A Picture a Day: Day 55

So what am I doing on the last days of daily photos?
The answer is: cooking, eating and writing about food. Food, food, food, all there is, is food!
Well no, last night I spent about 2.5 hours in the spa again. Not all that much swimming, but enough to count as exercise and exhaust me, especially when alternated with sauna sessions and sliding down bendy tubes. Hihihi.

A Picture a Day: Day 54

Butcher That Beetroot

Cut, hack and slice! In all your excitement for butchering, don’t forget to wash the beetroot unless you like your roast extra crunchy. That is, sand dunes style crunchy.

Add a mix of utterly unfancy vegetables like cabbage and parsnip, soak in olive oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds and roast until soft (or crunchy) enough to eat.

And then eat!

It’s not too bad having a French cook with big imagination play around in my kitchen.  All I had to do after work was:

1) find the beetroot hidden under the potatoes in the roots’ basket

2) hack, slice, shoot, have fun and take a hot bath

et voilà – after I had finished relaxing, I was served the roasted roots with walnut & blue cheese polenta next to turkey breast in creamy curry dressing.

I honestly believe that I have eaten more polenta in the past few weeks than ever before in my life and I can’t foresee boredom arriving in any near future. The endless possibilities of the polenta universe will certainly need closer investigation on the pages of this blog.

A Picture a Day: Day 53

I guess I’m in maintenance now. I’m being fed with humongous amounts of fat every day but lucky me – it seems to go into growing muscles at this point. The numbers on the scale stay between 77.5-78.5kg but I feel my clothes getting bigger and bigger. I have nothing to wear! Soon it will be spring and I can go shopping for smaller size summer clothes:)

The gym season will last for another 2.5 weeks and then I can restart early morning running, before breakfast. I guess my body will change accordingly, so I’m not scared of growing muscles now – they will disappear when I stop the gym.

A Picture a Day: Day 52

Gym again! Because I arrived later than usual, all the treadmills were already occupied and I didn’t feel like skiing or biking, so I went straight to the weights. I did my habitual barbell workout for warmup with a light barbell (which is 10kg at this point), then had a muscled guy help lift the 30kg barbell on (and off) my shoulders and did some more squats.

Added to that a few machines to work my lefs with crazy weights (such as pressing my thighs together to pull up 77.5kg… never believed I could do that); some monkey-exercises for upper body; and finally balacing on half-bosu to do abs and throw a heavy ball back and forth while laughing like crazy (laughing is very hard for the abs, honest!)

And of course, as usual, I ate before and after the gym. And then some more. My food bill’s going crazy with all this gym and eating, but I like the results…

A Picture a Day: Day 51

In short:

loooong sleeeeeeeeeep in the morning. no workout, but a long day in the office(s). a brain takes a lot of energy to run…

With more words:

i made an attempt to wake up, drank half a coffee, downed my hemp protein mix, then crawled back to bed and slept until 9. then I had a second breakfast: home made mysli with milk. then work. then more home made mysli bars. and so on, just eating all day long.

Here’s How I Eat

(The link for instant download)

I worked hard all winter to sketch down my menu, do all the calculations and read tons of scientific articles. I did all the work with these points in mind:

  • my eating habits must provide my body with all the vitamins every day! As usual, I saw how 80% people around me suffer from flu and did my best to avoid catching the cold myself. It worked! I survived the long Nordic winter without falling ill! 🙂
  • my eating habits must provide my body with all the nutrients I need every day! Otherwise I will get cravings and lose the ability to resist them.
  • my eating habits must keep me excited about living every day! It’s true that I constantly think about food and cooking, but I do it without guilt and with excitement! I remember too well all the times (back in the days) when I was dieting or not but still constantly thinking about food and feeling bad about it. This is wrong. Life is meant to be enjoyed and eating is the base of all the basic needs. Stay excited 😉

You can download my meal plan here for 8eur/10usd. It’s excellent for hunger free weight loss or delicious maintenance, depending on your goal.

The download includes:

  • meal plan for 1 week
  • all the recipes
  • full shopping list

It’s gluten free, nearly sugar free (I use a few teaspoons of honey in a week) and meant more as a lifestyle not as a diet. I have successfully tested it on myself and 2 more subjects (113kg abd 65kg starting weights) + 2 more guinea pigs did their shopping yesterday and will report back in a week (showing good results, no doubt). Have a look at the plan and decide yourself if it’s worth a try or not.

A Picture a Day: Day 50


First breakfast (pre-gym): banana smoothie with hemp protein + coffee & milk

Second breakfast (post-gym): apple & pear smoothie with whey protein


12min high intensity interval runs – faster than I ever believed I can go. Wohoo!
squats with barbell – heavier than usual, because I got help with lifting it to my shoulders. Wohoo!
monkey exercises for arms & back
abs on half-bosu ball + plank

A Picture a Day: Day 49

Aaah, it feels good to be in the gym again at the daybreak. I’ve never been a big fan of the machines in the gym, however I explored their options this morning. No cardio today except for a very light warmup on the bike (5min) and a very light cooldown on the elliptical (10min). 1,5h total time.

A Picture a Day: Day 48

Buffet dinner last night and buffet breakfast this morning – after having gone back for second to truly stuff myself, we took out time to digest on the couches of the restaurant before going to a 1-hour swim and sauna session. And then – guess what! – sneaked back into the restaurant to have a second breakfast. Yes, we did.

I took the picture in the evening when I arrived home from the spa. A teensy bit stuffed…