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Day 5 and I feel alive…lol April 16, 2009

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I swear sometimes the titles are half the fun!

This is day 5 of my plan and I have been on plan every single day!!!! Yay for me!!!!

I have drank a ton of water, and no coke today… I had coke yesterday BUT it fit into my calories.  This was my low day of 1,400 calories and I am at like 1,360, and this might be the first day that I am within and on the LOWER end of my fat grams.

I walked/jogged 2 miles today and felt amazing the rest of the day.  So why is it I can’t just do it and not try and find ways to get out of it?  I want to do it but actually getting ready, making plans for someone to watch the kids and dragging myself some where to perform the act of exercise is draining.  So draining that I am too tired to exercise, lol.  No seriously, I am considering a gym membership but I am cheap, and I don’t want to waste money if I won’t go, and there is no guarantee that I will go, so….Thinking about it some more.  I may ask for that for Mothers Day

Jason is down 11 pounds and is really on the calorie counting band wagon, lol.  Who knew, not me I can tell you.  I stil have not lost anything but I think it is close to seeing TOM, so I will know on Friday if I have lost anything for sure.  I think Friday’s are a bad day to weigh in for me, I might gradually move them up a day at a time to get it on another day.

I could always try it this way if the other way does not work!!!


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