all of our daughters (and sons) have. Oddly enough, we all manage to adjust to whatever it is that they do - sometimes danged reluctantly, but we adjust anyway. All’s well that ends well, like ole’ Willie always said.
Glad, Meowee-Linda, that nothing terrible was wrong. Hope you enjoyed the shopping trip!
Have a great weekend, Jo-annie!
Thanks for the Peertrainer website, looks really helpful. I’m going to look around it some more tonight.
Hey, Karen, I’m continuing those good vibes, m’dear - I just KNOW something’s going to break for you soon! You’re a very strong lady, you know. I am awfully humbled by some of the things that our Golden Girls have had to handle in their lives. Me, too, actually. There’s always more to (everyone’s) story than meets the eye, isn’t there? I think we’re a pretty amazing group, and that Bobbi’s intro thread really does apply!
Omigawd, Phyl, JUST what I was hoping for! DH says I’m starting to cluck in my sleep. I’ve actually been using pork - the “other white meat” a bit more lately, just to break up the monotony. I may just get to all 21,548 chicken recipes, keep them coming!!!!
Good grief, Trish, the way you fly through here all the time, I would’ve thought you’d been dropping those pounds like crazy! Are you sure the scales are correct? I don’t see how you actually have time to eat every day!

Okay, it's ice cream bar and then nighty-nite for this old Golden Girl...


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Hello Everyone.
Hey Phyllis, I've got some good recipes from that site too. I have them bookmarked. I think I could eat chicken about every night. Of course, Tim likes his steak at least on Saturday night!! But I have got to where I cut everything in to 4 oz. pieces when I get home from the gorcery store and then freeze them. That way there is less chance of eating to much!!

Ali, Congrats on your 2 pound loss!! That is great.

Zoe, and anyone else who is interested--- I ws looking at the hungrygirl website and they were comparing WW ice cream sandwiches to the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and they said in their opinion that they are both so close that you can just buy which ever is on sale! I've tried both and they are both good!

I got another email today from the people in Tucson and they are planning on coming this next week to see the house!! and keep those coming this way!! I'm excited but trying not to get my hopes up to high! What I would really like to do is start packing everything!! WHOA!! Slow down there, Karen!
I'll check back later on tonight or tomorrow to see how everybody is doing. Take care.
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Hello everyone,

another late night check-in, didn't sleep much last night but the good new is that I did not do late night snacking . Used to be my all time favorite night activity-late, alone and sweets/carbs.

Since I have been having fresh veggies for both lunch and dinner for days, we had pizza-a thin crust, lower cheese one and it was wonderful-I diced nothing. yumm

Karen like the idea of precutting your meat into serving sizes before freezing it. Also sorry to read about your son's serious health issues-glad he is enjoying his group home and like all adult children can be home for the holiday.

Ellabella-So good your family is getting services for your grandson now. The earlier the better. I am an retired special ed teacher and ran a preschool class for children autism. I really loved working with the youngsters. It is tough label-but the range of abilities of children is incredible. He sound like he has many strengths and alot of family support. Some of my student were very successful in regular ed with out any special support after a few years. It is such a mystery that syndrome is on such a rapid rise.-Really think there is some global envronmental/chemical/ toxin issues. Just my theory.

LindaD-talked to my bro in Orange County-He also mentioned the heat. The whole state seems hot. Even hot up here on the Northern Cal coast.-the ocean is so calm and glass-like, unlike our normal windy days. Thanks for the sleep suggestions-The pattern just seems to come and go and nothing really works- but eventually my body lets me rests . My current favorite late night task is suddko puzzles.

While job hunting, I have sort made this losing weight my part time job thus all the veggie-believe me if I was working it would be frozen peas. Also I am swimming 5 times a week for 50 minutes each workout. It helps my moral, I know that I have lost some job which I was well qualifiied for because of my obesity. I have lost over 25% of the excess fat, need to lose another 150 lb-I am worried that at my age and large size that my skin will be very very baggy. Have any of you lost a hugh amount of weight and how did your skin respond?

wishing the best to all

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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Ali - Welcome again. Glad you're joining the September challenge.

Hi Lyn, when my dd was growing up, she ended up back home with me several times. Each time would be shorter & each time she kept things neater. They do grow up.

Hi Linda (Meowee), WOW - double-dosing your insulin must be REALLY dangerous. What can you do to avoid that? I recently bought an extra daily pill minder for my evening pills bc I did that with my meds one night. Is there something like that for insulin?

Hi Joanne, I hope you have a good time at the wedding.

Hi Theresa, thanks for the website.

