(at least that’s what I tell myself…)

I work the night shift at a residential treatment center for kids with emotional and behavioral issues. Lots of studies have shown that shiftworkers gain weight more easily and have a harder time losing it. Overall I’ve done okay. I don’t know what I weighed when I started this job ten years ago but it was probably around 240. Our scale at work was wonky when I first decided to focus on healthy eating but it said I was 285 and it was probably close (both these guesses are based on the clothes I was wearing at the time). That was 2008 and I did lose some weight, enough to comfortably ride the rides at Hershey Park in 2009, but it wasn’t till my 52nd birthday (2/1/2010) that I decided to start getting serious. I was 270 then (by a non-wonky scale) and I plan on eventually weighing 150, something I haven’t seen since my 20’s.

I hope to lose 5 pounds a month. I’d like to lose more but i won’t sacrifice healthy eating for faster loss and my idea of healthy living does not include “diet” food (fat free things or artificial sweeteners) so I’m trying to be realistic. I’m really working on changing my whole way of eating – this is a change for life not a diet.

My “100” goals

  • to only have 100 pounds left to lose – 5/17/2010!!!!
  • to only weigh 100 something – 11/20/2010!!!
  • to have lost 100 pounds – 3/14/2011!!!!

Just how fat am i?

  • I’ll only be “severely obese” when I get down to: 245. (5/28/2010)
  • I’ll only be “obese” when I get down to: 215 (aiming for Labor Day – made it 8/30/2010!!!)
  • And I’ll only be “overweight” when I get down to 185. (3/14/2011)
  • Healthy BMI is 150! (anytime in 2011 would be great!)