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Bat Wings (oh I’m back too!)

LOL I know I’ve posted about this before as many others have too. I just had to share this…

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve always been resistant to toning exercises. Maybe because my first time on them I realized how truly weak I am. You know when you set the weights to 50 lbs only to realize you can barely do 10?! I finally realized that I was approaching this the wrong way. See when I was at my highest weight and started cardio and walking it was “hard” and “I didn’t think I could do it”, but I pushed myself a little each day and proved that I could do it!

So for the past 3 weeks I’ve adding toning exercises to my routine. Nothing crazy just slowly adding it to my routine and trying to increase bit by bit. Well last night I’m getting ready for bed when I notice my arms in the mirror. Are they incredibly fit and tone now? After only 3 weeks? **** no! BUT, I did notice my bat wings appear just a bit toner, not so flabby, maybe just maybe sometime soon ready for short sleeved shirts! Honestly I had given up on them many years ago. I figured they would just always be an “eye sore” and now I’m realizing I do have the potential to improve their appearance! I certainly don’t expect them to look perfect (yes I have stretch marks, loose skin, etc.) but honestly though they look so much better!

I probably should of started this out by saying…I’m back!  Fell off the wagon, but here I am again.  I figure this is self evident though.  I’m hovering around 190/189 and am working to get back to 175.


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