Hi Karen, I'm so glad that your son is where he is happy. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the Tucson folks will buy your house.

Hi LindaD, what's a "swap meet?"

Hi Zoe, I'm sorry to hear about your dgs's autism diagnosis. I hope they find good help for him.

Hi Sue, when I was teaching teachers at a local college, I had a class of 30 teachers & 1/3 of them had autistic students in their classrooms!

I'm having a down day today. I averaged 1,009 calories/day in August & today I weighed in a 163 - this means I lost 1 lb in August. Well, not really. Yesterday I had Chinese food for lunch (lots of fat and salt), and Italian food for dinner (more fat and salt). So the 163 is probably just a high bounce. However, even if I'm 162 tomorrow, it's still just 2 lbs for the month.
If Zoe's Wendy plan works, maybe I'll try that next month.

Check back later - going scrapping today.

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Good morning Golden Girls,

Sorry I haven't been in here much lately - it's canning season and I have been super busy. Yesterday I canned 21 pints of pickled beets and today I have a bushel of green beans. It's a lot of work but they sure do taste good in the winter, plus I like knowing exactly what is in my food. If I'm preparing it myself, I know exactly what ingredients I'm eating and I don't have to worry about all those harmful chemicals.

This sure is a busy board and I do enjoy reading everyone's messages. A big to all - I'll try and get back here later and do a more detailed post.

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Hello everyone,
Thank you for welcoming me back. I went grocery shopping yesterday for some healthy food. Progresso Soup now has some 0 pt. soup, and for calorie counters, there are 60 cal. in a 1 cup serving. If you haven't seen it yet, it's called "light soup" and it has the WW point logo on the label. I happened to find it at my local Publix and bought 3 cans. When I was on WW years ago, I practically lived on homemade 0 pt. soup.

I was reading some of the older posts. I see a few of you have some spoiled fur babies. I have a very spoiled Boston Terrier, Lacee, (pronounced Lacy), who will be 7 in Dec. As a matter of fact she was born on Pearl Harbor Day. At the moment she is sound asleep behind me in the chair so that I'm sitting on the edge.

Heidi, My mother & I canned some relish one year and we had a lot of fun. She passed away the following year, so I've often been glad we shared that experience. I know exactly what you mean about knowing what is in your food and staying away from harmful chemicals. I try to eat organic as much as my food budget allows.

Lynn, have fun scrapping.

Sue, your pizza sounds good. I make pizza using flat out wraps and have started putting tomato slices on it. OMG, is that ever good.

Karen, I hope everything works out with the people from Tuscon. Good luck!

Zoe, I'm sorry to hear about your grandson. I have 3 friends who each have a relative diagnosed with autism. Two friends each have a grandson and one has a nephew. One of my friends is certain that one of the childhood shots, I can't remember which one, caused her grandson to be autistic. That's good your family will be getting services for your grandson. I wish you and your family the best.

Phyllis, I like your husband's idea on how to get more points in. Count me in!

Lyn, Hi!

Linda D, it's hot here in FL too. We've had some days where the heat index was 105°. Aug. has been brutal down here. Can't wait for cooler weather.

Trish, congratulations on the weight loss. Every little bit helps!

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. I think I need a notebook to jot my responses in so I won't forget anyone. My mind isn't as good as it used to be.
Anyway, a big HELLO to anyone I may have missed.

Enjoy your day!
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Hello all,

I was hoping to get caught up over the weekend, but ended up with Corbin here most of it, so that plan flew out the window. I haven't been able to keep up with the reading either

No word on that position I applied for. Things have been a little better at my job ~ my unit has been full, so they haven't been floating us. So, I am just trying to hang in there and keep looking and trying to survive it until something else works out.

I've been going to Corbin's in the afternoons ~ he always checks about when my days off are and hopes I will come visit him ~ how can I resist those big brown eyes ~ he is such a sweetie.

Sara looks like she is ready to pop, and is hoping maybe the baby will come a little early.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Take care
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Morning to all the GOLDEN GIRLS this will be my last post for a few days. Off to the wedding although we got the sad news that the bride's grandfather passed away yesterday morning. He wasn't well enough to travel from Ontario to Alberta for the wedding, but I don't think anyone thought he was that ill -- oh well we all just hope his passing was peaceful -- he was in his mid to late 80's.

I spent last night getting packed and because the weather seems to be one extreme or the other (gotta love the praries) I have to pack warm weather stuff and cold weather stuff. I have everything here with me at work and now I am hoping that the restrictions for carrying liquids doesn't exist anymore especially on a domestic flight. I don't want to check my luggage - just want to jump on and jump off -- wish me luck.

