Dress Sexy! Plus Size Pants for Going Out

If you want to dress sexy and are plus size, it may be a good idea to be aware of the body shape you belong to. There are 7 known plus size body shapes–triangle, inverted triangle, diamond, oval, rectangle, figure eight and hour glass.

Plus Size Pants for a Triangle Body Shape

Women with a triangle body shape have a distinct waistline and a relatively smaller upper body compared to the lower half. The area that may be a concern in this body type is the legs; they usually appear heavier than the rest of the body. The sexiest style of pants for this body shape  are flared or wide leg jeans and trousers. They are perfect in concealing the shape of the legs.

Plus Size Pants for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Women in this body shape have a broad upper body and a narrow lower body. They usually have broad shoulders and full breasts. Pants that are bright colored with big patterns are flattering to this kind of body shape. It helps enhance the narrow hips and add more fullness to the lower torso.

Plus Size Pants for a Diamond Body Shape

This body shape has a proportionate face, neck and bust. This is highlighted by hips, thighs and legs that are proportionate to each other. The major area of concern in this body shape is the bigger midsection. The best pants to flatter this body type are those that are flat in the front. This helps in deemphasizing the midsection.

Plus Size Pants for an Oval Body Shape

Women with an oval body shape have well-endowed bosoms and ample bottoms. Their main dressing challenge is in concealing their heavier midsection. Lighter colored pants are great in emphasizing this body shape’s greatest asset—the voluptuous bottom part. Flat-front pants should be chosen over pleated pants to avoid adding additional inches in the waistline.

Plus Size Pants for a Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle body shape is characterized by broad upper body, midsection and lower body. The greatest challenge faced by this body shape is creating curves and forming a more defined waistline. Pants that will look flattering on this body shape are those that create an illusion of curves such as bootleg pants.

Plus Size Pants for a Figure Eight Body Shape

Full-figured, curvaceous figure eights are characterized by voluptuous cleavage and generously endowed bottom. The waistline is visible, however, a front bulge in the tummy area may exist. Darker colored pants are best for this body shape. It softens the generous curves in the bottom, resulting to a sleek, sexy look.

Plus Size Pants for an Hourglass Body Shape

A well-defined waistline is this body shape’s greatest asset. Women with this body shape are filled up in the right places. Wide leg pants are the best styles for women with an hourglass shape. It accentuates the already existing natural curves.

When buying a pair of pants, it is important to take note that different shapes require different styles. By identifying the body shape, it is easy to find the style that will best flatter or complement the figure.


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