Theresa -- you are the bestest web guru

Karen -- I am another chicken lover living with a red meat man. I will keep my fingers crossed about the house selling

Phyllis -- I will have to check out those recipes. LOL your husband has a great way of thinking of things -- that could be a FUN day.

LindaD -- don't work too hard in that heat and enjoy the long weekend.

Trish -- congrats on the loss

Zoe -- sounds like Devon is so loved - I am just positive that as he gets older he will be one of the fabulous success stories you hear about adults that grew up with autism

Sue - your post to Zoe is so encouraging. I am so glad you have first hand knowledge of what Devon is going through.

Lynn -- at least you are heading in the right direction -- gotta remember this is a marathon not a race.

Heidi -- send some beets this way -- PUHLEEZE!!!!

Ali -- Lacee sounds like a sweetie. I grew with Boston's and love them to pieces. I remember when we got our first one - I was 10 and desperately wanted a poodle. My mom had always had Boston's so we got Yogi -- I remember thinking I was cheated and he was more like a frog than a dog -- but darn it all he was soooooo cute and I loved him dearly.

Gayle -- enjoy your time with Corbin and keep us posted about the new addition.
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Hello Girls
I am sorry I missed most of the last few days. You know how life is. busy…

I work today, and Have my one day off…Saturday.
We are having the week end get-together At my son’s house.
I really Hope to get my dd’s Boyfriend to show up. We have not yet met this fellow. They are talking about moving in with each other. I told her NOT before I meet him.

Thanks for setting up the challenge, I really NEED it this time.
I hope you enjoy your Peace walk on Sunday. sounds fun.

your story about your mom was touching to me. It sounds like my Childhood.
10 brothers and sisters. All removed from our parents when I was 5. We were in various foster homes. Not all good homes. But I am a firm believer that we make our own life choices when we are adults.
I have to say that most of the 10 of us has made ok choices.

Karen, Phyllis,
I am hoping your houses both sell This coming month.
My thoughts will be with you both. for a WARM move. I sure wouldn’t want to move this winter! Yuk! Did that once. Didn’t like it. What a mess, Snow and mud.

I hope your son gets to see you very often. It must have been difficult to put him in a home. And I know that its been so hard for you, as a mom. Not hearing his voice.

I do know how lucky I have been. I met my hubby and married him at 21yrs. Since then (accept money wise) we have been very happy and lucky. To have each other is all we can hope for. Hugs back at ya!

Thanks for the reminder. I need that frequently. I am just sooo impatient. all this waiting to be skinny. I bought a pair of size 12 jeans.
When I can get this big tummy in them… I will celebrate!
Hopefully by the holidays!

Hoping the weather get better over your way. Sending Cool thoughts your way. It is absolutely wonderful weather here. Sunny, low 70’s. Nice breeze. Love it.

here I am again, Time for work. Man, Do I gotto go… Yup. its ok. I do enjoy what I am doing.
Back later this week end.
hugs to everyone, I missed.
Zoe, Trish, Meowee, Lyn, Ali, Sue, Bobby, Heidi, Gayle, so many… Hope you all have a nice evening.
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Hi Everyone,

My morning went from bad to horrible. A very long story, but the short version is that a friend of mine for over 25 years and I had a fight on the phone and ended our friendship. Things were said on both sides that pretty much put the nails in the coffin of our friendship. She and I have not been very close since she married around 5 years ago. This morning she got into a phone fight with my dd & then called me to complain about my dd. I tried (unsuccessfully) to say I wanted to stay out of it. She called me back again & when she started being negative about my dd, I ended up saying things that I've been holding back since her marriage - I can't stand the man she married - he treats her VERY badly.

It's more the manner in which this relationship ended than the loss of the relationship itself that is upsetting to me.

NOT a good day.

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Well, Lynn, I’d have to agree that it hasn’t been a very good day for you. To end a friendship that you’ve had for so long is like losing a family member. Well, I just typed a whole paragraph that I deleted, here. I’m just sorry, is all. I know you feel hurt and angry, and with good reason. Betcha you need a hug...
Tee, every time you write something about your childhood, I just want to jump up and down and cheer about what an incredibly good and loving person you grew up to be. Thanks for being a Golden Girlie with us!
Jo-annie...I know you’re off attending the wedding. I hope you got to carry your bag on the flight without any hassle. Hope you’re enjoying yourself. I am eagerly awaiting all the details.
Sounds like you’re really having fun with that grandson of yours, Gayle...and just think, soon there’ll be TWO grandbabies! How lucky can you get?
Hi Ali, yes we’ve heard that some are thinking that the immunizations have something to do with the increase in Autism diagnoses - I think there’s some kind of class action law suit, even - but I’m not convinced of that. I’m thinking that the increase in diagnoses is because it’s become more recognizable; not that there’s been that much of an increase in incidences, but rather an increase in diagnosing a child as being in the Autism spectrum, where in the past they might just have been labeled as learning delayed or Oppositional Defiant Disorder or some such. I imagine they’ll figure it out sooner or later, and in the meantime, we’ll just do whatever we have to do to ensure that kids like Devon get the services they need.
Heidi, you’re forgiven for being missing in action - but only if we all get some nice home canned veggies in the mail!
Sue, we’re pizza lovers too - I’ve been making them on Lavash - or flat - bread with green peppers, red peppers, onions, chicken, sliced black olives and fat free mozzarella cheese. Oh, and pizza sauce, too, which is like 1 WW point for half a cup, and I don’t even use a half a cup on the pizzas. They’re SO good, and SO low in both calories AND in WW points!
Karen, my daughters have been buying the Skinny Cow brand ice cream sandwiches and really like them. I think there’s one with strawberry ice cream filling, and I’m going to buy that for myself next shopping trip!
Phyl, ten glasses of wine, and I wouldn’t be counting points - I’d be counting the rotations of the ceiling fan from my vantage point flat on my back on the floor!
Awrighty, methinks this is about enough out of me for the evening...a big hug to Lyn, Cat, Lily, Moxie, Trish, Meowee-Linda, LindaD, Bobbi, and anyone who hasn’t posted in a while....I’m rooting for every one of you! Let’s get this done, eh? Then we can be the MAINTAINING Golden Girls!


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Can't believe it's the end of August already. Well, I haven't posted for a while, but I have been able to keep my weight stable. I think now that this hectic summer is winding down I can concentrate on concentrating.
I think I may have had a touch of food poisoning last night cause I was up three times during the night. I know I lost a couple of pounds from that. Not the most pleasant way to do it and it will surely reappear again by tomorrow.

You know, I've decided that losing weight is almost another full time job. It is a lot of work and takes constant planning. I know this will all become second nature, but I just wish I could pick up a menu sometime and every item would tell me exactly how many calories, fats and carbs are in a serving.

Hello to everyone I haven't talked to in a while and hello to the new members of the Golden Girls! I think I lost my photo avatar last time I posted, so if it doesn't appear this time I may have to do a little experimenting.

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Good evening to every one,

This starting to be a very busy weekend. Biggest new is that our grandbaby has not arrived yet -she was due 8/24/07 so every time the phone rings we jump. labor may be induced on Tuesday if she has not come by then. We are off to their area on Wed. morning. Also being a three day weekend many other family members are in our coastal area from now until next Friday. So we will be entertaining more than usual.
My cat went missing in action for a large part of the evening. She is at home now and fine, but I got so nervous for her as she was out after dark-got alot of mean raccoons, a rare bear and an occasional mountain lion. She is like have a teenager -independent and demanding at the same time.-plus worry about them when out after curfew

I have respect and awe for the different lives and struggles that each of us had lived and how successfuly each person has handled them.

Woodlily -agree on the focus of changing your eating habits takes-it is like a full time job-always alert and vigilant-no mindless eating allowed. Sorry about your bug-Once I was at a fund raiser and ate some undercook chicken-really regretted that for days.

Lynn-how upsetting about your friend -sound like she couldn't repect your request not to get involved in the disagreement. I can go over things like that in my mind for hours-with a sense of disbelief it has happened.

Littlered-Such a great attitude after self responsibility after a unpredictable childhood. Still working on some of issues of my past even now in my 60's. May you soon be in your size 12's-I think it it was the 1970's when I wore that size.

To all you canners-what a lost art that is and more power to you for doing it. I am amazed how hugh kitchen are with so many fancy toys and yet so few people actually cook. My sister in law redoes her kitchen every 10 yrs or so but only cook about 5 meals a month in it.

I tried an experiment and I have failed. I had hope I could have sweets in the house and BE MODERATE. Wrong, just could not leave the low cal ice cream alone. It seemed like a good idea on a hot day when I was at the store. There is a pitful tablespoon left in the BIG carton. And DH has only had one bowl. Just not there yet where I have easy access to sweets/carbs and stop with a moderate amount. I so wishing I had got there-After 8 months doing well on portion control of most foods but must continue to avoid certain foods in the house.

Hello to everyone out there and success to all

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